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NE day," wrote Herbert Bradford from a

distant clime, “I was passing the rude home
of one of the native mothers, when I heard
her singing to her little dark baby a cradle

song she had learned from a missionary's wife.
My ear and my heart listened; for oh, it was
the same tune and the same words that I heard
my own mother sing when I was a happy child
on her knee:-
·Soft and easy is thy cradle ;

Hard and rough thy Saviour lay,
When His birthplace was a stable,

And His softest bed was hay.' I stood transfixed to the spot. I was taken back to the home of my happy infancy and my sainted mother. Tears came from my hard heart. I knew I was living far from my mother's God. I had always avoided the missionaries, and everybody else who reminded me of my early teaching and broken resolutions; but the sound of that mother's song I could not resist, and from that moment my course has been changed. I have now a hope that I shall sing with my mother in heaven.

Say, mother, will you not sing? Oh, yes, sing to the little children; sing something you will like them to remember when you are with Jesus. Some young women who have the care of dear little children will read this page. Sing to your young charge; sing something about the love of Jesus, and how He cared for and blessed the dear little ones when He lived in our world; and how He loves now to hear their prayers and their songs. If they are fretful, sing to them; if they are tired, sing to them; if they are restless and tiresome, sing to them. Sing “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild;" or, “I think when I read ;" or, “Hush, my dear;" the child will be comforted and soothed, and you will be made to feel more happy yourself.

A loving mother was writing to us one day on this subject, and she gave us some lines that she found some of her young children understood. She had never seen them in print, nor have we; but as she sings them to her darlings, and would like other mothers to have them, we copy them for our readers :“Dear Jesus, Thou hast kindly kept She wants a loving, thankful heart, The baby through the night;

Thy praises, Lord, to sing.
She, by Thy care, has soundly slept
Until the morning light.

“By nature baby's vain and proud,

And passionate and wild ; “How very good and kind Thou art Lord, wash herin Thy precious blood, To such a little thing;

And take her for Thy child." Sing, sing, mothers, of the love of Jesus on earth, till you are called to sing of His glory in heaven.



MAN was once climbing, upon his knees, a stone staircase of many steps, which was said to have been carried through the air from its former to its present place.

What a crowd runs together to see a foot-race, a hopping-match, a prize-walk; but this man going up the staircase on his knees did not draw many people to see him.

Was he doing it for money, for a wager, for a prize, or for a joke? Let us go near and look closely at him. He wears a monk's frock and girdle ; his face, though youthful, is overcast by sorrow and anxiety; he is thoroughly in earnest; it is no joke with him, poor young man.

Then, perhaps, he is not quite sane. Yes, so far as human nature born of Adam can be so, he is sane; but he is conscious of a deep-seated, ruinous disease which is consuming him; he is sinsick, and is trying to help God to save his soul and purify his heart.

He has said prayers by hundreds, day and night; he has nearly starved himself to death, but sin would not be starved out! and after having done all he could to reach the seat of the disease, he still feels as loathsome as Naaman, as possessed as Mary Magdalene. There was just this penance left to try. The Pope had decreed an indulgence to any who would climb to the top of Pilate's staircase at Rome on their knees; and the poor monk, as a last effort of despair, would not omit this degrading act which he fondly hoped would obtain for him the forgiveness and holiness he sought.

Suddenly he starts and pauses in his mean labour. A voice seems to sound through him—“THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY Faith.” It shakes his soul, chasing before it the dark thoughts of superstition and falsehood. With a blush of shame he sprang to his feet, conscious of a mighty change of principle wrought in him that cast him once and for ever on the finished work of Christ.

“ The just shall live by faith ;”--the faith that finds all the merit, acceptance, and strength in another, which man seeks in himself and does not find; the faith that works by love, sees its title to forgiveness in the blood of the Lamb of God, and obtains “

grace to help” against sin and sorrow. Martin Luther happily failed in his efforts to get a false and unholy peace. It was the voice of Mercy which reached him at that moment of his history, and sent him a new man from Rome, to proclaim to the world that great truth of God,—that a sinner is pardoned and justified only by believing in Jesus Christ.

“But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God," it is evident; for, “ The just shall live by faith” (Gal. iii. 11).

