Imatges de pÓgina

Whene'er I saw an old man dote

ell' are ye going, spooney?" brought me thick scull, and happily by the aid of these Upon a fair young bride,

to recollection; and 1 perceived I was in features I escaped with nothing worse than : I'd dress him in her petticoat,

the midst of a crowd of cads and coachmen, desperate cut on the temple. The sanguine His shroud 'twould well provide.

swearing and tearing like so many demons, stream ran rapidly down my face, and hand. Yon cautious burgher, soft and plump, and rendering some fifty yards of the street kerchief I had none to stem or hide it: my Should wed some jolly lass,

impassable without the utmost dexterity and legs ached wretchedly, and I was so besoiled Who all the day would dance and jump,

no slight degree of strength. Their language with filth, I hardly hoped that even a hackney And tell him he's an ass.

was not altogether intelligible; but such words coach would have the charity to alter the proWith jealous lords, ye ladies fine,

as could be understood were not of a kind to bable mode of my taking off. It was non, Ye'd not be long distressed;

be repeated. They all seemed to enjoy my however, a case of despair, and I hailed the Their ghosts in bed-posts I'd confine,

pangs very heartily, and laughed, shouted, and sorriest vehicle on the stand. I cannot expres Then let them growl their best.

shoved me about, till I became absolutely ter- my joy at having my signal obeyed; but dete I would throw open every jail,

rified by their violence. One fellow, with a was the most fortunate event more grateful to

wooden" leg, swore that they often hurt his me than the simple fact of being taken ins And set bold felons free;

shins ; and another, blind of one eye, and this lowly concern, with a very waggish lea a Your judge severe or lawyer pale

nearly blind drunk of the other, told me to my general appearance from its ragged Jehu. As good a bird might be.

bless my precious glims that the blow had not • Drive me," said 1, " to Mr. Anderson's a When lady talks of age to lady,

doused them. At length, through the kind Brompton,” for I had met with a worthy sure I'd stand behind their backs;

offices of a person in a scarlet waistcoat, 1 geon of that name, resident there, who being For every lie a maravedi

escaped from this mêlée ; while the last of my also a countryman, would, I knew, treat my Would make a royal tax. persecutors, pointing at my blood-stained stock-wounds both with skill and feeling ; — * go fast

. O might I rule this ball of earth!

ings, facetiously remarked, that the red-breast and I will pay you extra." Crack went ite One hour of perfect sway was consorting with the red-shanks.

whip on both sides and all flanks ; and, as are Would furnish forth a store of mirth

Suffering much from this accident, I deter- as I live, the jades who drew me were insti. To last for many a day.

C. D. mined to hurry on to an apothecary's, and gated into the commission of a trot. Ah, that

apply some plaster to my lacerated limb, to pre- they had never gone off their accustomed jog!

vent the stocking from inflaming the wound: Where Hyde Park Corner formerly was the SKETCHES OF SOCIETY.

but again disappointment was my lot-I was road is now unhappily Macadamised, and the THE MIS-ADVENTURES or A GENTLEMAN doomed this day to experience that misfortunes ruts are consequently both stony and deep,

WHO REALLY WALKED UP PICCADILLY. seldom come single, and the more haste the By a convulsion in one of these, after several It is very well to talk of dangers in travel worse speed. Hurrying along vis-à-vis to the dislocating jolts, off Aew my wheel, and oper ling through Africa, of accidents at the polar basin in the Green Park, it had appeared for went my coach. How long I lay erbosed, I ices, and of annoyances on the continent ; but a while as if, like the folks in the fable, I had am ignorant; but my first perception was that the following narration of what has happened been walking on loadstone rocks with nails in of being pulled through the door that lay to me, will shew that equal, if greater, my shoes, so heavily did my steps drag, and so uppermost, my muddy and bloody condition perils attend the unfortunate pedestrian who laborious did my progress seem. I felt as if I exciting the pity of the surrounding spectators. risks the exploit of a walk up Piccadilly: were growing to the ground; and, in fact, I" It is all over with him," exclaimed one:

On Saturday last, fatigued with the city was at last fairly planted and stuck close, with. “He's bespoke,” said another :-it has been al and with business, I resolved to recreate my out the power of motion. On examining my over with me for some time, thought I, glancing self with a stroll in Hyde Park. I will see, position, I discovered that I was attempting to at the prostrate coach ; and as for being te said I, the beautiful gates, so admirably con- cross one of those outlots from the Park by spoke, what could a man expect from such trasted, just like fat and lean, between which, which the mud of the başin has been for wheels ? But I could not speak : and to close as a novelty in such matters, instead of under, several weeks carted away, in order that this the scene, some of the bystanders, having laid you pass as you enter London from the west ; reservoir of the Chelsea Water-works may con- me on a shutter, carried me softly into St. I will see the new front which they are giving tain a purer supply of water for the consumption George's Hospital, whence, Mr. Literary Gato the prime minister, and what sort of co- of the metropolis. What it could have been zette, I now address you, praying you to take lumns they are raising for him who has led before, I know not; but I will assert, without some notice of the horrible nuisances which columns so well; I will inhale fine taste with fear of contradiction, that a more filthy and infest Piccadilly in your next Number. I have pure air ; and amid the noble improvements tenacious mud is not now to be met with in Eu- the honour to be yours truly, though I cannot of the polite end of the metropolis, Fry's stop- rope. I will further venture to say, that every say wholly, ALEXANDER ASTEER. page, and stoppages of every kind, shall be for-coroner's verdict of “found drowned,” relative gotten. In this delectable mood I made my to bodies extracted from this basin, has been

DRAMA. easy way through Leicester Square, and en- erroneous, and that “found suffocated" ought

Til DRUNY LANE. tered upon the broad vista to the Pisgah of my to have been returned. But be this as it may, MR LACY again! Three pieces in two months imagination. It was charming to observe that it is of little consequence, there will be water the Stepmother, the Soldier's Stratagem, even on the threshold, as it were, of the gayer enough hereafter to drown unhappy ladies and Love in Wrinkles. All translations, too! quarter of the town, there was a sportiveness comfortably; and as for the mud, I have to it's enongh to drive our patriotic contemand play which is not to be witnessed in the thank a sturdy carman that I was extricated poraries stark staring mad ! -particularly as crowded streets of the city. In Sidney's from it, and set once more on my disastrous Thursday evening's effusion is likely to have Alley several happy urchins were trundling way up Piccadilly. The farther course, in. Ja run. We really begin to fear, from the their hoops, whom I could not help regarding deed, looked wide and clear ;-there can be no rabid state of the anti-gallican critics, that with a benignant smile. Thus encouraged, more mishaps, said I to myself, congratulat- some of them will shortly favour us with a the grateful little rogues followed me laughing ingly; but it was a premature and luckless specimen of original dramatic composition, the into Coventry Street ; and one of them, in his boast in this street of multiplied and never- success of which, we have not the slightest good-humoured fun, run his hoop right against ending nuisances. On the side of the pave doubt, will drive the contemptible crew of my legs“ Beg your pardon, sir !" he cried ment were sundry labourers breaking sundry translators and adapters (who, at least, are in a coaxing tone, and obtained the boon as heaps of stones : stouter hammer-men or modest enough to think other people's nonsoon as asked ; but, alas! the rencontre was an harder granite, I imagine, are not elsewhere sense better than their own) with ignounlucky one for me, as some scoundrel must to be seen. One fellow, in particular, struck miny from the stage. Be this 'as it may, have taken advantage of the unguarded mo. my fancy by the vigour of his strokes ; and however, Love in Wrinkles was very well ment to pick my pockets not only of my hand-ere I could turn my head, he struck me much received, and has to boast of some clever kerchief, but of a gold watch which had be more forcibly in another way. The angle of a and pretty music by Monsieur Fetis. It is longed to my honoured father, and was con block, whose resistance to innovation would really a treat to hear such pieces as the trio in sidered as an heir-loom by his spoliated son. have done honour to a close corporation or the first act, the chorus of guests in the second,

