Imatges de pÓgina


timely reduction in our provisions. At San should not have much relished the treat. I must AFRICA. -M. Gerardin, the French tra-
Francisco nothing particular took place; we now beg leave to recall the basty opinion I formed veller, who some time ago visited the west of
had our hearts' content of riding, horses being of the natives of these islands on our last visit. Africa, is about to quit Paris for the purpose
as common as blank prizes in an English lot. Their savage and somewhat singular aspect of returning to a post which he had established
tery. Had we been provided with saddles, it (no two being ever dressed alike), very soon in the higher parts of the Senegal, above the
would bave cost us no trouble ; but this, of wore off, and we experienced nothing but the cataract of Felou, where he may not only
course, was not the case, and we were greatly most friendly and hospitable treatment wher- obtain information with respect to the various
puzzled to remedy the inconveniency, for these ever we went. In Tahiti nothing went down nations inhabiting the neighbourhood of the
were of, sometimes, twice the value of the but “ dorrar (dollar) for every thing you course of the Dioliba, but facilitate the opera-
horse, although of very inferior workmanship. asked ; but here we never entered a hut where tions of other travellers who may be endea-
The governor promised, if possible, to enter any eating, &c. was going on, but they always vouring to follow its banks.
tain us with the exhibition of an encounter of made room for us, inviting us to join them.
a bear against a wild bull ; but not being con. In doing any duty on shore, such as getting off
tented with what we offered, in consideration provisions, &c. I was always assisted by the THE earth is now in that part of its orbit
of the trouble attending the procuring of the natives who happened to be present. “ Ás for nearest the sun, and consequently, being more
beasts, the soldiers refused to proceed in the the ladies, I have nought to say,” at any rate powerfully attracted than when at its aphelion,
undertaking. The bears, at a little distance in here ; for their manners and behaviour, though it moves with its greatest angular velocity;
the interior, are exceedingly numerous, and sincerely kind, are so totally different from the line drawn from the sun to the earth,
often prove dangerous to travellers, as they those at home, that I had better remain silent though much shorter than at the opposite point
are of the most savage nature, if we are to be on that head. All are alike, from the princess of its orbit, passes over an equal area at the
lieve the statements of those who are, in this royal down to the poorest. The town of Ho- winter solstice, thus compensating for its short-
place, best acquainted with them. Leaving San Daruru is composed of huts in the shape of ness by the rapidity of the motion; the earth,
Francisco on the 28th of December, 1826, we haystacks, but many of them are fitted up in being in its perihelion, increases the angle under
coasted down to Monterrey, where, after a a very convenient and pleasant style, having an which the sun is seen to its maximum of 32
pleasant stay of three days, we sailed for the enclosure before them, containing banana trees, min. 34:16 sec. Notwithstanding this proxi.
Sandwich Islands once more. After a fine, &c. Altogether, we should have found it a mity of the earth to the fountain of light and
though perhaps longer passage than we ex- very pleasant place, but for the great excess of heat, the temperature in these northern climes
pected, owing to the delay occasioned by our Americans in comparison with the English resi. is not raised ; for (exclusive of the brevity of
navigating the sea among the low islands, dents, and they are trying to gain an ascend- the sun's continuance above the horizon) the
through which it is not considered safe to run ancy over the king in every possible way, same quantity of parallel solar rays that are
at night, we arrived at Oahu," that island of headed by the missionaries : they have even now falling perpendicularly to the tropic of
the Sandwich Islands which is now patronised gone so far as to try the substituting of the Capricorn are received in these latitudes on a
by the king, and contains the chief town, Ho- American stars and stripes in lieu of the Eng- very oblique plane; the spaces, therefore, on
naruru. Here we were particularly gratified lish Union Jack, which is at present in the this oblique plane between the rays are greater,
on finding ourselves in a most secure and con- national colours, but this, of course, was put and diffused over a larger surface; having also
venient birth, within pistol-shot of the shore, a stop to by the English consul. Many other a larger portion of the atmosphere to pass
owing, I may say, entirely to the promptness attempts have been made with interested views. through, a considerable quantity of these rays
with which the captain ordered the pilot to This is enough of Oahu, perhaps too much, you are reflected back, and never reach the earth.
take the ship through the passage, which, as will say, for the subject of a letter. After a Lunar Phases and Conjunctions.
I think I mentioned before, is rather intricate month's stay, we departed once more, whither
for a ship of our size, and was not practicable we did not exactly know, but our hopes were

( Last Quarter, in Virgo

New Moon, in Sagittarius. during our former visit. All the natives wel pretty sanguine for China. For China, indeed, 5 First Quarter, in Aries comed us in a most friendly way, apparently it really turned out, running between the La- O Full Moon, in Cancer . glad at the prospect of our long stay. So much drone Islands in our passage ; but these are not The Moon will be in conjunction with has been, and, indeed, may still be said con- worth a description; at least, those that we saw, cerning the Sandwich Islands, which are now as they were uninhabited. On the 10th of April Jupiter in Libra . . becoming of some importance among the ci . we made the great Lemma Island, after some

Mercury in Sagittarius ... vilised world, that it will not be worth while fun on the preceding night, running amongst Venus in Capricornus . for me to fill up a letter, which is not at all the Chinese fishermen, which were so close adapted to convey such matter. No: I hope that we could scarcely find our way, to their

