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Pàgina 151 - Had I but died an hour before this chance, I had liv'da blessed time; for, from this instant, There's nothing serious in mortality : All is but toys : renown, and grace, is dead ; The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees Is left this vault to brag of.
Pàgina 117 - They came after that to the other town, and it was pleasing to Columcille, because it was full of God's grace, and he asked of the mormaer, to wit Bede, that he should give it to him ; and he did not give it, and a son of his took an illness after (or in consequence of) refusing the clerics, and he was nearly dead (lit.
Pàgina 117 - Garnait They made the prayer, and health came to him. After that Columcille gave to Drostan that town, and blessed it, and left as (his) word, ' Whosoever should come against it let him not be many-eared [or] victorious.' Drostan's tears came on parting with Columcille. Said Columcille, ' Let DEAR [deara — tears], be its name henceforward.
Pàgina 118 - But if you look closely, with all the acuteness of sight that you can command, and examine the inmost secrets of that wondrous art, you will discover such...
Pàgina 119 - ... human skill. The more frequently I behold it, the more numerous are the beauties I discover in it, and the more I am lost in renewed admiration of it. Neither could Apelles himself execute the like : they really seem to have been designed and painted by a hand not mortal.
Pàgina 219 - twixt earth and sky, A wondrous sight to behold ! Pleasant it is to be here With friends in company, But I would fly to the Isle of Skye To-morrow, if I were free ! Dunedin is queenly and fair — None feels it more than I ; But, in the prime of the summer time, Give me the Isle of Skye ! A HIGHLAND MARCHING SONG.
Pàgina 119 - Armagh, not fewer than one hundred and fiftyeight interlacements of a slender ribbon pattern, formed of white lines edged by black ones upon a black ground.
Pàgina 178 - Scarba, who ne'er thought to be. Ne'er thought it, my island, where rest the deep dark shade The grand, mossy mountains for ages have made ; God bless thee ! and prosper thy chief of the sharp blade— All over these islands his fame never fade ! Never fade it, Sir Norman ! for well 'tis the right Of thy name to win credit in council or fight — By wisdom, by shrewdness, by spirit, by might, By manliness, courage, by daring, by sleight. In...
Pàgina 126 - ... when you have those singularly beautiful curves — more beautiful, perhaps, in the parts that are not seen than in those that meet the eye — whose beauty, revealed in shadow more than in form— you have a peculiar characteristic — a form of beauty which belongs to no nation but our own, and to no portion of our nation but the Keltic portion.
Pàgina 119 - Kells," some of the ornaments of which I attempted to copy, but broke down in despair. Of this very book Mr. "Westwood examined the pages, as I did, for hours together without ever detecting a false line, or an irregular interlacement.

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