Chagrined beyond measure by this unto- private borough, was by a terrible effort de- and the light and elegant vaudevilles sung by ward circumstance, I was thoughtfully, which tached, and sent flying in the direction of my Braham and Miss Love, after the nightly is another word for heedlessly, plodding on- eye. I am grateful to Heaven that, being a nausea created by the things inflicted on our ward, when a heavy blow on iny shins, from Scotsman, this exquisite organ is in me pro- ears in the shape of “ Signal Hours," " Blue a box slid out from a cellar, ' accompanied tected by a pair of well-mounted cheek-bones, Bells," (not of Scotland,) lugged in literally by a shout, “ Vy, can't yo see ? vero the independent of the usual covering of a tolerably without rhyme or reason. The drama itself is


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a translation of an opera of Scribe's --one of the “ a shower of ice." 'Although the tempera- these are a tolerable list. There can be no doubt that weakest and most improbable of his thousand ture of the air was at this time much above for the purpose of meeting the Society for the diffuand one productions. The singing and acting the freezing point, every drop, as it fell, be sion of Useful Knowledge in a fair field: and we shall see saved it in France, and its copy is fortunate in came congealed into said mass of ice;' and whether the Torics and churchmen are as able to mainmeeting with

still higher advantages here, as the accumulation becsene so great, that branches out in the fight in the departement of cheap books as in Love looked exceedingly well in wrinkles, and of trees were broken, or bent to the ground. The Polish Walter Scott.--A Polish officer of the name Braham acted like Elliston, and sung like him. For several hours after the shower, the face of of Bronikowski, banished for his political opinions from self, for he is indeed unrivalled, and

the country, for leagues, was covered with a of Dresden. Turning to account his acquaintance with “ None but himself can be his parallel." snowy-looking ice, which reminded one of the the history of his native country, and having carefully The piece was given out for repetition on Sa- climate of Siberia. A similar shower fell at the Walter Score of Poland, and has published at teipe turday, amidst unmixed and considerable ap- Perseigne (Sarthe) on the 8th and 9th instant. Kig several works, which have become very popular, the plause.

In the forest of that name, the trees bending last of which is entitled Erzahlungen.
under the weight of the frozen rain, were sub- appeared at Moscow of Igor, an heroic poem, and one of

Russian Literature. A French translation has recently sequently blown up by the mots by the wind, the most valuable remains of ancient Russian poetry. This theatre re-opened on Thursday with to the number of 30,000.

Composed towards the close of the twelfth century, it the Merchant of Venice, and the Beggars' To stop the bleeding from the bites , of occupich the throne of Russia from 912 to 925. The

has for its subject an episode in the reign of Igor, who
Opera. The house was well lighted with oil Leeches.-We lately mentioned that the ap- continental critics do not speak in high terms of the
and wax, and respectably filled from the rising plication of a cupping-glass had been found Mr. Moore's Life of Lord Byron has gone to press.
of the curtain.. Virginius is postponed till effectual for that purpose ; an experienced sur- Washington Irving's Tales of the Moors will be out in a
next week. The smell of the gas is almost geon, however, informs us, that when the few weeks. They are, it is said, a history, in effect, of
entirely gone, and will no doubt in a few nights usual means fail, touching the punctures with composed by Irving, chiefly out of Mss., during his re-
be imperceptible.

a piece of lunar caustic is sure to succeed, and cent stay at Seville.
will be attended with no unpleasant conse- a memoir of his life, and a full account of his death

Clapperton's Travels are nearly ready. They include
quences.-- Anonymous Correspondent.

(drawn up by his faithful servant, now in town). Coinage.- The French government are about Young Napoleon.--A pamphlet has been A second edition of Sir Alexander Malet on Fagging at to call in all the old copper money, and to sub. published at Paris, the writer of which strongly remarks on the first have largely contributed. The

Winchester School, is called for; to which, we trust, our stitute an entirely new coinage. It is intended recommends to the various powers of Europe question is a very important one. also to call in the silver pieces of 5 francs 80 to convert the existing governments of Greece

In the Press. The Cambrian Quarterly and Celtic Re

pertory, intended, we are told, as a vindication of our centimes, and 2 francs 85 centimes, which cír. into an independent monarchy, and to place Welsh neighbours from a charge under which they have culate in many of the provinces, and to recoin young Napoleon on the throne? This project long laboured-of leaving their literary stores to the care them into 5 franc pieces. seems to have excited much attention.

of strangers. Yet, it is affirmned, that the fame of Gray is

founded on a transfusion of the genius of their old poets; Literary Institution.—The half yearly gene

and even the legends of their peasants are unknown beral meeting of the Western Literary and Scien. LITERARY NOVELTIES.

yond the borders, except in the few specimens collected ti fic Institution was held on Monday evening

by the indefatigable narrator of the Legends of the South

Cheap Books. Mr. Editor,-The success of those book of Ireland.-A fourth edition of Admiral Lord Collinglast; the report of which was, we hear, very sellers who have at length opened their eyes to the wood's Memoirs and Correspondence.--A new edition of satisfactory to the members and friends of the absurdity of quartos and of dear books generally, ought to the Cook's Oracle, by the late Dr. Kitchiner.

be made known; for though it be most true that they Institution.

are thinking of their own purses, it is not the less certain French Academy.The election of M. Puis. that the result is calculated to do more good to the pub- The Art of Latin Poetry, founded on the Work of Jani, sant and of M. le Comte Daru to be Members this time. I was present the other day at a bookseller's ! 8vo. 11. 18. hf.-bd.---Warton's Death-Bed Scenes, Vol. III.

lic than any one circumstance that could have occurred at 8vo. 108. bds-Tower Menagerie, with 100 Engravings, of the Academy, has been confirmed by the sale-dinner-at the Albion, Aldersgate Street, one of the No. 12s. bds.-Bridge's Jamaica, Vol. 11. 8vo. 15s.


best dining-places in the world where Murray sold in half Rose's Ariosto, Vol. vi. post Ivo. 98. 6d. bds.-Beck's Hail.- In the department of the Gard, in small volumes, pirke eighteen shillings, exquisitely beau- vate Bills, 8vo. 11. 4.. bas.--Barton's New Year's Eve, &c.

an hour exactly 1,900 copies of Byron's Poems, in four Index to Euripides, gro. 11. ls. bds.- Precedents of PriFrance, there was a hail-storm, in May last, tiful as specimens of typography, as legible as any octavo 8vo. 9s. bds. - Moukeyana,

prices, royal 4to:, 24. 145, which did very great damage, especially in the that ever Davison put out of his hands, and adorned proofs, imperial 4to., 31. 128.; before letters, 61. 68. cloth.

-Booth's Pædobaptism, 3 vols. 8vo. Il. 168. bds. vineyards. Many of the hail-stones were as after Westall

. Then came Franklin's Voyages, in little large as a clenched fist! Fortunately there volumes also, and, behold ! 5000 of them were sold in a

TO CORRESPONDENTS. was time afforded for taking shelter, so that twinkling!

