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follows:- Throw into a vessel containing be- terminate, and consequently that there cannot Edward Forster, M.A: with a Portrait and a Biographical tween twenty and thirty pints of water, five be another coroner for the county of Cork !!

Memoir.-A new edition, with woodcuts, of the Circle of

the Seasons, for the Year 1829, with a newly digested or six pounds of quick-lime, shake it well se- Flattery.-Flatterers teach us nothing new. Preface on the Phenomena of the Coming Year. veral times, then let the lime precipitate itself, They repeat what we ourselves every day say; and pour off the water, which is perfectly lim- and that is the reason of our loving them.

Raper's (Rear-Admiral) New System of Signals, 4to. pid, although it has dissolved a portion of the Promenades d'un Solitaire.

11. 58. bds. - Tales of a Grandfather, Second Series, lime. This is the water to be used. To make

3 vols. 18mo. 108. 64. hf.-bd.---Memoirs of the Rev. W.

Goode, 8vo. 9s. bds. -- Stories from Church History, sure of its being saturated with the lime, after


12mo. 6s. hf.-bd.--Statutes 9 Geo. IV. 8vo. 11. 28. bds. having filled the bocal containing the eggs until

Le Petit Bijou, 8s. silk.-Rhind on Intestinal Worms, the water is about three inches above them, tertaining books which has lately issued from the French 12mo. 58. hf.-bd. --Father Alfred's Elements of Know

or Vidocq's Memoirs, one of the most curious and en-8vo. 78. 6d. bds. How to be Happy, or Fairy Gifts, dust in a small quantity of quick-lime, and press, we observe a Translation announced by Messrs. ledge, 38. hf.-bd.- Thomas's Universal Jurispruclose the bocal.

Hunt and Clarke. Vidocq is the Townsend of Paris, derice, 8vo. 155. bds.-Saunders on Pleading and EviAntiquities.-The excavations for antiquities be believed. Two volumes of his autobiography have Author of Pelham, 4 vols. post 8vo. 2. 2s. bls.--Tales

and his police adventures are as extraordinary as can well dence, 2 vols. 8vo. 21. bds -- Disowned (the), by the proceed with considerable activity in Italy, at appeared, and two are to come. From the multitude of of Woman, 2 vols, post 8vo. 188. bds... Young's ImprisonPompeii, Herculaneum, and the Campo Vac-cant and flash terms, it will require much care to trans: ment in Portugal, 8vo. 108. ld. bds-The Sorrows of cino. The latter has unfolded some architec- rendering such a work into our language, to qualify Literary Remains, post 8vo. 128. bds. -- Breckington's tural remains; and at Herculaneum, it is said, some of its indecencies, so as to give it that better chance (Bp.) Journal, 8vo. 104. 6d. bds.-Ethics for Children,

18mo. 2s. 6d. bds.-Bayley on Fines and Recoveries, 8vo. the model of a trombone has been found. At of extensive popularity which it otherwise well deserves.

Enterprise breeds competition. It is only a fortnight 148. bds.--Irving's (Rev. E.) Sermons, Lectures, &c. Pompeii, the principal ancient- novelties are since we mentioned the start of an Edinburgh weekly 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 118. d. bds.- Objections to Israel's Restorasome coarsely painted frescos, with very accu- literary journal, at which time we also spoke of the excel. tion to Palestine, 12mo. 38. 6d. bds.--Hinton on Minis

lent literary articles which appeared in a demi-political terial Qualification, 12mo. 28. bds.---Wilson on the Priestrate outlines.

paper of that city. We now see it announced that the hood of Christ, 12mo. 78. 6d. bds.-Davies' Series of Classical Accentuation. A recent writer in latter proposes to divide its force into two separate Etchings ilustrative of the Architectural Antiquities of a French journal, adverting to the improve

divisions--political and literary. The following is the Suffolk, folio, 8l. 88.; large paper, 11. 118. - Davy's

announcement, and we hope they will not disgrace our views of the Gentlemen's Seats in Suffolk, imperial 8vo. ments which are taking place in France in name: " Scottish Literary Gazeite. - This weekly pe- 11. 108. the manner of acquiring the dead languages, riodical, which has hitherto been attached to the Edinstrongly and justly recommends that the utter to combine iterature and criticism with political news METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1828. inattention of the French to the laws of pro- in one and the same journal, will, early in the ycar,

The mometer.

From 39.

to 29.96 sody should be reformed. At present, as is be formed into a separate and distinct publication. Thursday

29.92 29.87 well known, the rhythm of Greek and Latin dattering encouragement the attempt has already met Saturday

29.76 29.77 verse is wholly neglected in that country; and with, and from a wish to do more ample justice to the Sunday the ears of an Eton boy, of the lowest form, within the limits of the Gazette in its present shape. In Tuesday discussion of literary subjects, which could not be done Monday.... 24

29.72 would be shocked at the false quantities in the regard to the quantum of literary matter and otherwise, Wednesday 26

29.76 recitation of the most profound French classical the Evening Post is to remain unchanged and abridged. Prevailing wind S.W. scholar.

The Literary Gazette, in its new and enlarged form, Generally cloudy; rain on the evening of the 23d, and

will be published every Saturday morning." Denmark. - Schools of mutual instruction

during the morning and evening of the 26th.

A new Cyclopædia has been announced by Messrs. Long- Rain fallen, 15 of an inch. have been established in the Danish colonies, man and Co. and John Taylor, in which some of the first Encke Comet.—On the evening of the 25th (Tuesday) both in the East and in the West Indies; and One of the peculiarities of this work is, that it professes lation Pegasus, a little to the west of a nebulous star

men of the age are said to have united their labours. observed this comet from half-past 7 to 9, in the consteltwo negroes of the Gold-coast are at present in to produce treatises on the most abstruse departments of near the nose of that constellation : its situation was pethe normal school of mutual instruction at Co-science and art,

divested altogether of their technical

lan: culiarly favourable, being near two small stars, to shew penhagen. One of them applies very closely a form that

all their most important results will be intel. Its right ascension was about 11 hrs., and declination about to his studies ; but unfortunately his zeal and higible to the general reader: That this is possible, we 12 north. The moon was above the horizon during the diligence do not seerit to be sustained by na- it is difficult in the extreme, the few successful examples comet "might have been observed for a longer time, had it tural talent.

out of such innumerable attempts sufficiently demonstrate. not been rather hazy in the S.W.* Phonation. A person in France having sible only to men of the most profound acquirements and Latitude ......51° 37' 32" N.

CHARLES H. ADŠMS. several times tried to commit suicide by cut- highest talents. We cannot call to mind more than three Longitude 3 51 W. of Greenwich. ting his throat, the complete closing of the eminently successful instances of this kind of writing, larynx was the consequence of his attempts. Laplace (Système du Monde), and Biot (Précis de Phy

TO CORRESPONDENTS. This was evident during the life of the person, sique). Dr. Lardner, to whose management the Cabinet The correspondent who inquires whether there is not which was prolonged for several years ; and it Cyclopædia has been intrusted, seems to be fully aware of some readier mode of grating potatoes for the preparation was proved after death that the passage of air and we accordingly find among the engagements which he mills are used for the purpose ; and we believe that any from the lungs by the larynx was absolutely has announced, the names of some of the first scientific of the London mill-makers are able to supply similar impossible. Nevertheless, the individual in characters in the world.