Occultation. The most interesting phenothat you will feel more interested in our evident danger. Here we anchored for the menon of the month will be an occultation of own proceedings. To begin, then; the Blos- night. On the following morning we weighed, 1 a Cancri, a star of the fourth magnitude, by som was in a short time decorated, not very and made sail for Macao, the Portuguese set- the moon, which will occur on the 31st day; superbly

, but I think very appropriately, for tlement. We arrived about noon, and anchored the moon's north-eastern limb will come in the reception of the king and his chiefs, who in the Typa, much closer than is allowed to contact with the star at 11 hrs. 1 min. 14 sec., dined on board, together with the English and other ships; and it was consequently objected and the star will re-appear at 22 min. 16 sec? American consuls, and some more American to, both by the Portuguese and Chinese ; but past midnight: the occultation will occur within captains of merchantmen. The whole went off we remained, notwithstanding all their remon. an hour of the moon being at the full. in grand style, embellished with some very loyal strances. We were very soon boarded by num. Mercury invisible through the month. and patriotic toasts, and some pretty good bers of Chinamen, who saluted us very civilly, 19th day-Venus, 11 digits of the western Songs, of which the Sandwich Islanders took exclaiming, · How you do ?” “Me sawy your limb illuminated ; apparent diameter, 11 sec. their turn, although unintelligible to us, and facy last voyagy,' &c. They certainly cut a Mars and Jupiter are exceedingly beautiful performed in the same tone of voice through- most ludicrous figure about the decks, with objects in Libra, as morning stars"; they are out. The fete was given on the quarter- their long pigtails, on which they kept a bright very close to each other, and afford an excellent deck; and after dinner a rather poor display look-ont, for fear of any tricks being played opportunity of comparing their relative diame(owing to the dampness of the ship) of fire with them. Macao is a very pretty little town, ters and colours, – Mars appearing of a rosy works formed the conclusion. In return for and has a pleasing appearance from the sea, hue, and Jupiter of a silvery whiteness. this turn-out, the king, whose example was after having the English factory, a neatly-built row Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites that will be wards followed by the Americans, gave us at dif- of buildings, in front. At the back are placed

visible. ferent times invitations to a "Loohau," of all the Chinese shops, on both sides of very mihich I must give some short description. It de- narrow streets, having all sorts of articles extires its name from the chief dish on the table, posed for sale, for which they always demand which is nothing more than a piece of salt twice as much as they expect to get. Park, garnished "most profusely with stewed A trip to Canton, though delightfully described Configurations of the Satellites at five hours in bara tops, which resemble almost precisely our by cur young friend, has nothing of novelty

the morning. pegetable marrow in England. As we attended, worthy of publication. His next date is, 10th day- the third on the disc, the second However, they took care to introduce plenty of ** Petropaulowski Kamtschatka, July 1st ;" but in the shadow of the planet. 15th--the satelboiled fowls along with the pork, otherwise we having given the extract from Captain Beechey's lites according to their order, first, second,

letter, we need not go into the matters treated third, and fourth, on the east of the primary. 'This we thought Owyhee in our former letter. of by his youthful companion.

19th the second and third on the disc.

D. H. N.

9 19 15 16 12 24 23 8 45 31

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Mars in Libra .

D. H. M.
11 10 45
11 16 30
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Saturn in Gemini


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First satellite

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Second satellite

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21st-second and third, first and fourth, in ing to impose upon mankind,“ to the great duates of Oxford and Cambridge before those conjunction respectively.

hurt, damage, and destruction of many of the of Edinburgh or Glasgow, it is only necessary With powerful glasses, the satellites, with king's liege people.” For in matters that are to advert to the different constitution of these their shadows, may be traced on the disc of not generally understood, and especially by universities; for surely so long as three or four Jupiter; in some positions of the earth rela. persons smarting under pain or languishing years' attendance upon the professors of the tive to this planet, the shadow will be observed with sickness, bold assertions and shameless Scotch universities continues to be esteemed a to follow the satellite, and in others, the satel. promises will often be heard with a favour they sufficient qualification for a doctor's degree, lite will follow the shadow, though not so dis- little deserve. And if the attention of the Cold such graduates ought not to be placed upon an tinctly visible near the central part as towards lege bas from time to time been called to other equality with those who, having been regu. the edges of the disc. Sometimes the satellites matters connected with their profession, still larly disciplined in the schools of sound learn. are traced by their brightness being greater the prevention of this crying evil is and always ing and philosophical inquiry, are sent to en. than that of their primary, in other instances has been the great end and aim of the College graft upon this stock the principles of medical by their inferiority of brilliancy; this variation of Physicians ; and its most virulent adversa. knowledge, and are not created doctors of has been supposed to arise from large portions ries may be challenged to shew that it has not physic till after ten or eleven years. The geof their surfaces being covered with dark spots, faithfully discharged its trust. It is true that neral advancement of science, the simplifica. which, by rotation, are alternately turned to the College has been hedged round by certain tion of art, and the progressive alteration which wards our earth. The transit of the shadow privileges, but by no extravagant ones ; none has taken place in the sentiments and habits, of a satellite on Jupiter presents an exact re. that were not believed to be essential to its ex. the information and intercourse of mankind, presentation of our moon's shadow moving over istence, or conducive to the objects of its insti. in the course of three busy centuries, has made the earth during a solar eclipse ; for when the tution : and it is with the same design, and it necessary, from time to time, to modify the shadow enters on, and retreats from, the disc, with that only, that the laws for its internal regulations of the College of Physicians ; and it is of an oval form; and when in direct or regulation have been subsequently adopted. this has been done with every attention to central conjunction, the shadow is perfectly But it is here that certain persons feel them. those interests of the republic of which the circular. An attempt has been made to deter- selves aggrieved ; for, say they, the conditions College is the legal guardian. When ignorant mine the magnitudes of these secondary bodies required for admission into the College exclude and impudent pretenders would invade the pro. by comparing their discs with that of their pri- us. What ! exclude surgeons who have prac. vince of medicine, and, substituting arrogance mary: from various observations it was com- tised all the way to India and back again ? - in the place of science, would overleap the bar. puted, that (with the exception of the third, exclude apothecaries who have gained the con- riers and fences of a learned profession, the which is larger than the others,) the moons of fidence of the town ? Exclude them from what ? College have with good reason repelled them ; Jupiter are about half the diameter of the Not from practising surgery, which they have and when it has been necessary to appeal to the earth.