These are signs of the times not to be disregarded. Nor Mr. H. T.'s first sheet of a Ramble westward of the no lives were lost.

is it wonderful that the great Albemarle Street publisher Metropolis, was returned, as desired, addressed to his Mexico.-In the year 1827, official permis- should have determined ere now to push this matter to initials, John's Cofice-House, -- but sent back to us as an sions to sojourn in Mexico were given to 866 some decided result and purpose. He announced, three unclaimed letter. It may seem querulous to complain of

so tritling a circumstance, but a multitude of such inconforeigners, of whom half were English ; being considered at the time as a mere imitation of Constable's siderate encroachments is a serious evil to us. either merchants or miners.' 187 North Ame- Miscellany : but it now appears that the long-meditated long paper read, considerate answer given, and two or ricans were included in that

number. In the three distinct series-history, biography, and practical hour of valuable time has been wasted to no purpose. same year there arrived 152 French, and there science. The publication is to commence with the year One hour is a nothing; but no week passes that we have departed only 45. The foreigners established printed and ready,--so that there is no chance of a halt ents, each writing as if there could

be no duty of an. in the republic are divided into the following after the march'is once begun. Murray has enlisted editor

so important as that of discussing every individual classes, viz. 352 merchants, 274, miners, 91 its opening

as a new and grand epoch in his career. He our friends will be of opinion that this is hardly requisite artisans, 10 agriculturists, and 80 of various shewed various specimens at the sale above mentioned- even on occasions where we feel ourselves most obliged. professions.

ás, for example, a volume of the Life of Buonaparte (to be We last week noticed the establishment in Paris of a New Scheme.—An old French engineer offi. complete in 2 vols.), printed exquisitely, and embellished bureau de mariage, and have since been favoured by cer has lately published a new scheme of rather picture of the Passage of the Mount St. Bernard; and rather choice specimens of applications addressed to him. a whimsical description. He states that, for half-a-dozen wood-cuts of battles, which one might have Some of these being, as he expresses it, . in inferior some years, he has remarked that the lamenta- taken

for steel-cuts also, so admirably has Thomson done English," he finds a difficulty in understanding, and, as tions which accompany the great to their last who, you will hear with wonder, is no other than George Among the advertisements transmitted to us, we were abode, are lost amidst the congratulations by Cruikshank. which their successors are overwhelmed. To have had all the elements of a loftier genius in petto, and and modesty of one lady, whose style we do not think so

now and then begins a new career, in which one may obscure as to be quite incomprehensible:obviate a circumstance so mortifying to vanity, safely promise him higher fame, as well as profit, than he “ Matrimony.-An elderly young lady, without forhe recommends princes to grant a mumber of ever could have achieved in adhering to the ludicrous tune, rank, or beauty, is anxious to meet with a supporter annuities on their own lives, and to distribute seum, or Miscellany (or whatever name he may give it) been accustomed to a sick room, and would endeavour them among those whose real attachment they it written, as he promises, by none but authors of real to render the death-bed of any gentleman as comfortable wish to secure. They will

then, he observes, Thomson, and sold, as it is announced, at some three or tle, and mend stockings. A rich old man, who has had only have to consult their finance-minister, in four shillings per 12mo., will undoubtedly do more to one or two paralytic attacks, would be greatly preferred. order to ascertain the sincerity of the prayers knock up dear books in a year, than any artifice that could N.B. A will to be made in her favour previous to the put up to Heaven for the preservation of their rough

are to be given in the course of the first year-Sir Memento Mori, at the Death's Head and Drum-sticks, precious days; and, whenever they die, their Walter Scott has undertaken various bivgraphies--Mil- Dead Man's Corner.” annuitants will be heart-broken!

man is hard at work on some history-Lockhart at Cer- As the end of the year approaches, we are fain to

vantes-Sir Humphry Davy at Popular Chemistry-Dr. bring such articles as have of necessity been continued Remarkable Showers.-One of the French Brewster at Lives of the Astronomers--Gleig on a History from No. to No. to a close. This will account for our papers contains an account of a curious shower of the English Empire in India, Washington Irving on present sheet having less of publishing novelty than of rain which fell at Chaumont on the 13th the Life of General Washington---Mitchell, Williams, usual, which is, however, we trust, compensated by its instant, and wbich the French journalist calls/graphy, Civil and Muitary. I heard other names ; but Johnson's Parr, with Letter from Bath, in our next.

Here is a

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Review of





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Price l.

For Schools and Young Perious.

In 12mo. price 58. 6. Doards, or be bound
Edited by P. H. BURNEY.

N A BRIDGMENT of the Rev. Connected with Literature and the Arts.


H. SOAMES'S HISTORY of the RBPORMATION The wy hy The Busic by

of the CRURCH of ENGLAND, ONDON ORIENTAL INSTITUTION, The Harp of Ossian..... Thebttri hepherd. H, R. Bishop.

Panted for C. and J, Ki vington, Sc. Paeh Chucbard and 23, Leicester Square, established, under the latronage of " hassunshine thee in}T. H Bada.......... T. A. Rawlings.

Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. the Hon. East India Company, by Dr.J.B. GILCHRIST, LL.D.

of whom may be had, and by bim, in 1826.7, resigned to the sole Management of False Rosabel...... W. H Bellany .....C. E. Horn, The History complete, in Pour large Vols, SANDFORD ARNOT, Member of the Asiatic Society of Paris, | o tempt me not with and DUNCAN FORBES, A.M. for initiating Gentlemen pro- Jewels bright ..

F. H.Bupney

...!!!,,H, R. Bishop, 880. price 81. 64, boards. ceeding to British India, and other parts of the Easthenite Nous the Lamp of Day}R. Ryan.................J. Barnett. of the most

In 3 vols. price ll. 113. 64. essential Native Languages.

The Dream..... Mrs. C B. Wilson......Sir J. Stevenson This is the only Oriental Seminary in the British metropolis at When the Moon shines

HE TRIALS of LIFE. which the most important Languages of India, the Hindoostanee, bright-Glee..

...H. R. Bishop.

"Under this title, the authoress of De Laxle has just Persian, and Bengalee, are taught by persons who have actually My gentle Lute.......... Lover.... .....S. Lover.

duced a new work. It consists of two tales, both fall of theszki, studied and practised them among the Natives of the East, ac- Pledge me brim to brim. E. Fitx Ball............G. H. Rodwell. and in the highest degree pathetic. They are those relance cording to the system followed at the East India College of Hai- Will you come where

real life of which Lord Byron saya most truly, we best and ** leybury, and at Addiscombe, and in India, as well as at the dif. the Sweet Briergrows Harry Stoe Van Dyk....J. Barnalt. more than we shall ever read; and their force is net diminished ferent Universities in Europe.

-Duet ....

by our knowing that such tragedies are acted in the streets ve In proof of the advantage of their system, the Conductors of My Emna, my Darling. The Ettrick Shepberd, .H. R. Bishop. daily traverse, and by people we almost know personally." -- Times, this Institution will, in a few days, publish a Report, containing

Nov. 31.

Instrumental. a List of above Two Hundred Oriental Students who have, under their Tuition, commenced these Languages, with an Account o Ms. Bayly's popular Song She never blamed him, G. Kiallmark. MS. Waltz

Printed for Edward Ball, New Public Sabscription Library, ..J. W. Holder.

86, Holles Street, Cavendish Square the Public Honours bestowed on their Artainments when entering the Hon. East India Company's Service. never! arranged with Variations by

Of whom may be had, the new editionel Waltz... Further information may be obtained, and the Report had. Air with Variations .....

J. F. Burrowes. The Romance of History, by Henry Neele,

.T. Valentine gratis, on application to Merss. Howell and Stewart, 295, Hol. A Set of Qundrilles from uber's admired Opera,

3 vols. 11. Ils. 64. born; J. M. Richardson, 25, Cornhill; Treutell and blurtz, Sola

La Muette di Portici, aranged by

^;}. Valentine Square : Cochran, 108, or Roone's, 430, Strand; or at the Class. Room, 23, Leicester Square.

