The Works of Robert Burns: With His Life, Volum 7

Cochrane and McCrone, 1834

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Pàgina 207 - I.izie Bailie I'll rowe thee in my plaidie," &c. So I parodied it as follows, which is literally the first copy, " unanointed, unanneal'd ;" as Hamlet says.— " O saw ye bonny Lesley As she gaed o'er the border ? She's gane like Alexander, To spread her conquests farther.
Pàgina 236 - to be found in his works, and after having been held forth to public view, and' to public estimation as a man of some genius, yet, quite destitute of resources within himself to support his borrowed dignity, he dwindled into a paltry exciseman, and slunk out the rest of his insignificant existence in the meanest of
Pàgina 260 - The following ode is on a subject which I know you by no means regard with indifference. Oh, Liberty, " Thou mak'st the gloomy face of nature gay, Giv'st beauty to the sun, and pleasure to the day.
Pàgina 199 - on his nearer approach plainly shewed itself to proceed from the haunted edifice. Whether he had been, fortified from above on his devout supplication, as is customary with people when they suspect the immediate presence of Satan; or whether, accordingto another custom, he had got courageously drunk at the smithy, I -will not pretend to determine
Pàgina 68 - The man that won the whistle, &c. Here are we met, three merry boys. Three merry boys i trow are we; And mony a night we've merry been. And mony mae we hope
Pàgina 182 - and there is none to pity me. My wife scolds me ! my business torments me, and my sins come staring me in the face, every one telling a more bitter tale than his fellow.—When I tell you even * * * has lost its power to please, you will guess something of my hell within, and all around
Pàgina 127 - Thy spirit, Independence, let me share; Lord of the lion-heart, and eagle-eye! Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare, Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky !" Are not these noble verses ? They are the introduction of Smollet's Ode to Independence : if you have not seen the poem, I will send it to you.— How wretched is the man that hangs on by the
Pàgina 167 - In this was every art and every charm, To win the wisest and the coldest warm : Fond love, the gentle vow, the gay desire, The kind deceit, the still-reviving fire, Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs, Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes." POPE. " She spoke, and from her heaving bosom loosed the various girdle with care. There contained were her
Pàgina 286 - BURNS, and Maxwell, pervade every throng, With Craken the attorney, and Mundell the quack, Send Willie the monger to hell with a smack." BURNS—Extempore. " Ye true ' Loyal Natives,' attend to my song, In uproar and riot rejoice the night long; From envy and hatred
Pàgina 288 - hundred a year to near a thousand. They also come forward by precedency on the list; and have, besides a handsome income, a life of complete leisure. A life of literary leisure with a decent competency, is the summit of my wishes. It would be the prudish affectation of

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