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ately on their arrival, His Majesty signified as by the process. The public are, however, wish to hear them again ; and after their gainers, inasmuch as that by the present ar

LITERARY NOVELTIES. performance, was pleased to command their rangement they are enabled to see Miss Foote meeting of the inhabitants of Camberwell and its vicinity

Surrey Literary Institution. – On Monday evening a attendance at St. James's Palace on the fol. in the one, and hear Miss Stephens in the was held at the Grove House tavern, Camberwell Grove, lowing evening. The Masters Schulz have other, et ça vaut toujours beaucoup.

to consider a plan for the erection of a building in which

the Committee might conduct the affairs of the Institution brought over a newly invented instrument,

on a more extended scale than had been hitherto praccalled the Eol-Harmonica, which, in concert

ticable. The Rev. J. Vane, A.M. President of the Society,

VARIETIES. with two guitars, produces a most beautiful

took the chair, and was supported by many of the most

influential residents in the neighbourhood. and surprising effect.

The last bad Puns, &c.—Why is the com. The report of the Committee detailed at great length

pletion of the building of the King's New Pa- the financial state of the Institution, from which it apDRAMA. lace an event to be despaired of ? Ans. Be- peared that the income of the Society was fully adequate

to its annual expenditure upon its present establishment, KING'S THEATRE.

cause it has already had an untimely dome! and that very numerous advantages would result from the On Thursday night Pasta's benefit took place, Why is A the best letter in the alphabet for direction of a spacious and convenient lecture-room, with

library, reading, and conversation-rooms, &c. to defray and an overwhelming audience contributed to a deaf woman? It makes her hear!!

the expense of which it was proposed to issue proprietors' swell her receipts. Pasta and Sontag appeared A French officer, appointed to command a shares at 101. 108. each, the holders of which might

avail together in Otello and Desdemona, and were storming party, to which some of the Irish themselves of all the privileges of the Institution, without evidently performing out of their accustomed brigade belonged, was delivering his opinion gratulated the meeting on the highly prosperous condition walks. Pasta’s part (Otello) is the one usually on the question, whether it was the duty of of the Society, and urged the adoption of the plan as a assigned to Curioni ; and Sontag, in Desde- the commander, on such an occasion, to lead close, a subscription was entered into, and a considerable mona, could not have been placed in a situation the men, or direct them from the rear ;-and sum raised. less suited to her line of talent. Notwithstand - seemed rather inclined to think the latter most from the Latin of Lewis Holberg.--A Manual of Ancient

ing this, the performance went off well ; and, expedient for the benefit of the service. “Bah!” History, considered in relation to the Constitutions, Comindeed, the mere appearance of the two prime cried an Irish officer, “ I'll tell you what, merce, and Colonies, of the different States of Antiquity, donne together, being a sight,” was enough Colonel, It is a custom more honoured in the by A: H: L. Heeren, Professor of History in the University

of Gottingen: translated from the German, in corre to fill the house.* breach, than in the observance."

spondence with the learned Author.

In making the sewer across Piccadilly, the RETIVALS are the order of the day. At gable of the corner house in White-horse-street Drury Lane Colman's “ paw-pair" farce of the gave way; the renainder was, however, sup- Days at Killarney, 8vo. 16. bds-Bainbridge's Fly Fisher's

, .— Gay Deceivers followed on Saturday evening ported by props; and it was remarked, there Guide, second edition, 8vo. 168. bds.---Bennett's Fishes of Cong eeve's “ fie-fie" comedy of Love for Love. was no end to that house.

Ceylon, No. I. 4to. ll. ls. sewed.-Britton's Cathedrals, Were either piece sent in new to the theatre Why does a carter seem fonder of grief than 42, Gloucester, No. 1: ,128. sewed; Architectural Antiat the present day, how the licenser's red ink any other man in England ? He is always cry- nongate, Second Series, 3 yols. post 8vo. 11. 118. 6d. bds. and the printer's black would low in judgmenting, “ Come hither wo !”

-Jowett's Sermons, 2 vols. 12mo. 108. bds.-Stewart's against it! But the ancient and the dead may The surgeons et Horsemonger Lane have, it 36. bd. bds.-- The Mortimers: or, Vale of Machyullaeth,

Sermons, 8vo. 108. 60. bds.-Bartlett's Discourses, 12mo. sin with impunity.t Shakespeare's Taming is said, changed their professions, and turned 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 18. bds.-Atherstone's Fall of Nineveh, of the Shrew was revived on Thursday evening, blacksmiths. Their first work was in the way Poems, rep. s. 6d. bds.—Recollections of Royalty, by with music composed and selected by Mr. Bra- of Cast Irons.

C. C. Jones, 2 vols. 8vo. 1l. 58. bds.-Continental Travelham and Mr. T. Cooke, as a makeshift for the Among the causes lately tried in the King's ler's Oracle, by Dr. Eldon, 2 vols. fcp. 158. bds.—Pelham; airs of Mr. Bishop, whose “ linked sweetness” Bench, was the strange one of Knight v. Darke. 97, the Adventures of a Gentleman, 3 vols. post 8vo.

17. , was so “ long drawing out,” that the manager The damages were nominal.

Vol. III. 8vo. 148. bds.-Dialogues on Prophecy, 8vo. 148, lost his patience, and the composer gave up his Why did a fat fellow, dreadfully squeezed bds.-Village Plans and Domestic Sketches, 12mo. 58. bds. engagement. We will deliver our important in going in to the Opera, become very com- and Purchasers of wine, 12mo. 58. cloth.-Letters

from opinion respecting this revival in our next No. plimentary to the ladies ? The pressure made Cambridge, post Hvo. &. bds. The Cambist's ComAt Covent Garden the rival Aladdin has also him flatter.

pendium, royal 8o. 203. bds. been revived, with a label in his mouth like What is the slight difference between a that of the Black Bear in Piccadilly—“ I am warrior and an infant ? The one is in and METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1828. the original.” The Drury Lane opera having the other under arms.

May. been turned into a melo-drama, the Covent Price of Musical Talent. A letter from Thursday .. Garden melo-drama has been transformed into Vienna mentions, that the celebrated violin- Saturday

30.07 an opera. We do not think either has benefited player Paganini is giving concerts there, Sunday

47. • It is pretty well known, we believe, to all who

attend each of which brings him above 600 forins Monday: Mr. Ebers, was a loser to a fearful extent by this concern, this for the encouragement of those who do the Opera, and to many who do not, that the late manager, convention money, i. e. 6001. We mention Wednesday 14

71. and that his bankruptcy was the consequence of his en

Wind variable; prevailing N. and S.W. gagements connected with it. The responsibility of a lessee not pillage Mr. Bull.

Generally clear, a little rain on the 10th. of the Opera is so extensive, and the success of the best

CHARLES H. ADAMS. During the last few days Messrs. Stewart, Latitude...... 51° 37' 39" N. management so precarious, that any one who engages

3 51 W. of Greenwich. and fails in the perilous enterprise, is entitled to all the Wheatley, and Adlard, have been selling the Longitude.... 0 assistance that can be rendered him by those to whose very extensive and valuable library of Thomas tastes the undertaking was to minister. we think the late manager stands. His shipwreck has Edwards, Esq. of Halifax. We have seldom

TO CORRESPONDENTS. been a total one.

seen a more complete collection belonging to a The object of these remarks is to impress on our readers private individual; and some of the best


Declined, C. F. S. the justice of affording Mr. Ebers some slight compensa

Armigo's advice cannot be taken. What he and his tion for his losses, in the easiest and most appropriate way,

are finely illusti ted. The prices, though con- friends object to enables a journal to be at great expense hia benefit at the King's Theatre. The produce would siderable, have not appeared extravagant : the in obtaining variety of information, not the less valuable it is true, be trifling, compared to the amount of his losses ; sale continues.