War of the Succession. - A bookseller at Carlsruhe is question talked, and talked so as to be under- preparing for publication a series of documents, which he stanzas of his simile between comets and bores :

We cannot gratify C. B. with more than two concluding stood without much difficulty. How was this ? owes to the kindness of the Grand Duke Louis of Baden,

A tail the vagrant comet shews, It is conjectured, by means of a current of air and which will throw a great light on the war of the

Which seems to scatter as he goes which introduced itself through the nose, and narratives, plans of campaigns, military

and political dis

An endless stream of light;

The bore (to keep my simile) escaped by the mouth.

quisitions, &c. by the Emperors Leopold the First and
Joseph the First-William the Third (of England)

Has quite as long a tale as he,
Insufficient Accident.-One day last week a Frederick of Prussia--the Elector of Bavaria, Maximilian-

But ’ris not half so bright. workman's shed in front of the New Palace at Joseph-Duke Charles of Lorraine-Prince Eugene-the

And now, to mark (it is but fair)

The difference between the pair, Buckingham House was burnt down; and the Duke of Marlborough--Prince Esterhazy--the Palatine

And thus to quit our scores, newspapers tell us it blazed with such fury, the Count of Marsigly, &c. The work will be divided

Comets are few and far between,

At decent intervals are seen,that “ great fears were for some time enter into four parts, and each part will consist of two or three volumes.

But there's no end of bores ! tained for the safety of the palace.This we

Mr. Galt.-A letter from the city of Guelph, in Upper The worthy and parental poet, Mr. Ruffy, of 29, Budge can hardly credit; for though the public might Canada, of Oct. 5 (and quoted largely in the Edinburgh Row, who has sent us lines which he wrote for his daughregret the money lost in this fashion, we are Saturday Post) says that Mr. Galt is not writing a history ter's album, entitled " My Diamond," will be astonished convinced that the burning down of this ill-pelthe province, as has been stated, but a series of papers to discover, from a preceding

article, that diamonds are

little better than sulphurets; so that any lady so adsituated mass of deformity (especially if it made Mr. J. A. St. John and Mr. Leitch Ritchie announce a dressed, might be mistaken for a bit of a brimstone way for the erection of a palace worthy of the Sketch of the History of the Country from the earliest desires us to say that he is not the person about to pub

Mr. James Jennings, the Author of Ornithologia, &c. sovereign and the country, and at the same times, &c. The same gentlemen announce also a His- lish an Account of the Animals in the Tower. The protime an ornament to the capital) would be cory of India from the earliest times.

spectus is issued by Mr. Jennings, the publisher. agreeable to nine-tenths of the people of Eng- upon the Intermediate State of the Soul after Death

The Rev. P. Huntingford has a volume in the press Mr. C. H. Adams, our Meteorologist, requests that all

questions and communications addressed to him in conland, and most acceptable to every person of Literary Controversy:-Louis Buonaparte, the ex-King sequence of what appears in the L. G., should be postcommon taste in the metropolis.

of Holland, has published a very angry pamphlet against paid. In answer to two Correspondents this week, we Bull or no Bull?_The Times, mentioning not seen to have been written in a way to please King grandson of the late J. Adams mentioned in our Review the present contested election for a coroner of Louis at all. He therefore anathematises the worthy of Nollekens, No. 617; and, 2. to “ X.," at Bath, that if the county of Cork, says it is probable that, baronet, not only as a much-mistaken author, but as á he will read the Gazette regularly, he will from time to before ii terminales," it will turn out there This is a decided proof that Louis is no longer a king-for tain the degrees of cold in the atmosphere as during

the are 100,000 freeholders to vote_“ in a word, we all know that kings cannot err.

extreme cold on the 11th inst. that they are interminable.In another word, description of the Gardens and Collection of the Zoolo

In the Press.--Conversations on Zoology, including a

• The observation was made with a telescope having a therefore, it seems that the contest never can !gical Society.- A Collection of Sermons, by the late Rev. power of about 70.

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MAGAZINE. Nos. CXLVI. and CXLVII. for Dec.

Edited by F. MANSEL REYNOLDS. Connected with Literature and the Arts. 1828.

The extraordinary success of the "Keepsake" of last year, has Contents of Part 1.-1. Noctes Ambrosianæ, No. 10–11. “Buy induced the Proprietor, in the hope of meriting the increased

a Broom?"-III. The Huel. Kose-IV, Ireland as it is; in 1828. patronage he anticipates, to spare no exertion nor expenditure THE ETON COMPARATIVE ATLAS Chaps. 5 and 6-v. Ode to Tan Hni-VI. The Wife's Trial; or, in the formation of his present volume ; and to secure for it te

, the Intruding Widow. By C. Lamb, Esq.VII. The Vaudois assistance of so many authors of the highest eminence, that be $3 coloured Maps, on a new Plan, by Mr. ARROWSMITH, Hydrographer to the King, is just published. It is compiled An Execution in Paris-X. Works preparing for publication, been presented to the Public. from original Authorities, for the Use of the Students at Eton Promotions, &c.-X111. Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

London : Published for the Proprietar, by Harst, Chance, and College, and is dedicated, by permission, to the Rev. Dr. Kcate.

Co. St. Paul's Churchyard; and R. Jennings, -, Poultry. Price 21. 25. boards; or 21. 158. full coloured, and half-bound.

Contents of Part 11.-1. Substance of Sir Robert Inglis's Two
The Work is accompanied by a set of Skeleton Outlines.
Speeches on the Catholic Question-II. Flies-111. An Old

Price $1.
To be had at the Author's, Sono Square; at the Eton Ware-

Maid's Story-IV. Three Years at Oxford-V. On the Nothing. house, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street; and at Williams's Library, bess of Good Works–VI., The Robber's Tower. A true Adven- HE JUVENILE KEEPSAKE. Eton.

ture-VII. Elements of Rhetoric. By Dr. Whately-VIII. The
June Jaunt. A Chapter omitted in Mansie Wauch-IX. Art thou

Edited by THOMAS ROSCOE, Ese. the Maid?-X. Sacred Poetry.

Among the list of Contributors to this palume will be fred

the Names of Mrs. Opie, Mrs. Hemans, Miss Aitin, Nis Portet, ONDON MECHANICS' INSTITU. Printed for William Blackwood, 17, Princess Street, Edinburgh;

Miss Emily Taylor, the Misses Strickland, the Rer. H. Stebbing, TION. Dr. Birkbeck will commence, on Friday next,

and T. Cadell, Strand, London.

William and J. E. Roscoe, the laté Mr. John Taylor, Thoes the 28th of November, a short Course of Lectures on the Origin,

Jerons, Thomas Pringle, D L. Richardson, and the Autos Application, and Improvement of Animal Power, which will be

of “ Tales of the Munster Festivals," and "Gomez Arias, c. followed by a Course on Astronomy, from Professor Millington,


The Illustrations consist of Eight be utiful Line Engravings commencing on Friday, the 19th December. Mr. l'eck ston's price Half-a-Crown, consists of the following Articles,- the immediate superintendence of, Mr. Charles Healt.

on Steel, some of which are executed by, and the whee under Fourth Lecture on Artiticial Illumination, will be deferred til 1. The Brunswick Clubs of England and Ireland I1. The Vi. Wednesday, the loth December, in consequence of the Quarterission of Tears - 111. Metropolitan Improvements, No. 3; the

London: Hurst, Chalice, and Co. 68, St. Paul's Churchyard. General Meeting on the 3d.

British Subways-IV. Stanzas on Abram Isaaks-y. South A Meeting of the Members and Friends of the Institution will American Sketches, No. 1; Facundo Quiroga,

Governor of La

A New Work on Architecture be held in the Lecture Room on Tuesday, the 20 December, at Rioja-VI. Echard's Contempt of Clergy-Vir The Grave of In Month's Parts, price 28. 64. each, commencing on the Eight o'clock in the Evening, (being the Fifth Anniversary of Hofer, the Tyrolese-VIII, The Winter's Cruise-IX. Village

Ist of December, 1828, the Establishment), for the purpose of witnessing the Presenta- Sketches, No. 12; Hannah Rint-X. Rousseau, his Eloise and tion of Two Prizes, given by Dr. Fellowes, for the best Model Confessions-XI. Affairs in General-The Theatres-Reviews of and the best Essay produced by Members.

