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raised, owing, we think, to the dull manner in Exulting when the foe, M. CHAMPOLLIon, jun., M. Bibent, an ar

which it has been proposed ito the feeling and Like Ocean in its might, chitect, who has written on Pompeii, M. Nes-benevolence of the public)--this is one of his Poured in between the hills tor and M. L'Hote, designers, M. Lenormand, humorous fancies. Some wags bave fastened His myriads to the fight. a gentleman well acquainted with the fine

a deplorable bold mare to the knocker of a Like them that provd boy stands, arts, and several young students amongst doors and its knocking has raked a domestic

Though conscious death be near ;. whom are the son and the son-in-law. Pof Duncany who, rushing forth with a blunder.

And that firm countenance ! the celebrated composer Cherubini,-have de, bust to be resolved Tho knocked so unkindly,

Hath scorn, but nought of fear," parted from France for Egypt (touching by adjunct is supernatural the dag—the moon

sees the spectre with horrid affright. Every the way at Agrigentum), under the auspices the lights and shadows : it is a very clever

What though'à century of mit 3:1

In Sparta he might five of the government. The ancient monuments

More than a Spartan's name scriptions, antiquities generally, and the re- An Easy Introduction to Perspective, for the of the country, the tombs, hieroglyphical in, print. 1..'

Not Sparta's self could give to mains of art, are all comprehended within the

But he, in life's young dawn,, 1: objects to be explored by this expedition. It

Use of Young Persons; to which are added, May win a deathless name, is gratifying to observe a thirst for valuable

Useful Hints on Drawing and Painting. Ere rivals cross his path, information and a love of literature also per- This is the fourth edition of a little work By J. C. Burgess. Souter.


blast his fame. vading other courts: the Grand Duke of Tus

Cold drops hung on his browa baina, cany has appointed M. II. Rosallini, Oriental which is calculated to be very serviceable to

His dark eye glanced in pride Professor of Pisa, M. G. Rosallini, a naturalist, tyros in art. It exhibits in a plain and simple

One moment rouna "and then Dr. Ricci

, and other Italian scholars and artists, shape the first principles of a science, without to join the French group, and pursue their insome knowledge of which, they may be assured

Dauntless he sank, and died, quiries in common. that all their efforts at improvement must be

OPEREGRINE WILTON. Since writing the foregoing paragraph, we

fruitless." The hints in the appendix, if they have received the annexed more circumstantial do not possess much novelty, are still justly


* «! ។ and agreeable communication. entitled to the epithet – useful.!! We hope

SALISBURY MUSICAL FESTIVAL " The celebrated Champollion has sailed

Mr. Burgess does not flatter the public, when We rejoice to see, 4-rich exhibition of native from Toulon for Alexandria, having been he calls it, in his preface, 4 more than ever talent on the occasion of this triennial festival, placed by the King of France at the head of liberal and discerning !"mar

which commenced with great éclat on Tuesday. a commission of six persons, and by the Grand

Braham, in the full vigour of his extraordinary Duke of Tuscany at the head of a similar


powers-Miss Paton, completely restored to the number of scientific and literary men, to in- (We understand that the next picture to be ex. so often delighted the public, Caradori (English

exercise of those exquisite talents which have vestigate the antiquities of Egypt and Æthi-hibited at the Diorama will be a view of Thiers, in every thing but name), Miss Grant, a rising opia. A year and a half will probably be which has been for some time at the Diorama favourite, Terrail, E. Taylor, F. Cramer, J. expended in their researches ; and as M. Cham. in Paris, where it will be replaced by a view Corfe (of Bristol), and others, forta a s glorious pollion has promised to give occasional details of Mont Saint Gothard.

band." of his transactions to a gentleman of Cambridge, we may expect to be enabled to an.


ORIGINAL POETRY. nounce some very gratifying discoveries. It

One Cheer more! a National Song. Dedicated is with great pleasure we learn that Dr. Young

to Lord Eldon : the Words by Richard Bad. has been to Paris, and is completely reconciled

TELL me of what ladies dream :

nall, Esq. ; adapted to a popular Melody by and delighted with his great rival in hiero.

Is it of the splendid hall,

G. W. Reeve. Goulding and D'Almaine. glyphic fame : this is as it should be, and Song, and lute, and festival;

The air is free, spirited, and exciting; exactly henceforth their only contest will be, not for

JewelPd zone and gold-wreath'd hair, what the sentiments implied by Lord Eldon's the priority of claim in the discovery of the

Rose-bud lips and forehead fair ?

celebrated suggestion demanded.

* Church Phonetic characters of the hieroglyphics, but

Is it of the love-born dance

and Throne,” and

Ire set to the

no Papists, ". ** who shall contribute most to the full elucida- Beauty, youth, and elegance

best of music, and may be sung most effica. tion of these long-hidden mysteries.”

Eyes that in devotion beam ;

ila wciously after the best of dinners, and over the
These-of these--do ladies dream?"1999 best of wines.


Tell me of what ladies dream;
Ar the last public sitting of the Academy of

Is it of the summer-woods,

Vaqo ter Isabel to her Lover. Written by James

Stewart; composed by G, Kialmarko do Inscriptions and Belles lettres, three very in.

Fairy haunts and solitudes;

Power. teresting papers were read : the firsty a letter

Of the fragrant bloss’ming boughs, An answer to the beautiful serenade, Wake, from M. Laborde, jun. who is on his travels Moonlight hours and lovers’ yoms ; 1. A Dearest, wake!-- pleasing, but very inferior in the Holy Land, and who has made some

Rural cottage, neat, and lone,

s'. gely

to the strain that suggested it. important discoveries there; the second, a

With some dear beloved ones. treatise, by M. Abel Rémusat, on the natural

Blissful days that minutes seem;

The Poities Invitation. R. Guylott. J. Willis. history of China; and the third an essay, by

These of these do ladies dream? A VERY pretty and light cavatína, appropriate

;)!*1 M. Dureau de la Malle, on the Agrarian Law, · Tell me of what ladies dream :

to a fairy

• 104 -0.IS BIB the subject of so many contradictory disquisi.

Is it of the stormy wave,

1 1 AOC 16 Erin's Harp. J. Willis.! tions. M. de la Malle differs in some points Where the tall ship found a grave;,

A$ WEET ENOUGH ballad, the words by J. B. from Niebuhr.

Of the lonely battle-plain,

Prörter;" but the pre-occupation of Moore is
Where the warrior-Knight lies slain?
Is it of a ruined heart

in..... sorely against any other bard of the Harp.
Of the agonies to part

Musard's Swiss Quadrilles,
Memories that with sorrows teem ;

A VERY excellent set, and sure to be popular
Sunday Evening. Painted by R. Farrier ; These of these do ladies dream?

with all the dear belles and gents of she light engraved by J. Romney. J. Bulcock,

July 29th, 1828.

C. Swain.
fantastic, &c.

The private dance and the
An aged female, with a child reading the

public ball will be alike beholden to these Bible: pretty and pious. There is much sim. WRITTEN UNDER A PAINTING or THE charming airs. plicity in the design, and the engraver has

SPARTAN BOY." given it its due effect. “ The boys steal with so much caution, that one of them,

DRAMA. having conveyed a young fox under his garment, suf

KING'S THEATRE. Disturbed by the Nightmare.

Painted by

fered the creature to tear out his bowels with its feet

and claws, choosing rather to die than to be detected."- Sontag. This favourite singer has been re*) Theodore Lane ; engraved by H. Dawe. Plutarch's Life of Lycurgus. Yes,

engaged for the Opera next season ; and we "J. Bulcock. Rittner, Paris.