studied; not from practising pharmacy, to which laws of their country for support, they have 7th day, 13 hrs. 30 min.-Saturn in opposi. they have been apprenticed ; nay, not from found in the laws a ready acknowledgment of tion. 15th day, 21 hrs. -- this planet will pass practising physic, if they be properly qualified: their anthority, and a confirmation of those 24 min. to the south of Geminorum, a star for if a person come before the College with privileges which they were acknowledged not of the third magnitude, also a double star. that presumption of professional attainments to have abused.

18th day, 19 hrs. -'Uranus in conjunction which is afforded by a doctor's degree, con- It is not long since all order and subordinawith the sun.

ferred on him after two years' study of medi- tion had well nigh been destroyed among men,

cine in any university whatever, and is found and then indeed the College of Physicians, in LITERARY AND LEARNED. upon examination to be conversant with the common with all other corporate bodies, had

structure of the human frame, with the symp- reason to be more than usually jealous of their (“Who shall decide when doctors disagree?" was said, toms of diseases and their remedies, he is never rights, in opposition to those plausible and de.

in another language, some time before there was any refused a license to practise. And if the Colceitful doctrines of liberty and equality
Popes and we are so little dogmatical, that were it only lege be indeed designed to provide that no im-
a Tweedle-, we

« Two natnes that always cheat and always please should neither attempt to dictate, or interfere. But proper, that is, no ignorant and dangerous pre- which, like an inundation, threatened to level the contest now carried on, and the question at issue tender be obtruded upon the public, surely it is all distinctions, and to undermine the very between the College of Physicians and their opponents, is one which involves the interests of science, and the not too much to expect something more than foundations of society. But in a season when public interests so deeply, it almost follows of course the mere professions of soi-disant doctors. But judgment and reason are permitted to resume that our Gazette should be brought into some share of still some, it may be, very well qualified to ex- their just influence, the cause of the College of

speak ) can never be long neutral when there is war any where. ercise their profession, are excluded from be- Physicians will always be identified with the We can yet, however, safely say, that we are non-con- coming Fellows, unless they shall have gone canise of the public. It will be felt that the

general of the College of Physicians, because it Is written by a through the previous steps of a long and ex. community have a real and important interess ornament

both to líterature and his profession (from pensive education, and have graduated in one of in maintaining a body of men, to whom, as a the highest rank in which he has retired in honoured our own universities. “Ay, there's the rub;" body, they may confidently defer; who may be years), and because, leaning, as we do strongly, to the cause of talent in its pative efforts, we like at the

same for it must be confessed that all exclusion is competent to superintend the various matters time to give what is due to education and system. ] odions. As well might one complain that he which respect the health of the public ; to Various attempts have been made, at different is excluded from practising in the Commons point out the source of popular diseases ; to times, to break in upon the privileges of the because he had not graduated at Oxford or check their progress; to sanction their reme College of Physicians ; and in order to do this Cambridge, or excluded from holy orders on dies; and especially to restrain the ignorant with the greater effect, its objects have been the same grounds. Are, then, things come to and illiterate, who would not scruple to sacri. disguised, and its laws misrepresented. It has this pass, that we must forswear all the advan- fice their honour to their emolument, and for been attacked as if it were a commercial mono- tages of a liberal education? Or shall the this end would defraud the credulous at once of poly, which was jealously maintained for the statesman and the churchman acknowledge his money and of his health. private emolument of its members; and the that these studies and this intercourse of so- If, then, it be a matter of public concern that same cry of “ free trade,” and “no charter," ciety enlarge their minds, rectify their judg- medicine should bold its rank among liberal which has been so plausible and s0 popular ments, remove their prejudices, teach them to professions ; if persons that have studied it be upon other occasions, has most unjustly been think and to act with superior ability; and more likely to understand it than those who raised against the College of Physicians. But shall they not teach the same to physicians ? have not ; if science and learning have any ad. let not gentlemen of understanding be imposed Or shall a right estimate of human nature be vantage over rude nature ; if they really do, as upon by clamour, or imagine that impudent deemed of no value to them alone, whose life is they profess to do, remove the prejudices and assertions, because they may not have been an- in so peculiar a manner dedicated to its service? clear the understandings of men, and enable swered, are therefore unanswerable. The Col. But in truth it is owing to this very circum- them to judge and to act with readiness and prolege of Physicians was originally established, stance that the English physicians have ob- priety upon subjects removed from common ob and is still upheld, for no private purposes tained a distinction above those of every other servation; if all this be not mere pretence whatever. The advantages its members derive country in Europe ; and if they enjoy a place in then assuredly in an enlightened age, and in a from it are none, unless it be that considera- society among gentlemen of learning and accom-country inferior to no other in wisdom and tion which attaches to every learned com- plishments, the praise of it is with those whose good sense, the profession of physic will not be munity. The advantages are all on the side education and manners have raised physie from suffered to sink into disrepute ; and the Col. of the public, who thence obtain their only se- a trade to a liberal profession. But in order to lege of Physicians, which is, as it were, the curity against the dangeroas effects of ignorant show that the College is actuated by no impro- heart and life-spring of the whole body, upon or desiguing men, who have never been want. I per motives in giving a preference to the gra- which the respectability and well-being of the