Prose and Poetical Articles.

Hyacinthe, &c.
Classes for public and private Tuition open every Day,
The Bouquet ..

2d edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. with coloured Figures of Camellia
Sundays exceptes.
The Lady of Kienast Tover ..J. R. Planche.

Japonica, price 145. boards,
The Craig's Foot...
E. Fitz Ball.

The Place of all

Mrs. Cornwell Barry Wilson.
The Maid of Neidpath.

Sir Walter Scott.
Bazar, King Street, and Baker Street, Portman Square,

F.H. B.

vatory Management throughout the Year, with particular Derecthe splendid Exhibition of Musical and Mechanical Automata, Il Fanatico per la Musica...... Musical Amateur.

tions for the Management of Hyacinths and Plants is Root comprising nearly 'Twenty difierent Subjects, including the cele- The Yuais Vlaster of Venice...R. kyan.

". The rapid sale of a very large impressim, is at anciesidence brated Musical Lady, Juvenile Artist, Magician, Hope Dancer, The whole illustrated by several highly finished Lithographic author hopes he may be allowed to infer, of the salafailony mami

of the growing interest attached to the subject, and also the and Walking Figure also a magnificent Classic Vase, made by Engravings, from llawings by H. Corbold, L. Haghe, &c. &c. order of Napoleon, together with a Serpent, Bird, insects, and Goulding and D'Almaine, 20, Soho Square, London.

ner in which he has executed his task in the stor treatise of other Subjects of Natural History. The whole displaying, by

which he now offers a second edition."Preface to stand Eat. their exact imitations of Animated Nature, the wonderful Pow.

Printed for Harding and Lepard, 4, Pall Mall Fast, London ers of Mechanism. Open from Eleven till Six. BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY.

3 vols. crown 8vo. 313. 64. a 4th edition of Admittance, 18.62.-Children, ls. N.B. The whole of the Exhibition for Sale; also, several

In 8vo. price 6s. boards,
Saf-acting and other Musical Instruments,


Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street, STRICTURES of the URETHRA, giving an Account ment hy which the most obstinate and aggravated Forms of that

Tales of a Grandfather, Second Beries. STATIONERS. The Thirteen Years' Lease of those

In : vols, 18mo. with Engraving, 10s. Od. a Second Series ! extensive Premises, late the Public Library, 52, Rathbone Place, Complaiut have been safely and eifectually cured. Illustraved with the Shelving, and all other necessary Fixtures required for by Cases and a Plate. an extensive Circulating Library, to be sold on moderate Terms.


Stories taken from the History of Scotland, (from the The Proprietor of the above Library having only very recently

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and lately House Accession of James the First of England to the Union of the retired from Business, the old Connexions may be resumed with

Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's 11ospital.

Kingdoms). By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart, great advantage by the Purchaser of the Lease, for which every

* The information is highly valuable, and Mr. Stafford deserves Printed for Cadell and Co. Edinburgh, and Simpkin and facility will be given, by transfer of the Account Books, &c.; the thanks of the profession for the ingenuity of his invention."

Marshall, London. affording an excellent opportunity for any one or two young Men

Meil. and Surg. Journal, Oct. 1828. wishing to commence Business in the above Line. Immediate before the public very fairly and impartially."--London tiedical " We think Mr. Stafford's plan ingenious, and he has put it

of whom may be had, possession will be given.

1. Tales of a Grandfather, First Series, a For further Particulars apply to Mr. Hutten, Auctioneer, Gazette, Aug. 2, 1828.

new edition, 3 vols. 108. 6d. Rathbone Place.

Also, preparing for publication, by the same Author, 2. St. Valentine's Day, or, the Fair Maid

A Treatise on the Diseases and Injuries of of Perth, by the Author of Waverley, forming the Second Sections (ELECT PORTRAITS of DISTIN- the Spine ; being the Substance of an Essay to which the Jack of Chronicles of the Canongate. ad edition, 3 vols. 11.116.6o.

sonian Prize was adjudged, by a Committee of the Royal College 3. Chronicles of the Canongate, by the Au. moirs.

of Surgeons, in the year 1826. A Publication under the above Title having been announced

London : Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green,

thor of Warerley, Ist Series, ed edition, & vols. ll. 18 by Messrs. Saunders and Otley, Booksellers, of Conduit Street, Paternoster Row; and the Author, 15, Saffolk Street, Pall Mali

4. The Cook's Oracle, a new edition, 78. fd. London, as " a Companion to Mr. Lodge's justly admired Series," East.

« We consider the Cook's Oracle' as the ne plus Wtra of the the Publishers of Mr. Lodge's Work beg most respectfully to

science of good eating."- Monthly Recien, Dec. 1881. acquaint the Nobility of the Kingdom, who have so powerfully

In foolscap 8vo. price 108. 6d. the 7th edition of contributed to the production of his Collection of Portraits and Biography, by graniing access to the finest Pictures in their Gal


In 12mo. 3d edition, enlarged, price Os. baard leries from whence to select its subjects, and for the information

in Ten Books.

URE METHODS OF IMPROVING of the Subscribers generally, that the publication thus announced


HEALTH and PROLONGING LIFE, by regulating the as a Companion to Mr. Lodge's Work is not in any way connected

In this edition, Arguments are prefixed to each Book. with it. 'Mr. Lodge's Collection of l'ortraits and Biography, now Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and T. Cadell,

Diet and Reginen; embracing all the most approved Primeipet of Health

and Longevity, and chibiting the remartable Power in progress, embraces all the professed features of the anonymous

Strand, London.

of proper Food, Wine, Air, Exercise, &c. in the cure of ebatesse Publication thus sought to be fixed upon it as a Compániou, and

Chronie Diseases, as well as in promoting Health and Long Lale will be complete and perfect within itsell.

2d edition, dedicated, by permission, to His Majesty, in 1 yol,

To which are added, Maxims for the Bilious and Nervous, the
Pall wall kast.
410. with Maps and Plans, al. 35.

Consumptire, &c. Illustrated by Cases

By A PHYSICIAN. Just published, dedicated, by permission, to Her Royal

PERSONAL NARRATIVE of the late War in the work of the kind we have met with. It is an adındtable cando ente

"We are disposed to think it the most useful and reticed Highness the Princess Sophia, PENINSULA.

health."Allas. " We consider this volume to be not only the most interesting, PRINT of REBELS DEFEATED, buie by far the most important work which has yet appeared on

"We warmly recommend it."-New Literary Gesetle. (Companion to Rebels Shooting a Prisoner,) engraved by the subject of the Peninsular War."--Blackwood's Magasine.

"It is written by one sifted with good sense, as well as eigent J. Romney, from a Picture by Mr. T. Webster.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

feeling, and guided, as we conceive, by enlightened viousand

liberal sentiments."-Scolar. Prints 106.60.; French Proofs 16s.; India paper Proofs 21*. ; before the Letters 318. 64.

That this work has been the result of mature study and put Published by Moon, Boys, and Graves, Printsellers to the

In foolscap 8vo. price fs. boards,

tracted experience, we fully believe; and that men of all labda King, 6, Pall Mall.

will derise information from it, calculated to increase their co

SALES, Bishop and Prince of Geneva. Seleoted and burg Observer. had of the Publishers, and all Printsellers, at the above Prices. translated from the Writings of John Peter Cainus, Bishop of Published by Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court Bellay.

Londen, and sold by all Booksellers. London: Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green ;

and J.). Cowing, Barnet. MUSIC.

Barr ptou Lecture for 1898,

In Sro. price 8s. in boards,
Musical Christmas Presents.