His sire was of the few las en 0141' soit are assured that, by one of the clatises of her Poor LANE,-(for whose bereaved widow and Who stood in Phoeis strait,

Mtv agreement, the same is to be void, in-dose she family, by the way, we would fain recommend Waiting a glorious grave, to b2b pe 1937. cmarrjes va sovereign prince during the term a more ample subscription than has been Exulting in their fate : russau mi vel of these articles !! This lady is indeed trago


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nifique in every thing. She had to play the hall lotteries, to attracti crowds of the worst that if this and other means of encouragement heroine in the Lady of the Lake, when Sir description to their blackguard precincts, and, were resorted to, France would, in the course W. Scott was in town; and she sent to him of course, exclude every well-regulated branch of ten years, be enabled to produce her annual for instructions how to put on her tartan plaid. of the community from such amusements. consumption of sugar. The good-humoured baronet (as is told) re- The fashion, it seems, is to inundate the town Balloon.- Madame Garnerin has ascended plied, that if the application had come from a with orders, at the price of one shilling each, 1200 yards, at Brussels, and descended, safely, mon, he should have been glad to assist him which admit to boxes, pita or gallery, of per parachute. in arranging his costume, but that he really (as we are told) the Coburg and also Sadler's Earthquake.—A severe shock of earthquake durst not trust himself with the ticklish task Wells. Two or three thousand persons are was lately experienced at Lima. It has injured of dressing so bonny a lassie!!

thus nightly admitted, and the dis.order which the city much, though, happily, without the Ballet. There is some talk of its being the prevails can hardly be imagined by any one loss of human lives. intention of the managers of the King's The- who has not witnessed the behaviour of so Madame Le Normand. This celebrated atre to try to go on with opera only, as in promiscuous an assemblage. Such abuses tend French fortune-teller has recently been exer. Paris; and to dispense with the indecencies of much to lower the Drama : and while on the cising her profession in London ; and was via the ballet. All the old gentlemen, frequenters subject we would also animadvert on the gross sited by multitudes of our curious countryof the house, it is expected, will oppose this impropriety of keeping the Haymarket 'The women and countrymen. We are informed, innovation ; for they say, that as they cannot atre open to such late hours as is done by that to those of a rank which might entitle hear very well at their times of life, it is very the exhausting representation of five-act co- them to be called public characters, her reve. hard to hinder them of their only other enjoy- medies, and often of four pieces in one evening. lations were quite wonderful; but in less no. ment-seeing as much as they can.

The only object to be gained by this repre- torious cases, no strolling gypsy ever made

hensible custom, is the money which dissolute more absurd and glaring blunders. So far HAY MARKET.

and vicious visitors add to the receipts, by from being able to penetrate into the future, On Monday a'comedy in two acts, with music, staggering in at midnight, and being guilty of she shewed herself utterly ignorant of the from the pen of Mr. Planche, and called the conduct disgraceful to any place of general re- past; and confounded all ranks, facts, and Green-eyed Monster, Was" produced at this sort. The outrages continually offered to pub- circumstances, in the grossest manner.

Her theatre; and we need hardly say with com- lic morals in this way are almost incredible ; fee was generally two guineas, but she would plete success, for the dramatic efforts of this so much so, that it is very hazardous to take cake one — rather than disappoint the appli. gentleman appear to be as 'sure of popularity a modest female to a theatre, where you are cant. She was accompanied by another fe. as they are prompt and prolife. The first act in danger every moment of hearing the most male, apparently very acute and intelligent, of the piece is founded upon the pleasant improper language, and seeing the most fla- by whom her failures were attributed to the little vaudeville of les Deur Jalour—a great grant acts of indecorum. Managers may be difficulty of foreseeing events through the En. favourite at the Opéra Comique in Paris : lieve it or not, but they surely lose more by glish language, with which Madame Le N. but the sequel, in which the tables are turned banishing the respeotable portions of society happened not to be acquainted. upon the jealous husband (Baron Speyenhau- from their houses, than they can gain by hold. Eye-Inscriptions.--Somebody at Manchester sen, Mr. Farren), and he is cured of his ing out attractions to the profligate and offen- has now claimed for a boy or girl thereabouts, green eyed' distemper by the ruse of every sive, who to their other annoyances invariably that it has its father's name inscribed on the body's being jealous of him, is due to the add that of destroying, by their noise and im- iris of one eye, and the date of its birth on the invention of Mr. Planché, and is indeed a pertinence, whatever of amusement or interest other. This must be, according to the promost amusing and laughable development of might be derived from the stage. In short, verb, “ a wise child that knows its own fa. the original idea. The humour which the a playhouse .ought not to be a brothel ; and ther;" and not a coin-age of the brain and author has thus happily introduced into his though it is not possible, perhaps, to steer 20-sous piece, like the little Josephine from drama is admirably embodied by Farren, entirely clear of certain displays of vice, it is France. But there is nothing like wonders whose performance throughout may be styled decidedly possible to confine them within bounds, for precedents ; and we should not be surprised perfect. There is no straining nor exaggeras to avoid distressing families, or, wounding the to see it become the inconvenient) fashion for tion; but a rich, natural, and pure vein of feelings not of the virtuous or prudish alone, but every baby to have its papa's iniţials at least comedy, which 'effeets every thing without of every well-bred person. Much to the credit on one of its peepers. Yet, as much trouble seeming ambitious to overstep the most modest of the English Opera House, this is achieved might ensue from this sort of record, we would bounds of acting. The other characters are within its walls; and women, children, and advise all ladies who love their lords, &c. &c also well supported. The baroness by Mrs. parents, may safely go to enjoy the rational to think much of their prayers ; and so we may, Faucit, the niece by. Miss F. H. Kelly, her entertainments so amply provided, without the by the force of imagination, look for children lover by Mr. Cooper, a yager of most commenda risk of paying for them a price beyond the with the Lord's Prayer and Creed upon their able spirit by Mr. Vining, a soubrette by Mrs. value of any amusements to compensate. eyes, as plainly as ever they were written Humby, and a gardener by Mr. Wilkinson

within the bounds of a sixpence by any dili. all of them jealous in different ways, but


gent penman. ultimately disabused of that passion, to have A new French troupe is about to open for Wells: Irrigation. The Royal Society of other and better feelings substituted in its melo-drame at the West London Theatre on Agriculture in France has offered premiums place. The incidents, and the equivocal Thursday. Among its' meinbers is M. Perier, for boring wells in such a manner as to bring scenes which feed the monster, are well con- one of the premiers acteurs of the Comédie the water to the surface of the ground, and trived and very entertaining, as the laughter Française ; M. Meynier, the principal of the thus render it applicable to the purposes of of the audience loudly testified; and, alto- Porte St. Martin; and several other able agriculture. gether, this is the best hit of the season for artistes.