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mrenal members depends, will continue to be Nos, of this charming work, by noticing them

A SCOTCH SANG FOR THE SEASoy. moitained in the full possession of those rights with the high praises which their exquisite

“ A merry Christmas and a happy New Year !" ved privileges which it has faithfully exercised taste and execution deserved. In choice of

The Compliments of the Season. for iasis shree hundred years, to the manifest subject, delicacy of pencil, and graphic effect, O HERE's to the fair and the dear! uttantage of the public.

the No. now before us is, to say the least of it, And here's to the far and the near ! Tre following mock address of Socrates to equally worthy of admiration. Bernard Castle, While a cordial deep cup to them a' we fill up, ** tho thought himself qualified (as some do Durham, engraved by R. Wallis, is a delight. We'll pledge them a happy New Year! a) to take a part in politics and affairs of ful specimen of art. The ruined fortress, te without having studied them, is too appo- the ancient bridge, the transparent river, and Al hail to the Year at its birth !

Adieu to the auld on its bier ! su to be omitted.

the picturesque sylvan scenery, compose beauti. Ilonde andares mais Tutori, . wrogs: Alnvausi, on fully, and form altogether a lovely example of In this may a' mourning be changed into

mirth sapien ar** uzdos, eva (nenou didaanan oy English landscape. Saltash is a busy spectacle

A blithe and a happy New Year! Sest your suppur ovensa aTitsxt yap of shipping, fishing-boats, &c., with the town Faneretament per to uatu ti nagu twy werew, in the distance ; engraved by W. R. Smith. And here's to the bonniest lass ! ελλε να τη δεξαι μεμαθηκεναι την τεχνην ταυτην The artist seems to have dashed in his bold, Wha that is there's nae ane need spier ; man o sa ma inspire uger dori supusowas yee and perhaps rather oulré, colours, on the We a' ken fu' brawlie wha's best worth the * Situsi purtaux. Xen. Mem. lib, iv. figures ; and in endeavouring to express them glass,

by the burin, there is a hardness of line which, And our wishes—a happy New Year! * I never learned the art of healing from except at a distance, rather offends the eye. And here's to the friends that are met, may body, O Athenians, nor have I taken any Alborough, by E. Goodall

, is, on the contrary,

To the absent we wish had been here ; passician for my instructor ; no, I have con- all calm, composure, and repose. The grada- And here's to the foe can forgie and forget based to preserve myself not only from learn- tions of tint melt softly into each other. Or.

A blithe and a happy New Year! ing any thing from physicians, but even from ford may be called a variety of the same class, the appearance of having studied this art at all; not quite so pleasing a subject ; engraved by R. And they wha the mools are amang,

To their manes and their mem'ries & tear ! ya grant me this medical office which I solicit, Brandard. We have only to add, that Mr. and I will endeavour to learn by making trials Lloyd's descriptive letter-press is as brief, but Wha hae shared o' our cup, and hae joined in

our sang,
wa you.**
as satisfactory as heretofore.

When we welcomed a happy New Year!


Here's meikle mirth to us ilk Yule, The Mock Election. - We bave seen Mr.

Ilk Hugmanae fouth o'gude cheer ; Haydon's picture of this peculiar and curious WHAT varied musings swell

And monie a time may we brim the deep bowl Fabijeck in its finished state, and at its place on the full breast ! What varied scenes appear To a blithe and a happy New Year! e abibition in the Egyptian Hall; and we To Memory's eye, as breathes the closing Year O here's to the fair and the dear! dan besitate to report our high encomiums Its whispers of farewell !

And here's to the far and the near ! upon it as a work of humorous art. It is Such thoughts, such scenes arise, While a cordial deep cup to them a' we fill up, bold thing to mention the name of Hogarth; As bear deep lessons to the wav'ring brain ; We'll pledge them a happy New Year! bus since Hogarth, we have seen no perform- Fair dreams are chasten'd by the lengthening

FITZJOHN. wc of this class so replete with character, 80

zelently grouped, and so glowingly
coloured. Of dark realities.

The conception and execution are alike bril.
Lant; and we know not whether entertainment Swiftly around us, fostering gentle flowers,

Yes Pleasure's gale has passed

CHARACTER AND AXECDOTE.NO. VII. graves refiections are most likely to be de- That bloom not through the chilly winter hours It is by no means rare, even now-a-days, to

Rouse not a Sleeping Weaver. rived fpem a view of this picture. In its kind, is that Harlowe's Kemble Family was of its

Beneath Afliction's blast.

hear a worthy but eccentric divine rouse some kad nequalled in our modern school.

