Imatges de pÓgina

query, some from which we entirely dissent, the pit is objected to, as being the means of capabilities of the performers, to whom the and our critical estimates differ most widely: introducing improper company to that part of characters of the opera, when cast, are to be but, on the whole, we recommend these volumes the house, as it affords the means of admission allotted, in order that the best effects may be as deserving much attention, and as contain- at a lower rate than the door price; but the produced with the means of the theatre; and ing both much thought, and also the materials practical inconvenience of this does not, per, in this resides the chief advantage of a comfor thinking. We would, in the longer parts, haps, make itself greatly felt. And even if the poser being engaged to produce operas for a point out those on Posterity, on Veils, on evil was such as alleged, the infringement on particular theatre. This adaptation being Sculpture, and the Falls of the Rhine, as very the rights of the subscribers, by denying their made, the scene of operations having been eloquently written.

tickets to the pit, would be no effectual re- hitherto confined to the composer's apartment, medy, as the same principle would exclude all the concert-room of the theatre, or some room

the orders given by performers and the persons of similar dimensions, is resorted to, and an Mr. Ebers's Seven Years of the King's Theatre. connected with the house, the facilities af- embryo rehearsal of the whole vocal part of 8vo. Ainsworth.

forded by which, are, at least, as capable of the opera gone through, the accompaniment A WEEK or two, ago we were enabled to lay being perverted : and to do this would be ob- being as yet limited to the composer's piano. before our readers “ some passages” from these viously impracticable. There can be no doubt forte. Before proceeding to the stage, the fashionable inémoires ; and we now resume our that if the box tickets were excluded from the orchestral parts require to be set, and these notice, for the purpose of presenting the un- pit, the society in the pit would be very dif- are now added, according to the nature of the initiated with the writer's brief detail of the ferent ; instead of all the men of fashion meet- expression to be conveyed, and the strength routine before and behind the curtain of this ing there, the company wouid be such as fre of the instrumental music of the theatre. In aurious Eleusis. Mr. Ebers gives the prin- quent the pits of other theatres ; in con- many of Rossini's operas, parts are composed cipal features of the place very happily ; -we sequence of which, the price would necessarily for military bands behind the scenes, in addi. breathe quite an Opera atmosphere ; nay, even be lowered. One of the agrémens of the tion to the orchestra. The opera having by hear the finale of the overture ; catch the King's Theatre is the certainty every one has these gradations received its form, and the sounds of the three managerial coups ; and of meeting his friends from all parts of the composer's finishing touches being bestowed behold the crimson curtain, “ fretted with world. It is the resort equally of the lovers upon it, it is committed to rehearsal in the golden fires," ascend before our eyes. Enter of music, the dance, and of those who care regular manner, the getting up, or mounting, Ebers qui sic loquitur.