M.Cousin..M. Cousin has concluded his the little theatre, where the company is not

course of lectures in Paris on the study of the so strong as we have seen it in former years,

The English Theatre in Paris closed with history of philosophy. His whole course, how. Some of the music by Mr. Lee is pretty Macready's Othello, which was received with ever, has been merely an introduction to that enough, some of it rather indifferent; but one the most enthusiastic applause. After the fall study. Next year he is to enter on the subject song by Mrs. Humby, “ I cannot marry of the curtain the audience demanded his re- itself. He appears, from the reports in the Croutz' has made quite a Cherry-ripe impres appearance, to receive their homage and their Paris journals, to have made a very powerful sion, and is in prodigious demand by encorers farewell

. In vain did Abbott represent that impression on his auditors. every night. The German costumes are far this was contrary to the regulations of the

Cancers.—A French physician, of the name more correct, and consequently far more be- police. The greatest uproar continued for of Lugol, has published a history of a disease coming and deserving of praise, than is usually above twenty minutes. At length a deputa- in the brain, perhaps unique. 'In the short the case on like occasions. We have no doubt tion from the pit forced Macready on the stage, space of four months several hundred cancers but the Green-eyed Monster will infect mul- and a crown of laurel was thrown at his feet.

spontaneously formed there; and when the titudes (with merriment) during the remain.

head was opened, after death, they were found der of the season.


to be completely soft, and in fact fluid. M.

Beet.rool: Sugar.-It has been proposed to Lugol takes occasion from this curious fact to ma MIXOR THEATRICALS: ABUSES !!

the French government to establish a model combat the theory which considers cancers as A STRANGE and shameful practice has, we farm, in which the best modes of cultivating the result of inflammation.

2011 hear, been adopted by some of the Minor beet-root, and of extracting from it its sugar, Infant Schools. We are happy to observe Theatres ; an expedient, resembling the Vaus. I may be taught. The proposer pledges himself, that these excellent institutions, the great oba


further notice.-Admission 18.

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before the letters 21s.


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the Law.




No. III.

41. 48. 50. 48. 48.

.. 19


jects of which are to relieve parents from the with the poem-ard wluch is itself a splendid poem-and care of their children during their labours in it, after all, says nothing of him which Lord B. has not

which would not annoy the worthy Laureate, as

ADVERTISEMENTS. the day, and to prevent those children from said elsewhere?

Connected with Literature and the Arts. wandering about the streets, and becoming

Southey is, we hear, writing or publishing a poem,

The Fall of Nineveh, Deluge, initiated in every species of crime, have been of which the hero and heroine are of the poetical persua

THE EXHIBITION of the above PIC. introduced in Paris. Our old acquaintance

TURES, by Mr. MARTIN, the Painter of a Belshazzar's Mr. Gleig, author of the Subaltern, has in the press a Alexandre, the ventriloquist, has advertised Series of Tales of Military Adventure, entitled, the Chel- Feast,“ will close on Saturday, August 2011. Sissema sea Pensioners.

Subscriptions for the Prints of the Fall of Nineveh, and Delage, one of his performances for their benefit. Mr. Southey has also in the press, the Story of the are received at the Exhibition-room, and at Ms. Martin's, 30, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, in verse, by Cock and the Hen: a Spanish romance.

Allsop Terrace, New Road.
M. Pauthier, author of Melodies Poétiques, is East and through regions of great general interest, is
Another volume of Mr. Buckingham's Travels in the

: highly esteemed as an able version, and indeed announced.

Exhibition in the Gallery of the Royal Mews, Cbaring in many passages he has completely seized Neele, Esq., consisting of Lectures on English


In the Presso--Literary Remains of the late Henry Cross, will continue open Daily, from Nine till Dusk, until the spirit and energy of the author, particu- Tales, and Miscellaneous Pieces, in prose and verse: Riband and saw Looms in the Gallery are from Nine kin one,

The in may be at the larly his apostrophe to the ocean, which is full never before published.-Two Letters, in reply to the and from Two till Six, Daily.

T. S. TULL, Secretary, of life and vigour : in other parts he is less Bishop of Salisbury on 1 John, verse VII., by the Rev.

A Second Edition of the Catalogue is now ready, and may be happy, his imitations being but a feeble shade tion of Poison upon the Living Body,

by Dr. Addison bad at the Gallery, price 18. of Lord Byron..Paris Letter. and Mr. Morgaii, of Guy's Hospital.-Medical Essays

Just published,

b Metallic Electricity.-M. Auguste Delarive, Heart, &c., by Dr. Joseph Brown.- The Last of the on Fever, Inflammation, Rheumatism, Diseases of the


PRINT of SUNDAY EVENING. of Geneva, has constantly observed, that the Plantagenets, an Historical Romance ; illustrative of the

* Train up a child in the way he should go, and when action produced by the component parts of a Public Events and Domestic Manners of the

Fifteenth he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs, chap, szii. ver.

Engraved by J. Romney, from a Picture by R. Farrier, Esq. galvanic pile has ceased either when they were Century.

Prints 78. 6d. French proofs 108. 60. India paper props 154. placed in a vacuum, or in a medium which did


Published by J. Balcock, 163, Strand, and by J. Romney, Field's Life, &c. of Parr, Vol. II. 8vo. 148. bds.

13, Clarendon Square. not operate chemically upon them. On the

Book of Genesis, interlinear, Hebrew and English, with other hand, M. Delarive has successfully re- Text, 8vo. 108. Gd. bds.; without Text, &c. bds. Hanpeated the experiments of an English chemist, sard's Parliamentary Debates, Vol. XVIII. royal svo

BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. who produced electricity by means of a pile 8vo. &s. Gd. bds. Crolys Beauties of the Poets, fcp.

Contents of composed exclusively of zinc; one face of each 108. 6d. hf.-bd. - Don Juan (uniform with Byron's Works) HE QUARTERLY REVIEW, plate of which was rough, the other polished. 2 vols, 18mo. Us. bds: 2 vols, fcp. 148. beds.--Little Gram

No. LXXV. These plates, which, placed at a certain disa hf.-bd.—Edmonson on Christian Ministry, 12mo. 5s.6d. Ireland, its Evils and their Remedies. Life and Travels of

Article 1. The recent History of Astronomy. Psalmodytance from one another, had no communica- bds.

John Ledyard-5. On the Present State of the Jews-6. Conti. tion except by means of the ambient air, never.

nental Travelling, and Residence Abroad. Reconstruction

the Federative Policy of Europe-8. Chronological History of the theless exhibited a considerable degree of elec- METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1828. West Indies--9, Mr. Brougham's Speech on the Present biasa at tricity. The consequences which result from August.


Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street, these two series of experiments, with respect Friday

Thursday. 14 From 53. to 58. 29.52 to 29.54


Price Six Shillings, to the idea we ought form of the principal Saturday

29.86 Stat.



HE FOREIGN REVIEW. cause of the development of electricity in the Sunday

TH 18

70. 29,81 29.90 galvanic pile, are evident, and appear to us to Tuesday



Contents: I. Delambre; History of Modern Astronomy-II.

Orlofl; History of Italian Music-III. WarnkoenigStady be of a nature to modify the actions of the Wednesday 20

7L 30.06 29.96 Civil Law-iv. Ingemann;

Danish Poetry-V. Goethe: Mis learned world, as to one of the most important

Prerailing wind S.W. and N.W.

Life and Writings-VI. Early Manners and Customs of Brande

Generally clear, except the 14th, which was attended VII. Moratin; Modern Spanish Comedy-VIII. Importance of facts of natural philosophy.--Le Globe. with frequent rain.

Hanover to Great Britain --IX. Rosetti's Dante-X. Modern Rain fallen, 1-325 inches.

French Norels-XI. Bescow; Swedish Drama--XII. Turkish Edmonton.


Clergy and Military Resources-XIII. to XXIII, Reviews of LITERARY NOVELTIES.

various Modern Publications-XXIV. Lo XXVII. Necrology and Latitude...... 51° 37' 32" N.

Literary Intelligence. The Juvenile Forget-Me-Not, we are told, is to contain Longitude.... 0 3 51 W. of Greenwich.