But oh! this Earth has not

heavy and overladen hearer from a comfortable Delights to lure us 'midst its bowers to stay; nap, by thundering out awful and soul-harrow. NEW PUBLICATIONS.

Her loveliest fruits spring up to fade away, ing threatenings of the punishments in store The thistletoe. Painted by W. Ridd. J. C.

Her joys—to be forgot.

for the careless sinner, who sacrilegiously Zetter. Mez. J. Bulcock.

O'er Time's long pathway spread,

allows himself to sink under the influence of Ar this season of Mistletoe and all its frolics, The snares of guilt our careless steps await ; the leaden god. In this priest-ridden country, ve oright not to defer our notice of this clever Affections cold, which beam'd so warm of late, such terrible denunciations are invariably rewud characteristic print. Two faces, of greater And sweet hopes withered.

ceived with a humble acquiescence, the startled fus and hilarity than are here represented under Yet when along our path

culprit gaping at his offended pastor with a the Druidical weed, cannot be imagined: the Temptation's shafts are pour'd, or darkest woes, this respect John Bull is a better boy than his

ludicrously stolid and demi-somnolent stare. In sight of them induces a laugh. It is also a List we to Reason's voice_-'tis Heaven bestows brother Sawney, who is always determined, fanng candle-light affair, of the effect of which Sorrows, but not in wrath. Wright of Derby might not have been

maugre time or place, to have the last word of

From them, from them we learn uksmed.

Aylin', if he possibly can. A memorable in-
How frail, how nothingless are earthly joys;

stance of the truth of the latter assertion ocThe Larder. G. Stevens; engraved by

And to high regions, where no worm destroys, curred, not many years ago, in a certain town
W. Giller. Same publisher.

Our noblest hopes to turn. U. L.

in the bonny shire of Ayr. An honest weaver, AsOTaka jovial Christmas reminiscence. All od of game, poultry, vegetables, shew you Tuose midnight bells, those midnight bells, WRITTEN AT THE CLOSE OF THE YEAR 1827. who occupied a most kenspeckle bottom room

in the front laft, had long been obnoxious to u the dinners in that house must be, if the

the congregation, as an habitual worshipper of
In other hearts may wake a tone
kaows her business. A turkey is a sort

Responsive to their merry change;

He generally contrived to keep
wymbol of the grand seignior completely
But mine is all too lone.

himself awake until the text was announced ; te: a pair of ducks are like the navy (of

when, as if he could dream the rest, down he stres side) after the battle of Navarinathe They tell, they tell to him whom hope

sunk, as fast as a nail in the Tolbooth door. are for what has happened to them; onions

With promise cheers, the day draws nigh :

This at length became most intolerably annoyproreke to sear; woodoocks remind you of the When hope no longer leads us on,

ing ; for what was pleasurable repose to him, walls of the season ;-but altogether there Who cares that years should fly ?

was none to the congregation, since his oblivious ka maintactory sensation produced by the skil . To me they tell of bygone times

state was forcibly indicated by a variety of cisplay of nature, and the well-posited Of joyous hours and friendships dear : melodious notes, somewhat less loud than those on this Larder. Since these are fled beyond recall,

of an enraged bull. Such conduct, besides Why mind me such things were ?

setting a grievous example to others, seemed Baylord and Wales, from Drawings by J.M.W. They tell, they tell a mournful tale: to evince an absolute contempt for religious hru, E39. R. A.; with Historic Hlustra- The sands of life, how fast they run ! ordinances. The minister sent two elders to By H. E. Lloyd, Esq. No. III. Another year of good resolves

remonstrate with the slumbering sinner on
Is paste-how litue done!

the exceeding sinfulness of his bebaviour. “I 3 bate pointed attention to the preceding Middle Temple

W. S. W. canna help it, sirs," said John ; « I'm a hard





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working man a' the week, but Sabbath; and duet with Liston was irresistible, and extorted
though I like the kirk and our minister weel, that compliment even from the impatient and we hasten to redeem our promise to the
unless ye ca' the head off me, I canna keep ma uncomfortable gods. What crime has Great minors, of which the first in rank and in
een open.”

“ Weel then, John, if ye will allow Britain committed, that it is the only empire merit is the Theatre Naval, Adelphi. The enSatan to exercise his power over you in this in Europe where the theatres are cursed with tertainment provided for the Christmas holy. dovering dwamming way in the very kirk uproarious galleries ? — where any half-dozen day-makers at this snug little temple of itsell, what gars you sit in the front laft, where blackguards, who can muster up twelve half. laughter, is entitled Harlequin and the While a' body amaist sees you? Can you no tak a pence each, are permitted to annoy and insult Mouse, or the Frog in an Opera Hat ; and in back seat, and there your sin will be less seen some thousand respectable persons, who, from all the true points of pantomime far surpasses and heard.” “ Tak a back seat ?” said John; the local situation of the offenders, have no its rivals, both great and little, metropolitan

na, na, I'll never quat my cozie corner ;-possible means of quelling the nuisance them- and transaquatical. The tricks have much my great-grandfather, my grandfather, and selves, and are unprotected by the proper au- whim and novelty ; the pantomimic company my father, a' sat there, and there sit will thorities.

