The American Gardener's Magazine, Volum 2

Hovey & Company, 1836

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Pàgina 1 - London's Encyclopaedia of Agriculture : comprising the Laying-out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property, and the Cultivation and Economy of the Productions of Agriculture. With 1,100 Woodcuts. 8vo. 31s. 6d. London's Encyclopedia of Gardening : comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape Gardening.
Pàgina 270 - We all know that hybrid plants are constantly produced in every garden, and that improvements of the most remarkable kind are yearly occurring in consequence.
Pàgina 93 - In the female the mammary gland measures from three and a half to four and a half inches in diameter, and from one and a half to five inches in thickness.
Pàgina 192 - Where the water is not at hand, so that it may be easily carried or wheeled by men, a horse with a water-barrel on wheels should be used. As soon as the plant has been put into its place the earth should be filled in, leaving a sufficient hollow round the stem, and as far as the roots extend, to hold...
Pàgina 217 - Botanical Register, or Ornamental Flower Garden and Shrubbery. Each number containing eight figures of Plants and Shrubs. In monthly numbers; 4s.
Pàgina 112 - ... of the supply of moisture, without any chance of saturation; the power of examining the state of the cuttings at any time, without injuring them, by lifting out the inner pot; the superior drainage, so essential in propagating, by having such a thin layer of soil; the roots being placed so near the sides of both pots; and the facility with which the plants, when rooted, can be parted for potting off, by taking out the inner pot, and with a common table-knife...
Pàgina 192 - M'Nab *, that whether it be done in a dull day, a wet day, or a dry day, it is very necessary to keep in view the expediency of keeping the plants for as short a time out of the ground as possible — if only a few minutes, so much the better ; and in all cases, when it can be done...
Pàgina 376 - ... shoot, in the manner common ringing is performed on trees. In this way each bud will occupy one inch of the stem between the rings. The stems when thus prepared should be laid down horizontally, about three inches under the soil, leaving only the leading bud at the end of each branch out of the soil. In six months each bud will have made a vigorous shoot and radical fibres. In August, carefully separate each plant and plant them out. Vertical division of the stem. — According to Hovey, 1836,...
Pàgina 30 - The cultivation of spindle roots ought to succeed that of running and superficial roots. 4th. It is necessary to avoid returning too soon to the cultivation of the same or of analogous kinds of vegetables, in the same soil.* 5th. It is very unwise to allow two kinds of plants, which admit of the ready growth of weeds among them, to be raised in succession. 6th. Those plants that derive their principal support from the soil should not be sown, excepting when the soil is sufficiently provided with...

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