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St. Paul's.

Admission to body of Cathedral freo; to Whisper

ing Gallery, 6d.; to the Ball, 1s. 6d.; to Model Room, Great Bell, Library, &c., 18.; to the

Clock, 2d.; to the Vaults, 1s. In all, 4s. 2d. St. Stephen's, Walbrook.

| Admission during Divine Service Statnes-in Streets, Squares, &c.

Queen Elizabeth, Fleet Street.
Charles I., Charing Cross.
Charles II., Soho Square.
James II., Whitehall Gardens.
William D., St. James' Square.
Queen Anne, St. Paul's

George I., Grosvenor Square.
William, Duke of Cumberland,

Cavendish Square.
George III., Cockspur Street.
George IV., Trafalgar Square.
Wm. Pitt, Hanover Square.
Fox, Bloomsbury Square.
William IV., King William

Street, City.
Queen Victoria, Royal Ex-

Duke of Wellington--Picca-

Hyde Park.

Röyal Exchange.
Sir R. Peel, Cheapside.
Dr. Jenner, Trafalgar Square.
Gen. Sir Chas. Napier, Trafal-

gar Square. Sydenham Palace.

Saturday 6s. Other days 19. Shut on Sunday,

Hours of opening, Monday 9 a.m., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 10 a.m.,
Saturday 12 noon. Closed at 6 p.m. Pares by
Railway, from London Bridge Station, on one
shilling days, including admission, 1st class, 2

Bd.; 2d class, 2s. ; 3d class, 18. 6.
Temple Church.

Order of a Bencher.

Open to the public.
Thames Tunnel.

Admission, la.
Theatre - Opera Houses, Italian, Covent

Garden, and Haymarket.
Adelphi, Strand (Webster's). Boxes, 48.; Pit, 28. Opens 6.30
Astley's, Westminster Bridge
Road. (Horsemanship).)

Opens 6.30 p.m.
Drury Lane, Drury Lane.
French Theatre, King St.
Haymarket (Buckstone's). Boxes, 5s.; Pit, 3s. 6d. Opens 6.30 p.m.
Lyceum, Strand (Matthew's).
Olympic, Wych Street (Wigan's) | Boxes, 49.; Pit, 2s. Ofeus p.m.
Princess', Oxford St. (Kean's). Boxes, 6s. ; Pit, 8s. od.' Upens 6.30 p.m.
Sadler's Wells, Clerkenwell

Strand, Strand.
Surrey, Blackfriar's Road. Boxes, 29. ; Pit, 1s.
Victoria, Waterloo Road.
Marylebone, Church Street,

Boxes, 38.; Pit, 1s.
Edgeware Road.
New Great National Standard,

Shoreditch, opposite to Boxes, 19. 80.; Pit, 6d.; Private Boxes, 218.
Eastern Counties Rail.


Times Office.
Tower of London
Tassand's Exhibition, Baker Street.
Cnited Service Museum.
Vernon Gallery
Westminster Abbey.


Order of the Editor.
Admission, bu. to the Armoury, and 6d. to view

Admission, 1s.
Daily from 11 till 4, by Member's order.
Open to the public. Days and hours same as Não

tional Gallery: Catalogue 2d. Admission free, during Divine Service, to Body of

Church and Poets' Corner. To Chapels and

Monuments, 6d. Open to the public (see Houses of Lords and Com.

mons). Open during Divine Service. Admission by ticket, to be obtained gratis fros

Ackermann, 96 Strand, on Monday, Tuomas,

Thursday, and Friday, from 11 tot Admission, 1s., and 6d.

Westavinster, Palace of Whitehall Chapel Windsor Castle.

Tuulgii al Gardens, Royal.











cr. river Medway. Rochester is a city of great 42 ROCHESTER,

29 antiquity. The objects most

Chatham is situated to the deserving of notice in it are

left of Rochester about of a the Cathedral and the remains

mile from the high road to of the Castle, which occupy a

Dover. It is celebrated for eorumanding position, over

its extensive dockyards and looking the Medway, Popul.

naval arsenal. It has also an (1851) 14,938. It returns two members to Parliament. 41 Chatham. 30 hospital for seamen and ship

wrights, and a victuallingHartlip.

37 Rainham. 34 office for the navy. It is also 34 Newingham. 37

a depot fur troops destined

for India Population (1851) 323 Key St. 381 28,424. One Member.

At the distance of I mile is 31 Sittingbourne. 40

Milton Royal, famous for its Morris Court. 297 Basschild. 411 Oysters. Rodmersham, W.Lush

Linstead. ington, Esq.

28 Radfield. 43 Linstead Lodge, Lord

Green St.

At a short distance, Teyuham.

Norton Court, Rt. Hon.
S. R. Lushington.

Syndale House, W. 25 Ospring 46 Faversham, 1 mile disHyde, Esq.

tant. Popul. (1851) 4595. Belmont, Lord Harris. 213 Boughton. 49; Nash Court. At some distance to the

Hoath wood. right, Chilham Castle, J. B.

Wildman, Esq., and Godmersham Park, R. Knight, Esq.

17 Harbledown. 54 Hall Place.

1511 CANTERBURY. 551| Hules Place. Canterbury is pleasantly situated on the Stour. It is the metropolitan see of all England. The chief object of attraction is the magnificent cathedral, with a fine choir, an altar-piece, designed by Sir James Burrough, a remarkable painted window, and the shrine of Thomas à Becket. It was begun in 1174, and not finished till the reign of Henry V. Under the Cathedral is a church for French Protestants, a colony of whom settled here after the revocation of the edict of Nantes, and established the silk manufacture, which still continues, though in a declining state. Besides the Cathedral, Canterbury contains four. teen parish churches—one of which, St. Martin's, is built of Roman bricks, and is supposed by antiquarians to have been erected so early as the second century of the Christian era. In the Church of the Holy Cross, St. Dunstan's, is buriel the head of Sir Thomas More. In the eastern suburbs, a short distance from the Cathedral, are the remains of St. Augustine's Monastery, formerly a magrent building, which, with its precincts, occupied 16 acres of ground; the

int gateway, still remaining, is a fine specimen of architecture. This ing for a long period lay almost entirely in ruins, and part of it was used common tavern and brewhouse. However, in 1844 it was purchased by

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