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READ one morning on the sand, But death and hell cannot erase
And written by a childish hand, The charter of the child of grace-
A truth the billows cannot

God is Love. teach

What though an absent darling sleeps, A truth past human wisdom's reach

Gulfed in the sea’s remorseless deeps; God is Love.

Yet "all is well.” He took away It seemed a very angel's trace,

But what He gave ; still I can sayGod's footprint in that lonely place ;

God is Love. It brightened up the sea and sky, What though I bear an evil name, And glad I was I could reply

And wrongly suffer bonds and shame; God is Love.

I'll write upon my prison floor, And much I thanked my little friend, As saints and martyrs have beforeWho thus her joyous creed had

God is Love. penned;

And when that wondrous love has And may she know for evermore

brought The truth she wrote upon the shore

Bliss to my soul past human thought; God is Love.

And when I don my raiment fair, The tide will come again to-day, I'll sing as loud as any

thereAnd wash that lovely print away ;

God is Love!

HRISTIAN young men, if you marry,

marry in the Lord.The pious wife will be a blessing and a help to you; the ungodly wife will be a curse and a hindrance, a thorn in your side. Think. not that she will become pious by living with you and seeing your holy life; far far more likely is it that you will become like her; that your salt will lose its saltness, your light die out, and your piety depart. Remember

what St. Paul says: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers." Marriage is a state of life which has the greatest effect on the souls of those who enter into it. It helps them upward or down

ward. “Marry in the Lord," and then your home will be the home of peace, your children the seed of the righteous, and as such be blessed of God. Give not yourself a godless companion; give not your servants an ungodly mistress; give not your children an ungodly mother. It has been beautifully said, « The wife is the heart of the family." How important, then, that she should be one who is influenced by pious principles.

Marry in the Lord;marry one who will read the Bible with you, pray with you, go to God's house with you, and aid you in your spiritual as well as in your temporal affairs. Choose the good daughter, the virtuous sister, the pious woman, one who is rich in grace, and rules herself after God's Word.

Rev. Edmund Lester.






ALCOHOLIC DRINKS. “Habitual, or, as it is usually Touch the part with a feather called, moderate drinking, is a dipped in a weak solution of vitthing which people should avoid riol; rub it quickly off, and if the if they wished to have a sound stain be not removed, repeat the mind in a sound body; that is the operation : or in recent ink-stains, reason why I myself touch nothing put a little salt of lemons on the but water."

spot, and rub off with a cloth wet

ted in hot water. GLADNESS AND HEALTH.

TO RELIEVE ASTHMA. Joy is one of the greatest pana Soak some blotting paper in a ceas of life.

No joy is more strong solution of saltpetre; dry healthful, or better calculated to it, take a piece about the size of prolong life, than that which is to be found in domestic happiness, your hand, and on going to bed, in the company of cheerful and light it, and lay it upon a plate in

your bedroom. By doing so, pergood men, and in contemplating sons, however badly afflicted with with delight the beauties of nature.

asthma, will find that they can A day spent in the country, under a serene sky, amidst a circle of health. Many have experienced

sleep almost as well as when in agreeable friends, is certainly a relief from the use of this specific. more positive means of prolonging life than all the vital elixirs in the

LEMONADE. world. Laughter, that external Rasp the rind of a lemon on expression of joy, must not here some lumps of sugar, or pare it be omitted. It is the most salu very thin, and pour half a pint of tary of all the bodily movements, boiling water on it, adding the for it agitates both the body and sugar and juice. Orangeade is the soul at the same time; pro made in the same way. motes digestion, circulation, and

SCRAP PUDDING. perspiration, and enlivens the vital power in every organ.--Hufe

Put the scraps of bread, crust land.

and crumb, into a bowl, with sufficient milk to cover them well.

Cover with a saucepan-lid or plate, Never use water for drinking and put into the oven to soak for that is not quite colourless, and half an hour. Take it out and without smell or taste; if there is mash the bread with a fork until any doubt of its purity, and you it is a pulp; then add a handful have no filter, boil it.

of raisins and as many currants,

a teaspoonful of brown sugar, TO PRESERVE EGGS.

half a cup of milk, some candied Put them for one minute in lemon peel, and one egg. Stir it water just about to boil, and they up well, grease a pudding dish, will afterwards keep well for a and pour the pudding in. Graté month; or if soaked a little while over a little nutmeg, put it into a in sweet oil, they will keep for moderate oven, and let it bake for

an hour and a half.


half a year.

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