Calendar of State Papers: 9- ] America and West Indies, 1574


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Pàgina 713 - December 1855, he stated to the Lords of the Treasury that although the Records, State Papers, and Documents in his charge constitute the most complete and perfect series of their kind in the civilized world," and although they are of the greatest value in a historical and constitutional point of view, yet they are comparatively useless to the public, from the want of proper Calendars and Indexes.
Pàgina 719 - that an " uniform and convenient edition of the whole, published under His Majesty's " royal sanction, would be an undertaking honourable to His Majesty's reign, " and conducive to the advancement of historical and constitutional know...
Pàgina 721 - I., about the year 1282. 18. A COLLECTION OF ROYAL AND HISTORICAL LETTERS DURING THE REIGN OF HENRY IV. 1399-1404. Edited by the Rev. FC HINGESTON, MA, of Exeter College, Oxford.
Pàgina 719 - I., shortly after which period the present narrative was drawn up by an inmate of the establishment. The author had access to the title-deeds of the house ; and incorporates into his history various charters of the Saxon kings, of great importance as illustrating not only the history of the locality but that of the kingdom. The work is printed for the first time. 3. LIVES OF EDWARD THE CONFESSOR. I. — La Estoire de Seint Aedward le Rei. II. — Vita Beati Edvardi Regis et Confessoris.
Pàgina 713 - Price 15s. each Volume or Part.] As far back as the year 1800, a Committee of the House of Commons recommended that Indexes and Calendars should be made to the Public Records, and thirty-six years afterwards another Committee of the House of Commons reiterated that recommendation in more forcible words ; but it was not until the incorporation of the State Paper Office with the Public Record Office that the...
Pàgina 719 - ... adopted. Of the Chronicles and Memorials, the following volumes have been published. They embrace the period from the earliest time of British history down to the end of the reign of Henry VII. • 1. THE CHRONICLE OF ENGLAND, by JOHN CAPGRAVE. Edited by the Rev. FC HINGESTON, MA, of Exeter College, Oxford. 1858. Capgrave was prior of Lynn, in Norfolk, and provincial of the order of the Friars Hermits of England shortly before the year 1464.
Pàgina 722 - The object of this work is to publish notices of all known sources of British history, both printed and imprinted, in one continued sequence. The materials, when historical (as distinguished from biographical), are arranged under the year in which the latest event is recorded in the chronicle or history, and not under the period in which its author, real or supposed, flourished. Biographies are enumerated under the year in which the person commemorated died, and not under the year in which the life...
Pàgina 203 - To labour other satisfaction, were an effect of frenzy, not of hope: seeing it is not Truth, but Opinion, that can travel the world without a passport. For were it otherwise; and were there not as many internal forms of the mind as there are external figures of men; there were then some possibility, to persuade by the mouth of one Advocate, even Equity alone.

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