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Pàgina 292 - HORSMANDEN (DANIEL). A Journal of the Proceedings in the Detection of the Conspiracy Formed by Some White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other Slaves for Burning the City of New York in America, And Murdering the Inhabitants.
Pàgina 262 - A Bill in the Chancery of New Jersey, at the suit of John, Earl of Stair, and others, Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey; against Benjamin Bond and some other Persons of Elizabelhtown, distinguished by the Name of the Clinker Lot Right Men.
Pàgina 49 - The conventions of a number of the states having, at the time of their adopting the constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of...
Pàgina 310 - Printed and Sold by William Bradford, 1694. 2 11., 84 pp. F°. Facsimile of the laws and acts of the General Assembly for their Majesties Province of NewYork, etc., etc.
Pàgina 28 - Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia, on the fifth of September, 1774. Containing, the Bill of Rights, a List of Grievances, Occasional Resolves, the Association, an Address to the People of Great Britain, and a Memorial to the Inhabitants of the British American Colonies.

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