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Proceedings of meeting at Trenton to organize the Society, January and February,


Proceedings at Newark, May 7th, 1845.

Discourse by Charles King, Esq.

Proceedings at Trenton, September 4th, 1845.

Journal of Capt. John Schuyler, on an expedition to Canada in August, 1690.

Three Letters from Rev. Samuel Davies, President of Princeton College, 1759-60.
Address by Rev. Samuel Miller, D. D.

Proceedings at New Brunswick, Nov. 6th, 1845.

Three Letters from Governor Franklin to his Father, June and October, 1767, and
May, 1759.

Letter from William Strahan, London, 1766.

Proceedings at Trenton, January 15th, 1846.

Letter from Lord Cornbury to the inhabitants of Bergen, 1706.

Proceedings at Burlington, May 7th, 1846.

Letter from William Dockwra, Proprietaries, Register, to Governor Andrew Ham-
ilton, April 1st, 1693.

An account of a Journey in the Southern States in 1781, by Abel Thomas.

An account of the capture and death of the refugee, John Bacon, by George F.
Fort, M. D.

Extracts from a Paper on the Discovery and Settlement of Monmouth County, by
Rev. A. A. Marcellus.

Proceedings at Salem, Sept. 3d, 1846.

Corrections of errors in Mr. King's Discourse.

Exports of Salem County.

Criminal Statistics of Essex County.

Proceedings of the Committees of Freehold and Shrewsbury, on the opening of
the Revolution.



Proceedings of Society at Elizabethtown, November 5th, 1846.

Proceedings of the Government of New York, December, 1675, to December, 1678,
in relation to the settlement and jurisdiction of Major John Fenwick in West

Journal of Lieut. William Barton, during Sullivan's Expedition against the In-
dians, in 1779.

Extracts from Journal of Dr. Ebenezer Elmer, during the same Expedition.
Proceedings at Trenton, January 21st, 1847.

Second Annual Address, by Hon Joseph C. Hornblower, LL. D., President of the

Proceedings at Newark, May 27th, 1847.

Diary of Events in Charleston, S. C., from March 20th to April 20th, 1780, during
the Siege by the British: by Samuel Baldwin.

Proceedings at New Brunswick, June 25th, 1847.

Journal of an Expedition to Canada in 1776, by Lieut. Ebenezer Elmer of the New
Jersey Forces.

Proceedings at Freehold, Sept. 16th, 1847.

Letter from Richard Stockton to Robert Ogden, about public affairs, 1765.


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