Dungeons and Dreamers

McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2003 - 273 pàgines
"Former Wired correspondent Brad King and CNET writer John Borland take you on an all-access tour of the world of PC gamers. Learn why violence seems to be inherent in comuter gaming, why the medium attracts mostley men, and why the violence sometimes spills over into reality, as it did at Columbine. Explore how the face of the average gamer is changing with deathwatch teams such as PMS - Psycho Men Slayers - the first all-female Quake clan, as well as the women who use Quake templates to create online sex parlors. Go inside the increasingly popular LAN parties where gamers spend sleepless weekends in the dark glued to glowing monitors, as well as internet gaming parlors - also called PC Bangs - that are sprouting like mushrooms along the West Coast. Visit the EverQuest Fan Fairies where role-playing gamers come full circle and actually meet in person." -BOOK JACKET

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