Imatges de pÓgina
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As it is Performed at the Theatre-Royal

in Drury-Lane.

Printed for T. LOWNDÉS, T. CASLON,


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HE chief Design of the Alterations in the fol

lowing Play, was to clear the Original as much as poffible from the Jingle and Quibble which were always the Objections to the reviving it.

The sudden Change of Romeo's Love from Rosaline to Juliet, was thought by many, at the first Revival of the Play, to be a blemish in his Character ; an Alteration in that particular has been made more in Compliance to that Opinion, than from a Conviction that. Shakespear, the best Judge of human Nature, was faulty.

Bandello the Italian Novelift, from whom Shakepear has borrow'd the Subject of this Play, bas made Juliet to wake in the Tomb before Romeo dies : This, Circumstance Shakespear has omitted, not, perhaps, from Judgment, but from reading the Story in the French or English Translation, both which have in-. judicicully left out this Addition to the Catastrophe.

Orway in his Caius Marius, a Tragedy taken from Romeo and Juliet, has made use of this affecting Circumstance, but it is matter of wonder that so great a dramatic Genius did not work up a Scene. from it of more Nature, Terror and Diftress Such a Scene was attempted at the Revival of this Play, and it is hop'd, that an endeavour to supply the failure of so great a Mafter will not be deem'd arrogant, or the making use of two or three of his introductory Lines, be accounted as a Plagiarism.

The Persons who from their great Good-pature; and Love of Justice have endeavour'd to take away from the present Editor the little Merit of this Scene by ascribing it to Otway, bave unwittingly, from the Nature of the Accusacion, piid him a Compliment which he believes they never intended him.

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Dramatis Persona.

ROMEO Escalus, Paris, Mountague, Capulet, Mercutio, Benevolio, Tibalt, Old Capulet, Friar Lawrence, Friar John, Balthafar, Gregory Sampson, Abram,

Mr. Garrick. Mr. Bransoy. Mr. Scrase. M. Burton. Mr. Berry. Mr. Woodwarda Mr. Mozeeu. Mr. Blakes. Mr.Jobnfon. Mr. Havard. Mr. Jefferson Mr. Ackman. Mr. W. Vaughan. Mr, Clough. Mr. Marr:

JULIET, Lady Capulets Nurse,

Mrs. Cibber. Mrs. Bennet. Mrs. Mackline

Citizens of Verona, several Men and Women
Relations to Capulet. Maskers, Guards,

and other. Attendants.

The SCENE, in the beginning of the fifth Aft, is in Mantua during all the rest of

Ibe. Play., in and near Verona,


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