is active and entertaining (Paulo is, perhaps, John, come o't what will !” The elders, with

the best clown now on the stage); the scenery, heavy hearts, returned to the minister, and reported the stubborn, truculent, and unchrist- Love in a Village, or at least what is now nious, beyond what we could have imagined

machinery, and dresses, beautiful and ingeian-like behaviour of the incorrigibly drowsy called so, was performed here yesterday week, the space and resources of the theatre would wabster.“ Let him alone,” replied the worthy for the purpose of introducing a Mr. Wood, admit. " The Palace of the Green Swamp," man; “ I think the best way to cure him pupil of Mr. Phillips, to a metropolitan auof his sinful malady, is to affront himhe is dience, in the character of Hawthorn. His Mouse's Hall,” and “ Farrier's Shop and

“ Madgalore Marsh,” “ The Interior of a poor, but proud creature ; I'll rebuke him voice is a barritone, and he possesses the rare distant Country,” all by Tomkins, are well before the whole congregation.” Next Sab- quality of distinct articulation, the which conceived and executed. " The Hammersmith bath forenoon, the text was hardly given out, novelty, added to some taste, produced a very Suspension Bridge,” by Pitt, is creditable to when, as usual, down sinks John, and begins pleasing effect, particularly in the beautiful so young an artist; but his “ Temple of the to serenade his neighbours with, if possible, song, “ My Dolly is the fairest thing.” His Glow-worms” is a misnomer, and we think a more than his accustomed berrs. “Sit up, manners are unaffected, and his action natural. good idea has been lost. It is gay enough as John Thomson !” cried the minister, with a He sung the songs of the opera, and those only; a scene, but it is not a temple of glow-worms. loud and ear-splitting voice. “ I'm no sleep- and on the whole, we rather like him. Where The great charm of the pantomime, however, ing, sir," quoth John. “O John, John, can there is modesty there is generally talent; and to us, is the opening, cleverly arranged by you tell what I said last ?” “'Ou ay, sir; we have no doubt Mr. Wood will improve Mr. Buckstone, from the fine old ballad of the ye said, Sit up, John Thamson !"

vastly upon acquaintance. Mr. Sapio favoured Frog in the Opera Hat, one of the most moral
us with an Irish melody to the words of a song and affecting pieces of lyrical poetry in the

from Oscar and Malvina ; and Miss Hughes language.

Had it appeared originally in a ZOOLOGICAL Museum.-Among the pleas- tried“. Lo here the gentle lark !" which had collection of Metrical Romances, or a volume ing and instructive sights which at present no business there.

of the Reliques of Ancient Poetry, instead of court the visits of the young holiday inhabit

On Tuesday evening the Marriage of Figaro being ushered into the world by a comic singer ants of the metropolis, we ought to mention to

was repeated ; and Madame Sala achieved her at Astley's, it would not have been left to our them the Zoological Museum, in the Egyptian second appearance in the Countess. We made a humble pen to pay this tardy tribute to its Hall

. Here is an extensive and admirable col- point of attending, feeling convinced, from the merits. We cannot resist the temptation to lection of birds, animals, insects, reptiles, insertion of a letter from Madame Vestris in gratify our readers by a slight “ retrospective shells, &c. &c. in every branch of natural his- the papers of Monday and Tuesday, that some- review of this extraordinary production, out tory. From contemplating these, much useful thing comical would occur. Her letter was a of place, as we acknotledge such a notice may knowledge is to be acquired in a very short sensible one ; at least we are bound to say so; seem in the theatrical portion of our Gazette; time; and correct ideas are fixed on the mind, as it repeated the very arguments we had urged but from its first publication to the present mo. in a way superior to what is done by mere pic- in her favour a fortnight ago ; but the time ment it has been identified with the drama of tures or descriptions. There are, besides, a chosen for its appearance we do not think our country, to which, through the ingenuity of number of curiosities from all quarters of the equally judicious, as it was certain to create Mr. Buckstone, it is likely to become as great globe ; and an assemblage of Chinese manu- a disturbance. Accordingly, when the Coun. an ornament as it has ever been, in our opinion, factures (for sale), which complete a museum tess desired Susannah to sing, instead of

to its literature. How simply grand is the
of great variety and interest.
the Page, Susannah “ begged to be ex-

commencement !
cused ;” and immediately the cry of “Song !
" I've been roaming, &c. arose

"A frog he would a wooing go."
from some of those worthy persons who

As Dryden says of the Æneid_“ Our author
Turs theatre was advertised to open to-night, apples ;" to whom the cause is nothing

the clangor of a trumpet :"

thunder at a playhouse, and fight for bitten seems to sound a charge, and begins like the and we believe all was prepared for the occarow every thing. Bless their “sweet voices."

“Arma virumque cano, Trojæ qui primus ab oris," &c. sion; but in consequence of Mr. Laurent not The demand, however, was not complied with, Like Virgil, he dashes at once into the subject, having returned from Paris

, the Lord Cham. and the opera proceeded; but scarcely had the and introduces you to his heroma berlain sent his commands on Thursday to

"A frog he would a wooing goforbid the opening. On the other hand, the curtain fallen on the Marriage of Figaro, when the hubbub recommenced -- Heaven knows

Heigho, says Rowley, proprietors are in a dilemma ; for they looked wherefore ; and the interlude of the Scape

Whether his mother would let him or no, for their tenant, and his deposit of 40001. Goat was not permitted to succeed it till Mr.

