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It was in the latter part of the last May vacation, and but a short time previous to the commencement of the August term, that I found myself in the town of Galway, on my way to Saratoga. I had been enjoying the hospitalities of a charming family; I had rambled for a week about Johnstown, and had found some pleasant sport at the Fish-house—but I had not yet seen all. A world of fashion was assembled at the Springs, and I was no less anxious to renew my acquaintance with the lovely Miss O. from the St. Lawrence country, than to shake hands with the bewitching belle, of my native city.

In the midst of these delightful anticipations, I was suddenly overtaken by the nightfall, and it was only when I discovered the most unequivocal good taste in the arrangements of my wealthy landlord, and the ease and comfort of the village inn, that I bore my fate with my usual philosophy. I was interrupted in these reflections, however, by

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