Coldingham: Parish and Priory


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PÓgina 40 - Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.
PÓgina 92 - Nibelunge," such as it was written down at the end of the twelfth, or the beginning of the thirteenth century, is
PÓgina 14 - ... that night, we perceived, gathered towards the hills labouring to make a perfect interposition between us and Berwick. And, having in this posture a great advantage through his better knowledge of the country, he effected it by sending a considerable party to the strait pass at Copperspath, where ten men to hinder are better than forty to make their way.
PÓgina 2 - ... describe the course of the English settlements in that northern land. And first, a word as to its geographical limits. The district which was popularly called Northhymbraland, and which consisted politically of the two kingdoms of Beornice (Bernicia) and Dearnerice (Deira), stretched from the Firth of Forth to the river Humber. It is important to remember that we have here no concern with the medieval and modern boundary between England and Scotland, in which Tweed and Cheviot are the principal...
PÓgina 128 - Amen,' quoth they. Then the bishop and his men leugh. And the bishop shewed the pope the manner, that he was not a good clerk, and his cardinals had put him by his intendiment, and, therefore, he gave them all to the devil in good Scotish ; and then the pope leugh among the rest.
PÓgina 186 - ... passed the bridge, which was made over two high rocks] into the castle, where [laying down that which they brought] they suddenly [by a sign given] set upon the keepers of the gates...
PÓgina 4 - Turkil Hog and his sons and his daughters, for three merks of silver, which in my necessity they gave me, of money of the House of Coldingham. Wherefore I will and grant that the foresaid Turkil and his sons and his daughters be free and quit for ever from all reclamation whether by myself or my heirs.
PÓgina 42 - Scotch cream : bringing the reversion of it to their tents, some got dishf uls, and some hatfuls; and the cream being now low in the vessel, one fellow would have a modest drink, and so lifts the kirn to his mouth: but another canting it up, it falls over his head ; and the man is lost in it, all the cream trickles down his apparel, and his head fast...
PÓgina 138 - For that sweet mother land which gave them birth Nobly to do, nobly to die. Their names, Graven on memorial columns, are a song Heard in the future; few, but more than wall And rampart, their examples reach a hand Far thro...
PÓgina 13 - We marched an VIII mile til we came to a place " called the Peaths. It is a valley turning from a VI mile west straight

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