little for either, but who like to meet each being performed under the superintendence of “ The present structure of the King's Thea-other, and feast their eyes by gazing on the composer, with the director, conductor, tre, situated in the Haymarket, was built by all the most beautiful as well as the best and stage-manager, though two of these latter Novosielski, in the year 1789, and has been dressed women resident in this country. To characters frequently unite in the same per. much admired for the adaptation of its shape take care of the house, and to attend to the son. The word rehearsal summons up, to to the purpose of effectually transmitting the doors of the theatre, to the boxes and all practically acquainted with its meaning, sounds from the stage to the audience; but the the stage, a great number of servants are a scene beyond description. If the performpart allotted to the stage is too diminutive for employed. The housekeeper's situation is one ances of a theatre are intended to represent the business of the theatre,-a defect occa- of some trust, and usually filled by a person the truth of human nature, a rehearsal is the sionally productive of great inconvenience. The of corresponding character. The housekeeper living reality-the scene where the veil is rent same cause renders it necessary to have the superintends the state of the theatre, as to in twain, and all the turmoil laid open to the dressing-rooms under the stage, as also the cleanliness and neatness, has apartments in view which can be produced by the undisguised depôt of part of the wardrobe, the remainder the house, and a box appropriated to her own operations of vanity, self-love, and jealousy. being deposited between the ceiling and the use. The box-keepers number about twenty, The fabled crowds who petitioned Heaven to roof of the house. Indeed, the necessity of and receive salaries amounting aggregately to allot their parts in life otherwise than Fate had improving to the utmost every inch of room, about three hundred pounds. The expense cast them, are but a type of the inmates of a has had the effect of making the passages to of the military guard employed at the door theatre behind the scenes, when contending for the stage from the different parts of the house amounts annually to upwards of one hundred prominent characters in an opera. Perhaps perfect labyrinths. The audience part con- and fifty pounds. The company of performers with the very first performers there is not sists of the pit, boxes, and gallery; the boxes are naturally to be considered under two dis- much of this, as their right to the principal being disposed in five tiers, four entire, and tinct classes, as attached to the opera or to the parts cannot be disputed. But dire is the the fifth interrupted in the centre part ballet. The opera is under the guidance of the struggle among all below. A part rather betby the gallery, which is on the same level, director of the music, if any is employed. The ter than another is an apple of contention, and extends above the thirteen most central director assists the manager in the selection of which, to manager, director, and conductor, boxes of the inferior tier. The entire number the performances ; and when fixed upon, he proves a most bitter fruit. As every person of boxes is two hundred and two, which are distributes the parts to the singers, and directs likes to have that character which may best let either for the season or for single nights, the general routine of representation, the ef-serve—not the general effect of the piece, or and are calculated for the reception of six per- fecting of which, in the minuter details, de- the interests of the theatre, which are wholly sons each box; and six ivory tickets are ac- volves on the stage-manager and the conductor immaterial--but his or her own object in makcordingly issued to the subscriber who takes a of the music. By these, according to their ing the greatest display possible ; and as nonbox. These tickets are admissible to the pit ; several departments, the due execution of the concession is the permanent rule of the place, hence it is customary for subscribers to dispose parts is attended to, the training of the cho- the opera is placed in the pleasing predicament of their tickets on those nights on which they rus-singers and inferior performers, the man- of being able neither to get one way nor the have no occasion for all or any of them. As, agement of the scenery, and the performance other. The prima donna, whose part is settled, however, the tickets are strictly tickets of ad- of the orchestra. The engagements for the attends the rehearsal, and the seconda, being mission to the boxes whose numbers they bear, orchestra are in general made by the director; displeased with her own station in the piece, some inconvenience has occasionally arisen those of the performers, and other persons em- will not go on; and the first lady, indignant from the persons employed to sell these tickets ployed, by the manager. I have already stated at being detained to no purpose, goes away, omitting to inform the purchasers that, al. my opinion, that in this country a composer of and the business is over for the day. If the though box tickets, they are sold as pit tickets operas is an unnecessary part of the establish- manager is positive, the lady falls ill. Biagioli, only. The possible occurrence, however, of a ment of the King's Theatre. Should one, being refused a part she wanted in Elisa e trifling mistake, which is soon rectified, is however, be retained, his duties are regulated Claudio,' took to her bed for two days, in conamply counterbalanced by the many con- by the terms of his engagement, and consist sequence, as she said, of being so afflicted by veniences attendant on the admissibility of the primarily in the composing of operas for the my decision. The refusal to proceed is the box tickets to the pit. Whilst the heavy en- theatre, and attending to the mounting of more effectual engine, because it puts all the gagements of performers, and the other great them, when ready to be put in rehearsal. The rest of the company out of humour at their expenses of the theatre, render the subscrip-composer, on applying himself to his task, time being occupied needlessly: all complain, tion to the boxes necessarily so high, it is only moulds the first rough score of his music on and a dialogue goes on, in which every body equitable that the subscribers should have the the scale of the piano-forte, and this, when talks at once ; and probably three different means of, at least, a partial indemnity for the completed, forms the ground-work, or skeleton languages, at least, being simultaneously emexpense they incur, whenever circumstances of the entire piece. The music having been ployed by different speakers, the result may be prevent their availing themselves in person, or applied to the words which are supplied by conceivable, but not expressible. The signori with their own parties, of their right of admis- the poet of the theatre, the next step is to protest, the signore exclaim, the choruses are sion. The power of transferring the tickets to adapt the different parts of the music to the 'wonderfully in concert in their lamentations, the director commands, entreats, stamps, and usage of the theatre, are amusingly adapted frender their society more attractive ; and could swears, with equal success, and, in the midst of to the rank of the performers. A prima donna the situation of manager be divested of the the Babel, the gentlemen of the orchestra, who is entitled to a separate dressing-room, with a cares and difficulties inherent to it, it would wish all the singers at the devil, endeavour to sofa, and six wax candles ; a seconda donna, a not be devoid of pleasure, in mingling with get over the business of the day by playing on dressing-room, without a sofa, and two wax characters strongly marked, and often highly without the vocal music. The leader of the candles. The same principle obtains with the interesting. But as it is impossible to reconorchestra, finding all ineffectual, puts on his chief male performers, and with the first and se- cile inconsistencies, he who embarks on the hat and walks away, followed by violins, basses, cond dancers of both sexes. Ludicrous as it may sea of management must be content to enjoy trombones, and kettle-drums, en masse ; and seem, these marks of precedency are insisted upon such rare moments of calm and sunshine as the scene at length concludes as it may, the with the greatest exactness. Madame Vestris mingle with the storms to which he is exposed. manager, composer, and director, being left to went beyond all others, and furnished herself For myself, I have rarely failed, even when calculate together the progress of business. with two additional candles ; and one night, most surrounded with difficulties, to make the The general wish before alluded to, on the there not being, by some inadvertency, candles most of the pleasant places into which my path part of performers, of strengthening their own enough in the house, she stood on the stage has occasionally led, and have found in manparts by the introduction of extraneous matter, behind the curtain, and refused to dress for agement, as in the universal business of life, without regard to its effect on the general tone her part until the required number of lights that the best guardian against calamity is a and character of the piece, is a principal cause was obtained.* The performers inferior in sta- disposition to be happy when in my power, of disunion between the director and the tion to those I have mentioned, dress in two and quietly to acquiesce when misfortune is singers, and seldom overcome without some general rooms, appropriated respectively to the inevitable." sacrifice. To know how these jarring ele- ladies and to the gentlemen of the company. We trust that the remainder of Mr. Eberg'* ments are to be composed into harmony, re- There is, however, an universal desire for the days may be as happy and prosperous as the quires almost the experience of a life. The distinction of separate rooms, and sometimes goodness of his heart and kindness of his disflatteries, the compliances, the power of diplo- an express article of the engagement provides position – (unembittered and unchanged by macy, requisite to effect this object, are infinite for this question. The manager, as already the thousand trials to which he has been ex. Decision and address are indispensable: to be mentioned, engages the performers and selects posed during his unfortunate “ Seven Years”) too uncompromising is dangerous, but to be too the performances; but his occupations, like as that period was unlucky and annoying. accommodating is worse. The opera being at his anxieties, are infinite. The engagements, length, with whatever sacrifices, put in a way it need not be now said, are attended with in

