Imatges de pÓgina

angelic spirits, “and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands.”

But not to pursue this pleasing subject any farther, I would only observe in conclusion, that if the present selection should tend to promote what is most desirable in public worship---congregational singing : if it should soothe in the slightest degree the anguish of affliction : or if it should in any measure raise the heart to God, and give a heaven-ward direction to the thoughts and affections---I shall be more than recompensed a thousand fold, for the trouble of the compilation ; and would say, with lowly reverence, in the words of the psalmist, “ to thy name ( Lord be the glory!”

C. P. PRICE, M. A.

Uxbridge Parsonage,

March 28th. 1843.





Ye have received the spirit of adoption.

Rom. viii,

16. ABBA, Father, while we sing, Hear the thankful praise we bring; Taught to cast our cares on thee, Daily mercies Lord we see. Yet, enrich us with thy grace, Give us with thy sons a place. By thy Holy Spirit led; Nourish'd with celestial bread; Strengthen'd through their mortal strife; Kept to everlasting life; Peace and hope to them are given; Time and glory, earth and heaven. What though trials meet us here? Christ endur'd what we must bear : If his grace our strength sustain, Welcome sorrow,

welcome pain : Peace shall flow from ev'ry loss ; Endless glory from the cross.


This do in remembrance of me.” Luke xxii. 19.

ACCORDING to thy gracious word,

In meek humility
This will I do, my dying Lord;

I will remember thee.

Thy body, broken for my sake,

My bread from heav'n shall be; Thy testamental cup I'll take,

And thus remember thee.

Remember thee and all thy pains,

And all thy love to me!
Yes, while a pulse or breath remains,

Will I remember thee.

And when these failing lips grow dumb,

And thought and mem'ry flee; When thou shalt in thy kingdom come,

O Lord remember me. Sacrament.


For we know that if our earthly house. 2 Cor. v. 1.

A house we have not made with hands,

Eternal and on high;
And here my waiting spirit stands

Till God shall bid it fly.

Shortly this prison of my clay

Must be dissolv'd, and fall; Then shall my soul with joy obey

My heav'nly Father's call.

We walk by faith of joys to come ;

Faith lives upon his word ; But while the body is our home,

We're absent from the Lord.

Tis pleasant to believe thy grace,

But we had rather see;
We would be absent from the flesh,

And present Lord with thee.


As thy day, so shall thy strength be.

Deut. xxxiii. 25.

AFFLICTED soul, to Christ draw near,
Thy Saviour's gracious promise hear;
His faithful word declares to thee,
That as thy day thy strength shall be.

Let not thy heart despond, and say
How shall I stand the trying day?
He has engag'd by firm decree,
That as thy day thy strength shall be.

Thy faith is weak thy foes are strong,
Perhaps the conflict may be long;
Yet shall at last thy sorrow flee,
And as thy day, thy strength shall be.

When hov'ring death appears in view
Christ's presence shall thy fears subdue;
He smiles, and sets thy spirit free,
So, as thy day, thy strength shall be.

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