The Waverley Novels, Volum 3

Lippincott, Grambo, 1855

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Pàgina 2 - May it please your grace," said Walter, hesitating, " it is not for so humble a servant of your majesty to measure out your bounties ; but if it became me to choose" " Thou wouldst have gold, I warrant me...
Pàgina 2 - You have this day spoiled a gay mantle in our service, young man. We thank you for your service, though the manner of offering it was unusual, and something bold." "In a sovereign's need," answered the youth, ''it is each liegeman's duty to be bold.
Pàgina 2 - The young cavalier was, in the meanwhile, guided to the water-side by the pensioner, who showed him considerable respect ; a circumstance which, to persons in his situation, may be considered as an augury of no small consequence. He ushered him into one of the wherries which lay ready to attend the queen's barge, which was already proceeding up the river...
Pàgina 8 - ... won, all is now desolate. The bed of the lake is but a rushy swamp ; and the massive ruins of the Castle only serve to show what their splendour once was, and to impress on the musing visitor the transitory value of human possessions, and the happiness of those who enjoy a humble lot in virtuous contentment.
Pàgina 3 - They hear farther than you think of," said the queen graciously, "and have heard of a youth who defended a ford in Shannon against a whole band of wild Irish rebels, until the stream ran purple with their blood and his own." "Some blood I may have lost," said the youth, looking down, "but it was where my best is due, and that is in Your Majesty's service.
Pàgina 2 - The night had been rainy, and just where the young gentleman stood, a small quantity of mud interrupted the Queen's passage. As she hesitated to pass on, the gallant, throwing his cloak from his shoulders, laid it on the miry spot, so as to ensure her stepping over it dryshod.
Pàgina 8 - ... partly artificial, across which Leicester had constructed a stately bridge, that Elizabeth might enter the castle by a path hitherto untrodden, instead of the usual entrance to the northward, over which he had erected a gate-house or barbican, which still exists, and is equal in extent, and superior in architecture, to the baronial castle of many a northern chief. ^ Beyond the lake lay an extensive chase, full of...
Pàgina 46 - Call you that desperate, which, by a line Of institution, from our ancestors Hath been derived down to us, and received In a succession for the noblest way Of breeding up our youth, in letters, arms, Fair mien, discourses, civil exercise, And all the blazon of a gentleman ? Where can he learn to vault, to ride, to fence, To move his body...
Pàgina 3 - It is no longer mine," said Walter; "when Your Majesty's foot touched it, it became a fit mantle for a prince, but far too rich a one for its former owner.

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