Dr. Walsh on the Gnostics. of representation, is announced, and when pre- numerable difficulties. This would be less the

[Third notice: conclusion.] sented, the composer presides in person at the case were the negotiations conducted between“ Another of this device (says Dr. W. repiano-forte the three first nights of its appear- the manager and performer, alone, without the ferring to the gem described at the

conclusion ance. The number of performers requisite to intervention of third persons. But the crowd of our last notice) is rendered still more a perfect company for the presenting of operas, of foreigners, by whom both singers and dancers curious from the circumstances connected with is now less definite than formerly, the dramatis are usually surrounded, frustrate numerous en. it, which were communicated by Colonel Bel. personæ being in quantity more arbitrarily in-gagements. Patientless doctors, amateurs, and ford, in whose possession the gem now is, troduced into the piece. The present establish- idlers, haunt the houses of the performers, some and who had it from his father. Immement (May 1828) is constituted as follows :- of whom obtain an influence over them equally diately after the battle of Culloden, the bag.

Mlle. Sontag.

convenient to themselves and injurious to First woman soprana

gage of Prince Charles Edward fell into the managers. Generally speaking, performers are hands of the Duke of Cumberland's army, and Second ditto

not unreasonable in their own expectations, Mle. Brambilla. self-love, and excite them to make the most Belford, who took it. Among the rest was a but the hangers on of their suite flatter their many private and curious articles in his cabinet

came into the possession of the late General Signor Porto.

De Angeli. preposterous demands. The people who thus stone set in silver attached to a ring, which
Zuchelli. labour against the interests of a theatre, obtain proved to be a Gnostic amulet. It is highly
Pellegrini. nevertheless the greatest facilities of benefiting probable that the superstitious prince had ob.

themselves through it, by the number of orders tained it on the continent, as a charm, and

which, by means of the performers to whom carried it as a protection in the hazardous enThe chorus consists of sixteen men and twelve they attach themselves, they are enabled to terprise in which he was engaged. It is a women singers, who receive annually together give away, thus acquiring a degree of consider- ruby blood-stone: on one face is the figure between six and seven hundred pounds. The ation among those whom they oblige. The represented on the former, having the serpenballet department comprises, a first and second performers are the more liable to influences of tine feet turned both to the same side as the ballet-master, and the following principal per. this kind, from their general bospitality to shield ; and the whole form evidently threatenformers:

their own countrymen here, from among whom ing hostility. In this attitude of offence it First male dancer (at present)

they generally select some favourite who ma- represented Mars; and so seems an appropriate nages their concerns, and is consulted on every emblem for the occasion on which it was used.

undertaking,-persons who occasion the more The next is the angel Michael, having the First female dancers

difficulty, from not being the ostensible parties legend MIXAHA over his head. On the oppoMad. Lecompte. to treat with. These individuals usually form site face are the words AVNAMIC MIXAHA, the Mle. Copere.

a part of the family, are included in the invita- might or power of Michael. These circum.

tions given to their superiors, and hence ac- stances allude to the extraordinary powers and Second dittorioso

Angelica quire many opportunities of advancing their functions conferred on angels by the different

own interests. The mode of life which ob- Gnostic sects, from Simon Magus downwards.

tains among The corps de ballet, comprising the dancers of

the artists of the stage with whom They all held, as we have seen, that angels inferior rank, consists of sixteen men and the my experience has brought me in contact, is, were the fabricators or architects of the uni. like number of women. Connected with the liberal and handsome, in proportion to their in-rior to Christ himself; and this opinion was

with a few exceptions towards either extreme, verse, and Cherinthus affirmed they were supebusiness of the stage are the

comes. Both here and abroad I have been agree, so early entertained, that the apostle Paul

Head tailor-Head mantua-maker-Wardrobe keeper -Draper ably entertained at their houses, and at Paris I thought it necessary to warn the Colossians

met at the table of Madame Pasta, including against the seductions of those who came in The dresses are, at least in the estimation of Rossini, almost all the musical talent of the place. foreigners, whether in the opera or ballet, a She had a beautiful villa at Neuillé, where I