No. IV. will appear in October."ın 32!3 har a pumber of engravings on steel, besides wood-cuts. principal feature of attraction in this department will be

Black, Young, and Young; and Bossange, Barthes, and Lovell, an engraving by Thompson, from Behnes' bust of Her


London, T. Clark, Edinburgh; and Hodges and Smith, Dublin. Royal Highness the Princess Victoria.--The literary por- Mr. Novello writes to assure us that he is not the

In 1 vol. Bro. with Plates, price 158. tion of the volume is formed of the contributions of Mrs. author of a Summer's Ramble, though he is in the secret. THE ITALIAN CONFECTIONER; or, Hannah More-Mrs. Opie- Mrs. Hemans--the Author of An Old and Constant Subscriber" is informed, “Selwyn in Search of a Daughter" --James Montgomery that the volume whence is enumerated the direful of the Art, according to the most modern and approved Practice.

Complete Economy of Desserts : containing the Elements William and Mary Howittthe Author of " My Early effects of cometary influence, (slightly glanced at in By G. A. JARRIN, Confectioner, Nev Bond Surat. ... Days," &c.—Rev. Dr. Walsh-Miss Mitford- Mrs. Hof- No. 603, in the paper on the comet, and which

we can

The 3d edition, corrected and land-Richard Howitt-Miss Jewsbury-the Author of shew him, if particularly wished,) is Seller's Celestial

* This is one of the best works on the subject extant, and

enlarged " Solitary Hours"-Allan Cunningham, &c.

Atlas, the title of which runs thus:-Atlas Cælestis: con- forms an excellent sequel to Ude's French Cook.'"-Luilerary French Press. In consequence of the removal of all taining

the Systems and Theoryes of the Planets, the Printed for W. H. Ainsworth, 97, Old Bond Street. As obstacles by the new law respecting the periodical press, Constellations of the Starrs, and other Phenomina's of the Of whom may be had, in 1 yol, 8vo. price 124 which is about to come into operation in France, Le Heavens; with Nessessary Tables relateing thereto: colGlobe, which has hitherto been compelled to be general, lected by John Seller. There is no date, but published

The French Cook. By Louis Eustace. Ude, though liberal in its political disquisitions, states, that it probably in 1678 or 1679:

by another work, it appears ci-devant

cook to Louis XVI. and the Earl of Seftons date in France; without, however, relinquishing its philoso contains about sixty very curious engravings, particularly will take a direct and active part in the contest of parties the author was Hydrographer to the King. The Atlas Steward to HR. M. the late Date of York, and now Steward to phical and literary character. of “Variæ Cometarum figuræ, sicut variis mundi ætatibus

Insanity. A second edition of Dr. Walsh's Journey from Constan- apparuerunt." Among these is the comet of 1607.

In I thick 8vo. vol. price 183. tinople, which has been some time out of print, is nearly We have been charged with error for the statement OMMENTARIES on the CAUSES, ready; and contains, by way of addition, accounts of the that the comet of 1680 approached no nearer the earth's FORMS, SYMPTOMS, and TREATMENT, MORAL Sieges to which the Turkish capital has been exposed. orbit than a distance equal to the semi-diameter of the sun and MEDICAL of INSANITY. A letter from Montreal announces that Mr. Galt is en-(see No. 603); and it is alleged, that we should have

By GEORGE MAN BURROWS, M.D. gaged on a history of Canada.-Spectator, Weekly Journal. said a semi-diameter of the earth: in confirmation of the

Member of the Royal College of Physicians of London, &o. kes Mr. Murray has sold since January last 17,000 copies of former statement, however, we have to quote the words

Printed for Thomas and George Underwood, 82, Fleet Street.nd Lord Byron's Workā, in four small volumes. This is a of Dr. Halley, from his Synopsis of the Astronomy of striking proof of the advantage of cheap bookselling Comets. “ Hitherto," says he, « none has threatened

on SOME with myriads of wood-cuts: of the first one, 30,000 are calculation, I find that in November, 11 deg. 1 hour 6 min. said to be sold! There are to be twenty-four Numbers-P. M.,

that comnet was not above the semi-diameter of the of the PENINSULAR WAR," occasioned by Lieut-Colonet twelve shillings for this ruffian !

Napier's « Reply," &c. sun to the northwards of the way of the earth."

By PERCY, VISCOUNT STRANGFORD. internet Sir W. Scott's next Novel is founded on certain in- There seems to be a great deal of quackery in such

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street. cidents in the history of Charles the Bold, Duke of Bur- paragraphs as the following, which has been addressed to gundy, and will include, on dit, his final conflict with the us. We are sure our friend Von Martius, however, has

London University Text Books. Swiss. The scene partly in Burgundy, partly in Switzer- nothing to do with it. land.

“ His Majesty the King of Bavaria has most munificently presented to the Medico

R. LARDNER'S EUCLID. 8vo. price

DR. The three new volumes of Tales of a Grandfather are Botanical Society of London, of which he is a member, to be ready for Christmas: they bring down the Scottish and which his most gracious Majesty the

King of England

2. Dr. Lardner's Trigonometry. 2d edition, story to the end of the Rebellion in 1745.

has lately been pleased to take under his immediate 8vo. price 126. boards. Captain Basil Hall has finished his “ walk" in the patronage, - a collection of nearly 600 dried plants, indi

3. Dr. Lardner's Calculus. 8vo. price 21s. United States-has travelled in all 16,000 miles in their genous to his and the neighbouring dominions, arranged boards. territory in fifteen months and is now hard at work according to the natural system, by Professor Martius, of

4. Dr. Parizzi's Selections from Italian Prose " making book." Much may be expected from this con- Munich, whose travels in the Brazils, at the expense of Writers, small 8vo. price 10s.6d. boards.

the late King of Bavaria, have added great riches to Don Juan, in two volumes, has appeared, beautifully every department of natural sciences. The colours

of the By Augustus

de Morgan, B.A. Nearly reads.

5. Introduction to Algebra, from Bourdon. is much better than in the former derni-piratic editions, mode of drying them adopted by the learned botanist.”

6. An Elementary Italian Grammar, &c. and the appearance very handsome. But why still keep We are sorry to confess that we do not comprehend and Publisher to the University of London and sold by James

Printed for John Taylor, 39, Upper Gower Street, Bookselter out the Dedication to Mr. Southey, which we and many Lleutenant Sabben's letter respecting the six perfect solids Dancan,

57, Paternoster Row, J. A. Hessey, Fleet Street, and others have seen-which Byron wished to be published and the rectification of the circle,

J. Hatcherd and Son, Plocadilly,

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8vo. la. Gd.

78. boards.


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Hunt and


4th edition, in 2 vols post svo. price 188.
New Editions of valuale Standard Works, recently published

Non Voyages, Travels, &c.
THE LITERARY CHARACTER; or, by Longman, ees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Just published by Henry Colburn, London, Bell, and Bradluten,

HE BOO1 of NATURE; being a
Feelings and Confessions.

OTIONS of the AMERICANS; picked

NOT of Creation, in its Unorgnised and Organised, its Corporeal and

up by a TRAVELLING BACHELOR. 9 vols. 850. Author of the “ Curiosities of Literature," &c. &c. Mental Departments.

11. 8s. The 4th edition, with a Letter and Notes by Lord Byron.


" We have read these volumes with the most unmingled satisPrinted for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

La 3 vol. 8vo. 11. 168. boards,

faction. The writer is no other than Cooper, the well-known of whom may be had, by the same Author,

." The work is certain the best philosopbical digest of the national novelist of America."- Monthly Magazine. Commentaries on the Life and Reign of kind which we have seen. -Houthły Revies

“ Mr. Cooper's book is the best that has been written on AmeCharles I. King of England, 2 vols. Bro. 218.

