An Elementary Compendium of the Law of Real Property

J. & W.T. Clarke, 1828 - 548 pàgines
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Pàgina 469 - of Trusts or Confidences of any * " Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments shall " be manifested and proved by some Writing " signed by the party who is by Law enabled " to declare such Trust, or by his last Will in " writing, or else they shall be utterly void and " of none effect.
Pàgina 59 - made or created by livery and seisin " only, or by parol, and not put in writing, and " signed by the parties so making or creating " the same, or their agents thereunto lawfully " authorized by writing, shall have the force
Pàgina 88 - That all Conveyances by, and all Contracts and other Dealings and Transactions by and with any Bankrupt, bond fide, made and entered into more than two calendar months before the date and issuing of the Commission against him, shall be valid, notwithstanding any prior act of Bankruptcy by him committed; provided the person
Pàgina 74 - after the execution thereof; and unless the " same be made to take effect in possession for " the charitable use intended immediately from " the making thereof, and be without any power " of revocation, reservation, trust, condition, " limitation, clause or agreement whatsoever, " for the benefit of the donor or grantor, or of " any person or persons claiming under him.
Pàgina 447 - Property so and in such manner that " the rents, issues, profits, or produce thereof, " shall be wholly or partially accumulated, for " any longer term than the life or lives of any " such Grantor or Grantors, Settler or Settlers; " or the Term of twenty-one years from the " death of any such Grantor, Settler, Devisor, " or Testator, or during the minority or
Pàgina 449 - for raising Portions for any Child or " Children of any Grantor, Settler, or Devisor, " or any Child or Children of any person taking " any interest under any such Conveyance, " Settlement or Devise, or to any direction " touching the produce of Timber or Wood " upon any Lands or Tenements.
Pàgina 80 - commodities whatsoever, above the value of " five pounds for the forbearance of one hundred " pounds for a year, and so after that rate for " a greater or lesser sum, or for a longer or " shorter time; and all Bonds, Contracts and
Pàgina 482 - of Marriage, or upon any Contract or " Sale of Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, " or any interest in or concerning them, unless " the Agreement upon which such Action
Pàgina 89 - notice of any prior act of Bankruptcy by him committed : Provided also, that where a Commission has been superseded, if any other Commission shall issue against any person or persons comprised in such first Commission, within two calendar months next after it shall have been superseded, no such Conveyance, Contract, Dealing or Transaction,
Pàgina 43 - and Sale thereof, except the same Bargain " and Sale be made by writing indented, sealed, " and enrolled in one of the King's Courts of " Record at Westminster, or else within the " same county or counties where the same " manors, lands or tenements so bargained " and sold, lie or be, before the Gustos

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