• We congratulate Mr. Ebers on the success of his subject of great moment, and of frequent dis- also visited her, and found a similar assemblage. benefit and wok, to the former of which every body agreement, as every singer or dancer has an Many of the performers are persons of con- went, and the latter of which every body buys. But almost invincible abhorrence of sparing the siderable talents and acquirements; their mode how small, in comparison with his great losses, are the

proceeds to be derived from these! Surely sounething treasury, by making use of any dresses al. of life, and frequent migrations to and from more might still be done in the higher quarters, and ready in the wardrobe, however excellent, the principal cities of Europe, and perpetual amongst those who have derived so many favours from every one choosing to exercise his own taste change of society, give an ease and life to their him, when in his power to oblige. We hope his old in the adaptation of his garb. The dresses conversation. Their foreign tastes and habits We have no doubt of this fact. Several charms, &c. naturally introduce the dressing-rooms, the

were found among the Stuart papers brought from Italy

• We beg our readers will notice this piece of absurdity, a few years ago, and direct proofs of the prince's belief in Tegulations of which, as established by the l of which we should not have conceived any lady capable''their etlicacy. -Ed. L. G.

Mad. Pasta.
Mad. Caradori.
Mad. Castelli.
Mad. Schutz.

First contralto.......
Second ditto .........
First bass.
Second ditto
Basso cantante
First tenor ........
Second ditto ...........****.
Third ditto .....


Second ditto ..........

Mons. Albert.


Mad. Anatole.
Mlle. Brocard.

Mlle. Louisa.

La Vasseur.


for the inen-Ditto for the ladies.

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comunittee will take these remarks into consideration.

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the religion of the angels,' boasting, as Ter- neither of which naturally belongs to it. The became in a short time numerous enough to tullian says, ' that the angels were the arti. winged figure on its back seems one of the afford a plausible pretext for confounding the ficers of nature. They further said, as Theo. Gnostic angels, the architects of the universe, sacred mysteries of the Gospel with the gross doret affirms, that the law was given by them, directing the solar course, and so guiding the and fantastic perversion of them, and identifyand no one had access to God except through world. The gem which follows is of an ing the open and pious Christian with the oba them. Hence we find on the Gnostic gems the unusual form; that of the scarabæus, or beetle. scure and impious Gnostic. We kuow that names of numbers of their angels. But the chief The insect is not cut on the stone, but the this prejudice was very early and very generally and most highly venerated was Michael, the arch- stone is formed into the shape of the insect ; excited. When St. Paul arrived at Rome after angel; insomuch so, that oratories were erected and on the convex back is represented Isis, or his shipwreck, the first character he heard of to him in Asia Minor, where divine honours the Egyptian Ceres, reclined beside the Nile, Christianity was, that every where it was were paid to him. The gem which follows with two vases of Egyptian corn, the emblem spoken against.' This account of the evangebelongs to the class of muro uogpor, or those with of vegetable fecundity, naturally expressed by lists is confirmed by the Gentile historians. dogs' heads. It represents figures on both faces symbols of the sun's rays and the Nile. An Suetonius calls the Christians men of a strange which very frequently occur on the Gnostic re- amulet of Isis was held in great sanctity: the and malicious superstition. Tacitus says they mains. The first is the Egyptian deity Anu- wearer hoped to obtain by it, according to were convicted of a hatred to the human race, bis, who was worshipped with a dog's head in Kircher, every thing that related to the earth, and detested for their fagitious conduet. Ara variety of forms, and his name inscribed on a as fertilised by the Nile - an abundance of nobius affirms that the Gentiles believed Christ number of different figures. Nor was his earthly goods. This stone is without an in- to have been a magician, and that all Christians worship confined to that country: he was con- scription. The one that follows is also without equally practised magic. Nor were these residered by the Greeks and Romans the same as an inscription. It represents the union of two ports confined to the Gentiles; the Jews were Mercury, and is therefore called by Plutarch persons, for whose protection and happiness no less industrious in circulating them : they Hermanubis. He is for this reason represented the amulet was intended, and consists of real asserted that Christians ate their own children with the symbols, and as performing the func- and emblematic figures. The two which fol- at their hidden mysteries, and we have seen tions, of Mercury, holding a caduceus, and lead- low are medical amulets. The first is engraven that the practice of the Gnostics sanctioned ing souls to heli; and so he is described by on a convex piece of schist. It represents an this imputation ; that they considered women Apuleius. All these circumstances are recognised ibis standing beside an altar. For the bene- to be common to all men—a tenet openly and exhibited on various gems of the Gnostics. fits supposed to be conferred by this bird avowed by Epiphanes, son of Carpocrates ; and -On the opposite face of this stone is the on man, it was adopted by the Gnostics as that they mixed in promiscuous intercourse at figure of a female, with her finger on her lips. one of the emblematic figures ; and the amu- their secret feasts a custom which we know The Egyptians imagined the deity Harpocrates, let of the ibis was used in different diseases, was common to all the Gnostic sects. Hence who presided over silence, and was always re- particularly against affections of the head. one of the eloquent advocates for the cause of presented as inculcating it by holding his fin. -The next represents a combination of three Christianity in the earliest ages, complains ger on his lips. It has been seen that Basi- heads, that of an elephant joined to human that they were charged with three offenceslides imposed silence as a necessary part of the faces. The elephantiasis was at this period impiety to God, suppers of Thyestes, and the discipline of his sect; and hence the symbol of a very loathsome and mortal distemper. It concubinage of Edipus. But the account given silence is frequently found on the Gnostic gems, was so called, because the body, but particu- by Minutius Felix of the charges brought under different representations of Harpocrates. larly the face, was covered with blotches and against the whole Christian church, is not -Conneeted with Anubis is the following repre- papulæ like those of the elephant. Quintus contined to vague and general rumours, but it sentation of Mercury, the form under which Serenus, the Basilidian physician, who de- is so minute and particular, that it seems to he was worshipped by the Greeks. As Anubis scribes the disease, also prescribes the cure, carry with it a conviction that it was as true as was supposed to be Mercury, and had his which he says is the juice of the bark of the it was detestable. “When a novice,' said his adsymbols and functions assigned him, so alter- cedar tree. In the gem here presented is the versary, is to be introduced into a participanately Mercury was supposed to be Anubis,