. but it could not fail to be of service; and the testimony

X. Y. Z. at our office. it would afford of public sympathy would be worth some

The number of the new works that have

For the present we can only thank T. H. S. C. thinz: La Porte, who is, we believe, a liberal man, been published at the last Easter fair at Leip- We shall endeavour to reply to a number of correwould of course permit the use of the house, om being zig, as stated in the annual fair catalogue, spondents, who require private letters, in the course of the performers, would, we are sure, contribute their ser- amounts to 3234, viz. :-2852 books, including Vice gratuitously.

upon us at this busy period, will, we trust, be our The managers of foreign theatres, it is known, have

smaller works, as pamphlets ; 191 novels and apology, even to the most urgent of them. aid from their governments, under whose control and tales ; 37 dramatic pieces, whole collections The mass of interesting matters of a temporary nature, protection the theatres are, and are thus secured against counting each for one number ; 116 maps, relating to general literature, the fine arts, scientific prose here, it is because it is considered that the liberality globes, &c.; 33 musical works; 5 games. The the present

hour, has compelled

us this week to abridge of the public supersedes the necessity of such an arrange- books in foreign modern languages, exclusive our Review, though so largely occupied by one popular mrent. We should be glad to see this opinion confirmed, of the preceding list, amount to 336.

Pelham, the Croppy, Ward's Mexico, opportunity of practically evincing its truth cannot be works eminently good, Professor. Beck men- ably postponed besides many articles of a miscellaneous pointed out, we think, than the one we have suggestel. tions, Ehrenberg's Natural-Historical Journey character. We had fallen here into the vulgar error of believing in Egypt; Mailath's History of the Magyari

ERRATUM.—In the account of Captain Kater's paper ke was no more. While this was passing through the (Hungarians); Lancizolle's History of the Rise of the Literary Gazette, at line 34 the telescope of the press, however, a friend remarked to us, that George Col- of the Prussian Monarchy; Salvandy's History collimator is by mistake stated to be 40 inches long, which

nan the Younger could not possibly be dead yet, as he of King Sobiesky. The number of publishers been stated that its focal length is 8 inches, and its aperknew, from the best authority, that his publisher expected him to " and his Life" in the course of a few weeks. is stated at 401.Beck's Repertorium.

ture 1 inch and a quarter.


.... 11
.. 12


From 44. to 69.

33. 61.
33. 64.

48. 65.
38. 68.

Barometer. 29.84 to 29.85 29.96 30.03 30.11 30.00

30.03 30.11 30.16 30.18 30.16 30.12 30.06


As publication.


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J. RODWELL begs respectfully to acquaint THE COURTE GAME MATCH

UBSCRIPTION for the WIDOW of the

Just published, in 4to.
Connected with Literature and the Arts. History of Great Britain."

Vol. XXIII. containing the Articles Ship-Building The Naval History" by the late Mr. James, is too well known Spain-Steam-Engine-Surgery-Sweden-- Theory, &c. The UFFOLK STREET GALLERY.

to the Officers of his Majesty's Navy, and the Public in general, Subscribers, and the Public in general, are respectfully informed,

to require any eulogium. All the Reviews and other Periodical that this Work will be complete in Twenty-Four closely-printed Society of British Artists, The Fifth Annual Exhibition Publications, bear ample testimony to its merits, and to the talent 4to. Volumes, and will be illustrated with nearly 1600 beautiful for the sale of Works of Art by Living British Artists, is open and inflexible impartiality of its author. In the compilation of Copper-plate Engravings. daily, from Nine till Six, his voluminous History, Mr. James spent the best years of his

London: G. Jones, Ave Maria Lane.
Admittance, 1s.- Catalogue, le.

life, and prosecuted his arduous undertaking under ditficulties
JOS. CARTWRIGHT, Secretary. that few could have surmounted. Although he laboured under
Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East.
great pecuniary embarrassments, and although promises and

NCYCLOPEDIA METROPOLITANA. threats were exerted to subdue his moral courage, yet nothing

The Publishers Iave the satisfaction to announce, that GALLERY of SOCIETY of could induce him to swerve, for a moment, from his duty as an the 230 Part is ready for delivery, completing very nearly half of

the entire Work. East, is now OPEN every day, from Nine

till Seren.

The incessant labour of twelve years' unremitting application The Parts appear almost undesiatingly every Three Months, Admittance, 18.--Catalogues, 6d.

to his important History, added to the cruel disappointment and and those Persons who take in the Work regularly have already CHARLES WILD, Secretary.

loss which he experienced in the sale of an edition of his work the advantage of finding many of the departments quite com. lately published, on account of the failure of the Purchaser of the pleted. As the peculiar and original plan of this Encyclopedia

Copyright, induced a premature decay of body and mind, in appears not to be generally understood, a very copious Prospectus the most Illustrious Personages of English Bistory, from

in the prime of life, and, literally, of a broken heart! His wife, the Galleries of the Nobility, and from Public Collections, is now who with singular affection shared his anxieties, acted as his

A New and Improved Edition. open, at Messrs. Harding and Lepard's, No. 4, Pall Mall East. amanuensis, and was his only solace in sickness and in sorrow, is

Just published, in I thick vol. 3d edition, much enlarged Admittance, by Tickets only, which may be had on now left a widowed stranger in a foreign land, and is so entirely

and improved, price 158.
application as above,

destitute of funds, friends, and connexions, that nothing can save
her from all the severities of extreme poverty, but the generous

ODERN DOMESTIC MEDICINE; or, sympathy of the public, and of that profession in particular for J. B. LANE'S great PICTURE, whose service her affectionate husband dedicated his time, bis Causes, and most efficacious Treatment of all Diseases, embra painted at Rome, and by which he incurred the Cen talents, and his health, and tinally sacrificed his life.

. sure of the Inquisition, OPENS on MONDAY, at the King's

Sir GEORGE DUCKETT, Bart. Trustee.

nions of the most distinguished Physicians. Containing also a Mews. Entrance from Charing Cross.

Subscriptions received for Yrs, James,

copious Collection of approved Prescriptions, Medical Manage

ment of Children, Treatment of all Casualties, most effectual Admission, le-Explanation and Statement, 6d.

bo: Methods of rendering Assistance in cases of Emergency, Rules His Royal Highness the Capt. J. Sykes, R.N. 2 of Diet, Virtues and Doses of all Medicines, &c. The whole DEATH of VIRGINIA, a grand Duke of Clarence 5 0 Commander Buller

forming a comprehensive Medical Guide for the Use of the The Fon. P. Pasey 15 Clergy, Families, and Invalids. Broke, Bart. K.C.B.

'The Luke of Somerset 5 0 the “ Judgment of Brutus,") opened this Day at the Roman

By T. J. GRAHAM, M.D. &c.
10 10 W. B.

5 0
Gallery, in the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly,
Admittance, 1s.--Catalogue, Historical and Descriptive, with
Captain Sir Christopher The Hon. Captain W.