Dr. Arnott's Elements of Physics ; or,

rica."- Londos Weekly Review.
In 2 vols. post 8vo. with Plates, 11. ls. the
Natural Philosophy: in wich, by simplified Arrangement, the

2. Mexico. By H. G. Ward, Esq. late his ICTURE of SCOTLAN D. attempted to prove that tle Philosophy which guides seientific Personal Narrative of his Travels-a History of the late Revolu.

Selection of Examples, an the Exclasion of Technicalities, it is Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires in that country. Comprising the By R. CHAMBERS,

men, and is now becoming art of common education, is in itself tion-the Present State of the Country, and particularly of the Anthor of Traditions of Edinburgh."

as intelligible and attractin eren to ordinary minds as the most Mining Districts. In 9 vols. 8vo. with numerous Plates from « Not only the most amusing, but the most useful companion favourite histories or fictions. In 8vo. price 11. 18.

Drawings by Mrs. Ward, 388. for the Northern tourist."-Aw Monthly Magazine.

Philosophy in Spo't made Science in Earnest; has been hitherto published on the subject.”.–Athenaum.

“We consider this work to be the best and most complete that “By far the most readable topographical book we ever read." -London Weekly Review.

being an Attempt to illustate the first Principles of Natural "It is quite impossible to dipinto any part of it without | 12mo. price 11. 15. boards, wih Engravings on Wood, from designs across the Cordillera of the Andes in the Winter of 1897, perPhilosophy by the aid of poular Toys and Sports. In 3 vols.

3. Journal of a Voyage to Peru, a Passage having the attention rivetted."-Literary Gagette. Printed for William Tait, 78, Princes Street, Edinburgh; and by George Cruikshank.

formed on Foot in the Snow, and a Journey across the Pampas. Longman and Co, London.

Systematic Education ; or, Elementary In-By Lieut. C. Brand, R.N. In ! vol. 8vo. with Plates, 12s. struction in the various Departments of Literature and Science,

4. Journal of a Residence at the Courts of Autobiography, Vol. XIX. In 1 vol. 18mo. 86. 6d. boards, or in Three Parts, 1s. each; fine

with Practical Rules for stueving each Branch of useful know. Siam and Cochin China. By J. Crawfurd, Esq. F.R.S. late

ledge. By the Rer. W. Shepherd, the Rer. J. Joyce, and the Envoy. In / vol. 4to. with Maps and numerous Plates, 81. 30. edition, Gs. extra boards, with a Portrait engraved by Scriven, Rev. Lani Carpenter, LL.D. In thick vols. 8vo.closely printed, "To the flood of intelligence relative to these far eastern of THEOBALD WOLFE with Nine Plates by Lowry, tc. 11. 11.. 6d. boards.

countries the present volume is an addition, not only of great in. TONE, written by HIMSELF, and extracted from his A Familiar Introduction to the Arts and terest, but of great importance and authority." --Literary Gasette, Journals. The American Edition of his Life and Works, Sciences, for the Use of Behods and Young Persons. By the Rev.

5. The Hon. Major Keppel's Personal Nar. Edited by his Son, WILLIAM THEOBALD WOLPE TONE. J. Joyce, Author of " Scientiic Dialogues," &c. In 1 vol. 1%morative of Travels in Babylonia, Assyria, Media, and Scythia.

. The present edition of the Memoirs of this remarkable price 68. boards, illustrated vith Copper-plates by Lowry, and 3d edition, revised. In 2 vols. post Bro. with a Portrait of the man contains the whole of his Autobiography, with a cautious Woodcuts by Branston.

Author, and other new Plates, 21s.
Abridgment of his Journal, retaining such portions as would be
Interesting to the general reader.

Conversations on Chemistry, in which the 6. Two Years in New South Wales. By
and Clarke, York
Street, Covent Garden. Elements of that Science are faniliarly explained and illustrated P. Cunningham, Esq. R.N. 3d edition, revised, with a Mapa

by Experiments. In 9 vols. 12mo. with Plates by Lowry, 14s. In vols. post 8vo. 188. For Traudlers and Invalids.

boards. In this edition, a Conversation has been added on the " Mr. Cunningham's 'Two Years in New South Wales' is the Just pubůshed by Henry Colbum, London, Belt and Bradfute, Steam Engine.

best book of general information that bas been written upon that Edinburgh; and John Cumming, Dublin.

By the same Author,

interesting country."--Monthly Magazine. VHE CONTINENTAL TRAVELLER'S Conversations on Natural Philosophy, price 7. Travels in America and Italy. By the ORACLE; or, Nev Marims for Locomotion. 108. 6d. boards, with 22 Engravings by Lowry.

Viscount de Chateaubriand, Author of " Travels in the Holy By Dr. ABRAHAM ELDON.

Conversations on Political Economy. 12mo. Land," "Beauties Christianity," &c. In 2 vols. 8vo. 248.; in In 8 pocket vols. price 158.

95. boards. “ It is long since we have met with so clever a publication. There is a fund of sound sense and valuable counsel for travel.

8. Memoirs of the Life and Travels of John Conversations on Botany. With Twenty- Ledyard, the African

Traveller. Frora his Journals and Correo lers. Literary Gagette.

one Engravings. In 1 vol. 12mo. price 74. 6d. plain, or 12s. spondence. Now first pablished, in 1 vol. post 8vo. 1os. 6d. "It is certainly the most vivacious and sparkling carriage-coloured. companion which we have seen, and ought to be the vade mecum

The narrative is intensely interesting." - London Weekly

Conversations on the English Constitution, Review. of all Anglo-Italians."--New Monthly Magasine. 12mo. price 88.

" This is a book which will be perused with delight by all who 2. Italy as it is. Narrative of an English

Conversations on the Animal Economy. Family's Residence for Three Years in that country. By the

By Chronicle.

have any relish for the original and the adventurous. --Literary Author of “ Four Years in France." 8vo. 148. & Physician. 9 vols. 19mo, illustrated by Plates, &c. 168.

And in a few days will appear, « This is one of the best works on Italy that we have seen." Conversations on Mineralogy, with Plates, 9. St. Petersburgh; a Journal of Travels to Lilerary Chronicle. " A very pleasant and entertaining publication, and we know engraved by Lowry. In 9 vols. 12mo. 145, boards.

and from that Capital, through Flanders, the Rhenish Provinces, Atheneve, of no work that we should prefer as a travelling companion." added to the Original Text; but those Words and Expressions / By A. B. Granville, M.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. M.R.I. &c. In 9 vols

The Family Shakspeare, in which nothing is Prussia, Russia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony Germany, and France 3. Pour Years in France; or, Narrative of family. By Thomas Bowdler, Esq. F.R.$. &c. In & vols. 8vo.

8vo. with numerous Plates. are omitted which cannot with propriets be read aloud in a an English Family's Residence there during that Period. 8vo. 2. 149. 6d. boards.

Gray's Supplement to the Pharmacopeia, including the 14.

New French Remedies. Also in 10 vols. royal 18mo. price 3k 38. boards. « Having lived between three and four months in Paris, and between three and four years in the South of France, with my to bring this very meritorious publication into general circula. "We are of opinion that it requires nothing more than a notice

4th edition, 1828, improved and enlarged, in 8vo. price 14s. family, I have made observations, which I hope may be useful tion." Edinburgh Review, No. ii.

