The Works and Life of the Right Honourable Charles, Late Earl of Halifax. Including the History of His Lordship's Times

E. Curll; J. Pemberton; and J. Hooke, 1715 - 349 pàgines

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Pàgina 13 - On higher Springs true Men of Honour move, Free is their Service, and unbought their Love, When Danger calls, and Honour leads the way, With Joy they follow, and with Pride obey.
Pàgina 235 - children, and I know not whether God Almighty " will vouchsafe to let me live to give them the " education I could wish they had. Therefore, " my Lords, I own I tremble when I think that a " certain divine, who is hardly suspected of being " a Christian, is in a fair way of being a bishop, and
Pàgina 264 - The cause of liberty will receive no small advantage in future times, when it shall be observed that the earl of Halifax was one of the patriots who were at the head of it ; and that...
Pàgina 5 - Thus Jove in love did Semele confume. As the ftout oak, when round his trunk the vine Does in foft wreaths and amorous foldings twine, Eafy and flight appears ; the winds from far Summon their noify forces to the war : But though fo gentle feems his outward form, His hidden...
Pàgina 191 - Spain, he performed many great and eminent services;' for which he had the thanks of their house ; and the lord chancellor expressed himself in the strongest terms. In his speech to him he said, " There was no inquiry into the nature of any service upon a more mature deliberation, or with greater justice, than at this time to your Lordship. Such is your Lordship's known generosity, and truly noble temper, that I assure myself, the present I am now offering to your Lordship, is the more acceptable,...
Pàgina 24 - Courage only waits from me the Word, ' But England's Happinefs commands my Sword : ' In Her Defence I ev'ry Part will bear, The Soldier's Danger, and the Prince's Care, ' And envy any Arm an equal Share. * Set all that's dear to Men before your Sight...
Pàgina 247 - If feverity could be fuppofed ever to be of ufe, yet this is not a proper time for it, while we are threatened with much greater dangers to our church and nation...
Pàgina 249 - ... fear they may be driven, by this bill, from England, to the great prejudice of our manufactures : for as we gained them by the perfecutions abroad, fo we may lofe them by the like proceedings at home.
Pàgina 40 - I'gad, to trust any body. Smith. But why this to us, my old friend, who you know never trouble our heads with National concerns, till the third bottle has taught us as much of Politicks, as the next does of Religion ? • Bayes.
Pàgina 26 - The fcheme of all our happinefs is broke. Stop! ftop! brave Prince! fleets may repair again,} And routed armies rally on the plain; > But ages are requir'd to raife fo great a man...

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