Small 8vo. 58. boards,

RELIGIOUS NECESSITY of the The elegant and popular Work,




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N.B. Rebels Shooting a Prisoner, may be THE BEAUTIES of ST. FRANCIS DE fort daardie te for the term the best chronologie en este

THALIA, tastefully bound in a Volume,


will be found a most" acceptable and useful Present, dents upon which the Romance of Robinson Crusoe is founded; in Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford, in the 'var either to the Learner, or the accomplished Practitioner of the which also the Events of his life, drawn from authentic Sources, 1823, at the Lecture founded by the law Rev. John Bapeptat, Guitar. It consists together with some original Compositions are traced from his birth, in 1076, till his death, in 1733. With M... Canon of Salisbury. of a choice Collection of the most favourite Pieces, Insirumental an Appendix, comprising a Description of the Island of Juan and Vocal, selected from the Works of Giuliani, Diabelli, Ca. Fernandez, and some curious Information relating to his Ship


Rector of St. Katharine Coleman, and formeny Student of nelli, Sor, and other eminent Composers; the whole arranged and mates, &c.

Christ Church. fingered by C. Eulenstein. Price One Guinea.


Oxford: Printed for J. Parker; and C. and J. Rivington, London. The above Work may be had in single Numbers, of which Editor of the « Journal of a Soldier of the Seventy-first Regi. there are Twelve, at 2s, each; or the Set, unbound, 188.

ment," the "Life and adventures of John Nicol, Mariner," &c. The reader, for highly favourable commendations of this work, Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and

of the WORKS OF is respectfully referred to the Literary Guzette of 29th March;

Geo. B. Whittaker, London.

CANOVA. the Harmonicon for June and July; the Weekly Times of sth of

The Subeeribers to the Works of Antonio Canova, esitated June; the Athenrum, &c. &c. &c.

In 1 vol. 8vo. 195.

by llenry Moses, are respectfully formed that the Third Volume Published by Messrs. Davis, Bow Instrument Manufacturers

ETTERS from the WEST, containing numents, Bas-Beliels, together with all the Models, streets

containing Fifty-five Engravings of Statoes, Groups, Bests, Me to His Majesty, 31, Coventry Street, Haymarket, where ao exten. sive Assortment of Guitars, manufactured by them, on a highly Sketches of Scenery, Manners, and Customs, with Anet. the honnur of this celebrated sealptor, is now ready for det approved Principle, and other Musical Instruments, may always dotes comected with the First Settlement of the Western Servery. This Volume contains, besides the Letterpress Descrip he found. Very superior Italian Suings for Hary, Guitar,

By the Hon. JUDGE HALL.

tions by the Countess of Albri27),

Thoughts of Art," u etpred l'olio, Violoncello, &f. Printed for liepry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street,

by Canova to an intimante Prend.

Publiekeid hy septimus Protru, 45, Pall Moll.



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6. and 7. Converts from Infidelity. By An. THE

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Norcmber 1828.

Cultivation of Bulbs, Plants in Roems, &c.
John Murray, Albeinarle Street.

Fourth edition, 125.


public attention to the amesed List of what have been published. By WASHINGTON IRVING,

More than Four Thousand Copies d every volume are printed, practical Instructions for the proper Management and Cultivation In 4 vols. 8vo. with a Chart, 91. 2s.

and many of them have been repriated. A volume containing of all Plants, Shrubs, &c.; the soils best suited for them, &c. 2. Personal History of Napoleon Buonaparte. as much as a thick 8vo. is published every Three Weeks, price

By ROBERT SWEET, F.L.S. Two pocket vols. beautifully printed, and Illustrated with one superior manger, price 5. Also, inorder to suit the convenience

Also, by the same Author, rous Engravings on Wood and Steel. Nearly ready, and to form of all parties, it may be had in Wekly Parta (Three Parts form. 1. Sweet's Hortus Britannicus; or, a Catathe First of a Series of Modern Biographies.

ing a Volume), price 1s. each. Eah Work is complete in itself, logue of every Plant known or cultivated in this Country. One 3. Southey's Life of Nelson, 2 vols, 10s. and may be had separately.

thick vol. 8vo. 214. And
4. Hallam's History of the Middle Ages.

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co 65, St. Paul's Churchyard ;
and Constable and co. Edinburgh.

2. Geraniums. The Natural Order of this 3 vols. 8vo. 368.

beautiful Family of Plants, with plain Directions for their Cul.

Works already published,
England. 3 vols. 8vo. 36s.

tivation and Management. Illustrated by Four highly finished

Vols. 1 to 3, Captain Basil Hall's Voyagesa coloured Plates. No. V. 38. 6. Bishop Heber's Journey through the Up

4. Adventures of British Seamen in the

James Ridgway, 169, Piccadilly; No. 90, Paternoster Row; per Provinces of Calcutta. A 3d edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 368.

and all Booksellers and Newsmen. 7. Captain Franklin's Voyages to the Polar Southern Ocean. By H. Murray, F.R.S.H.

5. Memoirs of Larochejaquelein. With a Ses. Beautifully printed in four pocket vols. similar to those

Companion to the Almanacks. published last year of Captain Parry's Voyages, and illustrated Preface and Notes. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

Neatly and closely printed in 12mo, price 108. 6d. with Portraits of Captain Franklin, Captain Back, Dr. Richard.

POCKET ENCYCLOPÆDIA of son, Heburn, a Map, with Sixteen Views, engraved on Steel, by drew Crichton.

NATURAL PHENOMENA, for the Use of Mariners, Pinden, (in all 93 Plates). Price only us. 8. Captain Parry's Voyages, with a Por- Narrative of the late Military and Polikcal Operations in the 8. and 9. Symes' Embassy to Ava. With a Shepherds, Gardeners, Ilusbandmen, and others.

By T.FORSTER, M.B. F.L.S. &c.

In the present work the olject has been to compress as much trait, Map, and several Views. 5 pocket vols. 208.

Birman Empire.

matter into as small a compass as possible, in order to render it 9. Captain Head's Notes across the Pampas 10. Table-Talk; or, Selections from the Ana. compendious and portable, and to constítute it a book of popular and among the Andes, Post 8vo. 98. 6d.

entertainnient and utility.

11. Perils and Captivity. 10. Lord Byron's Poems, with Portrait and

It is divided into Five Parts. I. Prognostics of the Weather Plates. 4 pocket vols. 18mo. only 18s.

12. Selections of the most Remarkable Phes from actual Observation-11. Indications of the Seasons: Flow

ering of Plants, Migration of Birds, &c. and other Periodical 11. Crabbe's Poetical Works. In 8 vols. nomena of Nature.

Phenomena-I11. Astronomical Signs of the Seasons, or Times

13 and 14. Mariner's Account of the Natives of Year-IV. Rustic Calendar-V. Catalogues of the Flora specfool scap 8vo. 21. 88.

tabilis, or Hardy Ornamental Plants; and the Ornithologia Eur 12. Milman's Fall of Jerusalem, 8vo. 8s. 6d. of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean. Martyr of Antioch, 8vo. 88. 6d. Belshassar, 8vo. 88, 6d, Anne 15 and 16. Rebellion in Sutland, in 1745, by ropeas or obres i Europea

J. B. Nichols and Son, 25, Parliament Street, Boleyn, 8vo. 8. ed.

Robert Chambers, Author of " Traditions of Edinburgh," &c. 13. The Sketch Book. By Washington Ir. 17. Roberts' Narrative of Voyages and Ex

In 3 vols. post 8vo. Il. lls. 6d. TagIn 2 vols, post 8vo. 168. cursions in Central America.

