Europe Or Africa?: A Contemporary Study of the Spanish North African Enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla

Liverpool University Press, 2000 - 192 pàgines
Ceuta and Melilla are two 'enclaves' on the northern coast of Africa that have been Spanish for centuries but that are claimed by the Kingdom of Morocco. As an integral part of Spain the towns have also been part of the territory of the European Union since 1986. Their unique situation has created considerable tension in the relationship (both political and economic) between Spain and Morocco. As well as looking at this relationship, the book explains how the anomalous situation of the enclaves impinges on issues such as immigration from North and sub-Saharan Africa into the EU, defence, trade and the Spanish political scene in general.

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The impact of the enclaves on SpanishMoroccan
the autonomy
The evolving political landscape in the enclaves
The 1985 Immigration Law and community relations
a migration gateway to Europe
Europe or Africa?
Gibraltar and the enclaves
looking to the future

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Peter Gold is a lecturer in the Centre for European Studies at the University of the West of England.

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