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MATERIALINDICA.; or, some Account

leur William Towhouse, Esq. MR. MARTIN'S PAINTING of the web ustionably the most important to the Indian practitionet;





Illustrations of the Passes of the Alpe, by William Brockedor.

This day is published, in 3 vols. 880. price ul. boards, ADVERTISEMENTS.

Just published, No. 11. of Connected with Literature and the Arts.

of ALPS,

of those Articles which are employed by the Hindoos, INCORPORATED LITERARY FUND line!

ture: comprising also Formulx, with practical Observations, To be had of the Author, 11, Caroline Street, Bedford Square; Names of Diseases in various Eastern Languages, and a copious SOCIETY, under the immediate Patronage of his Ma- Rodwell, New Bond Street; J. and A. Arch, Cornhill; Carpen- List of Oriental Boots immediately connected with general jesty. The Thirty-Ninth Anniversary Festival of this Society ter and Sort, Bond Street; Colnaght and Son, Pall Mall East; Science, &c. &c. will be celebrated in Freemasons' Mall, on Wednesday, the lath F. G. Moon, Threadpeedle Street; Simpkin and Marshall, Sta.

By WHITELAW AINSLIE, M.D. M.R.A.S. of May, when tioners' Court; and Walther, Brydges Sireet, Strand.

Late of the Medical Staff of Southern India. His Grace the DUKE of SOMERSET, the President of the Institution, will take the Chair.

Numbers I. II. III. IV. and V. containing Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London, The presence of such Noblemen and Gentlemen as are fa- the Passes of the Little Saint Bernard, the Mont Genevre, the traordinary circumstances, great learning, industry, and research, vourable to the objects of an Institution so immediately, con.

Mont Cenis, the Mont Saint Gothard, and the Great Saint Ber- could hare enabled any man to accomplish. Besides that the nected with the interests of Literature, is respectfully solicited nard, may be had as above.

contents of these volumes will be found, ve doubt not, of the on this occasion.

Price, imperial 8vo. 168.; royal 4to. plaint, ll. 46., royal 4to: first professional value; they supply to the philosopher and gene STEWARTS.

India, 11. 118, 6d.; imperial 4to. before the letters, 21. 25.; and ral reader a vast fund of information respecting the Hindoo comThe Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Winchester. colombier folio, with Etchings, 61.69.

munity, that is important and highly curious."onthly Revier. The Right Hon. Lord Francis Lereson Gower, M.P.

« Of all the works which have issued from the medical press of Sir John Stuart Hippisley, Bt. T. Crofton Croker, Esq.

The Fall of Nineveh.

our Asiatic dominions, the Materia Indica' of Dr. Ainslie is Sir William Clayton, Bart.

Col. Geo. Fitzclarence
W.H. Ainsworth, Esq.
John Adolphus, Enq.
Dr. Lushington, M.P.
FALL of NINEVEH will be open to the Public on

whether we regard the research
S. J. Arnold, Esq.
Samtiel Maunder, Esq. Monday, May the 19th, at the Large Room in the Western Ex- the novelty

of the materials on which he has expended such proFrancis Baily, Esq. F.R.S. Major Moor, P.R.S.

change, Old Bond Street. Admission, from Eight o'clock till digious labour."-Medico-Chirurgical Rerien. Rev. R. H. Barham, M.A. Samuel Sotheby, Esq.

Dusk, Richard Blanchard, Esq. Mr. Sherifl'Spottiswoode, M.P.

The Print from Mr. Martin's Picture of the Deluge, corre- Just published, in 1 thick rol. 8vo. double columns, 146. boards, J.S. Buckingham, Esq. Edward Williams, Esq.

sponding in Size with the Belshazzar's Peast, will be published Henry Butterworth, Esq. carls in June. Proofs before the letters, 10 Guineas; proofs

DICTIONARY of MEDICINE, Tickets, 20s. each, to be had of the Stewards; also of Mr. Snow, after the lettera, Five ditto; prints Two Guineas and a Half.

designed for popular Use, containing an Account of at the Chambers of the Society, No. 4, Lincoln's Inn Fielda; and large scale, from the Painting of the Fall of Nineveh, and hopes Medicines, &c. Bere

Mr. Martin is about to commence an Engraving, upon a very Diseases and their Treaiment, with Directions for Administering at the Bar of tbe Freemasons' Tavern. Dinner at Six precisely. to complete it early in May 1829.

