The Jubilee History of the Leigh Friendly Cooperative Society Limited, 1857-1907: With an Introduction, Giving a Brief Description of Leigh Before Cooperation, and an Account of the Trials and Sufferings of the Old Silk Weavers

Co-operative Printing Society, 1907 - 323 pÓgines

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PÓgina 97 - If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost ; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
PÓgina 66 - Never indeed was any man more contented with doing his duty in that state of life to which it had pleased God to call him.
PÓgina 313 - Tis education forms the common mind ; Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined.
PÓgina 16 - Peace to be marked on the Forehead or the Ball of the Cheek, with a Hot Iron, with the Sign of an S, and shall be adjudged to be Slave to his said Master for ever; and if the said Slave shall run away a second Time he shall be adjudged a Felon.
PÓgina 223 - The best laid schemes o' mice and men Gang aft a-gley, And leave us nought but grief and pain, For promised joy.
PÓgina 316 - We ought not to look back, unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dear bought experience.
PÓgina 15 - If any person," says the statute, " shall bring to two justices of peace any runagate servant, or any other which liveth idly and loiteringly by the space of three days, the said justices shall cause the said idle and loitering servant or vagabond to be marked with a hot iron on the breast with the letter V...
PÓgina 28 - There children dwell who know no parents' care; Parents, who know no children's love, dwell there! Heart-broken matrons on their joyless bed, Forsaken wives, and mothers never wed; Dejected widows with unheeded tears, And crippled age with more than childhood fears; The lame, the blind, and far the happiest they!
PÓgina 16 - Years, who shall take the said Slave and give him Bread, Water, or small Drink, and refuse Meat, and cause him to work by beating, chaining, or otherwise, in such Work and Labour as he shall put him, be it never so vile.
PÓgina 18 - I see the hon. member for Leeds in his place, and I challenge him to say whether the condition of Leeds at this moment is not worse than that of Stockport. We have not 40,000 utterly unemployed; our poor rates are not so high. His borough must be one vast poorhouse. At Hinckley there are 1,500 stocking frames, and only 21 fully employed. What is the state of the mines in Staffordshire?

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