Works, Volum 7

J. Stockdale, 1807

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Pàgina 87 - From THAT WHICH is, the first cause, not the object of sense, existing everywhere in substance, not existing to our perception, without beginning or end, was produced the divine male, famed in all worlds under the appellation of BRAHMA'.
Pàgina 82 - The work, now presented to the European world, contains abundance of curious matter extremely interesting both to speculative lawyers and antiquaries, with many beauties, which need not be pointed out, and with many blemishes, which cannot be justified or palliated. It is a system of despotism and priestcraft, both indeed limited by law, but artfully conspiring to give mutual support...
Pàgina 259 - BY a girl, or by a young woman, or by a woman advanced in years, nothing must be done, even in her own dwelling place, according to her mere pleasure : 148.
Pàgina 107 - ... 14. But, when there are two sacred texts, apparently inconsistent, both are held to be law ; for both are pronounced by the wise to be valid and reconcilable ; 15. Thus in the Veda are these texts : " let the sacrifice be when the sun has arisen...
Pàgina 74 - ... system of duties, religious and civil, and of law in all its branches, which the Hindus firmly believe to have been promulged in the beginning of time by MENU, son or grandson of BRAHMA', or, in plain language, the first of created beings, and not the oldest only, but the holiest, of legislators...
Pàgina 102 - The Brahman who studies this book, having performed sacred rites, is perpetually free from offence in thought, in word and in deed. " He confers purity on his living family, on his ancestors, and on his descendants as far as the seventh person, and he alone deserves to possess this whole earth.
Pàgina 322 - By external signs let him see through the thoughts of men ; by their voice, colour, countenance, limbs, eyes, and action : 26. From the limbs, the look, the motion of the body, the gesticulation, the speech, the changes of the. eye and the face, are discovered the internal workings of the mind.
Pàgina 128 - For an unlearned man is in truth a child ; and he who teaches him the Veda, is his father. Holy sages have always said child to an ignorant man, and father to a teacher of scripture.
Pàgina 222 - Let him not have nimble hands, restless feet, or voluble eyes ; let him not be crooked in his ways ; let him not be flippant in his speech, nor intelligent in doing mischief.
Pàgina 273 - His hair, nails, and beard being clipped, bearing with him a dish, a staff, and a water-pot, his whole mind being fixed on GOD, let him wander about continually, without giving pain to animal or vegetable beings.

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