and head of an elephant, holding in his probosis tion of Christian rites, an infant covered with is thus exhibited on the Gnostic gems. He is the branch of a tree, whose foliage exactly meal or flour is placed before him. The novice, here depicted sitting, as if resting from his active resembles that of a cedar, which alludes to the not knowing what was beneath, is desired to labours. He has all the symbols of Mercury disease and mode of cure; and the faces an- strike, which he does till he kills the child. It about him; but what particularly distinguishes nexed are intended to represent those of the is then drawn forth, the blood licked, and the him is his three legs, one of which is without patient, when diseased, and when cured of the dismembered limbs eaten by all present, in a winged buskin, indicating that it belongs to remedy.—The last is highly characteristic of order that the consciousness of guilt might bind his other form. Fulgentius says that legs were the Gnostic sects, as they were depicted by together the novice and the initiated to silence under the particular guardianship of Mercury. contemporary writers. It is in the form of a and secrecy, by a common participation in an He is here identified with Anubis, by the seal-ring, and probably worn as such. It was atrocious act. A day is then set apart for a initial letters An in the legend. The next is a obtained from a soldier who brought it from general celebration of their mysteries, and at representation of Anubis and Mercury united, Egypt, on the return of the English army the appointed time they assemble together and exhibited together in the same body under from that country. The surface is covered sisters, parents, children, relatives of all degrees, a double form. The gem which follows is with Gnostic figures and characters, inter- and of all ages and sexes. After the feast and a representation of Jupiter, according to the spersed with priapi, phalli

, and other obscene wine had caused an excitement in the company, unmixed mythology of the Greeks and Romans. emblems, confirming all that Christian histo- a hungry dog is tied to the only candelabrum We have seen that Simon Magus was repre- rians have written on the obscenity of these in the room; he is offered meat by some of the sented by his disciples under the form of this impure and mysterious Christians, who, in the company, and springing forward to seize it, he god, and it is highly probable that this gem words of the Apostle, “ crept in unawares, upsets the light, and the company are left in was fabricated by his particular followers.. turning the grace of God into lasciviousness.' the dark.' The remainder of the passage is On the opposite side is a very curious inscrip- “ It was the particular fate of Christianity, not fit to translate, though it is given in the tion, and the only one existing, found in that and it adds another proof of the miraculous language of one who was sincerely a Christian, form. The letters are arranged so as to repre. interference of Providence in its preservation, and as chaste as he was pure in his life and sent the coil of a serpent; and though the that its first promulgation should be accom- writings, but who was compelled to pollute his figure of the reptile is omitted, his image is panied with conceptions so extravagant, and pages with the foul charges of his adversaries, preserved in the inscription, which is as fol- conduct so flagitious, as that of some of the in order to refute them. lows :

ZABEPBEBEPEIBACACIPACIPBPIHIO-sects in the first ages; and that it had to over. " The Heathens availing themselves of the CEMECIAAM.—The gem which follows repre- come, not only the persecutions of its enemies, odium excited by the conduct of the Gnostics, sents an angel guiding a crocodile with two but the evil reports caused by its friends. The speedily commenced a persecution against the heads. The crocodile, like sundry other ani. Heathens not knowing otherwise, or wilfully whole Christian community. It was in vain mals, was converted by the Egyptians into an seeking occasion to excite prejudice against the that the early fathers exposed the opinions and emblem to represent the sun; and this arose,“ new faith,' did not fail to impute the extra- practices of these sectaries, and endeavoured to perhaps, from the fanciful idea, that the animal vagance of the Gnostics generally to all Chris- disentangle themselves from all connexion with has 365 teeth, the number of days in the year, tians; and unfortunately the sect met with them, by contrasting their conduct and opinions and so indicating a solar revolution. In the such acceptance, and its wild opinions and with the pure doctrines and blameless lives of gem annexed, the crocodilu has two heads, licentious practices were so congenial to the real Christians. If,' said Athenagoras in his