“We conscientiously recommend Dr. Graham's Treatise to the

public, and feel much pleasure in the certainty that it will Cole, K.C.B. R.N. 200 a Copper-plate Engraving, ls.

Wallegrave, R.N.

prove extensively useful. It is very far above the celebrated Capt. SirN.J. Willough- Capt. Vise, C.B. R.N.

Buchan's, and we shall preserve the volume as the advice of an Fall of Nineveh.

hy, C.B. R.N.

15 0 Capt. M. H. Dixon, R.N. 1 invaluable friend, to which we can refer in the hour of need,

50 0
Literary Fund Society

James Kinlock, Esq. 10 10
MARTIN'S PAINTING of the Subscriptions collected at

without any doubt of being benefited by its wisdom."-Literary Capt. Sir Michael Sey.

Chronicle. above PICTURE is now open to the Public, at the Sydenham

39 10 mour Bart. K.C.B.

“ In the opinion of a respectable physician, well known in our Western Exchange, Old Bond Street.

A Commander in the


5 connexion, it is enriched with much of all that modern practice Admittance, ls.-Catalogue, 18. From Nine O'Clock till Six.


Witby, Esq. 6o has ascertained to be valuable, and is not only incomparably The Mite of G. B. 10 10 Н. Н.


superior to Buchan's, but also to every similar work in our lan. The Hon. Capt. Edward SMITH will begin his

Lieut. Dredge, R.N. 11

guage."-Wesleyan Magazine,
H. A'Court, R.N.
5 5 Capt. Teaufort, R.N. 3 0

" It will be found a very valuable acquisition to the family

9. James Smith, Esq. 3 library; and no medicine chest, at home or abroad, ought to be Tuesday, May 27, at his House, 12, Bloomsbury Square. These s. V. Cox, Esq.

1 0 A Friend


considered complete without it." -Imperial Magazine. Lectures, Illustrated by Drawings, and founded upon the Arrange- Col. F. Sackville

25 0

Published by Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court, London, ment and Classification of the late Dr. Willan, form a practical Coarse of Instruction in Eruptive Complaints, and comprise a Subscriptions received by Messrs. Morhnd and Co.; and by

and sold by all Booksellers. Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smith, Bankers, London. full Detail of the Nature, Symptoms, and Treatment of those Diseases,

This day is published, price 28. Further particulars may be known by applying to Dr. Smith,


HE FOURTH GAME of the MATCH at his Residence above mentioned. The late John Kemble, the Admirers of the abore most beautiful Science, that burgh Chess Clubs; to which are added, numerous Variations

By W. LEWIS. Colnaghi, Son, and Co. Printsellers to the King, Pall Mall East, Specimens of the under-mentioned elaborate work may be seen

This is the longest and best played Game of the Match. beg leave to inform the admirers of the late Mr. Kemble, and at his House, No. 46, New Bond Street, and where Subscribers'

Printed for F. Setchel, 33, King Street, Covent Garden. the Amateurs of the Fine Arts, that they have nearly ready for Names

are received. publication,

His Majesty the Emperor of Austria having sent out to Brazil FULL-LENGTH PORTRAIT of this of collecting information in the various branches of Natural Hisa number of scientific persons, in the year 1817, for the purpose

VERMAN SPA, BRIGHTON. The great ACTOR, in the Character of Cato, from the tory, Dr. Pohl has published (by the authority and under the

Pump-Room is pow open for the Season. Hot Mineral much-admired Picture painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. immediate patronage of the Emperor) two Numbers of the Bota- Waters-Carlsbad and Eras. Cold ditto--Spa, Pyrmont, Eger, &c. &c. &c. The Print will form a Companion to the Portrait nical part of that collection, under the title of PLANTARUM Kreutzbrunnen, Seidschutz, Pullna, Seltzer, &c. of Mr. Kernble in Hamlet.

BRAZILIR ICONES et DESCRIPTIONES hactenus IN. Agents for the sale of the bottled Waters in London, J. and G. A Book to receive Subscribers' Names is now open at the EDIT.E.

Waugh, Chemists, 177, Regent Street; and R. A. Coward, 63, Publishers', in Pall Mall East.

“ The text is in Latin, the drawings (upon stone), by an able Cheapside; of whom Prospectuses may be had, containing An.

artist, are taken from the dried specimens, and are of the natural alyses of the above mineral springs. R. MARTIN'S ENGRAVINGS to

size of the plants. The distinguishing characters of the genera « We have particularly examined the apparatus employed in

are given in an accurate analysis. Four Numbers, each contain- the formation of these artificial mineral waters, and we have no ILLUSTRATE the "BIBLE,” “ PARADISE LOST," ing nine or ten sheets of letter-press, and twenty-five plates, will hesitation in saying that it is above all praise. We have

had &c. &c.

form a volume; and four volumes will complete the work. The splendid and sublime Compositions, Twenty-Six in Num.

the testimony of some talented physicians at Brighton, touching

The price of each Number, in small folio (plates plain), will be the eficacy of these waters in various chronic disorders of the ber, of this celebrated Artist, on Subjects of Scripture History, 158.; and on large folio, with the plates accurately coloured from viscera, and it is most satisfactory. We have also seen many padesigned and engraved in Mezzotinto on the Plates, simulta-nature, H. 48. neously and wholly by J. Martin, Esq. may be had collectively,

tients who had derived the greatest advantage from their use. or in separate Prints, on the following Terms:-

The large paper copies are only sold to subscribers, of whom a They are highly deserving of the patronage of the profession Prints 10. 6d. each; proofs 156. The Subjects of the first Number.

list, together with title and contents, will be given in the fourth generally, on account of their own intrinsic good properties, and Twenty-four are engraved on a smaller scale, by Mr. Martin.

The superior manner in which they are elaborated, at an enormous Prints 6s. each; and proofs 108. 63.

expense. In our next Number we shall give some further details

of these important auxillaries to medicine."-Medico-Chirurgical A List of the Subjects. Debrell's Peerage, with the new Peers, and new Plates elegantly

Review. 1. The Fall of the Rebel Angels-9. Satan on the Burning Lake

Engrared. 3. Satan arousing the Fallen Angels-4. Pandemonium--5. Satan In 2 vols. price 11. 88. boards, 17th edition, newly arranged and on his Throne-6. Sin preventing the Combat between Satan

considerably improved, of and Death-7. Heaven; Rivers of Bliss.-8. Satan viewing the Ascent to Heaven -9. Éve at the Fountain--10. Satan contem

EBRETTS PEERAGE of the United BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. plating Adam and Eve in Paradise--11. Satan aroused.-12. The Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

In 4 rols. Byo. 21. 2..
Angels guarding Paradise by Night-13. Adam and Eve; the London: Printed for Rivingtons, Egerton, Cuthell, Clarkes,
Morning Hymn-14. The Approach of the Angel Raphael-15. Longman and Co., Cadell, Richardson, Booth, Booker, Baldwin
Raphael con versing with Adam and Eve-16. Creation of Light and Co., Bagster, Hatchard and Son, Harding, Martin, Hamilton

and PORTUGAL. -17. Satan templing Ere-18. Eve presenting the Forbidden and Co., Parbury and Co., Lloyds, and Saunders and Hodgson.