THE ANGLO-IRISH. A Tale of the 14. Bracebridge Hall. By the same. In 18 and 19). The Historical Works of Fred

Nineteenth Century. 9 rols.small 8vo. 16s. erick Schiller, from the German, by Gieorge Moir, Esq. Transla- talent in every chapter, might have directed public conjectures

" The singular character of this novel, and the peculiarity of 15. Tales of a Traveller. 2 vols, small 8vo. tor of "Wallenstein."

20 and 21. Illustrations of British History, attributed. The incidents of Irish history, and the character: price 16s..

16. Fairy Legends and Traditions of Ireland, by Richard Phornson, Esq. 3 vols, foolscap BxQ. 318. 6d. Vol. I. may be had separately. 22. The General Register of Politics, Sci- situation of the people, combine to form a source of interest

of 17. Anastasius; or, Memoirs of a Modern ence, and Literature, for 1827.

the North has created his Scotch historical romances."-Morn. Greek. 3 vols. Crown 8vo. 11. 118. 6d.

23. Life of Robert Burns. By J. G. Locking Chronicle. hart, LL.B.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 3, New Burlington Street.
18. Adventures of Hajji Baba. 3 vols. 21s.
19. Hajji Baba in England. 2 vols. 158.
24 and 25. Life of Mary, Queen of Scots.

In 3 vols. 12mo. price 1Bs,
By Henry Glassford Bell, Esq.
20. Sketches of Persian Life and Manners,

Rival Duchesses.
2 vols. post 8vo. 168.
nerable Archdeacon Wrangham.

By FRANCIS LATHOM, 21. Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England, 27 and 28. Memorials of the late War,

Author of the “ Mysterious Freebooter," " Unknown," comprising a variety of interesting Information for Young Per

" Fatal Vow," " Live and learn," ko. sons. 3 vols. small 8vo. 153. 29 and 30. A Tour in Germany, &c, in

Printed for A. K. Newman and Co. London, 22. Mrs. Markham's History of England, 1820, 1891, 1832By John Russell Esq. Advocate.

New editions of the following are now ready 31 and 32. The Rebellions in Scotland under vith Wood Engravings. 9 vols, 12mo. 168.

Bandit Chief, by the Author of Eustace Fitz. 23. History of France. 2 vols. 12mo. Mentree from 1998. 4o. 1680. By Robert Chambers, Author of Richard, 2d edition, vols. 11.26. price 18.

Italian, by Mrs. Ann Radcliffe, 5th edition, 24. History of Spain, upon the Plan of Mrs.

4 vols, 11. Markham's Histories of France and England. By Maria Call.

Popular Novels, just published by Henry Colburn, Manfrone ; or, the One-Handed Monk, 3d

Ver Burlington Street. cott. 2 vols. 18rpo, 16s.

edition, 4 vols. 11.

H E DI SO WNE D. 9th edition, 35.

By the Author of "Pelham." A Novel, in 4 vols. Just published by J. B. Nichils and Son, 25, Parliament Street, 26. Major Denham and Captain Clapperton's 2. Tales of Woman. Designed to exhibit in i vol. 4to. price 21. 104. find illustrative Prints, price 134.) the Female Character in its brightest Points of View. In 9 vols.

TOREIGN TOPOGRAPHY; or, an Travels in Northern and Central Africa. 3d edition, with En. gravings. Y vols. 8vo. 36s.

post 8vo. 184,
3, Zillah ; a Tale of the Holy City, By the Ancient Remains in Asia, Africa, and Europe, (the United

Kingdom excepted).
Author of “ Brambletje House," the “ Tor Hill," and " Reuben
Noties of a Work lately published in 1 vol. 880. with Plate, 158.

By the Rev. T. D. FÖSBROKE, M.A.F.S.A. dedicated to His Grace the Duke of Wellington, on the Apsley." In 4 vols.

This volume is intended a a Sequel to the Encyclopaedia of of 4. Tales of the Great St. Bernard. 3 vols. Antiquities, with which it s printed uniformly. It includes

Accounts of Athens, Rome, lalbec, Palmyra, Pæstum, Thebes, and Tenants; from a late

Contents: The Englishman's Tale --The Captain's Tale-Persepolis, Pompeii, &c. &c. about a Thousand Articles of vaAuthor: vith Kemarks on the Agriculture, dec. in the several The Augustine's Tale The English woman's Taled. The Spa. ment, prior

to the Age of Constantine. It contains a large mass Counties. Published by Ridgway, Piccadilly; and sold by all the principal 5. The Protestant; a Tale of the Reign of pretired an Introduction, or Catalogue Raisonné of the chief

Booksellers in Town and Country.
"As able introduction dwells on the danger of too great a de: Noorts."

3 vols. post 3vo. 315. 61.
Queen Mary. By the Author of " De Foix," and the White matters of general Archæolog, deducible from the local Descrip-

tions. An Index of the Modern Names (not synonymous with preciation of agricultural produce, and furnishes much valuable original information on the subjects inost interesting to landlords 6. The Man of Two Lives; a Narrative, the ancient) of the places described, and a list, hitherto unpub

lished in England, of the Syubols and Legends of Greek Provin. and tenants."-Literary Gasette, 9th Aug. 1808. written by Himself. 9 vols. post 8vo. 183.

cial Coins, are also given. “ This book, which enters deeply into the question, and in a " Whether this be, or be not, I'll not swear."-Shakspeare. compressed and circumspect manner, affords every information

In a few days,

2. Ancient Christmas Carols, with the Tunes relative to the important topic, may be considered a work pos

7. The Castilian. sessing every value."--Weekly Times, 24th Aug. 1838.

to which they were formerly Sung in the West of England, To

By Don Telesforo de gether with two Ancient Ballads, a Dialogue, &c. Collected by * This is a single volume, which contains a mass of information Trueba y Cosio, Author of " Gomez Arias." In 3 vols, post 8vo. Davies Gilbert, F.R.S. &c. 9d edition, price 86. boards, of the most valuable pature; bring, in fact, an epitome of the

Let 'em call it mischief;

" Mr. Gilbert has made safe, for some centuries at least, & practice of all the chief agricultural districts in England, Scot

When it is past, and prosper'd, 'will be virtue.

record of our ancient Christmas Carols. These carols are genufand, and Wales, &c."-farmer's Journal, 25th Aug. 1818.

Ben Jonson.
ine national curiosities."

-London Museum.
"The authors, by collecting into one volume an accurate
account of the local customs of eacb county, have produced a

Signor Guido Sorelli, the Florentine Translator of Nilton's Pare. Work replete with useful information, interesting not only to the

Ad edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 308.

dise Lost, Professor of the Italian Language, Elocution, and landowner and farmer, but where such matters are under legal

Literature, No. 28, Piccadilly. investigation, by suggesting important questions, it is calculated

Just published, by Messrs. Dulau and Co. Foreign Booksellers, greatly to promote an expeditious and equitable decision on the

37, Soho Square, the ed edition of subjects under consideration."-Timet, 3d Sep. 1828.

the Death of George II. " Which will be found replete with useful information, and


L PARADISO PER D U T 0. equally interesting to the landholder and farmer."-County Chro

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

" It is a great and elegant composition: it is an honour nice, Ith Nov, 182A.

Middle Ages, 4th edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 36s. to its author, and a novel treasure to the lovers of the Italian “ We again repeat our commendation of this very useful work,

tongue."--Literary Gazete. and hope the elaborate attention of its authors will be requited

"Fidèle à l'expression, il ne l'a pas été moins à la pensée. La by the universal patronage of all those who are connected with, In 2 large vols. 8vo. with 70 Plates, price 21. 55. bound Tersification est pure, exacte, plein d'élégance et d'harmonie.. or interested in, agricultural pursuits."-British Farmer's Nag.

and lettered,

Revue Encyclopédique.
Nov. 1828.

vels to and from that Capital, through Flanders, along

In 2 vols, foolscap 8vo. price 164. boards,
In 19mo. 71. boards,
the Banks of the Rhine, through Prussia, Russia, Poland, Sax.

at TR U T H. GRANDFATHER'S FARD ; or, any, Silesia, Bavaria, and France.