New Books-List of Works published and in preparation--Scien. Tickets for the ensuing Year or Quarter will be ready for deli- tific and Miscellaneous Varieties-Patents that expire in Decem: Architects, Draughtsmen, Students, Amateurs, and Builders,

or, Pocket Vignola : belng the most approved Guide >> very on Thursday next, and Persons may become Mernbers,

and ber-agricultural,Commercial, and Meteorological

Reports--Pro- the Study, Employment, and Execution of the Fire Orden er be immediately entitled to attend all the Courses of Lectures, vincial Occurrences--bankrupis and Dividends--Price of stocks Architecture. with the different Classes, and to the Use of the Library of Circu--Obituary of distinguished individuals. lation and Reference, on the payment of 24s. annually, or 6s. This Number contains the Title-page and Index to the Volume. most important parts of the art, will be given in the Week

The following Illustrations, amongst others, comprising the quarterly, with 28. 6d. entrance.

Published by G. B. Whittaker, Ave Maria Lane.

Minute Details of every distinct part of the Orders, their gente Lectures are delivered every Wednesday and Friday Evening,

ral dimensions, and the different Methods of tracing them. cominencing at Half past Eight o'Clock.

The Right Hon. Henrietta Viscountess Dillon.

The Arcades adapted to esch of the Orders, when employed By order of the Committee,

either with or without Pedestals. And also the purest examples ROBERT CHRISTIE, Secretary.

A BELLE ASSEMBLEE for December of all the other parts which enter into the composition of edifices No. 99, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, 247h November, 1823.

Dillon, engraved by Thomson, from a Miniature by Mrs. Mee, Comparative Tables of the respective proportions of each meza. being the 18th of a Series of Portraits of the Female

Nobility, ber of the Orders of Antiquity, and those of the medera da now publisbing in La Belle Assemblée, which elegant and fash.

Detailed Tables, presenting the dimensions of every moulding Public that a Selection of the choicest Proofs before Engravings of the latest London and Parisian Fashions, and contained in the Five Orders of Vignola. the Letters, on India and on French paper, generally called En accompanied with its usual proportion of Letterpress.

Also Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the simplest to the gravers' Proofs, engraved by W. B. Cooke, as also of other Works

The Portraits of Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland, most commodious and magniticent Residences, Palaces, and di published by him, will be sold by Auction, at Mr.

Southgate's the Marchioness of Wellesles, Lady Normanby, the Hon. Mrs: ferent Public Edifices, executed in Italy, France, and Kingland: Rooms, 22, Fleet Street, on Friday and Saturday next, the 6th Barrington, Lady Charlotte Bury, and Lady Belfast, will enrich To which are added, a History of the Art from its origin and 6th of December, at Twelve for One o'Clock. the forthcoming volume, to commence Jan. 1, 1829.

A Description of, and Observations on, the most celebrated
Catalogues may be had on Tuesday, Dec. 2d.
The great demand for the back Numbers of this valuable work

Antique and Modern Edifices.
having exhausted all the perfect Sets the publisher had on hand, A development of the essence and nature of the Art, embracay
the Proprietor has been induced, although at a considerable ex-

the ideas of order, symmetry, beauty, units, variety, Barzany, EORGE COOKE begs to inform his pense, to reprint and re-engrave such Numbers and Plates as invention, &c.

A minute examination of the nature and employment of the Friends and Subscribers, that Part X. of London

and the ist of January; so that those persons who are about to com constituent parts of Edifices:-and. its Vicinity," and Part VIII, “Shipping and Craft," will be pub-mence with the new year, may be possessed of perfect Copies

A Dictionary of the Terms used in the Art. lished on the 15th of December, 1893, each containing live from the commencement of the present Series.

Illustrated by about 100 Plates, engraved by Thierry, of Paris, Plates.

Proofs of the Portraits to be had of Mr. Colnaghi,

and other eminent Artists. Hackney, November 97, 182B,

23, Cockspur Street.

Published by G. B. Whittaker, 13, Ave Maria Lane.

of the Royal Academy of Architecture at Parts.
The Work will be comprised in about Ten Parts, each contais:

ing 36 pages of Letter-press, with an extensive Table, and vill be MUSIC.

Illustration of the Passes of the Alps, by Wm. Brockedon. illustrated by Ten Plates.
No. VIII. of

London: Printed for John Richardson, 91, Royal Exchef
To Organists.

THE PASSES of the ALPS, containing and Josiah Taylor, High Holborn; and sold by the principu Just published, price 126, 1 vol. whole bound in cloth,

Booksellers in the Kingdom.
the PASSES of the GRIMSEL and the GRIES.
dedicated to Dr. Crotch,
To be had of the Author, 11, Caroline Street, Bedford Square;

For Schools and Young Persons.
ter and Son, Bond Street; Colnaghi and Son, Pall Mall East;

In 19mo. price 5s.6d. boards, or 66. bound, Selected from the Sacred Vocal Works of

F. G. Moon, Threadneedle Street; Simpkin and Marshall, Sta- N A BRIDGMENT of the Rer. Mozart Romberg Pergolesi tioners' Court; and Walther, Brydges Street, Strand.


Marcello Beethoven

of the CHURCH of ENGLAND, Winter


The former Numbers may be had as above. Hummel

Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and
&c. &c. &c. Price, imperial 8vo. 168.; royal 4to. plain, 11. 45.; royal 4to.

Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
India, il. 118.6d.; imperial 4to. before the Letters, 21. 28.; and

of whom may be had,
Arranged by WILLIAM HUTCHINS CALLCOTT. colombier folio, with Etchings, 61. 68:
Sold by all Music-sellers.

The History complete, in Four large Vodka

8vo. price 31, 68. boards.
Translations, lately published.

In 1 vol. 4to. with Maps and numerous Plastes, 8l. $6. BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. cles, literally translated into English Prose, from the

RESIDENCE at the Poolscap 8vo. 7s. boards, improved, 8vo. 158. boards.

COURTS of SIAM and COCHIN-CHINA. 2. Euripides. The Hecuba, Orestes, Phe.

By J. CRAWFURD), Esq. F.R.S. Iate Entot.

“Mr. Crawfurd has presented us, in the present volebt, both By JORN MALCOLM,

nician Virgins, and Medea of Euripides, literally translated into with a very valuable contribution to the geography and statistica Author of " Reminiscences of a Campaign in the Pyrenees English Prose, from the Text of Porson, with Notes, the 3d edit of the oriental world, and with one of the most interestis and South of France," &c. &c. revised and corrected, 8vo. 88. boards.

ratives we have for some time been called upon to notice. The Diversions of Hollycot; or, the Mother's 3. The Hippolytus and Alcestis of Euripides, atracted considerable attention from the earliest Europe and Art of Thinking. By the Author

of "Clan Albin," and “ Eliza- literally translated into English Prose, with Notes, 8vo. 45. 6d! venturers to India, and were even regularly resorted to be beth de Bruce.". Thick 18mo. 38. 64. half-bound.

boards. Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Geo. B. Whittaker, London.

4. Aristophanes. The Comedies of Plutus had, for a long period, been almost excluded from the range and the Frogs, literally translated into English Prose, with cop ous

our commercial speculation; and in regard,

indeed, to their rent

and acto al condidon, mighi be said to be sesriy un trots to " Notes, 8vo. 88. Illastrated with Portraits of Captain Franklin, Captain Back,

-Monthly Revier. Dr. Richardson, Liettenant Hood, and with 16 Views, engravedlated from the Greek, with Notes; to which is added, an Apaly.