With a Rowley, powley, gammon and spinnage,

Heigho, says Anthony Rowley." which was, according to agreement, to have

Faucett came forward, still in his gardener's How much is here told in two or three lines ! been deposited by the 1st of January; and dress, and quietly asked what the ladies and The birth, parentage, life, character, and beare, in their turn, disappointed by his non

gentlemen wanted ? appearance. The concern is apparently in great the opera—it was not announced in the bill ; Volumes could not more clearly develop his

“ The song was not in haviour, of the Frog, are instantly before you. confusion.

nevertheless, if it was their pleasure, of course previous history. The fact is established, that

it should be sung,” &c. &c. ; and sure enough he had a mother (“an ugly old toad,” accordOn Monday night Mr. Mathews made his first I've been roaming” was sung, and so ended ing to the billa prudent parent, who foresaw appearance this season, in the character of Sir the farce of Susannah and the Elders.

We the misery likely to accrue from an unequal Fretful Plagiary and Buskin.

We were

had nearly forgotten to say, that Mad. Sala's marriage, and rainly exerted her eloquence happy to see a well-filled house, the conse- performance displayed more self possession, and and her authority to avert the impending quence, beyond a doubt, of the junction of consequently more ability. The Letter Duet danger.

“ Si quam voles aptè nubere, nube pari," talent. The public seemed gratified by again was sweetly sung and loudly encored. + beholding their two favourites together ; and

saith Ovid ; and so, doubtlessly, in her own

* Madame Vestris omitted, also, the song of "What both pieces went off with as much effect as the intolerable noise of the galleries would permit. the audience.

can a poor maiden do ?” but no notice was taken of it any language, said the anxious old lady. But her The song of Short Stages, introduced by Ma. † Since our expose of the bribery and corruption made a similar discovery, and were, of course, perfectly

going forward in the musical world, we have been unconscious that we had noticed it. Provided, however, thews, partly from the latter circumstance per. amused by a them appearance of “some letters in the the desired explosion takes place, we care very little how haps, passed off without an encore; but his Morning Post, whose writers seem suddenly to have inany torches are applied to the train.

song !”




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Porte Saint-Martin

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As You Like It.


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She bade him welcome with a smile, hop-ful offspring was deaf to all remonstrance.

· 25,872 And still continued spinning,

Théâtre de Madame. " he Like the young man in Ballinacrazy,

2,417 And singing as she spun," &c. wanted a wise to make him unasy." Have one The banquet is served—all is happiness and he would," whether his mother would let him

festivity-when, or no." The temerity of the Frog, and his

“ As they were in glee and in merry making, contempt for the maternal injunction, instantly

A cat and her kittens came tumbling in.'

Cirque-Olympique ......

2,151 arrest your attention and excite your alarm. Here comes the catastrophe indeed! or the It thus appears, that the greatest receipt was You feel that no good can come of such disobe- cat's strophe, whichever the reader pleases. at the Théâtre de Madame ; and, after that, at dience ; and the simple but pathetic burden, Some commentators object to the imperfect two of the minor theatres,—the Cirque-Olym" Heigho, says Rowley," prepares you for an awful catastrophe without destroying the in- rhyme of this couplet, and contend

that it pique and the Vaudeville.

should be written, a cat and her kittens terest by too marked an allusion to its nature. came in tumbling.We protest, however,

VARIETIES. Shakespeare has put a similar burden in the

against the inversion, and consider the sumouths of many of his characters. preme contempt evinced for the mere jingle of

Taste. -Donnelly, the Irish pugilist (remem. “When that I was but a little tiny boy, With a hey-ho, the wind and the rain." words a sovereign proof of the high poetical bered as Sir Daniel), when asked by a novice

Twelfth Night. spirit of the author. But that is the slightest in his science what was the best way to learn " It was a lover and his lass,

merit of the verse. What a lesson does it read to fight ? replied, “ Och, sir, there's no use in With a hey and a ho, and a hey nonino."

us of the vanity of human enjoyments of the life in a man's learning to fight, unless natur But a more apposite instance will be found uncertain tenure of our lives of the sword gave him a bit of a taste for it."

Montesquieu. - This extraordinary man, in the old ballad of the Cruel Brother, or the that hangs over our heads in our gayest moBride's Testament, which runs in this style :

While “ they were in glee and in whose death was deplored by Lord Chesterfield " He has ta'en a knife baith lang and sharp,

merry making,” was the time chosen by the as that of a great statesman, was considered in With a heigho and a lily gay,

moral bard to wreck sudden and general de France merely as an eloquent dreamer. His And stabb'd the bonny bride to the heart, struction upon the whole heedless party!

high qualities are much better appreciated by As the primrose spreads so sweetly." « The cat she seized the rat by the crown,

his countrymen in the present day. So disa " There," as a modern writer has eloquently Heigho, says Rowley ;

gusted was Montesquieu with the place which expressed it, “ you have the world of nature

And the kiitens they pulled the little mouse down" (he held in society during his life, that having and the world of man, as swfully and mourn- naturally enough. For “ chi da gatta nasce understood from a person to whom he had con fully contrasted as they ever were by poet. sorici piglia ;” and the Frog, “ in a terrible fided the education of his son, that the boy Youth, beauty, love, blushes, gay attire, wed- fright,” puts on his opera hat, and makes the evinced great aptitude of conception, and in. lock, murder, and the winding-sheet, these best of his way from the scene of carnage. clination to write, he exclaimed, in alarm, shift rapidly before you, yet there is nature, But, alas ! “ who can control his fate?” The “What! he will be like myself, 'only an ori. constant, gay, sweet, unchanging.". The writer awful consequences of filial disobedience are ginal, a man of letters, a worthless fellow !" was certainly unacquainted with the existence ready to fall upon the guilty Frog! Poetical Earthquake. - A slight shock of earthquake of our ballad, for this checquered feeling is and moral justice appear in the shape of “ a was experienced at Lisbon on the morning of still more admirably portrayed in its second lily-white duck,” who, as “ Frogy is crossing the 13th ult.

it over a brook,” comes, and, to use the power- Expeditions. - Lieutenants Tambs and E. " Off he set with his opera hat;

ful expression of the ballad, “ gobbles him up!” Rogier are appointed to the Hecla, Captain Heigho, says Rowley!"

