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but its original form also ; and we of these gical education they receive? They have never the premium upon which I hereby engage and
latter ages can only contemplate the five or six been able to encounter infidels on their own bind myself immediately to accept.
thousandth edition through which it has passed, ground. Hume, for instance, though by no We cannot, say the economists, have enough
with prodigious “alterations” indeed, but with means a profound scholar, was confessedly su- without a superfluity; and repletion is on all
comparatively few “corrections” and “im- perior to nine-tenths (perhaps to the whole) of hands confessed to be better than starvation.

the ministers of the kirk in his time. With us, On this principle I advocate the multiplication Let us, however, not repine: there is a pro- the very reverse of this has been the case : our and redundancy of books, seeing they are not cess of creation going on within our ken—a clergy have always occupied the highest ranks only, as the ancients called them, the physic of creation as far transcending the production and in learning and science; and the consequence the mind, but also its food-nutriment and arrangement of mere physical atoms, as mind is, that no one in England can avow himself medicine combined ; and therefore the vendors transcends matter,--for does not the poet well an infidel, and retain a decent place in literary of them are cooks and apothecaries in one, or, and truly say,

society-for his infidelity would be instantly to speak more elegantly, they unite the culi"* Books, we know,

attributed to its true cause, ignorance. nary and pharmaceutic arts. As cooks have Are a substantial world, both pure and good.”

Let knowledge, therefore, be diffused over the latterly become literary characters and written And have we not here, in the heart of our earth as widely as the atmosphere. But it may books, let not this allusion be deemed dismetropolis, the great manufactory where these be perverted : 'undoubtedly; but are we to be paraging ; nor the former one, wherein book. * worlds" are fabricated ? Viewed in this deceived by the trite sophism of arguing from sellers were likened to accoucheurs—for close light, Paternoster Row becomes a theme, duly the abuse against the use? It is to be re- and apt is the similitude. “ Fer opem, Juno to expatiate concerning which,

gretted that so many excellent men should Lucina," was the cry of the young ladies in "Would tire Briareus with his hundred hands." have employed so pointless and brittle a Rome; and “ Fer opem, Murray vel Long, I, therefore, who have but two, can only glance weapon. To read some late publications, one man,” is the cry of the pregnant author in at a few scattered particulars.

would suppose it to be the serious opinion of London. The straits to which unhappy bards Observe the names of the Row and its ad- not a few eminent individuals, that the increase were reduced in those times when publishers jacencies : Paternoster, Ave Maria, Amen. and spreading of knowledge must be fatal to the did not exist, may be found most ludicrously This heathenish Latin may be thought to sa- Protestant faith and the British constitution ; detailed in the dialogue concerning the causes vour of

popery, therefore let us place ourselves and that the only sure and firm-set basis on of the corruption of eloquence, usually ascribed under the protecting shadow of Messrs. Bible- which they can rest is general ignorance. to Tacitus. The toil and trouble of an author and-Crown Rivingtons, the literary midwives Even if the first most preposterous assertion in collecting an audience to hear him recite to half the establishment. The unpretending, were true, the last is decidedly erroneous ; for his production, and the immense difficulty of unadorned appearance of the publications exhi. a state of utter ignorance is by no means a wringing a few sesterces out of them when bited in their windows is a striking type and state of security; Mr. Coleridge admirabiy the recitation was over, are very faithfully and assurance of quiet and sober orthodoxy." Turn observes.--" a bad government, if the people be very humorously depicted ; though the writer now to the neighbouring head-quarters of educated, will fall by them; if they be not edu- of the dialogue by no means considers it as any schism, and contrast the plain but wholesome cated, it will fall with them."*

joke, having probably been the suffering party viands of the church with the highly seasoned

The transition is easy from these remarks to himself. But conceive the plan adopted now. messes of the tabernacle : not only the pen, Knight and Lacy's establishment : what a con-a-days : the bellman sent round to announce but the graver is enlisted in the cause of dis- trast between their light and slender pamphlets, that'" Sir Walter Scott intends to read a new sent, and neither tract nor treatise lacks its and the ponderous, over-grown folios of Baynes novel at the Freemason's Tavern. Plates held appropriate wood-cut and engraving ; and yet and Ogle. Judging from the difference in at the door to receive contributions !" Thanks this display is equalled, if not surpassed, by size between our volumes

and those of our fure- to the press, an author has the whole world for that of the catholic bookseller at the very next fathers

, we might suppose ourselves stunted an andience now ! door

. The witty biographer of the three bro- and degenerate. But the fact is not so; we Let us once more, as the Irish orator said, thers informs us, that Jack, notwithstanding have not lost in absolute, for we have gained in return to our subject before we leave it. The all his efforts

, was often mistaken for Peter specific gravity. Our weight is as great, our termination of Paternoster Row is as replete and truly natural may the mistake be deemed, bulk only less; we are not diminished, but with moral as its beginning and middle; for if their persons resembled each other as much condensed. We have learned the art of cast- when you emerge from its narrow and dusky as their tenements. Many a worthy methodist ing an aged father of the flock into a cauldron, precincts into the breadth and brightness of has, I doubt not

, found himself, before he was and there transmuting him into a young and Cheapside, and, looking to your right and left, aware

, gazing intently on sł. Peter firmly vigorous lamb. In the number, too, of our observe the toy-shop at one corner, and the seated on a rock, and vainly assailed by the productions we completely outdo our ancestors. quack (I beg pardon) patent medicine warewaves of heresy; and many a catholic has been the fecundity of the press is inconceivable ; house at the other, you cannot fail to be betrayed into contemplating a fearful portrait but it must be acknowledged that many of her powerfully reminded by these repositories of of the Beast with seven heads, a hieroglyphic offspring are still-born, many die in the birth, infantine and adult imbecility, that all is which has lately been removed from the win. and many survive not their infancy. It is very vanity,—excepting, of course, the essay which dow, in consequence, it is said, of a malicious desirable that literary bills of mortality shoulă concludes

with this admonition.