5. Ausonius calls him siyansen, from Gryn silence.. understanding and temperament of the people energetic address to Aurelius Antoninus, the Epist, to Pauli"

among whom they were circulated, that they crimes objected to us be really true, and we are capable of committing them, spare' none of us by Montfaucon, and the new ones now first ( of its being per se a very well-arranged and of either sex, but slay us and our wives and exhibited by Dr. Walsh, it occurs forty-two finished piece of perspective. We observe that, children, till you eradicate a race of human times. It was in fact the great ABPACAS IAW, in order to prevent any interruption of the beings who live after the manner of beasts. or god of the Gnostics, and stood for the visible view, the organ and other accidentals are supBut if these charges against us are unfounded representation of his divinity; and the Gentiles, posed to be removed—a judicious feature in the rumours and empty calumnies, it is your duty who supposed that all Christians were Gnostics, piece. The view of the College Gateway, and to institute an inquiry, and ascertain what our imagined this being to have been their god one end of the Grammar School, is also exlives and opinions really are.' These and also. In striking a memorial, therefore, of cellent; and the figures introduced (two schosimilar appeals were disregarded or disbelieved; their destruction, Diocletian naturally assumed lastics in blue petticoats) very characteristic:-and the Heathens pretended that they were not this figure as a representation of the deity of blue they are, though the engraver's ink leaves merely justified, but called upon to extirpate a the Christians ; he places him on his coin their tint a question. The next subject is race that, besides being disaffected to the go-naked and divested of his weapons, and Ju- a representation, and a very faithful one, of vernment, were of a nature too gross and flagi- piter, the deity of the heathens, armed with the College from the great yard : and the fourth tious to be suffered to live. As Christianity his thunderbolt, dashing him down and tramp- displays some antique furniture belonging to therefore expanded itself, it soon began to suffer ling on him as he did on the Titans, who had the same venerable establishment. The plates those persecutions which had been predicted by equally, but as vainly, striven to dispossess him have only one fault; and that is to be ascribed its Divine Author; and at length an effort was of heaven.

to the publishers : we mean the dedications in. made, under Diocletian, to extirpate the reli

scribed at the foot of each, which injure the gion of Christ, so extensive and persevering,


neatness of the tout. We would say, " let this that nothing less than a divine interposition An Exposure of Religious and Civil Despotism, be reformed altogether" in future. seemed to have preserved it from total extinc- &c. &c. 8vo. pp. 169. By Thomas Parkin. Of the literary part of this number we have tion. The manner in which this was carried London, 1828." Wightman and Cramp. not room to say a quarter of what it deserves : on, is evidence that the perpetrators thought This volume, is a strange farrago de omnibus it is as interesting as it is full of research. they were exterminating an impure and fero- rebus et quibusdam aliis. The prophecies of Part is from the erudite pen of Dr. Hibbert, cious race of Gnostics, to spare whom would be Daniel, Paul, and John, form its foundations; and as such needs no further recommendation; mercy misplaced, and an injury to society. In but the superstructure defies analysis. The and the remainder is well worthy of such sosome instances axes were blunted on their Roman Catholic church is denounced as the ciety. Finally, we recommend the work to all mangled limbs, and their executioners so tired locusts foretold, and the Protestant church as lovers of the fine arts, and to antiquaries in with slaughter, that it was necessary to send the tails of locusts, both devouring as much general, confident that those who are led by for fresh men and new implements to complete as can be wrung from the earth and its in our observations to acquaint themselves with the work of destruction. It appears also by habitants. The author appears to be a strong. it, will thank us for the introduction. the coin struck by Diocletian' to commemorate headed, wrong-headed man, whom “ a little their extirpation. The figure which is there learning,” and some fanaticism, have prompted ORIGINAL CORRESPONDENCE. intended to represent Christianity is the very to print a book that may be esteemed a curi.

Paris, July 18, 1828. Abrasax, with serpentine feet, found upon their osity in its kind.

MADAME ADELINA CATALANI lately made gems, and represented as their god ; and thus

her début in the part of Isabella, in the Ita. we see this single sect and its impure idol My Early Days. Second edition, improved. liana in Algeri : she was loudly cheered

on her bringing destruction on the whole Christian 18mo. pp. 196. Edinburgh, Oliver and first appearance, but enthusiasm cooled con. church !”

Boyd: London, Whittaker.
We see no reason, in the improvements, to Neither her voice nor appearance were suited to

siderably, notwithstanding French gallantry. retract the praise we bestowed on the first the character she had undertaken; nor can edition.

she in any manner be compared to the queens Plain Sermons, preached in a Village Church of song who have preceded her : so that the

By a Country Clergyman. 12mo. pp. 317. Italian Opera will be much abandoned, unless
London, J. Hearne.

fresh forces arrive.
THE humble title of this volume of excellent Astronomers, jealous of the enjoyments of
moral and practical lessons for a parochial mortals, have endeavoured to embitter them,
congregation, does not conceal from us the in predicting the destruction of the earth by
writer of finished education, and endowments fire in the year 1832: but these gentlemen
equal to his piety. It is dedicated to Lord having ceased to be considered oracles, their
Arden, and, we presume, by his son.

discoveries will little impede the progress of

pleasure ; and even were the prophecy credited, Historical and Descriptive Acoount of the Cold it would scarcely affect a nation who never

legiate Church, the Free Grammar School, take sorrow by the forelock, nor permit fear for and Cheetham's Hospital. Part II. 4to. the future to damp present gaiety. “Be merry Manchester, Aqnew and Zanetti ; and Ains- to-day, for tomorrow we die," is the creed worth, London.

