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St Albans is a town of very great antiquity, having derived its origin from the ruins of the Roman Verulamium. An immense number and variety of antiquities have been discovered here at different times, and some vestiges of the ancient town may still be seen at a little distance from St Albans. Here was formerly a magnificent abbey and monastery for Benedictine monks, of which the fine old abbey church and a large square gateway are now the only remains. The abbey was founded by Offa, King of the Mercians, in honour of St Alban. The church was made parochial in the reign of Edward VI. It has all the appearance of a cathedral, and its interior exhibits the various styles of several ages of architecture, and is adorned with numerous rich screens and monuments. Its appearance from the hill, on the Watford Road, is very striking. The town contains three other churches, in one of which—the church of St Michael-the fine monument to the great Lord Bacon may be seen. St Albans has also a new town-hall, several meeting-houses, and charitable institutions. Two battles were fought here during the wars of the Roses; the first, in 1455, when Richard Duke of York obtained a victory over Henry VI.; the second, in 1461, when Margaret of Anjou defeated the king-maker Earl of Warwick. St Albans returned two members to Parliament till 1852, when it was disfranchised. Population in 1851, 7185. Sir John Mandeville, the traveller, was a native of this town, and there is a monument to his memory in the abbey church. There is ope also to the good Duke Humphrey of Gloucester.





To Hatfield, 5 miles; to Laton, 104 miles.

To Watford, 8 miles. Gorhambury, (Earl of

Childwick Bury,J.LoVerulam. In the park

max, Esq. are the ruins of the Old House, the residence of the Lord Keeper and his 847 Redbourn. 251 Beechwood Park, Sir illustrious son, Lord Ba. 76 DUNSTABLE, Bedfordsh. 333

T. G. S. Sebright, Bart. con. Rothampsted.

famous for its manufacture Market Cell, and 2

of straw.plait bonnets and About 14 mile distant miles distant, Laton Hoo, baskets, and for the size of

are the remains of a BriJ. G. Leigh, Esq. its larks, great numbers of

tish fortification, called Four miles distant is which are sent to London.

Maiden Bower; not far Chalgrave, the church of The church is an ancient

from which are still to be which is very old, and and interesting building, a

seen vestiges of another contains several monu- part of it having been for- named Tottenhal Castle. ments; and 1 mile be- merly attached to a celeyond, is the church of brated priory in the time of

Here is the Roman Toddington, in which are

Henry 1. Charles I. slept Watling Street. tombs of the Cheyne and at the Red Lion Inn on his Strafford families.

way to Naseby. Pop. 1851, To Woburn, 47 miles.

3689. Milton Bryant. 727 Hockliffe. 377. To Leighton Buzzard,

37 miles. Battresden Park, Sir E.

Hockliffe Grange, A. P. Turner, Bart.; and

T. Gilpin, Esq. beyond, Woburn Abbey, Duke of Bedford 1 667! Brickhill (Bucks). 437' Stock Grore.








cr. Grand Junction Great Brickhill House, Canal.

P. D. P. Duncombe, Esq.

Fenny Stratford. 45 In the distance, WhadWolverton House.

57. STONY STRATFORD don Hall, W.S., Lowndes, Wolverton Park, Jis built on Watling

Street. It suffered greatly
from fire in 1742.

cr.riv. Ouse and the

Grand Junction Canal. Cosgrove Hall, J. c. 564 Old Stratford, (North- 53 Denshanger, and, S Mansel, Esq.


miles distant, Wicken Cosgrove Priory.


Wakefield Lodge, Duke Stoke Park.

of Grafton.

Whitlebury Forest. Easton Neston, Earl of 494) TOWCESTER, (p. 202.)


To Brackley, 11 miles Pomfret. To Northampton, 9 m.

cross river Tow. Pattishall House.

47 Foster's Booth. 625
Weedon Beck. 68 At a distance, Everdon

Hall, and Fawsley Pa. To Northampton, 8 m.

cr. Grand Junction Sir Ć. Knightley, Bart., Canal.

and beyond is Canons

Ashby, Sir H. E. L. DryDAVENTRY


den, Bart, representative carries on a considerable ma- of the Poet Dryden. nufacture of silk stockings, Drayton Grange, (Lord shoes, and whips. On an adjacent eminence, called

Overstone); and, 4 miles Danes' or Borough Hill, are

distant, Catesby House.

Beyond is Shuckburgh some of the most extensive encampments in England.

Park, Sir F. Shuckburgh,

Bart. 2 miles distant is Nor- Pop. 1851, 4430. ton Hall, (B. Botfield,

To Southam, 109 miles. Esq.), and, 2 miles farther

To Banbury, 165 miles. to the right, Whilton.

Welton Place, R. T. Clarke, Esq.

To Lutterworth, 16 m.

At a distance Ashby St Leger, containing a small 34 Braunston. 75 room in which the gun- Here is a handsome church powder plotwas concocted. and a curious stone cross. The house belonged to Catesby, one of the con

cr. Oxford Canal, spirators. (See p. 202.) at the cominencement of the

Grand Junction Canal.
Ashby_Lodge, G. H. 329 Willoughby,
Arnold, Esq.

Dunchurch Lodge.
294 Dunchurch.


To Southam, 8 miles. Bilton Grange. Bilton Hall.

(Wur 76

To Rugby, 21 miles.

Dunsmoor Heath.
Black Dog Inn.


19 mile distant, Bourton House ; and Birbnry 85 Hall, Sir T. Biddulpli.


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gory, Esq.

Vmbertdistant is Wolston

and, on the other

the river Dove, m House; and, 2 Darther, on the right,

Abbey, a seat of untuk raven. The present mansion stands on

Ryton House. ite of a Cistercian tery. Several of the 223 Ryton. 863 i mble beyond Ryton to bents are very fine,

Snutham, 9j miles. iontain many valuable

cr. river Aron. its. 20 Whitley Bridge. 894| Whitley Abbey, Viscount

Hood. Here Charles I. is supposed to have fixed

his station when he unsucPirrit

cessfully summoned the city of Chester in 1642.

Styvichall, A. F. Gre. Bruinley House.

cr. river Sow. 6.he Charter House.

lawkesbury Hall. italvereto Lutterworth, 154 m. 181

COVENTRY 911| To Kenilworth 5 miles, podage Nuneaton, 84 miles.

is a city of great antiquity, thence to Warwick 67 m. Tamworth, 181 m.

with very narrow streets.
The churches, St Mary's

To Stopeleigh Abbey,
Hall, and several private

Lord Leigh, 5 m.
houses, present interesting
subjects for the study of the
antiquarian. By means of
canals, Coventry carries on
a considerable trade, and
there is an extensive manu-
facture of watches and rib-
bons. Two M. P. Pop.

1851, 36,812.
154 Allesley. 94 Allesley Park, E. V.

Neale, Esq.
Meriden Hall.

12 Meriden. 97 Berkswell Hall, Sir J.

Eardley Wilmot, Bart.
WTo Warwick, 14 miles.

Stone Bridge. 999 Packington Hall, Earl

of Aylesford.
Elmdon Hall, A. Spoover

To Coleshill and ColegLillingston, Esc 55 Wells Green. 104 hin Park, Lord Digby,

miles. BIRMINGHAM, p. 203. 11094"

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