A. D. report, that it was a caricature of the greatest be compiled ; so many books published last firm in the Row, with the other proprietors of year on such and such subjects ; so many ar

the Literary Gazette,
added to make
up the rived at a second edition ; so many at

a third,
&c.; and so many expired in the first-causes These concerts commenced their annual series

The sacred appel- of decease need not be specified, lest repeated on Monday the 25th of February, upon the old lations of these streets are emblematical of the charges of murder should be brought against plan, with mostly the old performers and old close alliance which should subsist between the Literary Gasette). If correct tables upon pieces. But as these things of old are eminently Learning and religion. Knowledge confers this plan were to be drawn up for each

of good, nothing disparaging is intended to be power, but power is twofold it may be good, the last

twenty years, I have no doubt that said of them, though they have not prompted it may likewise be evil-and infinite is the the results would approximate so nearly, as to our immediate notice

. If it, however, be true, corruption which ensues when splendid talent enable us, by means of the calculus of pro- as has been remarked, that the enthusiasm for wilfully forgets (alas, that we have seen ex. babilities, to compute the chance of any given these performances is rather on the decline, the amples in our own days !) that

work succeeding, without the slightest re-want of novelty just alluded to might well ac.“ Spirits are finely touched

ference to its merits (a point upon which count for it. A complaint has also been raised But to fine issues."

authors and readers sometimes differ); and against the directors, not quite unfounded, that The Scottish Presbytery have in their late thus we might upon this basis easily found a they introduce performers and compositions Address deplored the growth of infidelity, and Literary Insurance Company. If any public- which ought to be beneath the notice of such attributed it, without "scruple, to the diffusion spirited and opulent individuals should take an institution. In the first of the three conof literature

. But supposing that literature the hint and establish one, they cannot do less certs already given, Haydn's sinfonia, No. 8, bas been the occasion it never can be the than make me a present of at least 500 shares, in E fat, and Beethoven's in C, delighted every cause) of the scepticism which they say pre

Madame Caradori's and Signora Bramvails in Scotland, may we not ask whether this

Yet this highly billa's te, e il has not been mainly owing to the notorious - Pearning being presenting, if the populace should be bou was also charmingly executed. The next we deficiency of the Scottish clergy themselves in cated it might luminoso welehale vaid that internet hotell have to name, as deserving of high encomium, erudition, owing to the very superficial theolo- land temperate.

, if people were all to

is Mr. Oury, for his violin concerto, composed


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by Kreutzer and De Beriot. He is a native of | Minstrel Knight, by Dussek, is one of the his appearance until long after the timespecified, this country, a pupil of Kreutzer, Lafont, and prettiest things that can be imagined for the his reception at first was far from cordial : howthe late Kiesewetter. As a solo performer he instrument and voice, and will, we are sure, ever, Mr. Bishop having inade his apology, by appeared here for the first time, and his success become very popular.

stating that Signor De Beguis had no intention was complete. His playing reminded us strongly

of neglecting his duty, and that his tardiness of Kiesewetter, even in a certain trickery of

on the present occasion was owing to some

DRAMA. bowing, in which that great master indulged.

mistake, he was most enthusiastically hailed In the second concert, on the 10th of March, CHANGES of Otellos, Tancredis, Crociatos, and from Il Barbiere, and the third, “ a Composer


and encored in three successive pieces, - two the symphonies and overtures of Mozart, Haydn, occasionally Clemenzas, which have formed the and Beethoven, were excellent; and the same must be said of Beethoven's violin quintett in chief varieties of the past season here, offer little giving directions to the Orchestra,” which he

sung with great spirit and animation. Madame C, by Messrs. Mori, Watts, Moralt, Lyon, and for criticism, and our notices have consequently Pasta and Mademoiselle Brambilla sang the duet Lindley. Respecting Mr. J. B. Cramer's con. been brief. The silly fuss made by the parti- of “

Questo cor ti giura amore,” by Rossini, certo on the pianoforte (strangely enough by into the discussion of the very important points sang, “ Deeper and deeper still,” from Jephtha,

sans of Pasta and Velluti has not tempted us exquisitely, and were encored. Mr. Braham himself and Mozart), there was not that unani. mity of opinion which we have witnessed on

at issue bettveen them : the public must, we with much pathos ; and the popular song of former occasions. According to our judgment, think, be sick of the frivolous subject, which " Nelson” in such a spirited style, that it was he was as elegant as ever, but certainly less The malignity of some of the many paragraphs, the ballad of "O softly sleep, my baby boy;"

. has absolutely filled many newspaper columns. enthusiastically encored. Miss Shirreff sang effective. A greater failure than the scena, however, deserves reprobation ; such, for in- with her usual sweetness and expression. At “Per pietà,” by Madame Klingner, a German lady, was perhaps never heard.

stance, as one which has gone the round of the the end of the first part of the performance, The third concert, on the 24th inst., opened journals, announcing that “Madame Pasta wil Monsieur Vogt, from Paris, played a fantasia with Beethoven's magnificent sinfonia in c shortly appear in a new opera, La Sposa Infi.

on the oboe, in ch the air « Sweet home" minor ; and the enthusiasm with which the dele, composed expressly for her by Richeraud, whole audience expressed their delight, more

was introduced with great taste and execution. the insinuated slander of which must disgust

We must not forget to mention the orchestral than balanced the disappointment they had every candid mind. to endure from Onslow's quintett, played by

In the dancing department there has been a gone very well at these concerts: the overture

performances, which, generally speaking, have Messrs. Weichsel, Watts, Oury, Lindley, and very pretty divertissement produced : no grand to Euryanthe and Romberg's overture had & Dragonetti. Much of this disappointment is ballet, spectacle, or ballet d'action, however, to

remarkably fine effect on Wednesday, certainly to be charged to Mr. Onslow, other gladder our eyes—but pure French dancing; wise an excellent composer ; but some part of it so very French indeed, as to surpass our powers

GRIMALDI, senior, the best actor, perhaps, also to Messrs. Weichsel and Dragonetti, who of apprehension.

that ever contented himself with the name of were occasionally out of time. Miss Childe, from after Easter. Laporte is now at Paris con- last Monday week at Sadler's Wells. He was

Every exertion is making to produce novelty Clown upon the English stage, bade it farewell the Royal Academy of Music, was deservedly cluding his treaty with the ineffable Sontag, far superior to the best performers in his line received with the most encouraging applause. who is to make

her debut in La Donna del Lago that we ever saw; for, besides the extravagant Madame Puzzi gave less satisfaction, especially in the trio “ Cruda sorte,” with Miss Childe Pasta and she are to be brought out together. powers of feature and muscle which are not

De Begnis is to appear with Zuchelli. The uncommon in the tribe, he possessed a rich and Mr. Braham.

idea of bringing over Pisarme is, we are told, fund of genuine comic humour, and a ready

abandoned. THE MELODISTS' CLUB.-This Musical

wit to apply it. Such matters as the oyster Society, for the encouragement of native me.

crossed in love, were, fią his hands, irresistibly lody and ballad compositions, has announced a Obr, or Three-fingered Jack, has been revived laughable ; and we regtet to hear that ill health, grand concert for next month; and also the here with success.

not years, is the cause of removing one from design of giving medals for the best productions

the dramatic scene, who has contributed so in that style which it is its object to cultivate.

| largely to the innocent amusement of the On Thursday next, it is stated, the Duke of On Saturday an apology was made for Mr. Kean public. Sussex will attend the ordinary monthly meet, in Othello, and the part was undertaken by ing, as a visitor. His Royal Highness's taste Mr. C. Kemble, whose conception and execu

VARIETIES. in music makes this compliment both an honour tion of it as a whole, from beginning to end, Geognosy. Professor Engelhardt, of the to the members, and an act of condescension gave the crowded audience no cause to regret University of Dorpat, has lately made a geogwell calculated to increase the prosperity of the their cheerful acceptation of him as a substi nostic journey among the Oural Mountains, Institution.