By ALEXANDER MACAULAY, M.D. Proors before the letters, 20 Guineas; proofs after the letters, Pellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and Phy. 10 Guineas; prints Five Guineas.

sician-Accoucheur to the Edinburgh New Towa Dispensary. UFFOLK STREET GALLERY. Subscribers to both or either of the Prints, may write their

“ We have seen nothing of the kind more opposed to quackery, for the sale of Works of Art by Living British Artists, is open Allsop's Terrace, New Road.

" His volume is indeed a model of a work for popular use, emi. daily, from Nine till Six.

The Proofs will be delivered to Subscribers in the order of nently judicious and practical, and neatly and tersely written. Admittance, lo.-Catalogue, lo.

their Subscriptions.

We know not a safer manual of medicine in our language." JOS. CART IVRIGHT, Secretary.

Scota Times. Suffolk Street, Pall Mall Bast.

The Right Hon. The Earl of Eldon.

“ We can say with perfect confidence, that it is decidedly the Preparing for publication, by Coinagbi, Son, and Co. Print- most useful book of the kind which has yet been offered to the sellers to the King, Pall Mall East, a Portrait of

public."-Caledonian Mercury. THE RIGHT ŽON. EARL of ELDON, understood by the common reader, but we believe will be very

" His concise treatises on diseases are such as will not only be duate of Oxford, and late Private Tutor to a young Noblemau, residing upon his cure in a most healthy situation on

&c. &c. &c. dedicated, by permission, to His Majesty, useful to the junior practitioner."-Edinburgh Courant. the North Road, betwixt London and York-takes into his house

after a Picture by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. engraved in the Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees, Six Pupils, and has now two vacancies. Terms 801. per Annum, Line Manner, by George Doo, Esq. First proofs, on India paper,

Urme, Brown, and Green, London. no extras. The highest references will be given.

31. 34. ; proofs on French paper, 21. 25.; prints ll. ls.
For Address, apply, post paid, to the Publisher of the
Literary Gazette.
The late John Kemble.

4 New and Improred Edition, Colnaghi, Son, and Co. Printsellers to the King, Pall Mall East, Just published, in 1 thick vol. 3d edition, much enlarged Price Seven Shillings and Sixpence, No. 111. of beg leave to inform the admirers of the late Mr. Kemble, and

and improved, price 155, THE FOREIGN QUARTERLY

the Amateurs of the Fine Arts, that they have nearly ready for ODERN DOMESTIC MEDICINE; or,

publication, CELLANY.

FULL-LENGTH PORTRAIT of this Causes, and most enticaciou. Treatment of all Diseases, embra. Contents:-Art. I. Gall and Spurzheim; Phrenology--II. Ita

great ACTOR, in the Character of Cato, from the cing all the Modern Improvements in Medicine, with the Opi. llan Comedy; Not-I11. Wace's Romance of Rollo and the much-admirel Picture painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. nions of the most distinguished Physicians. Containing also a Dukes of Normandy-IV. Rey on the Judicial Institutions of &c. &c.

&c. The Print will form a Companion to the Portrait copious Collection of approved Prescriptions, Medical Manage: England and France-V. Bohemian Literature--VI. Portugal- of Mr. Komble in Hamlet.

ment of Children, Treatment of all Casualties, most effectual VII. Magnusen, the Edda Doctrine and its Origin - Vill.

A Book to receive Subscribers' Names is now open at the Methods of rendering Assistance in Cases of Emergency, Rules Turkey-Ix. Binond's Travels in Italy and Sicily--X. Moldre.

Publishers', in Pall Mall East.

of Diet, Virtues and Doses of all Medicines, &c. The whole -Critical Sketches :- XI. D'Arlincourt's Ismalie_XII. Bon.

forming a comprehensive Medical Guide for the Use of the stetten on the Etrects of Climate--XII1. French Proverbs

The night lon, Robert Peel, M.P.

