Imatges de pÓgina

As calling home our exil'd friends abroad,
That Aed the snares of watchful tyranny;
Producing forth the cruel ministers
Of this dead butcher, and his fiend-like Queen;
(Who, as 'tis thought, by self and violent hands
Took off her life ;) this, and what needful else (48)
That calls upon us, by the grace of

We will perform in meafure, time and place :
So thanks to all at once, and to each one,
Whom we invite to see us crown'd at Scone.

(Flourish. Exeunt omnes.


This, and what needful elfe That calls upon us, by the grace of heaven.] This is a reading only of Mr. Pope; for all the copies, that I have seen, read,

-by the grace of grace. It is an expression our author is fund of: and so he often Ayles the divinity himself, as well as his attribute.

Whilft I, their King, that thither them importune,
Do curse the grace that with such grace hath bleft them.

2 Gent. of Veron Hop't thou my cure ? Mel. The greatest grace lending gracr, &c.

All's Well, &c. In the like manner he loves to redoubly other words

And Spigbt of Spight needs must I reft awhile,
Now, for the
love of love and his soft houss,

Antoo and Cleopi Gr.

3 Henry. VL


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Dramatis Perfonæ.

Caius Marcius Coriolanos, a noble. Roman, hated by the

common People. Titus Lartius, l Generals against the Volscians, and Cominius,

Friends to Coriolanus. Menenius Agrippa, Friend to Coriolanus. Sicinius Velutus, l Tribunes of the People, and enemies to Junius Brutus, Coriolanus. Tullus Aufidius, General of the Volscians. Lieutenant to Aufidius. Young Marcius, Son to Coriolanus. Conspirators with Aufidius.

Volumnia, Mother to Coriolanus.
Virgilia, Wife to Coriolanus.
Valeria, Friend to Virgilia.

Roman and Volscian Senators, Ædiles, Liftors, Soldieri, Commen, Peoples Servants 10 Aufidius, and orber


The SCENE is partly in Rome; and partly in

the Territories of the Volfcians, and Antiates.

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