they adopt; and though we splenetic beings We have just had time to look over the con- may ridicule their levity, as we term it, in the tents of this new Part of a publication, the first long-run the laugh turns against us ; for while

Part of which we have, in a previous Number, we are measuring out and weighing evils, they favourably noticed. The continuation now are reaping the little good there is. Still, before us has every claim to be spoken of in however, there are a few exceptions to this the same tone of approbation.

philosophy, if we are to believe the on dit of We are afraid, that with purchasers of topo- the day. Some gentle frail ones have been graphical works the graphic is apt to supersede frightened out of their seven senses (if senses in interest the literary part of the production. they had), owing to the inflammable forebodings

We are not inclined to quarrel with this pre- of messieurs the star-gazers; and, in their terror disposition, and hope it may not unfrequently of being fried alive, have taken to devotion at tend to desirable results, in leading those who least ten years sooner than the epoch usually are attracted by the labours of the engraver to assigned for renouncing follies in favour of pay an attention, which they might not other- prayers,—to the despair of noble wooers and wise have bestowed, to the researches of the sighing swains, who find themselves left in

author. On this account, we will first men the lurch for father confessors : these spiritual The above fac-similes, copied from the work, tion the plates in this Part, which are four in guides, it is to be hoped, will indemnify the represent the reverse of the coin struck by number, engraved by Pye.

fair penitents for the sacrifice; and, indeed, if Diocletian, and a Gnostic gem. The human The first, from a design by Palmer, is really fame renders justice, no men possess in so high forms with serpent-like feet are evidently in a very interesting production, and represents a degree the talent of consolation, and the art tended to represent the same being in both, and an Interior View of the Nave of the Collegiate of healing Cupid's wounds, as the wearers of it is that which is found most frequently on the Church at Manchester. This conveys an ex- the calotte. According to some sages, tender gems of this sect. Among those formerly given cellent idea of the original - independently consciences have had å false alarm, As there


D. A. M.

2 3 38 10 4 42 18 2 46 24 17 28 31 16 38

still remains ample time for sinning and re-proposition has been lately made to secure a country; and in passing a narrow neck of land, penting, ere the globe explode. Selon eux, a home for ambulating poor, and provide work which at low water connects the Moro with the comet can never seriously affect a planet. for the most robust : but all partial plans are Continent, the commandant and six or seven

Philhelenism is all the rage, therefore Greeks but drops of benevolence in the ocean of men (perhaps one or two more) were killed by are à la mode, and ladies are proud to have misery; and no one seems inspired with feel. the Columbians, in a fair attempt to repel the them at their soirées: this proves their bon ings of general good, or to really desire a sally: goût, -as many of that nation here are the per- system, which would assure the common com. The cold blooded massacre of 1300 men, as fection of "manly beauty." I met with se- forts of life to all; - at least those who pro- related by your author, is either the fruit of veral at a bon-ton soirée, dressed in the costume pose such, are looked on as mad, and as ene- his own invention, or, to judge more charitof their country, which sets off natural ad- mies to the higher classes, who calculate their ably, of his reliance on the relation of others : vantages : they appeared totally unconscious elevation by the depth of others' wretched- but if such be the general character of his deof their superior personal charms, for, unlike ness.

tails, it is well for him that he writes anonyEnglish and French dandies, the mirror never Booksellers in London appear very dilatory mously: It is, however, but justice to say, attracted their attention, nor did I once ob- in sending over new works. “ Pelham" has that his after-statement of the murder of a serve them either twisting their mustachios had a kind of partial fame here, owing to a young Spanish captain and three men, is, in or admiring themselves ; this they wisely left few stray volumes which have crept into Paris ; most respects, but too true. for others. To judge from appearances, these but at none of the libraries can it be had. I I have, sir, no other motive for this intrustrangers looked the free people, and we the have not read it, but have heard it panegyrised sion on your attention, than a wish to guard slaves; for while their garments hung in by Frenchmen, who consider it one of the the public against such needless fabrications. graceful folds, and permitted them to breathe, best critiques on modern society which have I have the honour to be, &c. we seemed palpitating and convulsed into appeared ; and I know not whether the GEORGE LAVAL CHESTERTON, shape and form by dint of stays, straps, laces, author will esteem as a compliment its being

Late Captain of the Colombian Army, pins, stiffened cravats, wadded coats, and all the said, that the role of pick-pockets is so ado paraphernalia of modern toilettes, which are mirably described, that he must have been one such impediments to grace of motion. Amongst of the party himself.

ARTS AND SCIENCES. the foreigners was a young Athenian, whose fine The famed poet Lamartine, whose muse is features and noble expression of countenance worthy of comparing with that of Byron, is, I were such as might inspire painters and sculp- understand, soliciting an ambassade, for which 20th day – passes close to the bright star

8th day-the sun enters the constellation Leo. tors : he evinced his surprise that a general cos- ambition men of talent do not forgive him; Regulus; and the earth, as

seen from the tume was not adopted in Paris, as a means of but, it appears, the vulgar stare and envy of weaning men and women from the constant the multitude possess an all-powerful charm, sun, is proceeding through Aquarius. occupation of dress ; nor could he be made otherwise such a genius could never support Lunar Phases and Conjunctions. to understand how a continual variation of being cramped in political irons : after having fashion was conducive to the prosperity of soared so high, to desire to wade through ali

( Last Quarter, in Aries

New Moon, in Cancer commerce. The liberty women enjoy, also, the by-ways of intrigue, is inconceivable.