SUPPLEMENT to the PHARMA. to those who have the same plan of foreign residence or travel,

COPEIA; being a Treatise on Pharmacology in and not less interesting, both to them, and to those who are con

By the same Author,

general: including the Drugs and Compounds wbich are used by tent with their English home, than the remarks of a more hasty Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of Practitioners of Medicine, and most of those which are used in tourist. The care of a household, and of the education of child - the Roman Empire, adapted to the Use of Families and Young together with a Collection of the most useful Medical Formule ren, brings the head of a family to the knowledge of many cir. Persons, in which the Civil, Political, and Military Transactions an Explanation of the Contractions used by Physicians

and cumstances and combinations which escape the notice of the of the Empire are given in the powerful language of the Author ; Druggists; and a very copious Index, English and Latin; of the single traveller; and intercourse with the society of a place but the indecent expressions, and al allusions of an improper Names by which the Articles have been known at different during a 'sojoamn, 'gives some insight into the character, sorue tendency, have been erased. In 5 rols810.31. 36. boards. perception of the manners and opinions, of a people."-Introduc


Select Works of the British Poets, with tion.

Printed T. G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

The present edition contains a large collection of the rhon 4. Italy By Lady Morgan. Being the Biographical and Critical Prefaces. By Dr. Aikin. In 1 vol. approved Horse and Cattle Medicines, and Perfumery. Substance of a Journal of her Residence in that Country. New

By the same Author, Also in 10 vols. royal 1&mo. to match the British Essayists and edition, 3 vols. Bro. 368. " This is a substantial account of Italy, that may be consulted Novelists, 34.; and in 10 vols. post 18mo. 21.

Elements of Pharmacy, and Chemical Hisfor its facts by the historian, the traveller, and the topographer." A Compendious Chart of Ancient History tory of the Materia Medica. 'Svo. 106.6d. Monthly Magazine. and Biography, designed principally for the Use of Young Per.

Locke's Interlinear Method. 5. English Fashionables Abroad. In 3 vols. sons. By Mrs. John Hurford. Price 8s. Ed. in sheets; 105. 6d. folded in boards; or 128. on canvass and roller, or in a case,

BOOK of GENESIS in ENGLISH, post 840. 3187 60. Under the mask of a most amusing story, this work not only

By the same Author,


TBREW ; with Interlinear Translation, Graramatical gives a picture of the interior of all the residences of the leading A Brief Summary of Ancient History, ar- nal Text, price 106. 6d. boards.

Introduction, and Notes. In 8vo. price 8s. boards; with Origi. nobility at Home, Naples, Florence, ke. and of the English visit ranged in Periods; intended as a Companion to the above. ors, but also portraits of all the remarkable persons to be met

Also, 18mo. 3.. half-bound. with there-a species of information at once new, and essentially

Yehring's German Lessons, Interlinear, con. necessary to strangers proposing to visit Italy.


laining the Rose. German into English, price 28.; English into 6. On the Curative Influence of the South-Just published, in 1 vol. 8vo. Illustrated with 2,300 Figures, price German, price : ern Coast of England. By Dr. Harwood. I rol. small 8vo. 21. 128. l. in extra boards: or, with the Plates accurately

Printed for John Taylor, 80, Upper Gower Street, Bookseller 9. 60.

coloured, 51. 53. the ed edition, cotrected and resised, of

and Publisher to the Uriversity of London; and sold by James « An instructive and very useful work. Dr. Harwood's obser


Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row; J. A. Hessey, Fleet Streets and vations on the diseases in which a residence on the coast is post

a J. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly. beneficial, ought to be read by every father of a family."--New

Catalogue of Shells, British and Foreign, arranged ac-
cording to the Linnaan System, with Latin and English Names,

Volume the Second, in 8vo. price 16s. in boards,
References to Authors, and Places where found.
Shipping Interests.-Price 25.61.

By W. WOOD, F.R.S. and F.L.S.
Author of Zoography, General Conchology, Illustrations of

D.D. formerly Professor of Divinity in the University of the Linnaean Genera of Insects, &c.

Leyden. 1 PARLIAMENT, on the STATE of the SHIPPING

Translated from the Latin. To which are added, INTEREST of GREAT BRITAIN.

Published by W. Wood, 428, Strand.

Brandt's Life of the Author, with considerable Augmentations; By Lieutenant CHRISTOPHER CLAXTOX, R.N.

The figures contained in this volume are for the most part numerous Extracts from his private Letters, & copious and au. Sold by Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court; and

original, and have been drawn from specimens with the greatest thentic Account of the Synod of Dort and its Proceedings, and all other Booksellers.

possible attention to accuracy. All shells, even the most minute, several interesting Notices of the Progress of his Theological

that have been noticed as British by Montagu, Donovan, Walker, Opinions in Great Britain and on the Continent.
Curtis on Deafness, de.
and others, as well as all the foreign species described in the

volumes of Martini and Chemnitz, &c. have been introduced.

Author of « Calvinism and Arminianism Compared," &c. 4th edition, considerably enlarged and improved, price 7s. ed.


London: Printed for Longman, Rees, and Co.; and boards, A Supplement to the above, containing 480

C. and J. Rivington.

« * Calvinism and Arminianism Compared in their Principles DISEASES of the EAR; with the most approved Price 126.01. in extra boards, or 17. 106. with the Plates accu- historical and in every ecclesiastical library. Mr. N. has also

Figures of Shells, for the most part not hitherto described. and Tendency,' is a book which ought to have a place in every Modes of Treatment. By J. HARRISON CURTIS, Esq. rately coloured.

published the first volume of a translation of the Works of Ar. The System of Lamarck (as well as that of Linnæus) has been minius,' with a great deal of important matter in the prolegoSurgeon-Aurist to the King. Printed for Longman, Kees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

ilustrated by adapting his specific Names to the Figures through mena and notes."- Quarterly Review. Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

out the Work, so that any Collection of Shells may be arranged

scientifically by inspection. 2. A Clinical Report of the Royal Dispen

A genuine and complete edition of

JUAN. In 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. sary for Diseases of the Ear, Dean Street, Soho Sqnare. Illus

2 vols. foolscap 8vo. 108. trated with Cases and Practical Remarks relative to the Deaf and RACTICAL LECTURES on the uniform with Mr. Murray's editions of Lord Byron's Works, and

price 148.; and in demy 18mo. price 9. Printed Dumb. Price 18.

HISTORICAL BOOKS of the OLD TESTAMENT. 2 A new and improved Map of the Ear;

illustrated with Two beautiful Engravings by Finden, from By the Rev. HENRY LINDSAY, M.A.

Westall's Designs. designed for the Use of Students and Practitioners. Price Os.

Perpetual Curate of Wiinbledon, Surrey.

Printed by Thomas Davison, Wbstefriars. To be had of all coloured, ox 103. dd, go reller, Printed for Jobo Murray, Albemarle Sweet,

the Booksellers,






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GREEK. GRADUS:07 Greek, Latin, and




In 3 vols. 12mo. price 18s. Bd.
Completion of " Sayings and Dotg*, " &c. &c.

Standard School Books.
don; Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh and John Cumming,

London; and may be had of all Booksellers, containing Edward Falconer.

Printed for A.K. Newman and Co. London.

English Prosodial Lexicon : containing the Interpreta-
The following will appear this Autumn:

tion, in Latin and English, of all Words which occur in the Experience ; a Tale for all Ages. By the Series of« Sayings and Doings.” 3 vol. post Svo. 11.,11.. 6d. Greek Poets, from the earliest period to the time of Ptolemy Author of “ Realities," “ Correction," &c. 3 vols.