The play-bill for Thursday is a droll during which he has examined with the

example of hotch-potch. It announces, in the greatest care the various and extensive mines NEW PUBLICATIONS.

usual way, Othello to be acted (“ to-morrow"), of iron, copper, gold, &c. with which that lofty Thalia : a Selection of Favourite Pieces for the and gives the list of the dramatis personæ,- and extensive range of hills abounds.

Spanish Guitar, by the most eminent Com- " Othello, Mr. Kean; Iago, Mr.Young ; Cassio, Hippopotamus. The head of one of these posers. Selected and Fingered by T. Eulen- Mr. C. Kemble ;” but, as if this were not suffi- mighty animals, well preserved, with the skin stein. Nos. I. to VI. W. Davis.

cient, there appears on the same bill, after the upon it, is to be seen in St. James's Street. MR. EULENSTEIN's extraordinary perform-characters of the farce, a reiteration of the Though curious as an article in a museum ances on the Guimbard, or Jew's-barp, have ex- leading part, viz. “ The public is most re- of natural history, we are afraid it is insufcited very general admiration ; but though his spectfully informed, that Othello will positively ficient for an exhibition. The forms of the exquisite tones and modulations of sound on be repeated to-morrow. Othello, Mr. Kean; teeth and tusks, however, by which the food that instrument shewed that his ear was fine, lago, Mr. Young; Cassio, Mr. C. Kemble.”' is submitted to an operation like grinding, his taste perfect, and his skill in music great, Assurance being thus made doubly sure, it are worthy of remark. it was not so manifest that he was a sweet really happened that the public did not meet Costume of 1828. The First Lord of the composer of original pieces, as well as an ele- with any disappointment.

Treasury and Premier attended the levee on gant arranger of the ideas of others. The

Thursday, in the dress of a Colonel of the present publication, however, of which six

Guards, with white duck trousers !! monthly parts have appeared, affords abundant On Friday last, Madame Caradori Allan graced

We observe, from the Bristol Mirror, that a proof of the latter : we have never heard any the oratorio of the evening; and between the new Altar-piece has been painted by Mr. King selections better adapted to the guitar (of first and second part, Mons. Labarre played for St. Thomas's church in that city. The subwhich instrument Mr. E. is an accomplished a fantasia on the harp, in which he introduced ject is the conviction of St. Thomas; and the teacher), fitter for the hand of learners, or the airs, “ My lodging is on the cold ground,” moment of time which the painter has emmore pleasing in themselves. Their variety is and “St. Patrick's Day;" the variations upon bodied is that of the incredulous apostle expressat once considerable and delightful: Guiliani, which he performed with astonishing execution ing his belief in the identity of Christ, by the Carulli, Diabelli, Dussek, and Weber, are the and spirit, particularly in St. Patrick's Day, energetic exclamation of, “ My Lord and my principal contributors ; and they shine in which he gave in true Irish style, and which God!” The picture is very large, and contains all the changes of march, anthem, air, ro- was encored.

twelve figures, arranged in three groups. “We mance, waltz, ballad, minuet, rondo, and On Wednesday, Signor De Begnis was an- hope,” says the editor, after describing the work, country dance, excellently arranged. The nounced in the bills ; but as he did not makedo that the example thus given by the restry of

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&c. 8vo. 98. bds.


21 .. 22

51. 34. 29. 29. 31. 24.

to 53.

40. 45. 49. 47. 45. 49.

29.06 29.23 29.36 29.56 29.73 29.82

29.04 29.24 29.46 29.72 29.83 29.73

.. 24
.. 25

Rain fallen •15 of an inch.

3 51 W. of Greenwich.

$t Thornas will influence other parishes, 80 cannot elucidate this proposition ; but as soon Hebrews, Vol. 1,8vo. 148. bds...The Barn and the Steeple, that there may be no longer any cause for com- as we see any body taking an aerial excursion Part 1. royal 4to. 11. 118. éd.; coloured, 21. 28.–Soane's

12mo. 48. 6d. bds. — Horsfield's Lepidopterous Insects, plaining chat our city is deficient in affording of this kind, we shall not fail to describe it Designs for Public and Private Buildings, royal folio, encouragement to works of art."

accurately, for the benefit of our pedestrian and 31. 38.; India, 51. 58. bds.-Twenty Plain and Practical Natural Vitrifications. It is well known, equestrian readers.

Sermons, 12mo. 58. 6d. bds.-Dying Sayings of Eminent

Christians, 12mo. 68. bds.—Practical Survey of the Faculthat on the highest mountains tubes of vitrified

ties of the Human Mind, 12mo. 28. 6d. bds.--Appendix to matter have been found, the exact mode of the

Churchill on Acupuncturation, 12mo. 38. 6d. sewed. production of which has hitherto been undis.


Earl of Shrewsbury's Reasons for Not. Taking the Test, arered; but which natural philosophers have the world of letters. It is said that the elegant author of

Rumours are abroad of another illustrious bonfire in in general ascribed to the effects of lightning many popular works had recently amused himself with METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1828. falling on a sandy soil, and melting and vitrify- writing a small volume entitled Familiar Epistles from


Barometer From 34.

29.45 to 29.14 ing the sand to a greater or less depth. All Captain Rock

to his Majesty the King; that this volume Thursday.. 20

was printed ; and that the whole impression (5000 copies) Friday drabt on the subject is now removed, by similar was put into the flames on the eve of publication, in con- Saturday tubes having been seen instantly formed in sequence of a legal opinion signed by a certain eminent Sunday.... 23

barrister and statesman, to this effect : “there is libel in Monday places where lightning has fallen. M. Fiedler, every sentence, and sedition in every page:"--no, not the Tuesday · young German philosopher, has collected whole impression; for, strange to say, this story comes to us Wednesday 26 several in Germany, which he has presented, copy now in the possession of an eminent wit and critic of

from Edinburgh, where our informant saw and perused a Prevailing wind N. and S.W. through M. Arago, to the French Academy.

Generally clear; frequent hail storms. “ the north countrie." Our friend adds, that the supThey are remarkably large : one is above nine pressed work is as remarkable for

its wit as for its wicked- Edmonton.