Clergy, Families, and Invalids, XIV. Champollion on Egyptian Hieroglyphics-XV. Parisian In a few days will be published, by Colnaghi, Son, and Co.

By T.J. GRAHAM, M.D. &c. Public Institutions - XVI. Technological Dictionary - XVII. Printsellers to the king, Pall Mall East, a Portrait of “We conscientiously recommend Dr. Graham's Treatise to the Brienpe's Memoirs--XVIII. Niccolini's Antonio Foscarini- THE RIGHT XIX. Heine'. Travelling Sketches. XX. Meyerberg's Travels

HON. R. PEEL, M.P. public, and feel much pleasure

in the certainty that it will in Russia-XXI. Kaeuffer's Greek Testameni-XX71. Orelli's &c. &c. &c. dedicated, by permission, to His Majesty, Buchan's, and we shall preserve the volume as the advice of an Latin Inscription XXIII. Markland Statius, new edition, c. Turner, Esq. Price of the first proofs, 31. .; proofs with Without any doubt of being benefited by its wisdom."--Literary

after a Picture by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. engraved by invaluable friend, to which we can refer in the hour of need, Repertorium Bibliographicum.-Miscellaneous Literary Notices, the letters, 21. 96.; prints 11. 1o.

Chronicle. No. 111.-List of the principal Works published on the Conti.

“ In the opinion of a respectable physician, well known'in our nent, from November, 1827, to January, 1828.

Le Déshabiller.

connexion, it is enriched with much of all that modern practice The much-admired Print of

has ascertained to be valuable, and is not only incomparably Month. Published by Treuttel and Co. Foreign Booksellers to the

noth, and published by J, Bulcock, 163, Strand. Proofs

guage."-Wesleyan Magazine.

«lt will be
King, 80, Soho Square.
76. 6d. each; prints os.

a very valuable acquiation to the family "Mr. Woolaoth hat again chosen a subject congenial with his considered complete without it." -Imperial Magasine.

library; and no medicine chest, at home or abroad, ought to be Just published, price 88. 6d.

taste and tinishing, which are gentleness and delicacy. The Published by Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court, London ; HE PAMPHLETEÈR, No. 57, contain-climax to so graceful a subject, the huse is esquisitely formed.

and told by all Booksellers. 1. Beamer on the Power of the Court of Chancery to Deprive a with persons of good taste."-Atlas.

Price 2. Od. Father of his children. Brougham's Speech on the State of « The artist has succeeded in presenting a very faithful deli. the Lav-. Lord Rossmore's Letter on Catholic Emancipation neation of an engaging female undressing, without betraying any -4. Channing's Analysis of the Character of Buonaparte-5. On thing at which the most chaste could take offence. The coun.

of PHRENOLOGY; being the Substance of a Paper the Corn Question-6. Farren on the Report of the Finance Com- tenance is full of innocence and sweetness, the attitude natural read at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Royal Medical Society mittee.-7. Senior's Introductory Letter on Political Economy and graceful, and the execution of the engraving is most skilfulls

of Edinburgh, -8. Merewether on Agriculture, Poor Laws, Waste Lands, &c. done." -Atheneum.

By THOMAS STONE, Esq. -. Sir E. Wilmot on the Increase of Crime-10. Potter's Letter

“Nov mark how a plain tale shall put you down."-Shake pedre. on the Systems of Education-11. Bird's Letter on the Extension In the course of May will be published, Part XI. of

Printed for Maclachlan and Stewart, and Charles Smith, EdinOnthe Jurisdiction of Magistrates-19. Necessity of a close Allie ELECT VIEWS in GREECE; engraved kinson, Glasgow.

burgh; T. and G. Underwood, London; and Robertson and Alce between England, France, and the Netherlands. & Sold by Simpkin and Co. London; and all other Booksellers.

in the best Line Manner, from Drawings Two Numbers of the Pamphleteer are published annually.

By H. W. WILLIAMS, Esq. Edinburgh.