5. The Rhetoric of Aristotle, literally trans- Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street on Steel by Finden, (in all 20 Plates), price only 208. sis of Aristotle's Rhetoric, by Thomas Hobbes, of Maimesbury,

2d edition, revised, in 3 vols, post 8vo. 17a THE INTERESTING NARRATIVE of with Notes, 8vo. 126. boards.


Present, and the Future. PERINGS during his VOYAGES to the POLAR SEA. Beau- literally translated into English Prose, from the Text of Biom. ufully printed in Four pocket Volumes, similar to those publish- field and Schutz, with copious Note-, critical and explanatory, that

the age has brought forth Athena

“One of the most splendid productions among works of lichkeit ed last year, of Captain Parry's Voyages.

8vo. 109. 60. boards. Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Punto ? for Heary Corburn, s, New Burlington Stree'.
* This is the only literal translation of the whole of Æschy.
lus. It is not a revision of the former edition, but a new transla-

3 vols. price ll. 111. Bd.
Price Sir Shillings,
tion by a different hand.

I ALS of LIFE. THE FOREIGN REVIEW, No. IV. 7. Questions on the Rhetoric of Aristotle

the authoress of De Lisle has just to • We took this volume in hand, anticipating a great deal Bro. 25. 64. sewed.

isista of 1*it, sot fall of

it of instruction and interest, for looking over the list of contents,

8. A Synopsis of Aldrich's Logic, beautifu ve observed a selection of subjects far more judicious than has printed on one sheet of fine royal paper, 11. 6d. hitherto appeared, either in the Foreign Review itself, or its rival. Here every article promises a great deal to the scholar, to

9. An Introduction to Logic, from D the

historian, to the philosopher, to the lover of polite literature. Whately's Elements, by the Rev. Samuel Hinds, n. 4. of Que. In many cases his expectations are not disappointed."-Edinburgh College, and Vice-Principal of St. Hall, Oxford, 12. Evening Post.

58. sewed. No. V. will be published at the end of Dec.

This contains all that is nece

a Candidato

for the London : Black, Young, and Young, 2, Tavistock Street, Co- Oxford, printed and pablish vent Garden; Bossange, Barthés, and Lowell, Great Marlborough Messrs. Longman, Rees, Orme,

boys; sold

London; and Scrost; and by all other Booksellers in the United Kingdom. all Booksellers.

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Gired me Becoration Notes, the su edition, very much JOURNALor sofa SCENES # WAR cand other Poems.


6. Æschylus. © T'he Tragedies of Aschylus

, SA

; a Story of the Past, the


those roman




SERMONS preached at the Chapel of the




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A nem Almanack.
University of London.-English Literature.

The English in Portugal.-In 8vo. 108. 01.
Price 31. 8d. stitched, consisting of Sixty closely printed pages, HE COURSE of LECTURES on

and TRIAL of WILLIAM YOUNG, Esq. H. P. Brior, Daily Calendar of General Information for the United

past six on the Evening of Tuesday, December 2d, by the Rev. tish Service, late a State Prisoner in Portugal.
THOMAS DALE, M.A. and will be continued at the same hour

Written by HIMSELF.
Kingdom, for the year of our Lord 1829; comprising, besides the

Comprising a View of the present State of that Country under usual contents of an Almanack, the Calendar of Flora, and of on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the close of the Session. For

Don Miguel, accompanied by official Documents. Horticultural Operations, for each Month; Meteorological, Re. the convenience of Gentlemen who inay be unable to proceed

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.
gal, Stamp, and other useful Tables; a statement of the County through the entire Course, it has been arranged under Four Divl.
Rates and Quarter Sessions; Lists of the Lords and Commons, sions, each of which is complete in itself, and may be attended
Universities, Public Schools, Transfer Days, Holydays, &c. &c. separately on a proportionate Payment.

Prospectuses, containing a full statement of Particulars, may

English Also, Scientific Tables and Rules for the guidance of Benetit

Literature. Societies, and Societies for Widows' Pensions.

be had of Mr. John Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street; and of Mr. London : Printed for the Company of Stationers, and sold by J. M. Richardson, 22, Cornbill.

The Lectures on English Literature will be commenced by the ** The Class for the Principles and Practice of English Com- Rev. THOMAS DALE, M.A. at Half past six on the Evening G. Greenhill, at their Hall, Ludgate Street.

position opened on the oth instant, and will continue to meet on of Tuesday, Dec. 2d; and will be continued, at the same hour, on

Tuesdays and Thursdays at Hall-past Two, and on Saturday Tuesdays and Thursdays, until the close of the Session.
Mornings at Half-past Nine, until the close of the Session.

For the accommodation of Gentlemen who may be unable to In A vols. 18o. embellished with a correct Map and numerous

proceed through the whole Course, it has been separated into Engravings, Parts XLI. to XLVIII, forming India,"* of

Four Divisions, any one or more of which may be attended at the

Embellished with a Portrait, and a Biographical Sketch CHE MODERN TRAVELLER; contain

convenience of the individual. of his Life.

By permission, dedicated to H.R. I, the Duchess of Kent. Topographical, of the various Countries of the Globe, compiled from the latest and best Authorities. The work is published in

Just published, by R. Ackermann, 96, Strand, Oratoire, in Paris. Monthly Parts, closely and elegantly printed, price 28. 6d. each;

E PETIT BIJOU for 1829.

By the late Rev. EDWARD FORSTER, M.A. two of which form a rolume. Each Part contains two Engrar: Chaplain to the Embassy, Rector of Somerville Aston, in Glou.

Entirely written in French, by Mons. D'EMDEN, Proings, and (upon an average) ti se sheets of Letter-press,comprising cestershire, and Chaplain to His Grice the Duke of Newcastle, fessor of the French Language, Author of Commentaire Litte.

raire," and various other Works; embellished with Eight fine The Work may be had in boards. 6s. 6d. per volume; neatly and to the Right Honourable the Earl of Bridgewater.

Engravings, and most elegantly bound. Price 8s. half-bound and lettered, 6s. per volume; in calf gilt extra, 78.

In 2 vols. 8vo. price One Guinea, embellished with Portrait.

Subscriptions received by C. Downes, Esq. Carlton Chambers, per volume. No. 9, Regent Street; and by Messrs. Longman and Co. Pater

The 3d edition, in 8 vols. 8vo. price 31. 38. boards, Africa, North America, Peru, Chili, &c. will follow in succesnoster Row.


" The portion on Turkey, in the Modern Traveller,' contains the united excellencies of every writer, past and present, on this

In 9 rols. 8vo. 218.

Rules of the Art, in Geometry, Arithmetic, and Mensuration; important subject, and cannot be too frequently consulted for OMMENTARIES on the LIFE and with the Application of those Rules to Practice. The true Me. correctness of information perspicuously delivered. This observa.

thod of drawing the Ichnography and Orthography of Objecta ;

REIGN of CHARLES 1. King of England. tion, indeed, applies to the whole body of that work, which,

Geometrical Rules for Shadows; also the Fire Orders of Archi.

By I. D'ISRAELI, taten altogether, is not exceeded by any similar publication

tecture; with a great Variety of beautiful Examples, selected

Adthor of the - Curiosities of Literature," &c. &c. throughout Europe; and reflects greai credit on the spirit of the

from the Antique, shewing the Proportions of the Grecian and publisher, and the correct taste, deep readir , and patient in

Printed for Henry Colburn, &, New Burlington Street Roman Orders, their proportional Nleasures in Numbers; Gre. dustry of the editor."- Foreign Reriew, No. Ill. p. 219.