CHARLRS H. ADAMS. teen feet long. It is difficult to conceive how late cabinet excited, in particular, his highest admiration,* Longitude .... 0

ness. Captain Rock's account of the breaking-up of the Latitude...... 51° 37' 32" N. the discharge of an electrical cloud can melt and that chapter, he says, might be, and ought to be, given and vitrify a mass of sand so dense. A similar to the public. Mr. Lockhart has nearly completed his Life of Robert

TO CORRESPONDENTS. effect could scarcely be produced by the most Burns, for Constable's Miscellany; and for those who are

O At the conclusion of the first quarter of 1828, we intense furnaces.

already possession of the best editions of the poet's beg particularly to suggest to our new subscribers the exMonument to the Memory of George III.— style, is also preparing. Both editions are to be embel year, if they wish to preserve perfect volumes of the

works, a small impression in octavo, in Ballantyne's best pediency of making good their preceding Nos. for the A meeting of the subscribers to this monument lished with a full-lengin portrait of Burns, engraved by Literary Gazette. The constant increase of its circulation has been summoned to the Thatched House, for Miller after Naysmith.

soon absorbs the extra provision made by the publisher in Best Wednesday; when it is proposed to ap- announced his intention of destroying some of the copper-ments to our friends

on the one

hand, and the great exThe proprietor of Robson's Views of English Cities has anticipation of that demand ; and to avoid disappointpropriate the fund which has been realised. plates, after 800 impressions on small

paper are worked. pense of many reprints on the other, is the object of the Though not adequate to the grand original value of the whole work, protect the property of the ori occasionally (once or twice in a twelvemonth, perhaps) a

This is certainly a laudable procedure to preserve the present notice. We observe from advertisements, that design, it is sufficient, we understand, for án ginal subscribers, and secure the credit of the artists and complete set of the Gazette gets into the market at an adatament to the metropolis, and a grateful proprietor.

vanced price; and that volumes from the earliest period tribute to our revered king.

Mr. Britton announces a continuation of this publica- at which they can be got, are always in request; and

tion, or rather a new one, to illustrate the Picturesque under these circumstances we are desirous to impress upon Sleelyard.-A new steelyard has been in- Antiquitles of the English Cities, consisting of Views of our recent subscribers the advantage of securing what they rented in France, which is said to possess Castles, Bars or Gates, old Houses, Street Views,

&c. want as early as possible. A very

Melton Mowbray.-L. L. D. is either very ignorant of greater accuracy than the description of that bic Dictionary, by Ellius Bocthor, late Professor of the actual state of affairs

at the Melton," or he is atmachine hitherto in use. One of the improve- Arabic in the Ecole Royale des Langues Orientales at tempting to mislead us.

We do not say that many men ments in the new invention, is the ease with Paris, is now publishing, under the patronage of Clermont of fair repute have not joined in these sports; but we which it can be verified.

Tonnère, by Coussin de Perceval. This work, it is assert, that the general bearing of the system is one of

The divisions, stated, will surpass every ancient and modern Arabic notorious profligacy and base gambling. How well this which are marked on the long arm of the Dictionary extant.

is understood by the best informed may be surmised, beans, begin from a zero point; that is, from Paris, ha uring the approach of the Allied Armies, and from his frail wife because baai Meltonian career has

In the Press.-A Narrative of Memorable Events in when we find the Bench refusing to relieve a husband a point at which the travelling weight places their' occupancy of that city, being

extracts from the placed him out of the pate of legal redress. But Nelton the machine in exact equilibrium, when no Journal of an English Detenu, who made notes of every is not the only source of the corruption which disgraces so Feight is attached to the short arm of the to, Residence car, and Return from, Elba.--Knight's

Mo not merely in morals,

but in honour, is fed by many day's occurrences: also an Account of Napoleon's Journey many in the upper classes of society: the common laxity, bearn This enables the most ignorant persons dern and Antique Gerns, from drawings by C. Vining, &c. causes, and prevails over a circle far too wide for one to judge at once of the correctness of its con with appropriate Mottos and Quotations to each subject. poison-spring. We should, from our observations on life struction.

--The first part of the Bibliographer's Manual, being an and passing manners, be tempted to assert, that truly

Account of Rare, Curious, and Useful Books, published in gentleman-like feeling is rarely to be found except in the Travels_The celebrated traveller Edward or relating to Great Britain and Ireland,

from the Inven- middle ranks—in individuals of good descent, though of Rappel is on the point of setting out for Abys- tices, Cotiations of the farer Canticles, and the Prices at fessions. If the nicer sense of honour reigned in the

tion of Printing; with Bibliographical and Critical No- small fortunes, in the army and navy, and in some prositia, with the purpose of exploring those parts which they have sold in the present century. By William higher ranks, we should have fewer examples of men which have not hitherto been visited by any Thomwhose wobject is to maintain the essential Relation evasions, which souls, lowered by a familiarity with the

Thomas Lowndes.- The Theocratist, a monthly publica- submitting to parliamentary insults, and other similar European. The senate of Frankfort, by an which subsists between Religion and Politics. The turf, the hell, and the effeminacy and vice of fashion, Taanimous resolution, has granted him 1000 Boarding-school and Teacher's Directory; or the Ad: bear with such contemptible fortitude.

Well might Sorins of annual income for

the ensuing seven de education, and of the principal Finishing and Prepa till now bhat the age of swindling and truckling so fully

dresses of best London every Burke say, " not a eight years, as well in acknowledgment of ratory Seminaries for Young Ladies and Gentlemen in superseded it, his former services, as to enable him, agreeably and near the Metropolis.--Country Stories, Scenes, and

The Manchester Lines to an Infant are pleasing, but his wish, to continue his scientific travels Characters, forming a third series of Our Village : by the subject is very trite. Mary Russell Mitford.-Foscari, and Julian, Tragedies :

The work alluded to by a Constant Reader, dated sad researches.

by the same.-A new edition of Kitchiner's Art of Invi- India House," was reviewed in our No. 558. Russia. - The University formerly at Abo gorating and Prolonging Life. A new edition, with ad

To the Editor of the Literary Gazette. a on of

Sir,-It was only on Friday that we were informed of, has been transferred to the new capital of the Alps, by the Rey. J. A. Cramer, M.A., and H. L. Wick: and late on Saturday evening before we saw, youndatice Finland, Helsingfors; and is to bear the name ham, Esq.-A Work, in parts, under the general title of to Correspondents in the Literary Gazette of the 15th * Alexander's University."

India, and embracing the most important topics con- instant, accusing us of “ impudent imposition" in giving

nected with that country, by Mr. Rickards.--A Complete an extract as from the Literary Gazette of the 2d of Greek Coining. There are at Hydra and History of an Action at Law, with Observations, proving February, concerning the Novel of ". Uncle Peregrine's Sozzia between twenty and thirty regular the present Practice of the Courts of Law to be Absurd, Heiress." We plead guilty to the mistake of printing zu factories of false money, which are not depenfi Lincoln's Inn. - Moral and Sacred Poetry, se- the paper

we meant to refer to, and which paper we enclose Expensive, and Unjust, &c. &c.: by T. Mayhew, Stu- Literary Gazette instead of Literary Chronicle, which was altoderated, but supported by the members lected from the Works of the most admired Authors, to you, marking the critique

from which we made

the of the government. They coin Spanish dol- Ancient and Modern, by Thomas Willcocks and Thomas extract: but we totally

disclaim any idea of impositionbars, as well as paras, and all kinds of Turkish lating to the Jews : with other Poems on the subject of be contradicted immediately. The concluding paragraph

Horton.- The Harp of Judah ; a Selection of Pieces re- indeed, we should be very weak to attempt it, as it coald Boney; and this false coin is made an object different Religious Societies. A Volume of Miscellaneous of your notice, if referring to us, we totally deny, in the of traffe with the Maltese and the Ionians, who Prose Tales, and Sketches of Society and Manners;

to be most explicit terms.

entitled Waifs and Strays; or, Sceñes of Life and Shades We are, Sir, your most obedient servants, carry it into Egypt and Turkey, there to sell of Character. it again, or to circulate it fraudulently by

Leadenhal Street, 24th March, 1828. mans of their agents.Foreign Journal.