To head-strong brats a terrible example ! T. Boteler, and bound for the survey of the Here is contrast, if you will! Observe the

And here was an end to one, two, and three, coasts of Africa. gaiety and devil-may-care-ishness of the first Heigho, says Rowley:

Tame Crocodile. - At Chantilly there is a line, and the tender melancholy of the se

The rat, and the mouse, and the little frogee,
. With a rowley, powley, gammon and spinnage,

crocodile so tame and well-disposed, that he cond! It goes to the heart, like the descent of Heigho, says Anthony Rowley!"

is caressed with'impunity by the keeper, who Corporal Trim's hat. There is something in. expressibly touching in the gentle aspiration of os

The introduction of the familiar images of endeavours (although, as may easily be supthe affectionate Anthony Rowley!

gammon and spinnage” amidst such fright- posed, not often with success,) to induce visitors

ful devastation adds a ludicrous horror to the to follow his example. " On the road,” continues the ballad, “he

scene, which greatly heightens its general Egypt. — M. Riffaud, who has been em. met with a rat.” But defying augury, he pro- effect, and reminds us of the grotesque but ployed for two-and-twenty years in exploring ceeds on his journey, and

terrible creations of " hellish Breugel.” The the coast of Spain, the Islands in the Mediter " They soon arrive at the mouse's hall. Heigho, &c. They gave a loud rap, and they gave a loud call.”

gammon and spinnage rise upon our mental ranean, Turkey, and, above all, Egypt, Nubia, His speedy arrival will remind the classical stomachs ! and the words “ Rowley, powley,” and Tuscany; and who resided for several reader of the facilis descensus Averni, and the seem to the excited imagination to rumble like years at Thebes

, has returned to France with tautology of the last line is in the true style of approaching thunder! To conclude-ve do a very curious and interesting collection, com

not covet the heart or understanding of that posed of statues, and of drawings of subjects

being who can rise from the perusal of this of natural history, botany, and architecture. " Mistress Mouse, are you within?' Heigho, &c. Yes, kind sir, and I'm sitting to spin."

little ballad unaffected by its incidents, and The number of statues discovered by M. Riffaud What can be more perfect than this couplet: unimpressed by the important truths it con- is sixty-six. His drawings comprehend—first, The maiden modesty

of the mouse is exqui- veys ; and we earnestly recommend all parents 500 of coloured plants, from Nubia and Higher sitely displayed in her delicate answer.

to hasten with their children, of whatever ages, and Lower Egypt, accompanied by valuable

She does not forwardly invite the ardent lover to

to the dress circle, or the family boxes, of the notes ; secondly, 150 of the fish, insects, and enter her hall: she simply acknowledges that Adelphi, where, these “ moving accidents by shells, of the Nile ; thirdly, 1000 of quadrupeds, she is within

; and even qualifies that avowal, flood and field” are represented in the most reptiles, birds, and insects, of Nubia, Lybia, by stating, in the same breath, that she is en captivating form, and the salutary powder of and Higher and Lower Égypt; fourthịy, a gaged in domestic duties. “Yes, kind sir, and instruction administered in the currant jelly series, representing the antiquities of Nubia I'm sitting to spin.” The very employment of amusement.

and Egypt, plans of the monuments still stand.

ing, and 160 hieroglyphic inscriptions. M. is admirably adapted to the situation, as it is The day fixed for the opening of the English Riffaud has also brought to Europe a variety of all others

, perhaps, that at which most love Opera House with the French company is of instruments of agriculture and surgery, tales have been listened to; while, at the same Monday, the 14th inst,

costumes, jewels, and other personal ornatime, the wheel is emblematical of the muta- Mr. Charles Kemble has left London to per- ments ; topographical plans, meteorological obkility of Fortune, and the woof and spindle of form a few nights at Sheffield and Hull.

servations, and a very elaborate and minute the eternal occupation of the Fatal sisters three,

journal. te of whom at that moment had already ex

French Theatres. The following is a state. Asthma. - A Dr. Chierenti, in America, tended her cruel shears to sever the fragile ment of the receipts at the various theatres in affirms, that he can effectually cure asthma thread of existence. The incident recalls to Paris, during the month of November last :- (unless it proceeds from organic alteration), the recollection the passage in Southey's Tha- Académie Royale des ....32,493 Francs ; or about £1,354 by inflating the lungs copiously with atmo

Musique "He found a woman in the care

. and , as Théâtre-Français 41,151 A solitary woman; Opera-Comique.. • 46, 472

1,930 he says, not only prevents the fit, but eradi, Who by the fire was spinning, Theatre-Itallen and

cates the disease. And singing as she spun,

Theatre-Anglais •31,431
united .......

Different ways of telling the same thing ara

metrical romance.




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