Of whom may be had, by the saine Author,

cian Mouldings compared with Roman, to shew the Difference • It will surprise most persons to learn that the history of India

The Literary Character; or, the History of of their Form and Application, the Grecian Doric Order com. is here presented to the public, for the first time, in a complete Men of Genius, drawn from their own Feelings and Confessions pared with the Roman i and

many useful and elegant Ornaments, and consecutive form, which will, it is hoped, prove an acceptable and interesting feature of the work.

The 4th edition, with a Letter and Notes, by Lord Byron. 2 vols. plates, engraved in a superior manner by W. Lowry, from original Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row. post 8to. 185.

Drawings by the Author. * Prospectuses of the above may be had of the Publisher,

Printed and sold by J. Barfield, Wardour Street, Soho; Long.

man and Co. Paternoster Row; Simpkin and Marshall, Sta. and all Booksellers.

Vol. I. 8vo. price 158.

tìoners' Court; and J. Taylor, Holborn.
In 1 vol. 8vo. 2d edition, price 95. boards,


In 4 vols. 8vo. with Plates, 21. 16s. HE CLASSICAL STUDENT'S

Translated by JULIUS C. HARE, M.A. and

HE DIARY of THOMAS BURTON, MANUAL; containing an Index to every Page, Section,

CONNOP THIRLWALI, M.A. and Note in Matthia's Greek Grammar: Hermann's Annotations

Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge. o Vigerus on Idioms; Bos on Ellipses; Hoogeveen on the Greek

" The work which I here lay before the public is, as the first and Richard Cromwell. Now first published from the original Particles; and Kuster on the Middle' verb; in which Thucy: glance will shew, an entirely wew one, in which scarcely a few Autograph Manniseript, with Historical and Biographical Notes

" These volumes overflow with information respecting the dides, Herodotus, Pindar, Eschylus, Sophocles, and the four frag:nents of the former have been incorporated." — Author's Preface.

principles and proceedings of the legislature during a most im. Plays of Euripides edited by Professor Porson, are illustrated and explained; to which is added, the First Twelve Books of the

Cambridge: Printed by John Smith, Printer to the University, portant period of English history. Every library which pretends Iliad of Homer. for John Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street, Bookseller and Pub.

to contain an historical collection, must possess itself of Burton's By the Rev. WILLIAM COLLIER SMITHERS.

lisher to the University of London; and sold by James Duncan, Diary, it is as indispensable as Burnet or Clarendon."- Allas. Paternoster Row; and J. A. Hessey, Fleet Street.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, Vew Burlington Street. Intended for Students in the Universities, and the Higher Classes in Schools.

In 8vo. price 19.
Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.

In I vol. 8vo. 3d edition, price 16s, boards, or beautifully
coloured by Sowerby, price 313.6d. boards,


Second Edition of Paley's Natural Theology, by Paxton.

In 2 vols. 8vo.

ing to the Linnean System, illustrated by Twenty-eight Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and

Plates, drawn from Nature.
By the Rev. B. I. HURROW, A.M. P.R.S. F.L.S.

T. Cadell, Strand, London.

Mern. Geol. Soc.
Illustrated by a Series of Forty-one Plates, and Explanatory
Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.

By Mrs. Taylor of Ongar.

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London.
In 4 vols. 840. with a Portrait, price 368. boards,

in the WILDERNESS, addressed to those who are per. Second edition, with Additions, 2 vols. 8vo. Illustrated with 'HE WHOLE WORKS of the Most forming the same Journey. 3d edit. 56.-6d. Forty-one Engravings, price 11. Bs.

Maternal Solicitude for a Daughter's best “ Archdeacon Paley's work is too universally known to require Archbishop of Glasgow. To which is prefixed, an entire new

Interests. 19th edition, 58. comment. This edition of it has the advantage of a clear and Life of the Author.

Practical Hints to Young Females, on the legible type-90 small recomiendation, and of plates which,

By the Rev. J. N. PEARSON, M.A. with the author's "explanators notes,' are what they profess to

Duties of a Wife, a Mother, and a Mistress of a Pamily. 19th

or Trinity College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the be-illustrations, contributing very materially, we think, to a

edition, 5s.

Most Noble the Marqueas Wellesley. thorough understanding of the author."-Nm Monthly Magazine, “ It is a reproach to the present age that his valuable writings, Reciprocal Duties of Parents and Children. October 1826. “ This is a well-conceived work, containing plates of the prin in beautiful images and classical learning, throughout abounding

breathing as they do the sublimest and purest spirit of plety, rich 4th edition, 5s. clpal subjects of anatomy and physiology, adduced by Pales. The

Retrospection: a Tale. 3d edit. 6s. in practical reflections, and all expressed with the sweetest and author speaks of them as made from nature; and they are obvi- simplest eloquence, should have been neglected among us." The Family Mansion : a Tale. 5th edition, ously a very useful and illustrative explanation. The volumes British Critic, Oct. 1820.

58.6d. deserve to be in the hands of every one who takes the Natural Theology' as a guide in one of the most interesting studies that

The above may be bad, printed in a small but neat Type,

The Present of a Mistress to a Young Ser. can be offered to the mind of piety and wisdom."- Quarterly and compressed into 2 vols. price 21s. boards.


vant, consisting of friendly Advice and real Histories. Thcological Reviem, September 1826.

Also may be had, by the same Author,

edition, 36. 6d. “ Mr. Paxton has executed the task in a manner so satisfactory, A Practical Commentary upon the First

By Miss Taylor. as well deserves the thanke of the public. We are the more par.

Epistle of St. Peter, and other Expository Works. To which is Display; a Tale. 10th edition, 6s. ticular in recounting the nature of the illustrations, because we are desirous of recommending Mr. Paxton's work; and knowing Pearson, M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge, &c.' In : vols. 8vo. prefixed, an entire new Life of the author. By the Rev. J. N.

Essays in Rhyme, on Morals and Manners. the reluctance of most purchasers of a work to take a new edition, with Portrait, price 18.. boards.

4th edition, 68. which seems thereby to render their former purchase useless, but our author has very properly accommodated these unwilling

Compressed into I vol. price 108. 6d.

By Mrs. and Miss Taylor, Printed for James Duncan, S7, Paternoster Row. buyers, by publishing a series of his prints, with letter-press de

Correspondence between a Mother and her scriptions, in a separate form. It is therefore to be hoped, that

Daughter at School. 5th edition, 50. no reader of the original book will be without it."-Edinburgh

The Douglas Anecdotes.

Printed for John Taylor, 30, Upper Gover Street, Bookseller Review, October 1827.

Part I. price 11. 68. with a Portrait of Professor Saunderson, and Publisher to the University of London; and sold by J. Dun.

can, Paternoster Row; J.A. Hessey, Fleet Street; and Hatch

ard and Son, Piccadilly. descriptive Letter-press, illustrative of Paley's Natural Theologs,

By GAVIN DOUGLAS. 8vo. price 15s. boards,

Printed for Smeeton, 74, Tooley Street; and sold by Simpkin A Series of Thirty-Six Lithographic Plates, Strange, Paternoster How. and Co. Stationers' Hall Court; M. Sherwood; and Cowie and

Interesting Works just published by Henry Colburn,

8, New Burlington Street. with descriptive Letter-press, illustrative of Paley's Natural Theology, &ro. price 128. boards. Oxford, Published by J. Vincent; G. B. Whittaker; Simpkin

In 8vo. with a Portrait, price 123.

Sketches of Scenery, Manners, and Customs, with Anec. and Marshall; and Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, London.

tions of the United States.
WRIGHT, M.D. F.R.S.L. and E. &c. With Extracts

By the Hon. JUDGE HALL.
Hyacinths, fc.
from his Correspondence, and a selection of his Papers on Medi.

In 8vo. 12. ed edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. with coloured Figures of Camellia cal and Botanical Subjects.