Philadelphur, and also the Quantities of each Syllable; thus

“ These tales partake of the merits f the two former series, combining the advantages of a Lexicon of the Greek Poets and a Important Works just published by Henry Colburn, London; while they excel

them in vivacity, trut, and copiousness of cha: Greek Gradus: for the Use of Schools and Colleges. Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh; and John Cumming, Dublin. racter. In the facility with which M Hook sketches personal

By the Rev. J. BRASSE, B.D. ORD BYRON and SOME of his CON. peculiarities, he is unrivalled; the readiness with which he falls

Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
into all the little niceties and familiarties which mark the tone

Bro. 245. boards.

of society, is equally striking. The litle appearance of labour in “The indefatigable application required in the compilation Comprising his Correspondence with Lord Byron, Mr. Shelley, sentences, complete the effect, and make his works the most the

work, as supplying a desideratum in our school books, and his writings, the singular warmth ard unstudied vigour of his of the Greek Gradus is manifest; and we heartily recommend &c. 2d edition, in ! vols. 8vo. with Portraits and Fac-similes, lively, and at the same time the truet, pictures of life we have likely to be advantageopsly used to a very wide extent."--Literary price 986. yet met with."-- Atlas.

Chronicle. " 'Tis for slaves to lie, and for freemen to speak truth."

“ Mr. Brasse has certainly conferred by this publication a Montaigne. 2. Herbert Lacy; a Novel. By the Author “ In this very curious series of literary and personal sketches, of " Granby," 8 vols. post 8vo. 318. d.

lasting benefit on all classical students, and deserves the highest Mr. Hunt has sketched, in a very bold manner, not only the We need not recommend thi novel. The memory of praise for taste, learning, and indefatigable industry." -London public, but the private characters and habits of many of the Granby' will do that."-Literary Gaette.

Weekly Rerier. celebrated writers of the present day. The letters of Lord Byron

of the same may be had, bound, and Mr. Shelley will be found eminently interesting."-diorning A new edition. 9 vols. post 8vo. 216 3. Yes and No. By the Author of “ Matilda.”

1. 8. d.

1. 1. d. Chronicle. 2. The Marquess of Londonderry's Narrative sant, so racy, as this production of Lord Normandy. It is súll of " It is long since we have read an novel so piquant, so plea-Valpy's Greek Grammar 066 Second Latin Exercises, o go

Schrevelius' Lexicon,

First Latin Exercises, 016 Greek and English;

Latin Grammar,

096 of the late War in the Peninsula. 2d edition, dedicated to the nice observation and character." -London Magazine.

much improved and

Latin Vocabulary,

0 : 0 King. In 1 large vol. 4to. with Map and Plans, 31. 38.

4. The O'Briens and the O'Flahertys; a words added, boards, O 16 6 Greek Exercises, 0 5 6 “ We have read nothing descriptive of any portion of the


Latin Dialogues,
Peninsular War at all to be compared, in point of interest and Tale. By Lady Morgan, Author of the “Wild Irish Girl," Dictionary

Phrases, by Robert.

Cicero Amicitia et SeImportant information, with the volume now before us. It com.“ O'Donnel," « Florence Macarth;,' &c. &c. 2d edition. In

son, improved edit.

0 15 0 nectute, Eng. Notes, bines the authenticity of history with the attractive character of vols, post 8vo. 368.

by Barker, "Lady Morgan has on this occaion excelled herself, and has Analecta Latina Majo.

0 4 6 a personal narrative; and is interspersed with anecdotes and

ra, Prose, on the plan

Germany and Agricola observations, which will be read by all classes with infinite satis- furnished the admirers of historical romance with a high and

of Dalzell's Anal. Gr. 0 10 6 of Tacitus, English faction. On the whole, this narrative bids fair to take its place extraordinary treat."-Literary Chronicle.

Notes, by the same, 0 6 6 among the few works which are destined to survive the age in 5. A Marriage in High Life; a Novel. Robinson's Grecian An.

tiquities, 2d edition, 0 15 0 Principia Oificiorum, which they were compiled."-Blackwood's Magazine. Edited by the Authoress of " Fliitation." 2 vols. post 8vo. 215. Entick's Latin and

Historiæ et Geogra. O 3 8 3. Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo (Savary),

I was compelled to her, but I love thee

English Dictionary,

Poetical Chronology of Minister of Police under Napoleon. Written by Himself. Vols.

By love's own sweet constraint."

greatly improved by

Ancient and English I. II. and III. 8vo. English, 168.; French, 148. per vol. (to be ""A Marriage in High Lite' is a novel likely to become a per. the Rev. J. Niblock, 06 0 History,

096 completed in 4 vols.) manent favourite with the public. The narrative is constructed Homeri Ilias, with En. Mythology,

090 N.B. Each rolume of Mr. Colburn's edition comprises two of upon an event of deep interest."-Allas.

glish Notes to the 1st

Cicero de Officiis, with the Paris edition.

six Books, 6. Pelham ; or, the Adventures of a Gentle

012 6 English Notes, 0 6 0 “ These Memoirs are invaluable."-Literary Gazette.

Homer's Niad, Heyne, 0 7 0 Grotius, English Notes, 0 6 0

3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. 4. Memoirs and Correspondence of Samuel

Gradus, without Verses

096 “ If the most brilliant wit, a narrative whose interest never

Epistolæ Ciceronis, or Phrases,

0 7 6 Cornelius Nepos, with Pepps, Esq. F.R.S. Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of flags, and some pictures of the most riveting interest, can make

English Notes and Charles II. and James II. and the intimate friend of the cele- a work popular, Pelham' will be as first rate in celebrity as it is Horace, with English


0 0 0 Questions, by Bradbrated John Evelyn. Ediled by Lord Braybrooke. 9d edition. in excellence. The scenes are laid at the present day, and in

Horace, no Notes, 0 3 6


0 8 6 In 5 vols. 8vo. embellished with Portraits and other Engravings, fashionable life."--Literary Gazette.

A neat edition of Virgil,

Eutropius, ditto, 028

Home;" a by the first Artists, price 31. 108.

English Fashionables « At

18mo. 3d edition, 0 36 Ovid Metamorph. ditto 0 4 6 Notwithstanding the extensive popularity of the Memoirs of Novel. By the Author of « English Fashionables Abroad." The same, with English Latin Prosody, by ditto 0 3 0 Grammont, and the still greater atiractions of those of Evelyn, 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 118.6d.

Notes, from Delphin,

Epitome Sacræ Histo. we have no hesitation in stating our opinion that these volumes

&c. no Ordo, “Annals of the cabalistic reign of fashionable life."-Literary

0 7 6 ria, English Notes, 09 will outstrip them both in public estimation. They reach the Gazette.

The same, with Heyne's

French Pronunciation, 01 6 very beau ideal of what we desire from such records." --Literary

Text, and Delphin

The New Reader, Clas. Gazette.

8. The Croppy. A Tale of the Irish Rebel.

Latin Notes, no Ordo 0 10 6 sical & Miscellaneous 0 3 6 "We hesitate not to confess, that we regard this publication lion. By the Authors of the “O'Hara Tales," the " Nowlans," Cæsar's Commentaries, Greek Testament, as in a very high degree historically valuable."-Braminer. &c. 3 vols. post 8vo. ll. 118.6d.


