The Key of the Forth; Or, Historical Sketches of the Island of May, Interspersed with a Variety of Curious Scenes on the East Coast of Fife


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Pàgina 143 - Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.
Pàgina 141 - YE wrong heads and strong heads, attend to my strains ; Ye clear heads, and queer heads, and heads without brains : Ye thick skulls, and quick skulls, and heads great and small, And ye heads that aspire to be heads over all.
Pàgina 192 - This well is still spoken of in the east of Fife, all round that portion of the coast facing the May : and " wherever, amongst the constantly unfolding secrets of futurity, a human being of dubious parentage exhibits itself on the stage of existence (a circumstance by no means so rare as a Christmas butterfly), the common remark is still familiar to all, that it has come from the island of May.
Pàgina 143 - Buchanan, his coat and bearing, IN TESTIMONIE whereof, I have subscryved this extract with my hand, and have caused append my seall of office therto. GIVEN at Edinburgh, the tenth day of December, and of our said Soveraigne Lord's reigne the twentie seventh year.
Pàgina 143 - Dispensées with any penalties that may arise be this or any preceiding act for bearing Armes befor the Proclamation to be issued herevpon And it is Statute and Ordained with consent forsaid that the said Register shall be respected as the true and unrepeallable rule of all Armes and Bearings in Scotland to remain with the Lyons office as a publict Register of the Kingdome and to be transmitted to his Successors in all tyme comeing And that whosoevir shall vse any other Armes any manner of way aftir...
Pàgina 143 - I am impowered to visit the wholl armes of noblemen, prelats, barons, and gentlemen ' within this kingdome, and to distinguish them with congruent differences, and to matriculat the ' same in my books and registers, and to give armes to vertuous and weell...
Pàgina 143 - Burrows of Scotland are these — Azure in the Sea a Galley with her Oars in Action Argent ; wherein is standing the figure of St. Adrian with long garments close girt, and a Mitre on his head Proper, holding in his sinister hand a Crosier Or ; on the stern a Flag disveloped Argent, charged with the Royal Arms of Scotland with this motto : Deo duce. At a full stream there is fourteen foot Water in the principal Harbour, where ships come in and ly. At a Neip eight or nine foot ; at no time below 8....
Pàgina 76 - ... health, with business unperplext, This life we relish, and ensure the next. YOUNG. 244 245 How sad a sight is human happiness To those whose thoughts can pierce beyond an hour! YOUNG: Night Thoughts. Beware what earth calls happiness ; beware All joys but joys that never can expire : Who builds on less than an immortal base, Fond as he seems, condemns his joy to death.
Pàgina 182 - On the Island of May there was (and perhaps still is) a beautiful spring of pure pellucid water, in close connection with, and under the sole government of the convent there, which during the whole of the sixteenth century continued in the full exercise of all its powers and privileges. This spring, which was then...
Pàgina 108 - ... bliss ; and can it be believed that this romantic superstition still prevails to a considerable extent in many districts of enlightened Scotland ? and the proverb is thus doggerelly expressed — " Happy is the bride on whom the sun shines, And blest is the dead on whom the cloud rains.

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