Pictures of Rural Life.

By A. B. GRANVILLE, M.D.F.R.S. F.L.S. M.R.S. &c. " These volumes emanate from reflective, ingenious, and well.
Contents: The Schoolboy-The Farm-The Fireside The " is a book for lourists to consult, Dr. Granville's is certainly stored minds, and are alike void of affectation and pedantry.
Playmates - The Delinqueu! - The Old Castle-'The Bell Tree a very superior guide, and its ornaments are another great recom. They are in fact the authors' thought-book, in which beauty,
The Seashore- The Flitting-The Rocking - The Trial-The mendation to it. He enjoyed opportunities of sceing more than utility, philosophy, metaphysics, and religion, are by turns treat
Soldier- The Step-daughter - The Egg Gatherer--The Pastor- any writer upon that city with whom we are acquainted."-ed logically and playfully."-Monthly Review.
The Widows-The Angler-The Lovers-ConsumptionThe Literary Gazette.

Printed for John Taylor, 30), Upper Gower Street, Bookseller
Vox-The Departure_ The Retura.

• It should find a place in every drawing-room in England."- and Publisher to the University of London; and sold by James Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and

Duncan, Paternoster Row; J. A. Hessey, Fleet Street; and Geo. B. Wbulakes, London

Pripted for Henry Colburn, a, Nex Burlington Street, Hakchard and Son, Piccadilly,

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25. Stories from the History of England, T

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PRESENT STATE 104 the TENANCE of posts Tales.of.

THE ESGNSD, from the Accesion of Henry VII. X.

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A NEWSYE A R’S EVE, and other A



SERMONS chiefly Practical, preached in



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A Treatise on the Diseases of the Urethra, H INGAT TOALES

London University Text Dooks.

Ellis's Vistorical Letters.

In l vol. 8vo. 188. boards, LARDNER'S EUCLID, 8vo. price With Portraits and Autographs, in 4 vols. 8vo. price 21. 84.


RIGINAL LITTERS, illustrative of POETRY. 2. Dr. Lardner's Trigonometry, 2d edition, ENGLISH HISTORY. With Notes and Illustrations.

By J.J. CONYBEARE, 8vo. price 12s. boards.


Late Prebendary of York, and Professor of Anglo-Saxon and 3. Dr. Lardner's Calculus, 8vo. price 21s. Keeper of the Manuscipts in the British Museum.

Poetry in the University of Oxford. « We rise from the study ofthese very interesting volnmes with

This volume contains analyses of the principal romantic, hisboards. renewed gratitude to the leaned editor."-Edinburgh Revien.

torical, sacred, and miscellaneous poems extant in the Saxga 4. Dr. Panizzi's Selections from Italian * We have now but to say that we are delighted with these language, illustrated by metrical versions of their most interest Prose Writers, small 8vo. price 108. 6d. boards.

volumes, and to recommend bem altogether, as deserving of the ing passages, the originals of which are subjoined, accompanied utmost public favour."-Literery Gazette.

by literal translations into Latin. An Introductory Essay on the 5. Introduction to Algebra, from Bourdon.

"As a whole, the two serie of Original Letters' may justly Laws of the Saxon Metrical system, and its affinity with that of By Augustus de Morgan, B.A. nearly ready.

be said to form a complete succession of specimens of the English the earliest Scandinavian and Teutonic poetical remains, is pre6. An Elementary Italian Grammar, 3s.

language during the respectiv reigns to which they relate."- fxed, together with a Catalogue Raisonne of all the Saron poeti Nerv Monthly Magazine.

cal MSS. preserved in the various libraries of this country. Printed for John Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street, Bookseller and Publisher to the University of London; and sold by J. Dun

Printed for Harding and Lepard, 4, Pall Mall East, London.

... A few Copies have been printed in 4to. price 91. in order to

range with the quarto edition of Warton's History of English can, 37, Paternoster Row; J.A. Hessey, Fleet Street; and J.

Also, in 3 Yols. with Portrait and Autographs, price 11. 168. Poetry, to which it may be considered as forming an introdec. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly.

The Second Edition of the First Series of tory volume. The 8vo. will range with the new edition of the « Historical Letters."

same work. In I vol. 8vo. price 12s. boards,

Printed for Harding and Lepard, 4, Pall Mall East, London. In 1 vol. 8vo. illus rated with a Frontispiece, drawn and RESEARCHES on DISEASES of the STOMACH, the engraved by John Martin, price 91. boards,

Second Edition of Walsh's Journey.

In 1 vol. post 8vo. price 196. boards,
Intestinal Canal, the Liver, and other Viscera of the Abdomen.


POEMS. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, &c.


CONSTANTINOPLE to ENGLAND, with Plates and and First Physician to His Majesty in Scotland.

Printed for J. Iatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly.
Maps. By the Rev. R. WALSH, LL.D.M.R.LA.

13 Printed for Waugh and Innes, Edinburgh; James Duncan, 37,

London : Printed for Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, Paternoster Row; and T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street,

10, Stationers' Hall Court, and Ave Maria Lane. London.

For 1829, a new edition, with Woodcuts, price 108. 6d. of whom may be had, by the same Author,

and Handsomely printed in tlo, with numerous Plates, price Three Pathological and Practical Researches on PERPETUAL KEY to the CALENDAR and ALMA. Guineas in boards, or on large paper, Six Guineas, Diseases of the Brain and the Spinal Cord. In 1 vol. 8vo. price NACK; being a compendious Illustration of the History, Anti

DISSERTATION on the PAGEANTS, 128. boards.

quities, and Natural Phenomena, of each Day in the Year.
d very favourable notice of the former edition of this work will

or Dramatic Mysteries, anciently performed at Coventry, In 1 thick vol. post 8vo. with a Portrait, price 126. boards,

be found in the Literary

Gazette, Brande's

Journal of Science, &c. by the Trading Companies of that City,
London : Printed for T. Hookham, Old Bond Street.


Coventry: Printed by Merridew and Son; sold in London by 2d edition, 8vo. price 10s. 6d. boards,

Harding and Lepard, 4, Pall Mall East.
&c. &c. consisting of Lectures on English Poetry, Tales, and
other Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse.
Smith, Elder, and Co. 65, Cornhill, London.

the Parish Church of Clapham, Surrey.

Subscribers to this Chronological Series of Ancient
Dr. Butler's Geography and Atlases.

Rector of Claphan, and Chancellor of the Diocese of Winchester. Baptismal Fonts, engraved by Robert Roberts, from Drawings
Printed fo: J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly;

made by Francis Simpson, Jun. of Stamford, Lincolnshire, with A new edition, 1 vol. 8vo. 93. boards,

and H. N. Batten, Clapham.

Letter-press Descriptions, are respectfully informed that the SKETCH of MODERN and ANCIENT

Fourth and concluding Part is now ready for delivery.
This Work contains a Series of Forty

Fonts. The First Part, GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools.

Profesor Ber's Surgical Works, &c. fc.

Ten Norman Fonts ; the Second Part, Ten early English Fonts 3 By SAMUEL BUTLER, D.D.F.R.S. &c. In large 4to. With Twenty Plates, price 31. 158. plain ;'or

the Third Part, Ten decorated English Fonts; and the Fourth Archdeacon of Derby, &c.

5l. Sv. coloured,

Party Ten perpendicular English Fonts. In the present edition of this little work, the Author has made LLUSTRATIONS of the GREAT OPE- The price of the Work in imperial 850. is 108. each Part. some very important additions, chiefly in the modern part of it.

