Night Witches: The Untold Story of Soviet Women in Combat

Mainstream Publishing Company, Limited, 1981 - 278 pàgines

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Revisió d'Usuari  - texliz - LibraryThing

Fascinating history of Russian women fighter pilots in WWII. Well-written, highly readable. Author really brings these women to life. This was highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend it. Llegeix la ressenya completa

Night Witches

Revisió d'Usuari  - sheridan27 -

I came across the history of these women flyers quite by accident after seeing the plane they flew at an airshow. I found the book to be full of history that I knew little about. I was very pleased ... Llegeix la ressenya completa


Operation Barbarossa 1941
Recruits in Engels 194142
Baptism of Firethe 586th Fighter Regiment at Saratov

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