By ROBERT SOUTHEY. Fruit to Adam-19. Adam hearing the Voice of the Almighty- *.* For the present edition, a new and very expensive set of

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street. 90. Bridge over Chaos--21. Adam reproving Eve-22. Heaven; Plates has been purposely engraved, on a larger scale, and of Rivers of Bliss-23. Approach of the Archangel Michael-94. much superior execution to any previously given. A considerable Adam and Eve driven out of Paradise-25. The Ascent of Elis delay has been occasioned by the Creation of several Peers at the N ANSWER to FABER'S DIFFICULjah-26. Christ tempted in the Wilderness. very moment it was ready for publication.

TIES of ROMANISM. Published by Septimus Prowett, 65, Pall Mall.

A new edition of

By the BISHOP of STRASBOURG, late of Aire. Debrett's Baronetage will speedily be pub

Translated from the MS. by the Rev. F. C. HUSENBETH. KING'S PICTURE of the WOLF

In 8vo. price 12s. lished.

Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard; Booker, New Picture, painted by William Mulready, Esq. R.A. has just been

Bond Street; and Keating and Brown, 38, Dake Street, Gros. exquisitely finished in the very finest Line Manner, by John This day is published, price Six Shillings, No. II. of

venor Square, London ; Bacon and Kinnebrook, Norwich. Henry Robinson, Esq. for the Benefit of the Artists' Fund. The Plate bas been in hand nearly five years, and its progress has been 'HE FOREIGN REVIEW and CONTI.

In 8vo. with Plans, 208. wholly under the superintendence of the Committee whose names

NENTAL MISCELLANY. are attached to the Plate; every Impression printed must neces. Contents.-I. Papal Domination in Spain-II. Chinese Novels

HE HISTORY of the PENINSULAR sarily be in a fine state, as the Committee pledge themselves that and Tales III. Lanzi's History of Painting in Italy-IV. Mora.

WAR. not more than 1000 Impressions shall be taken altogether, and lin's Poetical Works-V. Goethe's Helena–VI. Chateaubriand's

By WILLIAM F. P. NAPIER, C. B. that as soon as this number is completed, the copper shall be later Productions VII. Botta's Histories and Historical Vera.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Hall-pay, 431 Regiment. effectually destroyed. The profits arising from the sale of the city-VIII. Geijer's Records of Sweden: Northern Mythology

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street. Impressions, by the Committee, will be devoted to the Relief of 1X. Modern Roman Festivities_X. Kortum; Republican Con. Artists, their Widows, and Children.

federacies of the Middle Ages-XI. Moallaka; Arabian Poetry; The size of the Print is 18 inches by 23 high. Price Three State of Oriental Literature in Germany. Xii. Agathias; the

Just published, in vol. post 8vo. price 98. boards, dedicated Guineas. Of the Proofs there are now remaining unsubscribed Byzantine Historians-XIII. Navarrete; Discoveries of Colum.

to the Members of the Philharmonic Society, for, only Twenty-four on French paper, and six on India; for bus; Early Spanish Voyages_XIV. to XXVIII. Short Reviews these an immediate application is requested to be made by those of the Newest Foreign Publications.





H'STO Rox of the LATE WAR in SPAIN






MUSICIANS of GERMANY, giving some Account of desirous of possessing this splendid Engraving. The number of No. III. will be published in June.

the Operas of Munich, Vienna, Dresden, Berlin, &c. With Re. Prints being so limited, also renders an early application for them necessary, in consequence of the destruction of ihe copper.

marks upon the Church Musie, the Singers, Performers, and

London: Black, Young, and Young, Tavistock Street, Corent London: Published and sold by Moon, Boys, and Graves, Print

Garden; Bossange, Barthes, and Lowell, Great Marlborough Composers, the oul-ofdoor Enjoyments, and Surface of Society sellers to the King, 6, Pall Mell; also sold by P. G. Moon, Thread- and by all other Booksellers in the United Kingdom. Street; T. Clark, Edinburgh; lodges and M Arthur, Dublin;

in that Country.

By a MUSICAL PROFESSOR, needle Street

Printed for Hunt and Clarte, York Street, Covent Garden




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PELHAM - Adventures of a Gentleman. Eerste








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In : vols. foolscap, 158.
Vol. I. 8vo. price 155.

In 8vo. price 13. 6d.

N APOLOGY . for the SYSTEM of
By the Author of " Hajji Baba."


Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Translated by JULIUS C. HARE, M.A. and


of University College, Oxford, and of the Inner Temple. Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. In 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 6d. « The work which I here lay before the public is, as the first

Elegantly printed in 8vo. and embellished with a Frontispiece, "A complete gentleman, who, according to Sir Fop. fragments of the former have been incorporated." -Author's Pre

drawn and engraved by Martin, ling, ought to dress well, dance well, fence well, bave a genius face.

'HE FALL of NINEVEH. A Poem, for love-letters, and an agreeable voice for a chamber."--Etherege for John Taylor, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, Bookseller and Pub Cambridge: Printed by John Smith, Printer to the University,

By EDWIN ATHERSTONE. Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. lisher to the University of London; and sold by James Duncan,

Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, London. Paternoster Row.

A small Number of Proofs of the Plate have been taken, In 2 pocket vols. 158.

which will be sold separately. HE CONTINENTAL TRAVELLER'S

In 1 large vol. 8vo. 8d edition, price 18a, boards, ORACLE; or, Maxims for Foreign Locomotion.


Second edition, in 4 vols. price 361.

for the Greek Classics in general, but especially for the THE O'BRIENS and the O'FLAHERTY'S, Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. Septuagint, Apocrypha, and New Testament.

a National Tale.

4th edition, in : vols. post 8vo. price 188.
Also, by the same Author, in 1 vol. 8vo. price 6s. boards,

Author of the “ Wild Irish Girl," " O'Donnel," and
Tine History of Men of Genius, drawn from their own

« Florence Macarthy." A Greek Grammar, to enable the mere En.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. glish Scholar to study the Greek Language. Feelings and Confessions.

“ The student who is not neglectlul of his own benefit in the By I. D'ISRAELI.

most essential respects, will possess himself of the book, if in his Works published during the week by Longman, Rees, Orme, The 4th edition, with a Letter and Notes, by LORD BYRON. power. Its cheapness is only equalled by the beauties and clear.

Brown, and Green. Printed for Henry Colburn, B, New Burlington Street. ness of its typography, and in ihe grand point of accuracy it is MONITOR for YOUNG MINISTERS exemplary."--Eclectic Reviev.

of the GOSPEL, designed to lead them to correct Prin. In ! rols. 8vo. with Plates,

The Lexicon and Grammar may be had ciples of Mind and Conduct; in a series of Letters from a Pather E X ICO in 1827. together, in I vol. price 941. boards.

to a son, preparatory to his receiving Holy Orders. In 12mo. By H, G. WARD, Esq. Printed for James Dunean, 37, Paternoster Row.

price 7s. boards. Late his Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires in that Country,

The Pelican Island, in Nine Cantos; and Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

3d edition, comprised in 3 vols. price 318. 64.

other Poems. By J. Montgomery, 3 edition, in foolscap 8vo. E VERE; or, the-Man of Independence. price Bs. boards. In 1 vol. post 8vo. 108. 6d. boardı,

By the Auzhor of Tremaine."