2. Memoirs of the late Empress Josephine, Japonica, price 146. boards,

Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and
T. Cadell, Strand, London.

the Courts of Navarre and Malmaison, &c. &c. In 1 vol. post GREEN-HOUSE ;

8vo. 108. 6d.; ditto, French, 88. 850. gs. 6d.

3. Godwin's History of the Commonwealth vatory Management throughout the Year, with particutar Direc. tions for the Managernent of Hyacinths and Plants in Rooms.

SAAC COM NE NU S. A Play. of England, Volume the Fourth, being the Cocclusion of this " The rapid sale of a very large impression, is at once evidence “We notice this play, because it is equally remarkable of the growing interest attached to the subject, and also, as the for originality of conception, and sobriety of execution. It is

4. The Duke of Rovigo's Memoirs. Volume author hopes he may be allowed to infer, of the satisfactory mans full of action, the incidents are well managed, and suspense is the fourth and last, comprising the period of the Battle of Wa. ner in which he has executed his task in the short treatise of successfully kept up till the very point of the catastrophe." – terloo and the final Exile of Napoleon. 850. 166.; ditio, Froach, which he now offers a second edition."-- Preface lo Second Edit. Quarterly Review, last Number. Printed for Harding and Lepard, 4, Pall Mall East, London.

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

N.B. Any of the preceding volumes may be kad sepwately.




LETTERS from the WEST:.comtaining

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SEAMANSHIP! with Pracftcal Hints on Naval TRAVELS in ASSYRIA, MEDIA,


ANASIASIŲS; or, Memoirs of a Modern A ,





Locke's Interlinear Method.

Price 98 9d edition of

Nearly ready for publication, by Mr. Colburn,
New Burlington Street,

and Hebrew, accompanied by an Interlinear Translation, sub. stantially the same as the authorised English Version, Philolo- Economy, &c. &c.

PERSIA, including a Journey from Bagdad across gical Notes, and a Grammatical Introduction. 8vo. price 8. or

By Captain ANSELY JOHN GRIFFITHS, R.N. Mount Zagros, by the Pass of Alexander to Hamadan, the Ancient with the original Text in Hebrew Characters, 108. 6d.

Author of " Impressiert fully Considered, with a View to Ecbatana and Capital of the Median Empire. Researches in its gradual Abolition."

Ispahan, during a stay in that City. A Visit to the Rains of Also may be had, in 16mo. Yehring's Progressive Lessons, Parts I. seller, Portsmouth; and may be had or Messts. Longman, Rees, Bushire. With a vosake down the Persian Gul to the pores de and II. Interlinear, containing the Rose : German into English, Orme, Brown, and Green, Paternoster Row, London.

the Arab Pirates, and by Ras-el-Klymer and Muscat to Bombay. 23.; English into German, price es.


New Bdition of Byron.
Part III. containing the Voice of Another new and still move beautiful edition, with a Portrait

1 vol. 4to. with numerous Engravings. Nature; a Theoretical and Practical System of Pronunciation and Illustrations, engraved by Finden. 4 pocket vols. 18mo. 2. Memoirs of Scipio de Ricci, late Bishop for the Continental Languages, price 28.

only 184.

of Pistoia and Prato, Reforner of Catholicism in Tuscany, durPrinted for John Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street, Bookseller

HE POETICAL WORKS of the Right ing the Reign of Leopold. Compiled from the Autograph Mss.

of that Prelate, and the Letters of other distinguished Persons of and Publisher to the University of London; and sold by Jantes

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street,

his Times. From the French of M. de Potter. Edited by TheDuncan, 37, Paternoster Row; and J. A. Hessey, Fleet Street.

gas Boscoe, Esq. In 8 vols. 8vo. 941.

8 vols. crawn 8vo. 3ls. 6d. a 4th edition of Darley's Scientific Library, for the Use of Schools, Private

Shorty will be published, in 2 rols. 8vo.
Students, Artists, and Mechanics.

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

an attempt to explain, on new bus strictly Scriptural

Principles, the growth and Permanence of this Arch-heresy, containing, in a few Lessons, so much of the Elements

founded on an 'Examination of History, both Bacred and Sara of Euclid as is necessary and sufficient for a right understanding

Literary Presents

cenic, and of Prophecy, as delivered in the Old and Net Testa. of every Art and Science in its leading Truths and general

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

ments, and embracing a comparative Estimate of Christianity and Principles. By GEORGE DARLEY, A.B. AGES OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.

racter and Civilisation, on Industry, Manolactures and Cais. ed edition, price 48. 6d. boards, or 58. bound.


merce, and on Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, and Literature. Also, by the same Author, In 4 vols. 8vo. with a Chart, 21. 24.


Chancellor of Ardfert, and Exaraining Chaplain to the Lord 1. Companion to the Popnlar Geometry, in 2. Personal History

of Napoleon Buonaparte.

Bishop of Limerick. which the Elements of Abstract Science are familiarised, illusTwo pocket vols. beautifully printed, and illustrated with nume- Printed for James Duncan, 87, Paternoster Row, London; and

J. Cochran, 108, Strand. Life; with numerous Cuts. Price 45. 6d. boards, or 5s. bound.

the First of a Series of Modern Biographies. 2. A System of Popular Algebra, on a simi. 3. Southey's Life of Nelson. 2 vols. 10s.

Early in January, will be published, price 5. lar Plan, 2d edition, price 45. Bd. boards, or 53. bound.

4. Hallam's History of the Middle Ages.

CARRATIVE of a TOUR from the BANK 3. A System of Popular Trigonometry, with 3 vols. 8vo. 368.

to BARNES, by way of Piccadilly, Knightsbridge. Logarithms and the Application of Algebra to Geometry, price


Brentford, Tossbury, Putney Bridge, and the Countries rest of 35. 64. boards, or 41. bound.

England. 3 vols. 8vo. 36s.

London, as you approach Mortlake, Kew, Richmond, and other 4, Treatises on Mechanics, Optics, and As. 6. Bishop Heber's Journey through the Up- Royalties on the Banks of the Thames with some Account tronomy, will be published in succession. per Provinces of Calcutta. A 3d edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 366.

of the Inhabitants and Customs of the Regions east of Kensing

ton. “ For students who only seek this limited knowledge of these 7. Captain Franklin's Voyages to the Polar

By an INSIDE PASSENGER. sciences, there are perhaps no treatises which can be read with more advantage than Darley's Popular Geometry and Algebra." Sea, Beautifully printed in four pocket

vols. similar to those To which is appended, a Model for a Magazine ; being the Pro

published last year of Captain Parry's Voyages, and illostrated duct of the Author's Sojourn at the Village of Bames during -Library of Useful Knowledge, Article-Mechanica. Printed for John Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street, Bookseller with Portraits of Captain Franklin, Captain Back, Dr. Richard Five rainy

and Publisher to the University of London; and sold by James son, Heburn, a Map, with Sixteen Views, engraved on Steel, by London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green,
Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row; and J. A. Hessey, Fleet Street.
Finden, (in all 93 Plates). Price only 20s.

Paternoster Row:
8. Captain Parry's Voyages, with a Por-
To Students.
trait, Map, and several Views. 5 pocket vols. 90s.

In a few days, 8vo. new edition, 9. Captain Head's Notes across the Pampas THE BANKS of TAMAR; Poem. printed, and ruled, for receiving an Account of every and among the Andes. Post svo. 9s, Od.

With other Pieces. Employment for the Space of One Year. With an Index 10. Lord Byron's Poems, with Portrait and

By N.T. CARRINGTON. and Appendix. In post 8vo. half-bound in red morocco, 45.6d.

« Scenes #ipir as England holds Plates. 4 pocket vols. 18mo. muly 18s.