*.* It gave us great pleasure to receive the foregoing Flying-A writer in the last Number of the cop. 6s. 6. beds.- Paguierre on the Wines of Bordeaux, strengthened by meeting with a repetition of the adver

Literary Gems, 8vo. 85. bds.

The Hebrew, a Sketch, statement, especially as our original Impression had been Mechanic's Magazine has given a curious tcp. 58. bds.---Hymns and Sacred Lyrics, by Constantius, tisement in question in the Globe and Traveller. paper on the means of Aying, through the izmos bosatirtonin, poems.mno Bdsbewolpes pouts esplanation is perfectly satisfactory, we confess that

although, . Newman on the Oath8vo98. Gency of machinery. He proposes to give men nal, Vol. II. 8vo. 88. bds:-Fisher's Sermons, 12mo. 2s. 6a. we doubt whether it will be thought so by those who may the power of impelling rotatory wings, and bds.- Public Characters, Vol. I. with 27 Portraits, 18mo. have purchased Uncle Peregrine's Heiress, in consequence imitating beetles, rather than birds, in their &r. buls.--Ears of Wheat, 12mo. 23. 6d. bds.--Stuart on the of being, however unintentionally, led into the error of

believing that it was a work which had been favourably sans of flight. Without the diagrams, we • An immense Tory, we suspect.-E.

noticed in the Literary Gazette.

A. K. NEWMAN and Co.





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In 4to, with a separate Atlas of Maps and coloured Plates,

This day, in 1 vol. price 145. boards,

31. 38. boards,

tomy, Surgery, and Pathology; including Observations Connected with Literature and the Arts.

TRAL FRANCE; including the Volcanic Formations on the Nature and Treatment of Local Diseases. of Auvergne, the Velay, and Vivarais.

Delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. HE Subscribers to the proposed Monumental By G. POULETT SCROPE, P.R.S. P.G.S. &c.

This volume is not only valuable to the student and practi. Trophy to his late Majesty, are requested to meet the

“ Mr. Scrope's work on the Geology and extinct Volcanoes of tioner, but is most useful as a book of consultation and reference Committee and the Sub-Committee at the Thatched-House Auvergne, Velay, and Vivarais, will, we are persuaded, have the in families." Tavern, St. James's Street, on Wednesday the 9d of April next, effect of attracting in future to those provinces a portion of our

J. Bulcock, 163, Strand.

Where may be had,
at Two o'clock precisely; for the purpose of settling outstanding countrymen who are now continually crossing and recrossing
Claims, appropriating the Subscriptions, and other Business, France along the same beaten tracks, and returning home with The Portrait of J. Abernethy, Esq.

By Order of the Sub-Committee, complaints of the absence of all grandeur and picturesque fea.
C. BLEADEN, Hon. Sec. tures in the scenery."- Quarterly Reviem, No. 73.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London,

To be continued Monthly, price 28. 6d.

HE GARDENER'S MAGAZINE. In 8vo. with Seven plain and Two coloured Plates,

No. XIII. will be published on the 1st of April; and The Gallery for the Exhibition and Sale of the Works

price 188. boards,

continue, for the future, to be published on the 1st of every Five in Evening.

CHIRURGICAL SOCIETY of LONDON. Vol. XIII. Vols. I. II. and III. may be had complete in
Admission, 18.-Catalogue, ls.

Part II.

boards, price 91. 2s.6d.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

The First Number of Loudon's Magazine of

By an arrangement made with the Council, the pub. 'HE GERMAN and FRENCH LAN- lishers will supfly such Members of the Society as may be de Natural History will be published Mas I next, price 2. ed.

GUAGES and LITERATURE. Mr. Bernays begs to sirous of completing their Sets of the Society's Transactions, at Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. inform the Nobility and Gentry, and particularly his Friends and a Scale of Prices which may be had of Longman and Co. or any

Reece's Medical Guide Improved.
Patrons, that he has just removed from Hadlow Street, to 83, of their correspondents.
East Street, Lamb's Conduit Street; and intends to continue

New edition, being the 15th, considerably enlarged,
Vol. XIV. Part 1, is in the Press.

price 19s. boards,
teaching the above, at home and abroad.

MEDICAL GUIDE ; for the Use of Steam Engine. 2d edition.


ciergy, Heads of Families and Seminaries, and Junior M1. Ebers' British and Foreign Library, 27, Old Bond Street. This day is published, in 12mo. with 12 Plates, and a beautiful Practitioners. the engraving of the Statue of Mr. Watt, price 74. 6d. boards,

ADDENDA to the CATALOGUE of his extensive

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, &c.
BRITISH and FOREIGN LIBRARY, in which will be found

ENGINE; in which its Construction and Operation are

This edition, which has been nearly rewritten, is divided into all the recent and most important Books of History, Voyages and familiarly Explained: with an Historical Sketch of its Invention two parts. The first, a Modern Dispensatory, embraces, besides

the Medicines ordinarily employed in the Treatment of Diseases, Travels, Memoirs, &c. (however voluminous and expensive); and progressive Improvement. together with the lighter Works of Fiction, of which fashionable


all the new Remedies which experience has proved to possess productions of the day a very ample supply is secured, in order Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in the

valuable medicinal virtues, with a selection of about One Hun. that the numerous subscribers to this institution should experi.

University of London.

dred Prescriptions of approved efficacy; the best known means ence no delay, however short, in perusing them.

of treating cases of emergency-as poisons, suspended animation,

Printed for John Taylor, Waterloo Place, Boot seller and Pub. The splendid and unique illustrative Library, consisting of the lisher to the University of London ; and sold by James Duncan, burns, scalds, fits, &c.; a Dissertation on Diet; a Description of finest Engravings, Plates of Costume, costly Maps, &c. &c. is Paternoster Row; J. A. Hessey, Fleet Street; and Hatchard and second part comprises a practical Treatise on the Diseases inci

several new Apparatus employed in Medicine, &c. &c. The now included in the Catalogue, for the general benefit of the Son, Piccadilly.

dental to the human race; with the distinguishing symptoms, Nobility and Gentry who subscribe to Mr. Ebers' Establishment.

and the most effectual means of Prevention and Treatment, In 8vo. price 186. boards,

adapted to different temperaments and stages of the Malady,

INTRODUCTION to GEOLOGY; interspersed with Cautionary Remarks: to which is added, an that his EVENING CONCERT will take place on Monday, advanced State, and all the

recent Discoveries. With an Outline Exercise, &c. and the Prevention and Treatment of Infantile April 21, at the Argyle Rooms. of the Geology of England and Wales.


