History of the French Protestant Refugees, from the Revocation If the Edict of Nantes to Our Own Days, Volum 2

Stringer & Townsend, 1854

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Pàgina 64 - If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.
Pàgina 306 - ... that the Providence of God which does not abandon those who have recourse to his aid by well doing, would provide in its time for my relief. Your Excellency's equity; the affection you have evinced to us for the encouragement of those who employ themselves constantly and faithfully in God's service induce me to hope that I shall have a share in the dispensation of your justice to relieve me from my suffering, so that I may be aided and encouraged to continue my service, in which, by duty and...
Pàgina 311 - King will derive from this succor be considered, it is easy to conclude that expense was never better employed since, independent of the Salvation of the quantity of Souls in that vast Country to which His Majesty will contribute by establishing the Faith there, he will secure to himself an Empire of more than a thousand leagues in extent, from the mouth of the River Saint Lawrence to that of the River Mississipi in the Gulf of Mexico...
Pàgina 305 - I am a French Refugee Minister, incorporated into the body of the Ministry of the Anglican Church. I removed about fifteen years ago into New England, with a company of poor refugees, to whom lands were granted for their settlement, and to provide for my subsistence I was allowed one hundred and five pieces per annum, from the funds of the Corporation for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Savages. I performed that duty during nine years with a success approved and attested by those who presided...
Pàgina 305 - ... which the churches and pastors of this Province had given to Sieur Delius, Minister of Albany, who had not the good fortune to please his late Lordship, his defunct Excellency cut off his thirty pieces which he had ordered me in his Council at York, deprived me of the Boston pension of twenty-five pieces, writing to London to have that deduction approved, and left me during three years last past in an extreme destitution of the means of subsistence. I believed, my Lord, that in so important a...
Pàgina 278 - It must be the same for all, whether it protects or punishes. All citizens being equal in the eyes of the law are equally eligible to all dignities and to all public positions and occupations according to their abilities and without distinction except that of their virtues and talents.
Pàgina 68 - The Lord hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.
Pàgina 316 - We likewise presented him with a Bible in order to work through him some good among the Indians. But it all resulted in nothing. He has taken to drinking of Brandy; he pawned the bible and became a real beast who is doing more harm than good among the Indians.
Pàgina 322 - The assembly was very bountiful to those who remained at this town, bestowing on them large donations, money and provisions for their support ; they likewise freed them from every public tax, for several years to come, and addressed the governor to grant them a brief, to entitle them to the charity of all well disposed persons throughout the country ; which together with the king's benevolence, supported them very comfortably, till they could sufficiently supply themselves with necessaries, which...
Pàgina 69 - The violence done to me and to my flesh be upon Babylon, shall the inhabitant of Zion say ; and my blood upon the inhabitants of Chaldea, shall Jerusalem say.

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