An Essay on Wheel Carriages, containing a * De Vere' is one of th: ablest productions of its class which concise View of their Origin, and a Description of the Variety TION of a MANLY CHARACTER, on the three has ever been published. We have met no work of such extraor- now in use; with comparative Observations on the Safety of Grounds of Prudence, Morality, and Religion; illustrated by dinary merit." -Literary Cazette.

those upon Two and Four Wheels, and Remarks on the dangerExtracts from the Writings of the Elder Divines, especially from « The author of De Vere' has shewn his unquestionable title ous Construction of the present Stage Coaches. To which are Archbishop Leighton.

to rank among the true historical painters of manners and human added, Observations on the Mechanical Power and Operations of By S. T. COLERIDGE, Esq. nature."--New monthly Magazine.

Wheels, &c. &c. By T. Fuller, Coach Builder, Bath, Inventor London: Published for John Taylor, by James Duncan, 87, *** De Vere' will be regarded in the light of a precious legacy, of the Patent Shafts for Two-Wheel Carriages, and the Patent Paternoster Row; and sold by J. A. Hessey, Fleet Street; and from an artist of the very bighest order."-Monthly Review. Locking for those with four. In 8vo. price 78. 6d. boards. J. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

The Architectural Antiquities of Great Bri.

tain, by John Britton, F.A.S. &c. In 4to. Part VI. price 21. 2s. In 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 6d.

This Part contains 38 Engravings, with 36 Pages of Letter-press, R O U E. A Tale.

illustrative and descriptive. By P. F.TYTLER, Esq. F.R.S.E. F.A.S. &c.

** Part VII. will be published on the 1st of July, and the Vol. I. 8vo. 12s. including the Period from the Accession of « Were you, ye fair but cautious whom ye trust,

remaining Three Parts ai intervals of two months, by which Alexander III. to the Death of Robert Bruce.

So many of your ex would not in vain

means the whole will be completed in January 1829. The work will be comprised in Six Volumes, and come down

Of broken vows and faithless men complain."-Rowe. to the Union. Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. A Comparative View of the Social Life of

England France, from the Restoration of Charles the Second Brown's Philosophy of the Mind, with a

to the French Resolution. By the Editor of “Madame du Def. Portrait, Memoir, and Index, in 1 vol. 8vo. Il. le.

In 3 vols. post 8vo. price 11. 118. Od.

fand's Letters." In 1 vol. 8vo. price 134. boards. « An inestimable book."- Dr. Parr.

THIRD SERIES of SAYINGS and M“Culloch's Political Economy, 8vo. 128.

Domestic Duties; or, instructions to Young

Married Ladies on the Management of their Households, and the
His edition of
Fall of wise saws and modern instances." --Shakespeare,

Regulation of their Conduct in the various Relations and Duties Smith's Wealth of Nations, 4 vols. 8vo.

Printed for Henry Coiburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

of Married Life. By Mrs. William Parkes. In 1 vol. 12mo. 3d

edition, 104. 64. boards. 21. 324. 6d.

“The volume before us is one of those practical works which Chambers's Picture of Scotland, 2 vols. 8vo. Just published, byMessons. Saunders and 10.sley, Condust Street.

are of real value and utility. It is a perfect vade-mecum for the Plates, ll. ls.

HE ENGLISH in FRANCE.young married lady, who may resort to it on all questions of

household economy and etiquette. There is nothing omitted By the Author of the “ Bnglish in Italy."

with which it behoves a lady to be acquainted." - New Monthly only 61. 6s.

" These volumes comprise short tales and sketches of national Magazine. Hume's Philosophical Works, 4 vols. 8vo. character, drawn in a most

masterly manner. In tact, observa

Conversations on the English Constitution, el. 8s.

tion, and that keen perception which makes the merit of the de.

lineator of character, the author is eminently successful, and we In 12mo. price Bs. German Romance, Specimens of its Chief do not scruple to say, the volumes before us give a clearer insight

In the course of our conversations, I design, in the first place, Authors, by T. Carlyle, Esq. 4 vols. 8vo. 11, 168. into manners, customs, and the existing state of things in France, to present to you an historical sketch of the history of our consti

tution, from its rise at the Conquest, to its establishment at the Dupin's Mathematics, applied to the Arts ; than twenty volumes of travels." -Literary Gazette.

Revolution of 1688. Hasing given you a general historical sketch adapted to the Arts in England by Dr. Birkbeck, 8vo. 15 Plates,

8d edition, $ vols. post 8vo. price 21s.

of the constitution, I propose to examine, rather more in detail, 10. 64.

2. Crockford's; or, Life in the West, dedi. the character and history of the regal power and of the legislative Printed for William Talt, Edinburgh; and Longman

cated, by permission, to Mr. Peel.
and Co. London.

“ This is a work which must inevitably be rend every where. A New General Atlas, with the Divisions

It contains the most complete exposure of the gambling system, and Boundaries carefully coloured: constructed entirely from The Latin Poets, complete in One Volume. tbat has ever issued from the press."

New Drawings, and Engraved by Sidney Hall. Parts I. to VII. In 1 very large vol. medium 8vo. price 21. 21. or in Six Parts

Vide Times, Literary Gazette, Post, Chronicle, &c. &c.

printed on elephant paper, price 108. 64. each. To be completed at 78. each,

In I vol. post 8vo. with the crown and coronets printed in gold, in Seventeen Monthly Parts. ORPUS POETARUM LATINORUM.

and beautifully coloured,

Contents: Part I. France, Hindoostan, Russia_Part II. Prus. Edited by W. S.WALKER, Esq.

3. The Manual of Rank and Nobility, or, art iv. Turkey in Europe), Netherlands, Europe-Part V. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Key to the Peerage, containing the Origin and History of all the North Italy, Switzerland, Mexico and Guatimala, corrected from The Authors comprised in this Volume constitute the Whole various Titles, Orders, and Dignities, Hereditary Honours, Pecu original information, communicated by Simon A. G. Bourne, Esq. of the Classical Latin Poets, chronologically arranged, with brief liar Privileges, Heraldic Distinctions, Rights of Inheritance, who was employed by the Government to make Geographical Notices of their Lises. They are as follow

Degrees of Precedence, Court Etiquette, &c. &c. of the British Surveys- Part V1. Peru, Colony of New South Wales, Spain and Catullus


Nobility: with the Origin and History of the Royal Titles, Prs: Portugal - Part VII. England, China, Van Diemen's Land. Lucretias


Silius Italicus rogatises, Ceremonies, Great Officers of State and of His Majesty's

The Magazine of Natural History, and Jour-
Valerius Flaccus

Household, &c. &c. Collected from the best Authorities.

In 9 vols. 8vo. price 258.

nal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology. Propertius


4. Recollections of Royalty, from the Death be continued every two months, alternately with the Gardener's Ovidius


of William Rufus in 1100, to that of the Cardinal York, the last Magazine,") price 30. 64,

The different Departments edited by Gentlemen eminent in The Texts of the Corpus Poetarum have not only been selected lineal Descendant of the Stuarts, in 1807. By Charles C. Jones,

each. The Drawings of Botany and Conchology, by Sowerby; by the Editor from the best editions, but the Orthography and Esy, of the Middle Temple.

of Animals, by Harvey; of Trees, by Strutt; and the Engravings Punctuation have been by him reduced to an uniform standard.

on Wood by Branston. The greatest care has been taken to ensure correctness in the

Price 12s. boards,

The objects of this work are, to record every new fact belongprinting

ERMONS, designed to Correct some of the ing to the subject, to render every part of the subject interesting The peculiar advantages of this edition are, its portability and

to the amateur and general reader, to lead on the reader by deits cheapneas. The whole body of Latin poetry may now lie for

grees from the more elementary details to higher views and dis. reference on the table of the student, in a single volume, printed promote Christian Unity and Church Membership.

cussions, and to translate the technical terms, and Latin or in a type of great distinctness; to the scholar who is travelling,


Greek words used in natural history, as they occur, and to give this advantage becomes doubly valuable. The same works can.