Lately published, the 5th edition, improved, 56. 04.
Containing-No. 1. Castri, the Ancient Delphi, from the sup-
In 8vo. price 16. 64.
posed Remains of the Temple of Apollo.

RT of PRESERVING the SIGHT 2. Part of Mistra, the Ancient Sparta.

unimpaired to extreme Old Age, and of re-establishing HE CHRISTIAN REMEMBRANCER; a. Mountain Scenery in Albania.

it and strengthening it when it becomes weak; with Obsexrations 4. Plain of Cheronca.

on the choice of Spectacles, &c. rtry Miscellany. No. 113, for May 1828. 5. View looking across the Isthmus of Corinth, from the Sea.

By an EXPERIENCED OCULIST. Contents: A Sermon upon the Testimony of the Spirit-Re. Part XII. (to complete the Work,) is in

2. The Art of Preserving the Feet. lewi of Bishop Heber's Indian Journal-Bishop Mant's Blogta. phical Notices of the Apostles, Evangelists, &c.-Scholeheld's great forwardness, and ill contain a splendid Restoration of the experienced Chiropodist. 2d edition, revised, 64. 6d. pdition of Middleton on the Greek Article-Literary Report

whole of Athens, by Mr. Cockerell, on a larger Scale than any of 3. Manual for the Preservation of Health, ishop Durham' Speech on the Corporation Test Acts Eccte.

the other Engravings.
In imperial 8vo. 195.; proofs on Indin paper, royal 4to. 11. 16.; Advanced Stages of Life. By Sir Arthur Clarke, M.D. &c.

and the Prevention of Diseases incidental to the Middle and estical and University Intelligence.

Printed for C. and J. Risington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and a few Impressions taken off on India paper before the Descrip: 68.64.
Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by E. Lloyd and Son,
tive Writing, 11. 114. 6d.

Also, by the same Author,
Harley Street; Parker, Oxford; and Deightons, Stevenson, and Printed for Longman, Rees, Orine, Brown, and Green, London ;

and dam Black, Edinburgh.

4. An Essay on Warm, Cold, Vapour, and Newby, Cainbridge.

Sea Bathing, the 5th edition improved, 88. 6d. This day is published, to be continued Monthly, price ls.

Abernethy on the Digestire Organs, fc.

5. Essay on Diseases of the Skin, with ReNo. III. of This day is published, in 8vo. price 8. boards, a new edition of

marks on the Effects of Sulphureous Fumigation, &c. Ss. od. HE HARRO V I A N.

6. The Young Mother's Assistant in the Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases, Prevention of Diseases in Infants, new edition revised, B6.6d. By a HARROW BOY.

&c. including Directions for the Treatment of Disorders of the Contents:-1. The Early Days of the Right Hon. Robert Peel,

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. by a Contemporary Pupil of the Rev. Mark Drury-2. Greet Ro Digestive Organs.

By JOHN ABERNETHY, P.R.S. mances; the Clitophon and Leucippe of Tatius-3. Flowers and Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's and Christ's Hospitals, &c. &c.

This day is published, price 91. Weeds, by an Oxford Medallist-4. A Chapter on the Fascination

Printed for Longinan, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. of Eyes 5. Critiques, No. 1.; Mr. A. Martineau's Prire Poem on

Of whom may be had, by the samne Author, Zoology, Mr. C. Wordsworth, &c.-6. The Prince Regent's Juve

at CHESS, now pending between the London and Edianile Bali-7. Tales of the Ancient Britons, No. II.; May-day-8. Surgical Works, 2 vols. 17. 7s.

burgh Chess Clubs; to which are added, numerous Variations

By W. LEWIS, Notr Variorum-9. Merchant Taylors Magazine; Spe, ch-day

Physiological Lectures, addressed to the Col13. Umbrageous Saddle, Eton versus Butterflies, &c. &c. &c.

This is the longest and best played Game of the Match. London Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard. lege of Surgeons, complete in 1 vol. 6r9. 188, boards.

Printed for F. Seichel, 2, King Street, Covent Garden.


No IV. will appear in the course of the JE DESHABILLER, engraved by Wool- Puperior to Buchan's best fried to every similar work in our lan


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