The 3d edition, entirely
The scheme will shortly appear.
recomposed and greatly enlarged, with new Plates, a coloured

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.
Map, and Cuts.
On the 31st will be published,

To Agriculturists.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Price 43. embellished with a descriptive Etching of the Root,

on a reduced scale, MAGAZINE, No. CXXXVII. for April 1828.

of whom may be had, by the same Author,

Contents: 1. Sir Henry Steuart's Theory of Transplantation- Travels in Savoy, &c. In 2 vols. 8vo. 17. 6s.
II. Letters from the Peninsula, No. 3.; Depot at the Isle of

Wurzel : with an Exposition on its Culture, and tha boards. Wight-III. The Siege of Bhurtpore-IV. War between Persia

Management in Feeding and fattening of Cattle. and Russia-V. Second Letter from a Whig-Hater-VI. Anatomy

By THOMAS NEWBY. of Drunkenness-VII. The Calm Sea-VIII. To a Child IX.

Printed for Simpkin and Marshall, London; and

sold by all Booksellers. nard, by the very Rev. Archdeacon Wrangham-X. Blue Stock.


N.B. This Pamphlet contains several Testimonials of the great ings over the Border-XI. Six Sonnets by Delta-XII. The The extensive circulation of this Journal, which has just com- Utility of Mangel Wurzel, from some of the first Agriculturists Causes of the late Change of Ministry-xili. The Shepherd's menced Its Sixth Year, having proved its general uillity, the in the Kingdom. Calendar, Class 9; Fairies, Deils, and Witches; by the Ettrick editor, as well from a wish to render it more deserving of such Shepherd-XIV. Public Men and Parties. distinguished success, as from the accumulation of fresh mate

This day is published, and to be had gratis,
Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh, and T, Cadell,

rials in various departments of the work, has been encouraged to
Strand, London.
enlarge it in these branches.

of SECOND HAND The object of the “ Bulletin Universel" is to furnish to Ma. BOOKS, being the Stock of RICHARD PRIESTLEY, This day is published,

thematicians, Natural and Experimental Philosophers, Chemists, now selling by his Assignees, for ready money only, on the PreTHE QUARTERLY REVIEW, Jurers, Engineers, Military Men, Historians, and Philologists, a Geologists, Naturalists, Medical Men, Agriculturists, Manufac mises, 143, High Holborn.

To Collectors of Classics, Oriental Worts, Dictionaries, &c. No. LXXIV.

fair Analysis of all the Works, and an Epitome of the different this Catalogue is peculiarly worthy of attention, as it contains 1. On Useful and Ornamental Planting-II, On the Salmon Academical Memoirs and Periodical Collections, published in many scarce and valuable Books, marked at unusually low prices a Fisheries of the United Kingdom-111. The Public and Private every part of the world, connected with the branches of Science and they can only be kept on sale for three weeks. Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood-IV. Lord to which they are attached, forming a Monthly Methodical Re. Byron and some of his Contemporaries-V. Coro, Wages, and pertory of the successive efforts of the human mind in every Rent-VI. A Discovery of the sources of the Mississippi and nation.

MUSIC. Bloody River-VII. Irish Education Inquiry; Roman Catholic It may furnish some idea of the multifarious contents of the

Musical Manual. College of Maynooth-VIII. On the Expediency of attaching a

Bulletin to state, that the number of distinct notices of new Museum of Antiquities to the Society of Antiquaries-IX, On works and articles of intelligence in the volumes of the past years the Increase of Crime, and the Improvement of Prison Discipline amounts to nearly six thousand.

Directory: containing full and perspicuous Explanations -X. Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Subscription price for the work, in its present improved state, of all the Terms used in the Harmonic Art; with incidental Orleans-XI. Attempt to reach the North Pole, by Capt. William complete, 6!. 12s. yearly.

Remarks on the Principal Excellences of Vocal and Instrumental Edward Parry-XII. On Emigration.

Published by Treuttel, Wurtz, and Co. 30, Soho Square; where Composition and Performance.
Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Prospectuses may be had. The work is divided into Eight Sec.

tions, each of which may be had separately, as follows:

Price 8s.
On the 31st will be published, price 6s. the Sixth Number of 1. Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, and

Goulding and D'Almaine, 20, Soho Square.
Contributors-Messrs. Ampère, Dupin, Lacroix, Prony, Pois.

New Sacred Piece of Vocal and Organ Music, Is. 6d.
son, Franceur, Chaptal, Thénard, 'Hachette, &c. Price of

SOME YE, BLESSED of MY FATHER. Contents: Hug's Introduction; Chronology of St. Paul 12 Nos. per Annum 158.

From the Gospel of St. Matthew, chap. 25, verse 34. Ewing's Greek and English Dictionary-Grinfield's Christian 2. Natural Sciences and Geology.

Dispensation with reference to the Salvability of the Heathen-
Lord Clarendon - Russell's Connexion of Sacred and Profane cépède, Lamouroux, Latreille, &c. Price of 12 Nos. per Annum
Contributors-Messrs. Cuvier, Ferussac, Jussieu, Kunth, La.

Composer of the Sacred Hymn of “ Our Blessed Saviour

on the Cross." History-The Celtic Druids--Catholics and Dissenters-Morgan

Published by Preston, 71, Dean Street, Soho, for the Author. 11. 6s. on Marriage; Dissenters' Marriage Bill-London University

Mr. Billington now most gratefulls feels it a pleasing and State of the Dioceses in England and Wales. Proceedings of the

3. Medical Sciences.

respectful duty in returning his heartfelt acknowledgments to Universities.

Contributors - Messrs. Beclard, Breschet, Cloquet, Dumas, the whole musical English empire, and particularly to his natire Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and Majendie, Laennec, Orfila, Pinel, &c. Price of 12 Nos. per An.

Devon and Exeter patrons, for above tifty years of warm encouWaterloo Place, Pall Mall; and the Executors of J, Álawman, num 11. 2s.

ragement and inspiring countenance in his delectable studies of Ludgate Hill.

4. Agriculture, Rural and Domestic Eco- formerly known as the composer of the music of Gray: Elegs,

the divine science of music, under whose kind auspices he was The First and Second Volumes may now be nomy, Horticulture, Fishing and Hunting.

Maria's Evening Service to the Virgin, Young's Night Thoughts, had complete, price 12s. each, in boards.

Contributor Messrs. Base, Count Chaptal, Da Petit Thouars, Eloisa to Abelard, Prior's Garland, Children of the Wood, and

Hachette, Hazard, Count Lasteyrie, Tessier, &c. Price of 12 Nos of the Organ Adaptation of Correlli's Concertos, as edited by Also, per Annum 15s.

Preston's House.
The Four Volumes of the Quarterly Theolo- 5. Technology, the Arts and Manufactures.
gical Review, for the years 1825 and 1826, price 21. 8s. in boards; Contributors - Messrs. Berthier, Chaptal, Darcet, Deyeux, BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY.
or any Number at 6s.