Curate of Mere, Wilts, &c. &c.

the derivation and accentuation of all systematic names. not at present be obtained in less than twenty volumes. The Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, cost of the collection is below all example. The very lowest

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. price of a poeket edition of those Authors, who are here given

In 3 vols. post 8vo. entire, without the omission of a single line, is about six guineas.

In 3 vols. post 8vo. price 11. 118. 6d.


a Novel. In the common Delphin editions, they amount to eight gaineas.

By the Author of English Fashionables Abroad."

" Then gay ideas crowd the vacant brain, even of the text only, of the Latin poets.

• Romance. London: Printed for James Duncan, Paternoster Row; Parker,

By A. E. BRAY, late Mrs. C. STOTHARD,

While peers, and dukes, and all their sweeping train,

And garters, stars, and coronets appear,
Oxford ; and Deighton and Son, Cambridge.
Author of “ De Foix," « Letters written during a Tour

And in soft sounds, your grace,' salutes their ear."—Pope.
through Normandy and Brittany," &c.
In 12mo. price 41. bound,
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orine, Brown, and Green, London.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,
PROSODY; or, an Introduction to the Scanning and
De Foix; or, Sketches of the Manners and

In 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 113. 6d.

A Tale of 1798. Making of Latin Verses, with Corious Exercises, in the Heroic, Customs of the Fourteenth Century. An Historical Romance. Elegiac, and Lyric Metres, designed for the Use of Schools. In 3 vols. post 8vo. price 11. 7s. boards.

By the Author of“ Tales by the O'Hara Family," &c. B, G. H. HOLIDAY, Teacher of the Classics, &c. *** De Foix,' and the White Hoods,' may be consulted as very

** The uncivil kernes of Ireland are in arms." Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, pleasing and rery faithful chronicles of the elder day."- Quar.

King Henry VI. and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. terly Review, No. 74.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

Walt's Bibliotheca Britannica, (111. 115.) TH


SERMONS; designed to correct name of



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SALATHIEL, story of the Past, the


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2 M



A Synopsis of Aldrick’s Logic, beautifully brilhenge Heignando also the History of letteraturte, Douglas, new edition, revised and abridged, by the Rev. W.

In 8ro. 45. 6d.
In 8vo. with a Portrait, 148.

Nearly ready, in 1 vol. small Bro.

and OPINIONY of the late DR. SAMUEL PARR,

INFLUENCE of the SOUTHERN COAST of ENGPrinted for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. from 1747 to 1807; with Biographical Notices and Anecdotes of LAND, more especially that of Hastings, with Observations on many of his Friends, Pupils, and Contemporaries.

Diseases in which a Coast Residence is most beneficial.
In 8 vols. post 8vo. Il. 116. 64.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

2. On Deafness; its Causes, Prevention,

and Cure. By John Stevenson, Esq. Surgeon, Oculist, and AuPresent, and the Future. Just published, by John Harris, at the Original Juvenile

rist, to H. R.H. the Dute of Clarence. I vol. small 8vo. Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, Xev Burlington Street.

Library, St. Paul's Churchyard.

Printed for Henry Colbum, 8, New Burlington Street.
In 1 vol. 4to. with Map and Plans, 31. 38.

GRAPHY-the « Latter Ages."

Nearly ready, in a pocket volume, price 71, 64. the 3d edition of THE MARQUESS of LONDONDERRY'S


The Third Division of this Epitome includes the History of
Europe, from the Invention of Printing to the present times. Horses and Carriages, in the easiest and most economical man-

containing Rules for Purchasing and Keeping, or Jobbing
" We have no hesitation to say that we have read nothing de- Illustrated with 94 Engravings, price 71. 6d. half-bound.

ner, vi

accurate Estimates of every Expense occasioned therescriptive of any portion of the Peninsular War, at all to be com- 2. Beginnings of European Biography—the by: Also an easy Plan for ascertaining etery Hackney Coach pared, in point of interest and important information, with the “ Middle Ages.". The Second Division of this Biographical Fare. By JOHN JERVIS, an Old Coachman. Polume now before us. On the whole, this narrative bids fair sketch contains the History of Europe during the Middle Ages, The whole revised by WILLIAM KIT CHINER, M.D. to take its place among the few works which are destined to or from the Revival of Learning under Charlemagne, to the

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. survive the age in which they were compiled."-Blackwood's

Invention of Printing. Illustrated with 24 Engravings, price Magazine for May,

78. half-bound. Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

On the 20th instant will be published in postavo. price 6s.

PUFFIA D. A Satire.
" Early Ages;"

or, Sketches of the Lives of Eminent Persons of
In 8vo. price 15s. boards,
those 'i'imes. The period comprehended in this volume is from

“ Faugh! how these rank puff's 'stink i' the nose.

“ A subject fair and free, Illustrated with 24 Engravings, from appropriate Designs, price

"Tis yours, 'tis mine, 'lis public property." --Churchill. literally Translated into English Prose, from the Greek

Printed for Samuel Maunder, Newgate Street.
Gs. half-bound.
Text of Brunck, with Notes, the ed edition, very much im.

The Three Parts present to the reader One Hundred Lives,
Oxford : D. A. Talboys; and Longman, Rees, Orme,
containing in their relation, a Series of Important Events in the

In a few days, 8vo.
Brown, and Green, London.

History of the World, during the growth of Modern Europe, and

bringing into review those Men who have been instrumental in
Where may be had
these various changes.

in Lieut.-Col. NAPIER'S HISTORY of the PENIN

SULAR WAR. 2. Euripides. The Hecuba, Orestes, Phe- 4. Beginnings of British Biography ; being By PERCY VISCOUNT STRANGFORD. nician Virgins, and Medea of Bu literally Translated into the Lives of One Hundred Persons eninent in English History.

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street. English Prose, from the Text of Parson, with Notes, 3d edition, Illustrated with 48 Engravings.. By the Rev. Isaac Taylor, Au. revised and corrected, 8vo. 88. boards.

thor of “ Scenes of British Wealth," kc. Price 126. 2 vols. half3. The Hippolytus and Alcestis of Euripi. bound.

On the 1st June will be published, des, literally Translated into English Prose, with Notes, 8vo.


Turner's History of England. 45. 6d. boards.

By the Rev. W. MARSH, M.A.

In 10 vols. Bro. price 61. lis. boards, 4. Aristophanes. The Comedies of Plutus

2d edition, newly arranged, with some additional Arguments, HE HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the

price 31, and the Frogs, literally Translated into English Prose, with

Earliest Period to the Death d Henry VIII.

Printing by Swinborne and Walter, Colchester ; sold by Baldwin

and Cradock, London; and by all Bookselleri. 5. The Rhetoric of Aristotle, literally trans- Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Bown, and Green, London.

of whom may also be had, lated from the Greek, with Notes; to which is added, an Analy.

of whom may be had, by the same Author, separately, 1. Select Passages from the Sermons and
sis of Aristotle's Rhetoric, by Thomas Hobbes, of Malmsbury;
with Notes, 8vo. 193. boards.