Within her world of beauty.l'age 28. The Private Diary, formed on the Plan of ll. Crabbe's Poetical Works. In 8 vols.

Printed for John Murmay Albemarle Street. the “ Student's Journal," for general use. In post 8vo. half foolscap &vo. 21.86. bound in blue morocco, 46. 6d. “I propose from this day to keep an exact journal of my 12. Milman's Fall of Jerusalem, 8vo. 8s. Ed.

In a few days, in vols, pas actions and studies, both to assist my memory, and to accustom Martyr of Antioch, 8vo. 84. 6d. Belshassar, 8vo. 8s. 6d. Anne ALES of WOMAN, designed to exhibit me to set a due value on my time.-Introduction to Mr. Gib Boleyn, 8vo. 86. 6d.

the Female Character in its brightest points of vier. bon's Journal.

13. The Sketch Brok. By Washington Ir- 0 woman, fast and best of all create Printed for John Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street, Bookseller

Not formed from dust, *s thy prestu and Publisher to the University of London; sold also by James ving. In 9 vols, post Avo. 162

Bat horn beside his heart,

to, Duncan, Paternoster Roy; J. a. Hessey, Pleet Street; and Hatchard and Son, Pitcadhiy.

1000 brane places the loved 3 vols, small evo. 16).

Sul do birthprode, whether loved or spurned 15. Tales of a Traveller. 2 vols. small 8vo. Still 10 thy moody birth-place art thou turned. In 2 vols. post ovo. 216. price 16s.

Barrett's Woman. TALES of the WEST of ENGLAND.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Suret. 16. Fairy Legends and Traditions of Ireland, By the Author of " Letters from the East."

8 vols, foolscap 8vo. 316. 6d. Vol. I. may be had separately. Contents. The Valley of the Lazard-the Miner--the Exile17. Anastasius; or, Memoirs of & Modern

Nearly ready the Legend of Pacorra-Wesley and his Disciple-St. Martin's


FARM; ar, Isle-the Power of Affection, Ac. Greek. 3 vols. crown 8vo. Il. 118. Gd.

Pictures of Rural Life. 1emo. Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington *18. Adventures of Hajji Baba. 3 vols. 21s.

Contents: The Schoolboy-The Farm-The Fireside The 19. Hajji Baba in England. 2 vols. 158. Playmates The Delinquent-The Old Castle-The Bell-TreePublished by Henry Colburn, New Burlington Street.

The Seashore- The Flitting-The Rocking-The Trial. The ALES of the GREAT ST. BERNARD.

20. Sketches of Persian Life and Manners, Soldier The Step-daughter-The Egg Gatherer-The Pastor In 3 vols. post 8vo. Il. lls. Bd. 2 vols. post 8vo. 158.

The Widows-The Angler-The Lovers-Consumption-The Contents: The Englishman's Tale--The Wallachian's Tale 21. Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England,

Vow-The Departure-The Return. -The Captain's Tale-The Augustine's Tale- The English comprising a variety of interesting Information for Young Per- The Life and Adventures of Alexander Sel. woman's Tale - The Spaniard's Tale - The Italian's Tale- sons. 3 vols. small 8vo. 158.

kirk; containing the real Incidents upon which the Romance of &c. &c. 2. Zillah ; a Tale of the Holy City. By the with Wood Engravings. 9 vols. 12mo. 166.

22. Mrs. Markham's History of England, Robinson Crusoe is founded, in which the Events of his life Author of "Brambletye House," the “ Tor Hill," and “ Reuben

until his death, in 1723. With an Appendix, comprising a De

23. Apsley." In 4 vols.

History of France. 2 vols. 12mo. scription of the Island

of Juan Fernandez, and some curious In3. The Protestant; a Tale of the Reign of price 16s. Queen Mary. By the Author of “De Foix," and the « White

24. History of Spain, upon the Plan of Mrs. tor of the Journal of a Soldier of the Seventy-first Regieent,

the "Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner,"&c. la Hoods." 3 vols. post 8vo. 3ls. 6d.

Markham's Histories of France and England. By Maria Call- small 8vo. 4. The Man of Two Lives; a Narrative, cott. 2 vols. 18mo. 168.

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and written by Himself. 8 vols, post 8vo. 186. 25. Stories from the History of England,

Geo. B. Whittaker, London. " Whether this be, or be not, I'll not swear,"_Shakspeare.

9th edition, 18mo. 31. 5. Life in India; or, the English at Cal- 26. Major Denham and Captain Clapperton's Nearly ready, with 54 illustrative Engravings by various Artists, cutta, 3 vols. post 8vo. 288. 6d. Travels in Northern and Central Africa. 3d edition, with En.

from the Drawings of the Professor Royal 8ra. 6. The Anglo-Irish ; a Tale of the Nine-gravings. 9 vols. 8vo. 365.


By JOHN FLAXMAN, Esq. M.A. teenth Century. A Novel. In 3 vols. post Hvo: 31.. 6d.

Professor of Sculpture in the Royal Academy of Great Kritain, And shortly will be published, 7. Tales of Woman. Designed to exhibit


Member of the Academies of St. Luke, Rome, Florence, Car

rara, &c. the Female Character in its brightest Points of View. In 2 vols.

In a few days, in 8 vols. post 8vo.

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street, post 8vo. 186.


Nearly ready, and to form the first of a Series of Modern ham." A Novel. In 4 vols. One of the Authors of a “ Picture of Greece.

« The island-gemmed Ægean."-Byron.
Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

BUONAPARTE. Two pocket volumes, besut rally

printed, and illustrated with numerous Engravings on Wood Mall East, have this day published, price lt. 6d., a

In a few days, 2d edition, 3 vols. 8vo.

and Steel. HISTORY

Printing for John Murray, Albemarle Street. Classe:

of British and Irish History

the Death of George II.
Foreign History, Voyages, and Travels.

Heraldry and Genealogy.

LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. A. SCRIPPS, at
Fine Arts, Architecture, Sculpture.

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

the LITBRARY GAZETTR OFTICE, 7, Wellington Stree, Painting, Coins, Books of Prints, &c.

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, Oxford English Poetry, Drama, and Music.

Nearly ready, in 9 vols. 8to.

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, H, Royal Exchange; R.

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill: A. Black, Lodge's Portraits of Illustrious Personages, will be published on


Edinburgh ; Smith and Son, and Robertson and Atkises, the lat of January

Author of Persian Sketches," &c.

Glasgow ; and J. Cumming, Dublin.
Printing for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancury Lans

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8: The Disowned. By the Author of “ Pel. LETTERS from



Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c.


This Journal is supplied Weekly, or Monthly, by the principal Booksellers and Newsmen, throughout the Kingdom ; but to those who may desire

its immediate transmission, by post, we recommend the LITERARY GAZETTE, printed on stamped paper, price One Shilling.

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No. 620.



private and public education, in which the ancient State of India, A View of the ancient InREVIEW OP NEW BOOKS.

dian Commerce. The Mahometan History of India; knowledge of other countries is evidently essen

chiefly from Rennell, Malte Brun, Hamilton, ElphinThe Modern Traveller ; a popular Description, tial to the acquirements of the accomplished stone, Pennant, Forbes. Vincent's Periplus, Colegeographical, historical, and topographical, of scholar, no better text-book could be found.

brooke, Wilford in Asiatic Researches, Cashmere the various Countries of the Globe. - India, Those who have been in the habit of looking

History, Colonel Tod, Dow's Ferishta, Vince, Mau

rice, the Ayeen Akberry, Leyden, Baber, Orme, &c. in 4 vols. 18mo. London, 1828. J. Duncan. at our criticisms will be satisfied that, when The second volume contains that portion most interest. We have already had frequent occasion to no- we offer our tribute of praise to a performance,

ing to ourselves,—the History of British India, from

a large collection of many of the same as well as tice this work in its progress, and always with it is only from a sense of its merits; those who other authorities;-Malcolm, Wilks, Duff, Blacker, admiration of its merits - the extraordinary are not, we refer to the work itself; and, as Mill, Prinsep, &c. &c.