The Quarto Coples are all subscribed for,
By the same Author,
Aneurism, and Lithotomy.

Published by Septimus Prowett, 55, Pall Mail. Atlas of Modern Geography, consisting of

By CHARLES BELL, 22 coloured Maps, from a new Set of Plaies, corrected to 1898,

Professor of Physiology in the University of London, &c. &c. 12. hæle-bound. Or any of the Parts separate, 155. plain, or 11. 18. coloured.


By the same Author, Atlas of Ancient Geography, consisting of

In a few days, 3 vols, post Bro. 21 coloured Maps, with a complete accentuated Index, 191.

&c. 186. 6d.
General Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geo-
Surgical Observations; being a Report of

written during
a Residence in that

country. graphy, 43 coloured Maps, and two Indexes, II, s. half-bound.

By the Author of the Lettre de Cachet. The Indexes contain the latitude and longitude of all the cases in Surgery, Parts 1. 10 V with Plates, 6s. each.

Printing for Saunders and Odley, Public Library, Conduit Street. places; and in that of the Ancient Atlas, the quantities are The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human marked. Body. In 3 vol. 8vo. 21. 12. Bd. boards.

TEPHENS GREEK THESAURUS. Outline Geographical Copy-Book, in 4to. Engravings of the Arteries. 158. boards, or

Mr, Valpt has the presure to state, that the late sewed, or 76. 63. togetheresa Basler's suases, the enchy coloured, 12, l. Intended as Practical Outline Maps of Andent Geography, se Nerves, 11.


Engravings, explaining the Course of the quested to make immediate application for the Numbers which lected by Dr. Butler from D'Awine's Anelent Atlas, folio, 104. 6d.

A System of Dissections, painting out to the as have been in arrear, and will be further raised from time to
Onne, and

sion, which may be had complete, or in Parts, an Attempt to illustrate their Orign, Signitieation, and Govern

Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, Dec. 2, 1828. ment. For the use Schools. Il edition, in 8vo. price 6s. 6d.

Paternoster Row; and T. Cadell, Strand. boards; or 76. od. bound.

In the first week of January will be pubushed, in I vol. 420. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

In : vols. 8vo. price Il. 46, the 6th edition, revised and
corrected, of



and ELIZABETH; being the Second Part of the Modern NNOTATIONS on the FOUR

History of England.

GOSPELS and the ACTS of the APOSTLES. Com. A new and beautiful edidon, with Portrait and Plates. piled and abridged for the Use of Students

By SHARON TURNER, F.A.S. RIA S.L. 4 pocket vols. 18mo. price only 181.

With Introductory Chapters on the Intellectual excitement of
Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,
John Murray, Albernarle Street.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

the Sixteenth Century-the Corruptions of the Ancient Catholie

Church-Rise and Progress of Luther-Proceedings of the CounJust published by W. Joy, 6s, St Paul's Churchyard, price &e.

Of whom may be had,

cil of Treat-and a Supplement on the Massacre of St. Barthobeautifully done up in fancy coloured boards, Annotations on the Epistles ; being a Con- homew;

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Description of some of the Peculiarities of the Animal Vicar of Bollon in the Moors. ad edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. price and Vegetable World, with an Account of their first Introduc184. boards,

Shortly will be published, in 1 vol. 8vo. prict 78. boards, tion into this Country. “We can strongly recommend the excellent matter of this THE NAVAL and MILITARY MAGA:

War in Turkey.

written in 1820 and 1827.

By a SEVEN YEARS' RESIDENT. “A very interesting and well-written little volume, fall of

“The tide at present runs strongly in favour of almost any amusing, yet useful information, and one that we can recommend Nap of the seat of War in Turkes, and a variety of original and attempts to disseminate Christianity, from whatever quarter it to the perusal of juvenile readers." --Literary Gaxette, Nov, 15, interesting Papers, by distinguished Officers.

may proceed, and without much inquiry into its probable re1928.

Printed for Saonders and Otley, Conduit Street.

sults."--Bishop Middleton. Second Footstep to Mrs. Trimmer's Sacred

Printed for J. M. Richardson, 23, Cornhill.

Of whom may also be had, History, containing the History of the New Testament. Price The preceding Numbers. 26. 6d. half-bound, with a Frontispiece.

HE ANGLO-FRENCH COINAGE Tablet of French Pronunciation, adapted to

New Comedy-Price 3a. 6d.

ILLUSTRATED, from Specimens comprising the Cabithe Hazelwood System of Tuition, with a subjoined Dictionary,

THE BEGGAR'S DAUGHTER of net of an Amateur, who has devoted Five Fears in forming a

Suite, by far the most numerous, either in public of private, in Price as. in cloth boards.


Europe, of these interesting Coins. It commences with Henry By JAMES SHERIDAN KNOWLES.

the Second, and terminates with the Reign of Henry the Sixth. Flower Garden and Shrubbery.

Also, by the same Author,

In course of the Work, from Thirty-five to Porty unpublished, On Dec. Ist was published, to be continued monthly, 1. Virginius, a Tragedy, Gth edition, 3s. 6d. (of which a good part are considered tonique), with types and price u. No. X. of

Varieties, will appear. It will form a 4to. volume, in the same 2. Caius Gracchus, a Tragedy, 3s. 6d. manner as the Catalogue of Anglo-Gallic Coins in the British

James Ridgway, 169, Piccadilly: 2. Stewart, Cheapside; Museum, published about two years ago. or, Ornamental Plower Garden and Shrubbery, contain

and all Booksellers.

The Cabinet (including Duplicates) consists of Thirty-four ing Eight Portraits of Flowers, beautifully coloured to equal

Gold, and 245 Silver and Billon Anglo-French Coins, independDrawings; accompanied by their History, Scientific and English Names accentuated, full and plain Instructions for their Man

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 168. boards,

ent of the Calais Money, which the Author excludes, as properly agement in Cultivation, &c. &c. Each Plant is taken from Life,

GRAMMAR of the HEBREW LAN. belonging to the English Series.

The Plates are engra red by Mr. E. Finden. and the Name of the Establishment which contributes it men

GUAGE, comprised in a series of Lectures, compiled

Printing for J. Hearne, 81, Strand, tioned.

from the best Authorities, and augmented with much original Continued by JOHN LINDLEY, Esq. F.R.S.

Matter, drawn principally from oriental Sources; designed for Professor of Botany in the University of London, &c. &c. the Use of Students in the Universities. Dedicated, by permis“ The Botanical . Register, from containing most or all of the sion, to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Regius Pro LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. 4. SCRIPPS, !

the LITRRARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Strert, new plants introduced by the Horticultural Society, from the fessor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. great care with which its plates are executed, and the judicious

By the Rev. 8. LEE, A.M.

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulles Street, Oxford remarks on culture and general hábit by Mr. Lindley, is, in con- D.D. of the University of Alalle, Honorary Member of the Asia

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 38 Royal Exchange E. sequence, the superior publication."-Vide Loudon Magazine of tic Society of Paris, Honorary Associate and F.R.S.L. and

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Lulgate Hill; A. Black, James Ridgxay, 169, Piccadilly, and, by order, of every M.R.A.S. &c. &c., and Professor of Arabic in the University of

Edinburgh ; Smith and Son, and Robertson and Alkimas

Glasgow'; and a, Cumming, Dublin.
Bookseller and Nevsman
Printel for James Dansan, 37, Paternoster Row.

J. MOXES, Cook's Court, Chancery LEDs


A Praxis on the Latin Prepositions, being Student ine Objects most worthy buditention. vols. 19. Bds. time with Pialped han de combates perfect Copies in his posetta

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