The History of the Angb-Saxons, compris. Conversations of a Clergyinan, by one of his Hearers. ad edition,

ing the History of England from the farliest Period to the Nor. price 38. boards. The Oxford English Prize-Poems, beauti-man Conquest, 6th edition, 3 vols. 8vo

s. 58. boards.

2. The Criterion; or, Rules by which the

The History of England during the Middle True Miracles recorded in the New Testament are distinguished fully printed in 1 vol. 58.

Ages, comprising the Reigns from Wiliam the Conqueror to the Spurious . printed on a Sin Sheet of royal paper, price only ls. 6d. Poetry, Religion, the Progress to the Reformation, and of the Marsh, M.A. price Bs. boards.

Language of England during that Penod. 2d edition, in 5 vols. 3. The Bible Advocate, and Doctrinal Ex.
In post 8vo. price 9s. 6d. boards, with a Map of the
Byo. 31. boards.

Island of Madeira,

The History of the Reign of Henry the This volume comprehends the most important evidences of the AMBLES in MADEIRA and in POR- Eighth ; comprising the Political History of the Commencement divine inspiration of the Holy Scripturan a variety of interesting

TUGAL, during the early Part of 1826. With an Ap- of the English Reformation; being the First Part of the Modern particulars relative to their several moslations; and an historipendix of Details, illustrative of the Climate, Produce, and Civil History of England. 2d edition, vas. 8vo. price 11.6., boards. cal, doctrinal, and practical epitome of the same. Also several History of the Island.

useful tables, and upwards of 200 theological subjects, in Latin Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

in 8vo. 101. boards, the 4th edition, much enlarged, of

and English, for the use of young students in divinity. By the
and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
HE ELEMÉNTS of PHYSIOLOGY, Christianity, and a map of Palestine & boards.

Rev, M. Seaman. Demy 18mo. with chart of the progress of
whow may be had,

*ranslated from the Latin of the 4th edition of PRO Twenty-Six Views in the Madeiras, executed PESSOR BLUMENBACH, and supplied with copious Notes.


Nearly ready, editions in French and English, in Tvo Parts, on Stone, by Westall, Nicholson, Villeneuve, Harding, Gauci, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and Physician to, and

8vo. 141. &c. From Drawings taken on the Spot, by the Rev. J. Bulwer, Lecturer on the Practice of Medicine in, št. Thomas's Hospital. price 31. 38.; or proofs on India paper, 41. 45. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

(M. Savary), Ministre de la Police sous Napoleon. Donovan's British Zoology.

Of whom may be had,

Ecrits de sa main.
Published by C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and Transactions of the Medical and Chirurgical

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.
Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

Society of London, Vol. XIII. Part II. 185. boards.

To Travellers in Italy. INSECTS, with elegantly coloured Plates,

In 2 large vols. 8vo. price 11. 124. boards,

Nearly ready, in : vols. small 8vo, the 2d edition, enlarged, of
In 16 vols. royal 8vo. price 241. 16s. boards; or in 64 Parts,

at 78. 6d. each.
froin the German, with Notes.

and CURIOSITIES of ROME, from Personal Obser. The Natural History of British Birds, with

By the Rev. Dr. WAIT,

vation, made during a Visit to Italy in the Years 1818-19. With of St. John's College, Cambridge.

Illustrations from Ancient and Modern Writers. coloured Plates, by the Same, in 10 vols. royal 8vo. price 181. in

By the Rev. EDWARD BURTON, M.A. Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, boards, or in 40 Parts at 9. each.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

Late Student of Christ Church, Oxford. The Natural History of British Fishes, with

Printing for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and coloured Plates, by the Same. 'In 5 vols. royal 8vo. price 101. 10s. Mrs. West's New Novel.-In 2 vols, price 16s. boards,

Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. boards, or in 20 Parts at 104. 6d, each.

By the Author of a "Tale of the Times," &c. &c.

Nearly ready, in : vols. post 8vo. with coloured Plates, by the Same. In 3 vols. royal 8vo. Price Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

MARRIAGE in HIGH LIFE; & 8. 89. hoards, or in 19 Parts, at es. each.

Of whom may be had,

The Natural History of British Shells, with
Letters to a Young Man, 3 vols. 12mo.

Edited by the Authoress of " Flirtation. cbloured Plates, by the same. 'In 5 vols. royal 8vo. price 77. 155.

"I was compelled to her-but I lote thee 11. l.. boards. boards; or in 30 Parts at 78. 64. each.

By Love's own sweet constraint. The Volumes and Parts of each Wort are sold singly, Emir Malek, Prince of the Assassins; an

Printed for Heary Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street
for the convenience of Purchasers.

Historical Norel of the Thirteenth Century. In 3 vols, 19mo.
price 184. boards.

Nen Bdition, complete in One Volume
In 2 vols. 8vo. price Il. B.. boards,

Next week will be published, in foolscap 8ra. price 106. Gd.
CONNEXION of SACRED and PRO. Second edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. with Portraits and fac-similes, THE COURSE of TIME; a Poem, in
PANE HISTORY, from the Death of Joshua to the

price 28.

Ten Books. Decline of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, (intended to complete the Works of Shuckford and Prideaux.).



The 4th edition. By the Rev. MICHAEL RUSSELL, LL.D.


Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgb, and T. Cadell,
Episcopal Minister at Leith.

Comprising his Correspondence with Lord Byron,
Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and

Strand, London.

Mr. Shelley, &c. Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by Bell and Bradfute, and

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.

Nearly ready, in 1 vol. 4to. with Maps and numerous Plates,

In foolscap 8vo. price 85. 6d. Miss Mitford'. New Volume.-In post 8vo. price 9s.



Characters, &c. &c. Vol. III.
Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and

By J. CRAUFURD, Esq. P.R.S. late Envoy.

T. Cadell, Strand, London.

Printed for Henry Colbam, 8, New Burlington Street. Author of « Dramatic Scenes," “ Foscari," a Tragedy, &c. &c.

Printed for George B. Whittaker, Ave Maria Lane.





The Natural History of British Quadrupeds, RINGROVE; or, OldFashioned Notions.





ECORDS of WOMAN, with other Poems. SIAM and COCHIN CHINA OUR

UR VILLAGE; Country Stories, Scenes, RE

In 1 vol. 18mo. price 8s. the 2d edition of



TICAL, on Select Portions of Scripture.


Minister of St. George's Church, Edinburgh.
Pripted for William Blackwood, Edinburgh ; and T. Cadell,

Strand, London.


Nearls ready, in 9 vols. 8vo. 188.
King of England,

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

LONDON: Printed for the Proprietort, and Published every

Saturday, by W. 4. SCRIPPS, at the LITERARY GAZRTTI
OFFICE, 7, Wellington Street, Waterloo Bridge, Strand,
and 7, South Moulton Street, Oxford Street; sold also by
J. Chappell, se, Royal Rechange; B. Marlborough, Ave Maria
Lane, Ludgate Hill; A. Black, Edinburgh; Smith and see
Glasgon; J. Cumming, Dublin'; and Saulelet and Co. Paris

J. MOYES, Toot's Court, Chancery Lane.



of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c.