5 First Quarter, in Libra astonished him ; but a belle Française, of as

O Full Moon, in Aquarius much wit as observation, soon convinced him Recollections of Colombia, go. corrected.

(Last Quarter, in Taurus . that of all women, Europeans are the greatest

Kensington, July 22d, 1828. On the morning of the 9th day, about an slaves — from the cradle, dissimulation being SIR,–As you cannot be supposed to vouch for hour before sun rise, a very beautiful comthe leading principle : our very language, she the correctness of statements given in your bination of the moon with the planets Mersaid, is equivocal ; and so accustomed are we to columns as extracts from any work which you cury, Venus, and Saturn, may be observed in mould our sentiments as society judges fit, review, it is, perhaps, hardly reasonable to ex- the N.E. by E. in the constellation Cancer that we at length lose the faculty of thinking pect that you should, in every instance, lend Saturn and Mercury to the north, and Venus or reasoning : few of us ever make acquaintance your valuable pages to the refutation of ca- to the south of the moon ; these latter will with ourselves, as our entire life is occupied lumny, exaggeration, or direct falsehood. be similarly illuminated, each exhibiting a fine “ à sauver les apparences, a task not very When, however, the last is of a most aggra- crescent, the moon waning to her disappear. easy, yet it is ours until 'death finishes the vated 'description, and is circulated forno ance in the solar rays, and Venus expanding comedy.” Mammas and aunts appeared highly obvious reason but to minister to its author's to a full bright orb. 16th day, 17 hrs. - the displeased at such bold assertions,

and drew

their love of the sanguinary or of the marvellous, moon in conjunction with Jupiter. 20th day, daughters and nieces away, lest they might and particularly where its uncontradicted re- 22 hrs. 15 min. — with Mars. hear truth, and become disgusted with the ception is calculated to affix a deep stigma on 3d day — Mercury stationary.

9th day practice of disguise ; for if “our existence is a whole nation (which, though not distin. Conjunction with Venus. 12th day-Greata false nature,” it is rendered doubly so by guished for the merciful conduct of its wars, est elongation, and visible a short time before education : no one is, or dare be, themselves, should still not be wantonly accused of inhu- day-light, which is the most favourable time which, perhaps, may in some measure account man deeds never perpetrated), I think com. for seeing him, the atmosphere being clearer for the sameness of life, and the little origin- mon justice demands that some opportunity near the horizon before the rising, than after ality of mind which exists.

should be afforded of removing so unmerited the setting of the sun. 16th day, 15 hrs. Like all those who go in quest of pleasure, a reproach.

conjunction with ò Cancri. 17th, Ascending à quel prix que ce soit, I went to the fête of the The “Officer of the Columbian Navy," whose node. 21st, Perihelio. 28th, conjuction with Duke de Bordeaux, which was crowded for some work is noticed in your Gazette of last week, Regulus in Leo. hours, in spite of wind and weather. The attempts to shock his readers by the recital of 13th day – Venus 1 digit east illuminated, rain, however, prevented the waters playing, a deliberate murder of 1300 Spaniards, at the apparent diameter 52 sec. 18th, stationary. and many other projected amusements-s0 Moro of Barcelona, when that place was taken This planet will be twice this month in conthat altogether the day passed most dully. by General Urdenetta.-Now, sir, I was present junction with Saturn,- on the 13th and 31st The little duke was dressed en cuirassier, and at the capture of that city, and at the opera- days. This is explained from the combined reviewed his young troop, about thirty in tions (in part) against the Moro; and I boldly motions of the earth and the other planets, number, sons of soldiers, (the eldest of whom affirm, that no such occurrence ever happened which make them appear at one time to be did not appear above nine years old), which nay, more, I will assert, that if the salvation moving in the order of the signs, or direct, went through all the military evolutions with of their colonies had depended on the effort, and at another time, contrary to this order, or the exactness of veterans. It was by far the the Spaniards could not have collected 1300 rctrograde : the period of time in which the most interesting sight I witnessed ; for both men throughout the whole province of Bar.planets retreat in the zodiac, with the spaces the troop and its commander enjoyed un. celona, much less at a spot so little demanding they describe, vary according to their distance mixed happiness, looking not a little proud the services of a body thus numerous. and velocity; the earth moving between the of their uniform. Potiers performed in the The fact is, sir, the Spaniards (whose force orbits of the other planets, (at the rate of nineevening, and had the honour of exciting royal was very inconsiderable) did not strike their teen miles in a second of time) causes, to a laughter ; for which sin the poor comedian colours (as your author, to exhibit his own spectator who considers himself at rest, most will, one of these days, be denied Christian forbearance and generosity, avers), but set fire of those irregularities which are observed in burial, and sent to the infernal regions. to the works, wherever the process of ignition the motions of those bodies. The following · Beggars are now occupying the consideration was practicable, and then sallied forth to make table will exhibit more fully these interesting of philanthropists (if such really exist). Altheir way through the besiegers into the open I particulars :

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