Voluind the third completes the History down to 1823; quantity of intelligence condensed into its pages, the last specimen, to the portion immediately

· and comprises also---The topographical Description the extensive and interesting nature of its re- published, and now lying before us — - India. of Eastern India and the Himmalayah Mountains. searches, and the spirit and taste by which its In our limited space, we must confine our.

The fourth volume comprises Western India, the Dec

can, Southern India, and Ceylon. editor contrived to render the necessary de- selves to a statement of the points which render In addition to all the usual materials of description and, tails of his learned and laborious performance this portion of the Modern Traveller of peculiar history, are introduced valuable tables of the profully as entertaining as if he had written it with importance. It contains a very minute and

vincial divisions, &c.; lists of the last authorities

upon the peculiar subjects; a glossary, &c. &c. a view to pass away the lighter hours of his comprehensive history of India, which is to be reader. found complete in no other work; the several

Of the style we must adduce but a few speci. For the graver student, who desires in his histories which have hitherto appeared limiting that of a writer feeling the value of succinct?

mens. Its general tenour is, as it ought to be, library to trace the track of the more adven- themselves to separate parts of the country turous wanderers through the earth, this work or its dynasties. Thus we have histories of evidences, that on a subject where he was less

ness and simplicity. But it contains frequent contains the amplest and most accurate mate- British India, Mahometan India, Central India, fastened down by the fetters of the work, he

rials. The statistics, geology, natural history, &c.; the present work combining the facts of could display the powers of a vigorous and picisted and the general peculiarities and powers of the all, and descending from the earliest period of

with striking diligence and extent of informa- ties are always given, so that the reader de that, from time to time, start up in the inteldifferent great regions of the earth, are given ancient annals to the year 1823. The authori- turesque pen. We give the animated descrip

tion of Sevajee, one of those singular beings tion. For the wanderer himself, we know no sirous of extending his researches on particular such companion; its portability rendering it points is furnished with a guide ; and, by the lectual desert; as if to give assurance that the convenient for all

, however limited in point of editor's notices of the discrepancies and cha- powers of the human mind are not dead but room, its variety animated, and amusing, and racter of the several writers, the chance of sleeping, even in the indolence of India. its accuracy and research superseding the whole error, in following a peculiar guide, is nearly restorer of the Hindoo faith, as well as of the

Sevajee seems to have aspired to be the ponderous freight of partial, imperfect, or con- extinguished. tradictory tours, which make the encumbrance Of the minuteness of this history, the best

national independence. In his correspondence and the perplexity of every traveller who is judgment may be formed from its extent. In

and manifestos, he frequently styled himself careless enough of his own comfort to encum- the usual manner of printing, it would fill three the champion of the gods against the impious ber himself with them. We speak within the large octavo volumes. The contents of the four violator of their temples; and by this means most cautious bounds, when we say, that in volumes exhibit a singular industry in the col- he sharpened the antipathy of his troops any one volume of this work the traveller will lection, and condensation in the quantity, of against the Moguls. He affected the deepest find more of the actual material of which he valuable matter.

reverence for his Brahmins, and was puncstands in need,- the real, distinct, matter-of

tilious in the observance of his devotions. His

The first volume contains -- A View of the Physical fact information,—than in any ten“ voyages Geography of the Country; of the Natural History, private life was simple even to parsimony; and and travels" to the same region. Its size

the Vegetable and Mineral Productions, &c.; and his manners, towards his own subjects, were allows it to be carried in his pocket ; its publi.

among the rest, many curious Illustrations of the free from ostentation, kind, and endearing.

Natural History of Scripture. A brief View of the cation in separate parts permits the description

Respected as the guardian of the nation he of every region to be complete, from Poland to from time immemorial. The name of Gaur, the ancient

• For example: "? Sugar has been cultivated in India had formed, he moved every where among Peru; and the simplicity and fulness of its capital of Bengal, a city highly celebrated in Indian his them with' unsuspicious security, often alone; arrangement rendering more voluminous autho-tory, is supposed to be derived from gur, which, in both while his wiles were the continual terror of rities almost totally unnecessary.

the ancient and the modern languages, signifies raw sugar. the states with which he was at enmity, even

That ihe cane was an article of commerce in very carly in the midst of their citadels and armies. In But while to the individual traveller sepa- the Mexheprophets. these sites cuini. 24; Jer. vi.2007 1 personal activity, he exceeded Baber himself; rate portions may be chiefly of immediate value, the Periplus, sugar is described as Mens kancé povov po and to undaunted courage he added the most to the general student, the public teacher, the aegóuevov carca291, honey from canes, called saechari. mother instructing her children, the father Pliny says: • Arabia produces szecaron, but the best is in looking for the very best order of family read- India: it is a honey collected from reeds, a sort of white similar etymology; and possibly, ouxov, a fig, may, in ing for his winter fire-side, the military library, exceed the size of a hazel-nut, and it is used only in medigum, brittle between the teeth; the largest pieces do not like manner, be derived from its saccharine quality."

“ The peacock, Mr. Pennant says, inhabits most parts whether in garrison or on service, the sea-cine. - Lib. xil. c. 8. Sarcar or succura, we are to!!, is of India, adding highly to the beauty of its rich forests,

Dr. Vincent, as well as some of the islands, as high as lat. 31° 14', if it sofficer's cabin,—the whole series offers a grati- the Sansarihtering for manufactured sugar.

on the authority of a paper in the Asiatic Researches, is yet found on the Rauvee. Ælian states, that it was fication and a use, which we know not where gives, as the Sanscrit word,

ichshı-casa, and supposes that imported from India into Greece by the barbarians. else they could find; but, above all, this divi. from the two middle syllables the Arabic shuka or shuker male and a female were valued at Athens at a thousand sion is of itself the most valuable publication the Arabic; the Saracens and Arabians having propagated of the first places in Europe to which they were brought: with which the voyage to India could be ainused the case in their conquests. Froin Egypt, it was carried here they were preserved about the temple of Juno, being and instructed, whether by merchant, civil or

into Sicily, which, in the twelfth century, supplied many sacred to that goddess, as they are in India to Kartikayu, military officer, cadet, or female passenger.

parts of Europe with that commodity; and from Sicily the son of Shivu and Doorga. Their use was, however,

it appears to have travelled westward, to Spain, the Ca- subsequently permitted to mortals; and Gellius, in the We think the work would make a most advan-naries, Hispaniola, and Brazil. The noun 7w shekar, Noctes Attica, commends the excellency of the Samian tageous addition to the village lending-libraries, occurs nineteen times in the Hebrew Seriptures

, and is peacocks. They were known in Judæa many years before which are now spreading so extensively under wine. Some sort of mead or fermented liquor may be three years' voyage to and from Ophir.- 1 Kings, x. 29

uniformly translated strong drink, in distinction from cious things imported by the Tharshish fleets in their the auspices of the friends of the lower orders; intended; but it is very possible that a saccharine spirit 2 Chron. ix. 21. Harmer, after Reland and others, would that it would form one of the most productive was obtained from the syrup, of the cane still exported inake thukiim (or tugiim) to be Ethiopian parrots, but prizes at the examinations of our public schools; given, and that the verds shukar

was made from the noun.

Bochart has proved the propriety of the received renand that, in the present improving system of ] The Greek cixiga, and Latin sicera, have obviously a.) is said to be still togei.".

dering. On the Malabar coast, the name of the peacock

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