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eacli class, serve as the model for the three genders of adjectives falling under the same class. Simple adjectives, coming immediately from roots, and not derived from substantives, are not very common. Such as do occur belong chiefly to the first, second, and third classes of nouns; 80, 81, 82.

185. Adjectives formed from substantives (i. e. secondary derivatives, called taddhita) are numerous, as may be seen at Ho, 84, 85. They belong chiefly to the first, fifth, and sixth classes of nouns.

186. Compound adjectives, whether formed by using roots or substantives at the end of compounds, are most abundant under every one of the eight classes.

The following table exhibits examples of the most common kind of adjectives in the nom. case masc, fern., and neut., and indicates the class to which their declension is to be referred.

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* When it is remembered that a is equivalent in pronunciation to u, the three genders of this adjective might be written priyus, priyiS, priyum; thus offering a perfect similarity to Latin adjectives in us.

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191. The degrees of comparison are formed in two ways; 1st, by adding to the base ire tara (nom. -laras, -tard, -taram, cf. Greek report) for the comparative; and Tin tama (nom. -tamos, Mama', -tamam, cf. Latin timus, Greek Terror) for the superlative: thus, •$&punya, 'holy,' ipnrcpunyatara, 'more holy,' tpnPTpunyalama, 'most holy,' declined like nouns of the first class at 103. So also, dhanavat, 'wealthy,' dhanavattara, 'more wealthy,' dhanavattama, 'most wealthy.' A final n is rejected; as, dhanin,' rich,5 dhanitara,

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