Calendar of Documents, Relating to Ireland: Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London, 1171-1307, Volum 1


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Pàgina 571 - III. ; correspondence between Henry VII. and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain; documents relating to Edmund de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk ; and a portion of the correspondence of James IV.
Pàgina 563 - Price 15s. each Volume or Part.] As far back as the year 1800, a Committee of the House of Commons recommended that Indexes and Calendars should be made to the Public Records, and thirty-six years afterwards another Committee of the House of Commons reiterated that recommendation in more forcible words ; but it was not until the incorporation of the State Paper Office with the Public Record Office that the...
Pàgina 571 - While Bishop of St. Asaph, he zealously defended his brother prelates from the attacks of those who censured the bishops for their neglect of duty. He maintained that it was no part of a bishop's functions to appear in the pulpit, and that his time might be more profitably spent, and his dignity better maintained, in the performance of works of a higher character. Among those who thought differently were the Lollards, and against their general doctrines the " Represser
Pàgina 571 - Giraldus himself states that truth was not his main object, and that he compiled the work for the purpose of sounding the praises of Henry the Second. Elsewhere, however, he declares that he had stated nothing in the Topographia of the truth of which he was not well assured, either by his own eyesight or by the testimony, with all diligence elicited, of the most trustworthy and authentic men in the country ; that though he did not put just the same full faith in their reports...
Pàgina 575 - Edited by WILLIAM STUBBS, MA, Regius Professor of Modern History, and Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. 1868-1871. This work has long been justly celebrated, but not thoroughly understood until Mr. Stubbs
Pàgina 571 - MINUS," &c., of ROGER BACON. Edited by JS BREWER, MA, Professor of English Literature, King's College, London. 1859. This is the celebrated treatise — never before printed — so frequently referred to by the great philosopher in his works.
Pàgina 571 - ... relative to the floods in that part of England, which are confirmed in the Friesland Chronicle of Anthony Heinrich. pastor of the Island of Mohr. 14. A COLLECTION OF POLITICAL POEMS AND SONGS RELATING TO ENGLISH HISTORY, FROM THE ACCESSION OF EDWARD III.
Pàgina 572 - ... of British history, both printed and imprinted, in one continued sequence. The materials, when historical (as distinguished from biographical), are arranged under the year in which the latest event is recorded in the chronicle or history, and not under the period in which its author, real or supposed, flourished. Biographies are enumerated under the year in which the person commemorated died, and not under the year in which the life was written. This arrangement has two advantages : the materials...
Pàgina 567 - Majesty's reign, and conducive to the advancement of historical and constitutional knowledge ; that the House therefore humbly besought His Majesty, that He would be graciously pleased to give such directions as His Majesty, in His wisdom, might think fit, for the publication of a complete edition of the ancient historians of this realm, and assured His Majesty that whatever expense might be necessary for this purpose would be made good.
Pàgina 563 - they are of the greatest value in a historical and constitutional " point of view, yet they are comparatively useless to the public, from the " want of proper Calendars and Indexes." Acting upon the recommendations of the Committees of the House of Commons above referred to, he suggested to the Lords of the Treasury that to effect the object he had in view it would be necessary for him to employ a few persons fully qualified to perform the work which he contemplated. Their Lordships assented to...

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