0 10 6 vols. 8vo. Eng. Notes, 5. The Correspondence and Diaries of Henry 9. Ismael; or, the Adventures of a Kuzzil. Juvenal, ditto, 0 80 new edit. by Valpy, 950 Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, and Lawrence Hyde, Earl of Roches. bash. A Tale of Khorassan. 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 116. 6d.

Sallust, ditto,

0 6 0 Greek Septuagint, with ter; comprising most interesting particulars of the Revolution, “ One of the best and ablest works of tiction which for a long Juvenal, Text only, 19mno. 3 6 Apocrypha, I vol. 8vo.

Ditto, English Notes, 0 5 6 bds. for Students to &c. dc.; published from the Original Manuscripts, with Notes time past has issued from the press."-Blackwood's Magazine. In 2 vols. 4to. illustrated with Portraits, copied from the Origi

04 6 use at Church, &c. 1 8 0 “ The Kuzzilbash is a fine moral tala, of great power and Elegantiæ Latinæ, nals, by permission of the Right Hon. the Earl of Clarendon, and extraordinary interest. The scene of the story is new.

It is Greek Delectus, 0 4 0Euclid Cards, with Proother Engravings, 51. 58,

Latin Delectus,

0 26 blems & Demonstra. long, indeed, since a novel of so much merit has fallen into our “ of all the momentous epochis in the annals of England, from hands." -London Weekly Review.

Terence's Andrian, En.

tions, &c. by Brasse, 0 5 6

glish Noles, the Norman Conquest to the year 1688, there is not one of equal

8 o Major's Hecuba, 05 0 10. Salathiel; a Story of the Past, the Pre-Plautus moment to that upon which the volumes before us throw so many new lights."-Literary Gagetti. sent, and the Future. 3 vols, post 8vo. Il. lis, 6d.

Aulularia, Captives,


08 G “ A body of the most remarkable and authentic private evi

“We have risen from the perusal of the volumes before us Rudens, Eng. Nogelo 4 6 dence which bas descended to us, of the events connected with just as we have felt after løsing ourselves in the absorbing in

Ask for Valpy's editions of the above. the Revolution of 1688." - Monthly Review.

terest of Shakspeare's finest tragedy. There is, we will venture 6. The Second and Concluding Volume of like other works

of imagination, to be read and forgotten.”—Genthe Memoirs and Correspondence of the late Dr. Samuel Parr; tleman's Magazine. with Biographical Notices and Anecdotes of many of his Friends,

IN THE PRESS. Pupils, and Contemporaries. By the Rer. William Field. In

ul. Tales of the West. By the Author of

In a few days will be published, in 1 vol. foolscap, 850. with 8vo. with Portrait, 14s. “ Letters from the East," &c. 9 vols, post 8vo. 215.

Eleven Engravings, price 103. 02. half-bound morocco, Contents: The Valley of the Lizard-The Miner-The Exile7. The Reminiscences of Henry Angelo. The Legend of Pacorra-Wesley and his Disciple-St. Martin's VHE BEAUTIES of the BRITISH 8vo. 156.

Isle and the Power of Affection. This work comprises Memoirs of the elder Angelo, his Friends

POETS. With a few Introductory Observations. « These are two volumes of beautiful tales, written in language and Connexions, from his first arrival in England in 1750. It the inost elegant, with narratives of extreme interest, yet simple

By the Rev. GEORGE CROLY. contains numerous Original Anecdotes and curious Traits in the and natural."-Literary Gazette. Personal History of many noble and illustrious Characters. The 12. The Red Rover. By the Author of the

Ninth edition. book abounds not only in piquant matter relating to Persons of Rank, but of Talent also; for the elder Angelo's intimacy with

The Englishmen as well as Foreigners, Professors of all the Fine post 8vo. 286. 8d.

Public are respectfully informed, that a new edition of Arts, &c. made his house in Carlisle Street for many years the

this Work, much improved by numerous Communications from

Fine Arts. rendezvous of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Garrick, the Sheridans, the

the different Families, and printed uniformly with the “Peer. Linleys, Gainsborough, Foote, Bach, Abel, &c. &c.

THE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE age" recently published will apppear in the course of the pre8. The Living and the Dead. By a Country



Printing for C. and J. Rivington, and the other Proprietors. Curate. Ad edition, 1 vol. post 8vo. 104. 6d. " This Country Curale' has enjoyed opportunities very rare


Illustrated by Fifty-five Plates, tto.

A few Copies of this Wort, which was printed for private cir. his profession, and he has used them with a talent which, we calation, are left for sale with Messrs. Carpenter and Son, Old Shortly vill be published, in ? vols. 8vo. with numerous Plates, fear, is equally rare. Lords, ladies, poets, blues, parsons, re. viewers, literateurs, have all been in the comprehensive circle of

Bond Street. his acquaintance; and his personal sketches and anecdotes of In 8vo. with Nine very beautiful Engravings, price ll. 16. boards, along the Banks of the Rhine, through Prussia, Rusuia, Poland,

Travels to and from that Capital, through Planders, Individuals belonging to all these classes are of the most attrac. tive kind." -New Monthly Magazine.

JOURNEY to MAROCCO. Saxony, Bavaria, and France.

By A. B. GRANVILLE, M.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. M.R.S. &c.

Locke's Interlinear Method of Classical Instruction.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.
“ Captain Beauclerk's book is excellent for summer reading,
In 12mo. vols. price 2s. 6d. each,
Latin and English.

and a good companion for a cigar or a glass of Moselle."- Alhe

naum, July 30th. HÆDRUS’SÆSO P. Just

Nearly ready for publication,
There are a pleasantry and easy communicativeness in Cap.
-Literary Gazette, July 30th.

stood in the Order-book of the House of Commons, for 2. Virgil's First Æneid. 2d edition.

Printed for Poole and Edwards (late Scatcherd and Letterman), the 8th of July, 1828, to refer to a Select Committee all Acts of 3. Parsing Lessons to ditto.

12, Are Maria Lane.

Parliament since the Union with Ireland, which relate to the

United Church of England and Ireland, or to the Doctrine, Dis. 4. Cæsar's Britain. 2d edition.

Price 9.

cipline, Regulations, Rights, and Privileges thereof: and also all Greek and English. 1. Homer's First Iliad. 2d edition.

relate to Roman Catholics or Protestant Dissenters. of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND.

By the Right Hon. R. WILMOT HORTON, M.P. 2. Parsing Lessons to ditto.

Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly.

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street. 3. Xenophon's Memorabilia.

In 8vo. price 8s. 6d. boards, 4. Anacreon. Also,

LANGUAGE; translated into English, and Abridged LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. A. SCRIPPS, a! for the Use of Schools.

the LITERARY GAZETTR OFFICE, 7, Wellington Street, The London Latin Grammar. 2d edition,

By the Rev. J. SEAGER,

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, 0xford with Additions. Author of "Critical Observations on Classical Authors," and

Street: told also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Exchange; R. Printed for John Taylor, 80, Upper Gower Street, Bookseller several Greek Criticisms in the Classical Journal.

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill: 4. Black, and Publisher to the University of London; and sold by James London: Printed by A. J. Valpy; sold by Baldwin and Cra.

Edinburgh ; Smith and Son, and Robertson and Atkinson, Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row; J. A. Hesses, Fleet Street; and dock; Lopgman and

Co.; Whittaker; Simpkin and Marshall,

Glasgow ; and J. Cumming, Dublin. J. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly, and all other Booksellers.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.

papibyaryo. Mger abridged, and in


prostor plot," the “* Prairie,' ko. 2d edition. 5 vols. DEBRETTSBARONETAGE. THE




VIGER con the IDIOMIS of the GREEK

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