This Journal is supplied Weekly, or Monthly, by the principal Booksellers and Newsmen,

throughout the Kingdom ; but to those who may desire its immediate transmission, by post, we recommend the LITERARY GAZETTE, printed on stamped paper, price One Shilling.

No. 592.

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 1828.


| at this day in most parts of the Turkish em- nople. Should the Russians ever approach and REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS.

pire through which I have passed, both in Asia lay siege to the city, a supply of water will be Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople and Europe."

its first object. In its present state, if the beto England.

Dr. Walsh took as companion a Swiss rene- siegers cut off the communication with the For this very entertaining and apropos volume gado, but of good character ; his name was bendts, which it is to be presumed they would we are indebted to the pen of Dr. Walsh, a gen- Mustapha, and he was a Tartar janissary at- do in the first instance, the city could not hold tleman of great and various acquirements, who tached to the English palace. Previous to set- out for a week. It appears that the sultan was Chaplain to Lord Strangford, our Ambassa- ting out, we have some curious information has prudently supplied it with corn; it is prodor at Constantinople; and who, on leaving relative to the Jews in Constantinople, who are bable he will clear out the cisterns, and supply that city, performed a journey through the represented as being most inveterate enemies to it with water also. country now so interesting, as the theatre on the Greeks and their insurrection. This peo- 66 The city of Constantinople (he goes on to which the fate of Turkey is about to be decided ple, when driven from Spain, to the number of state) is built on a triangular promontory, proby its Russian invaders. To such a publica- 800,000, sought refuge in the East. “ They jecting into the sea of Marmora ; two sides are tion it will be felt that we cannot pay our de settled at Salonichi, Smyrna, Rodosto, and washed by the sea, and the third is that which voirs too early; and we are gratified at having other large towns, where they, at this day, connects the triangle with the main land, and it in our power to analyse its most striking form an important part of the population. At may be called its base. These sides were all parts, for the benefit of our readers, before the Salonichi they have no less than thirty syna- well fortified with walls, which still remain, work itself can have issued from the press. In gogues. But the principal division of them though in several places so dilapidated as to be the present instance we shall address ourselves came to Constantinople, and were assigned a incapable of any defence, without great reparachiefly to those statements which bear upon large district, called Hassa Kui, to inhabit, tion. The whole circuit is estimated at more the approaching contest and throw light upon where they form a community of 50,000 per than twelve miles; the side washed by the the character, relative positions, and prospects sons. The Turks call the different people who harbour, three; that washed by the sea of the potent combatants.

reside under them by names indicative of the Marmora, four; and the base (i. e. the wall and Dr. Walsh set out from Constantinople on estimation in which they hold them. The fortifications) five miles: extending from sea to the 28th of October, to traverse the route which Greeks Yeshir, or slaves, as they were con- sea, and terminating in the Seven Towers." Darius pursued in his memorable expedition sidered to have forfeited their life at the taking The narrative continues to rise in interest. against the Scythians 2300 years ago, and that of Constantinople, and hold it ever since on “We now arrived at the Top Kapousi,* or Gate which the Russians have already taken, and sufferance; the Armenians Rayas, or subjects, of the Cannon, which was the gate where Ma. are again taking, in their march against the as they were never a conquered people, but homet entered the devoted city. It is called Ottoman Porte. Like an agreeable traveller, merged insensibly into the population of the Top Kapousi, because the Turks have set over he tells us, as he proceeds, many anecdotes empire ; but the Jews they call Mousaphir, or it some large globes of granite, such as they use suggested by the different places which he visitors, because they sought an asylum among for balls in their immense pieces of ordnance ; visits; he revives recollections of ancient his-them. They treat them, therefore, as visitors, and they have placed them here to commetory; he illustrates the numismatics, geo- with kindness and hospitality." All the sub- morate the spot where they entered and took graphy, botany, antiquities, &c. that occur jects of Turkey, who are not surks, are loosely possession of this capital of the Christian world. throughout his path ; and his classical allu- called Rayas.

At some distance, in front of this gate, is an sions fill up the measure of what is justly styled The author also notices a different matter in artificial mound, called Maltepe, which I pleasant reading, in way at once so copious Constantinople, which may form a feature in ascended. The summit commands a magni. and amusing, that we admire the extent of his its immediate destinies. We allude to a cis. ficent view of the city, the sea of Marmora, and information, and are delighted by his fashion tern mentioned by Gillius, which Dr. Clarke the country for a very great extent all round of communicating it. It resembles the easy searched for in vain, but which our author dis. it. Here it was that Mahomet displayed the and unconstrained conversation of a person of covered, and found it exactly as described by standard of his prophet, and directed the attack great natural and cultivated talents; and variety him. “ We entered (says he) a private house, on this side.” The author then expresses his and instruction are the results of the out. descended a deep flight of steps, and found our- admiration at the resistance offered by the pourings. Without further preface, we come, selves on the borders of a subterranean lake, disheartened Greeks, which he imputes to the however, to the journey, the Pisgah of which extending under several streets. The roof was genius and spirit of one individual, and says : is not of the most tempting kind.

arched and supported by 336 magnificent mar. That one man was Constantine Palæo. “ Conceive (says the author) travelling ble pillars ; a number of tubes descended into logus. The name of Constantine occurs more through a country in winter, where, generally the water, and supplied the streets above ; the frequently than that of any other in the his. speaking, there are no roads, no carriages, no inhabitants of which, as Gillius justly observes, tory of the lower empire: it was borne by inns, no suppers, and no beds! The only did not know whence the water came—' In- fourteen emperors ; but they were all marked roads are beaten pathways, made by one horse-colas ignorare cisternam infra ædes suas posi- by imbecility, except the first and the last_he man and followed by another, and every man tam.' Of all the reservoirs which the prudent who founded the empire, and be in whom it may make one for himself if he pleases. The precautions of the Greek emperors established, terminated. The details given of this teronly carriages are wooden planks, laid upon this is the only one which now exists as a cis mination, and of the character and conduct of rough wheels, called arubas, drawn with cords tern; and such is the apathy and ignorance of him who endeavoured to avert or delay it, by buffaloes, which are seldom used except for the Turks, that they themselves, it appears, are particularly affecting; and his devotion burdens. The only inns are large stables, did not, in the time of Gillius, three hundred of himself to the cause of his country, when where nothing is to be had but chopped straw. years ago, and do not at present, generally it could no longer be preserved, and seeking The only suppers are what you may pick up on know of its existence. The Turk through death in the midst of his enemies, are worthy the road, if you are so fortunate, and bring it whose house we had access to it, called it Yeré of the best ages of Greece or Rome. The to where you stop for the night; and the only batan Sarai, or the Subterranean Palace; and breaches which remain in the wall for a con. beds are the chopped straw in the stable, or a said, that his neighbours, whose houses were siderable extent, near this Top Kapousi gate, deal board in a cock-loft over it; and even this, also over it, did not know any thing about it. and which the Turks have never since repaired, in many places, is not to be had. There are, Indeed, from the state of neglect in which the This gate, we observe, from a good map of Constandoubtless, exceptions to this general picture, as walls and every thing about it appeared, it tinople and the adjacent territory, is about the centre of I myself experienced ; but, in the main, it is seemed probable that it had not been visited or harbour to the sea, and is the northern line of defence, true : and such is the actual state of travelling & repaired since the Turks entered Constanti-L and indeed the whole land defence, against attack.-Hil.

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