Heron de Villefosse, Molard, Navier, Prony, &c. Price of 12 Nos.
per Annum 189.

ed edition, in 2 pocket vols. price 15s. On the 1st April will be published, to be continued Monthly,

price ls. No. II. of
and Voyages and Travels,

Maxims for Locomotion.
Contributors-Messrs. Barbié du Bocage, Champollion Figeac,

Freycinet, Jomard, Count Laborde, Walkenaer, &c. Price of

“ These two volumes abound in practical instruction of a rare Contents: 1. Greek Drama, the Seven Chiefs of Eschylus- 12 Nos. per Annum 11. 25.

and useful kind." 2. Scenes at a Public School, Breakfasting Out, a Geography Day

« We recommend the 'Traveller's Oracle' as a very amusing -3. The Sale of Cupid-4. On Poetry of Thought, and Poetry of

7. History, Antiquities, and Philology. and instructive publication-it is worth buying and reading, and Diction-5. Farewell to Harrow-6. & Numidian Sketch, Sopho. Ase, Klaproth, Letronne, Abel Remusat, St. Martin, &c. Price

Contributors-Messrs. Chezy, Dureau de la Malle, Jaubert, will become, we doubt not, a popular book."-- Atlas. nisba-7. Song-8. Greek Romances, the Pastoral of Longus.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.
London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 63, St. Paul's Churchyard.

of 12 Nos. per Annum 18s.
8. of .

In a few days, in . post
THE QUARTERLY REVIEW, count de la Roche Aymot, Count Vedel, Colonels Marion, de

Tholoze, Lallemand, Koch, &c. Price of 1? Nos, per Annum: 125, Printed for Henry Colbura, a, New Burlington Street,





6. Geography, Statistics, Political Economy, THE


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MORMI, Retrospections ,

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A O ,




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In 1 vol. 8vo. Vol. I. price 150. boards,

Dedicated (by permission) to the Right Hon. Robert Peel, in Handsomely printed, in ) very thick vol. crown 8vo. with upwards

2 vols. 4to. with a Portrait by Pinden, price 31. 128. boards, of 1500 Engravings of the Arms, &c. &c. a new edition, price TRANSLATION of the SECOND


PITT, EARL of CHATHAM; containing his Speeches
undertaken in concert with the Author,
in Parliament; a considerable Portion of his Correspondence


when Secretary of State, upon French, Spanish, and American It is presumed that this work will be found the most accurate,
Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Affairs, never before published: with an Account of the Princi-comprehensive, and concise, which has bitherto appeared upon The author writes to a friend in England,“ that he is anxious pal Events and Persons connected with his Life, Sentiments, and the subject; an unprecedented mass of information having been

obtained from the bighest sources. The lineage of almost every it should be known as early as possible, that this new edition is Administrations.


house is deduced from the earliest era, and the genealogical demet a reprint of the old work, with additions and improvements,

London Printed for C. and J. Rivington, Booksellers Extra.tails are interspersed with many interesting anecdotes of the but absolutely a new work, in which few passages of the former

various families. The Baronets of Scotland and Ireland, with ordinary to His Majesty, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, and St. have been relained."

their armorial bearings, &c. form a new feature in this edition: Printed for John Taylor, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, Book. Paul's Churchyard.

and an Essay on the Origin of Titles of Honour in England, with Meller and Publisher to the London University; and sold by James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row; J. A. Hessey. Fleet Street;

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 168. boards,

Engravings of the various Orders of Nobility and Knighthood, Hatchard and son, Piccadilly; J. and J. J. Deighton, Cam. GRAMMAR of the HEBREW LAN- considerably augment the interest of the whole.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. bridge; and Parker, Oxford.

GUAGE; comprised in a Series of Lectures, compiled from the best authorities, and augmented with much Original

In 8vo. price 153. with Portrait,
2 vols. 188.

Matter, drawn principally from Oriental Sources; designed for
Lions, Biographical, Critical, and Historical.
sion, to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Regius Pro-

with Memoirs of his late father and Friends, from 1755
fessor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge.

to 1897: including numerous Original Anecdotes and Curious
By the Rev. S. LEE, A.M. D.D.

Traits of the most celebrated Personages that have flourished Author of " Basays on Periodical Literature,"

of the University of Halle: Honorary Member of the Asiatic during the last eighty years. Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Society of Paris; Honorary Associate and F.R.S.L. and M.R.A.S. This work abounds not only in piquant matter relating to per.

&c. &c.; and Professor of Arabic in the University of Cam- sons of rank, but of talent also—for the elder Angelo's intimacy
2 vols. post 8vo. 106.

with Englishmen, as well as foreigners, professors of all the tine
Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.

arts, &c. made his house, in Carlisle Street, for many years, the in MEXICO, in the Year 1836: with some Account of the

rendezvous of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Garrick, the Sheridans, the Mines of that Country.

Family Sermons.

Linleys, Gainsborough, Foot, Bach, Abel, &c.
By Captain GEORGE P. LYON, R.N. F.R.S. D.C.L.
Dedicated, by permission, to the Lord Bishop of London,

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.
Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.
in 2 vols. 8vo. price 212. boards,

In 1 vol. post 8vo. 108. d.
In 8vo. 90s.

the YEAR; containing two for each Sunday, and one

of JOHN LEDYARD, the African Traveller. Now HILL, in the County of Wilts, including a Dissertation Established Church, and adapted to the Service of the Day; in. first published from his Journals and Correspondence. on the Origin and Designation of the vast Celtic Monuments in tended for the Use of Families and Schools.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. the vicinity, and the Progress of Parochial Establishments.

By the Rev. J. R. PITMAN, A.M.
By the Rev. W.L. BOWLES, A.M.
Alternate Morning Preacher of Belgrave and Berkeley Chapels,

In 4lo. price ll. 118. 6d. boards,
Prebendary of Sarum, and Endowed Vicar of the said Parish.

and ADVENTURES on the
Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

SHORE of the CASPIAN SEA; with some Account
London: Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.

of the Trade, Commerce, and Resources of those Countries.
Cheap Edition of Lord Byron.
« There is no question which the clergy are more frequently

In 4 pocket vols. with Portrait and Plates, price only 184.
asked, and to which they find it more difficult to give a satisfac.

Author of <a Tour in the Himala Mountains," &c.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. use a ?' We really think ihat Mr. Pit.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,
man's work bids fair to supply the deficiency, which has been so
Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.
much regretted."-Quarterly Theological Review,

Narrative of a Journey into Khorasan; in-
A Second Edition of the First Course is just cluding some Account of the Countries to the North-East of
In 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 23.

Persia. In 1 vol. 4to. with a new Map, 31. 33. boards.

At the present juncture, when an erent so important and in

teresting to all Europe, as the inpending conflict between Russia In 4 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait engrared by Warren,

and Turkey, occupies the pu attention; and when Persia By WASHINGTON IRVING.

price 368. boards,

threatening to throw her force into the scale against the former, *This work will, from what we have seen of it, give Mr. Wash

WHOLE WORKS of the MOST to revenge if possible her late defeats, and retrieve her losses by a Ington Irving a prodigious increase of fame. The novelty of fact exhibited will command wonder, only to be explained by the cir. eamstances which have given the author access to public as well TON, D.D. Archbishop of Glasgow. To which is prefixed, an sumed that any intelligence regarding the strength and resources

of that country is likely to be received with avidity. The abovees private archives, bitherto a fountain shut up, and a book entire new Life of the Author,

mentioned Travels will be found to afford much valuable infor sexled. The chaste and nervous elegance of the style, and the

By the Rev. J. N. PEARSON, M.A. liberal and truly philosophical cast of thought and sentiment, are

Of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the mation on this interesting subject, and to throw considerable
Most Voble the Marquess of Wellesles.

light upon the present condition of Persia.
what no one need be surprised with, who has read some of his
previous writings; but this performance is every way a more

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row. elaborate one than any of those, and of higher pretensions --pre- Works at the head of this article; and as Mr. Coleridge has nego “ We have placed a new edition of Archbishop Leighton's

In 8vo. price 158. boards, tensions which we have no doubt the world will pronounce to be lected to furnish the biographical notice he had promised, we

HISTORY of the COURT of CHAN, justified in the result. To throw an air of total novelty on a

CERY; with Practical Remarks on the recent Comthere of ancient laterea ,--.o Write A history, where previously shall

endeavour to supply its placed bror few particulando

el buene mission, Report, and Evidence, and on the Means of Improving there had been only' mémoires pour servir, --such has been our memoir pretired to the new edition, by the Rev. Norman lear

and writings, principally extracted from a spirited and eloquent the Administration of Justice in the English Courts of Equity. American countryman's proud attempt; and with onmingled

By JOSEPH PARRES. labours." -Laterary Gazette, Feb. 9. Bolsosure do we contemplate the fruit of bis long and arduous son. It is a reproach to the present age, that his valuable writ.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. ings, breathing as they do the sublimest and purest spirit of piety,

Of whom may be had,
Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

rich in beautiful images and classical learning, throughout
abounding in practical reflections, and all expressed with the Conversations on the English Constitution.

sweetest and simple eloquence, should have been neglected 12mo. &s,
Ad edition, revised, with a Map,
in 9 vols. post 8vo. price 18s.

among us."-British Critic, October 1826.
May be had separate, by the same Author,

in 8vo. 54. 6.
YEARS in NEW SOUTH WALES. A Practical Commentary upon the First HE MAN of TON; a Satire.
Epistle of St. Peter, and other Expository Works. To which is Here's the Great World ! which being interpreted

Meaneth the West or worst end of a city, bet berot of general information that has been written upon that presei vols

. 8vo. price 18s. boards, with Portrait.

And about twice two thousand people, bred interesting country."--Northly Magasine.

By no means to be very wise or witty; Printed før Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

But to sit up while others lie in bed, Of whom may also be had, just published,

In 2 vols, post 8vo. 188,

And look down on the Universe with pity.Byron. Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. By George Thompson, Esq. Comprising Observations made

Sea. daring an Eight Years' Residence at the Cape, on the Progress Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

In 3 vols. post Ivo. 318. 0d. and Prospects of British Emigrants. The 2d edition, in 2 vols.

ALES of an ANTIQUARY, illustrative Bre, vith Forty Engravings, price l. 11s. 6d. boards.

In post avo. 2. 6d. “This is the completest book on the subject of this interesting

ERSONAL NARRATIVE of the IRISH London. quarter of the world, and contains the best and most rational

REBELLION in 1798.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Stroet. account of the important colony of the Cape."-Atlas.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

In 2 vols, post 8vo.

TALES of the WEST. a By H. M.GROVER, Author of " Anne Boleyn."

In 1 vol. 8vo. 145.

By the Author of Letters from the East," &c. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown,

and Green, London ;

TALY AS IT IS. Narrative of an English Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. and sold by W. Clarke, 42, New Bond Street 86. 6d. boards.

By the Author of « Four Years in France." In 4 vols. 8vo. with Plates, 21. 18s.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

In 1 large vol. 8vo. uniform with the best editions of

To which are added, Lithographic Impressions of the Chief
Richard Cromwell, from 1656 to 1650, now first published from

the Poet, 14:.

Scene, the Costumes of the Peasants, and the Music of the Songs; the original Autograph Mannscript, in the possession of William

SEMORIALS of SHAKSPEARE; or, together with Explanatory Notes.
perott, of the London Institution. Interspersed with several
Carieas Documents and Notices, Historical and Biographical.
Sketches of his character and Genius. By various

Rodwell, 46, New Bond Street,

The scene is laid on the banks of the Lake of Genevan-ground
Collected and Edited, with a Preface and Notes,

made classical by the

pens of Rousseau and Byron. This work serves to fill up the chasm so long existing in our


" This is a better Tragedy than any we have lately seen, and pariamentary History: the new facts and arguments contained Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street, ought not to be allowed to sink into neglect; with some few

alterations, it would make a good acting play- and that is merit of the royal dignity: the real extent of his power as Protector;

3d edition, in 3 vols. post 8vo.

which is not common among the dramas of the present day: the

story is interesting and well put together, and the characiers so speedy extinction of that power under the short Protectorate of TLIRTATION. A Novel.

far above common-place as to induce an audience to sympathise

« Flirtation is not merely the title, but the prevailing with their feelings." _Westminster Review, Jan. 1825.
Printed for Henry Colbarn, 8, New Burlington Street.
genius of this novel; as, indeed, it ought to be. The noble au

"Nous reconnaisons, que la lecture de ce drame nous a fort
horess follows her subject, and never wanders from it; every attaché; que les malheurs de l'Orphelin de Florence inspirent
In 3 vols. post 8ro. frice 278.
incident is metamorphosed into it. How redolent of flirtation

un vif intérêt; que l'auteur a su répandre un certain charm
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A Novel. line! Flirtation on the part of men, flirtation on the part of contidentes; et que le caractère de la dame Florentine nous * "Hall' an agrecable worden; thirtation abroad; flirtation al home; flirtation in low

paru parfaitement conçu et bien esquissé."-Revue Encyclope delete in the shape of a pleasing fiction, mne tatio de interest to the married private Hiriation, and public dirtation, and many et art to the generality of works of fiction form is deseable life, and in high life ; flirtation among the single, and among the pour mars


In 8vo. price 68. 6d. sa love, marriage, education, celibacy, establishment in the If this picture should fail in reforming the male coquettes who

URAL and other POEMS. intentisa of the authoress to produce a work which every mother It appears to have been the indulge in it, we entertain confideat hopes that the fair will listen to her ladyship's exhortations, and be taught to renounce





THE NIGHT-WATCH; or, Tales of the


SOCRATES, a Dramatic Poem.



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By Mrs. CHADWICK. iba't posses, and which every daughter should read."** so dangerous a pastime."-Now Monkly Magazine,

London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; ang Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street,

Procter and Jones, Ludlow,
Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street,

world, inerals, and manners.


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