Some American medical botanists commemorated in our botanical nomenclature

Southworth, 1914 - 215 pāgines

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Pāgina 192 - He then entered the medical department of the University of New York, from which he graduated in 1860.
Pāgina 49 - I'll tell thee: One day I was very busy in holding my plough (for thee seest that I am but a ploughman) and being weary I ran under the shade of a tree to repose myself. I cast my eyes on a daisy, I plucked it mechanically and viewed it with more curiosity than common country farmers are wont to do; and observed therein very many distinct parts, some perpendicular, some horizontal. What a shame...
Pāgina 20 - ... notice of some of the greatest poets. The story told at length in Ovid's Metamorphoses, of the transformation of Narcissus into a flower, is too well known to need, and too long to admit of, insertion. The Naiades, lamenting the death of Narcissus, prepare a funeral pile, but his body is missing : " Instead whereof a yellow flower was found, With tufts of white about the button crown'd.
Pāgina 141 - The ground was clear, therefore, when, thirty or forty years ago, a new and remarkable evergreen tree was discovered in our own Southern States, which it was at once determined should bear Dr. Torrey's name. More recently a congener was found in the noble forests of California. Another species had already been recognized in Japan, and lately a fourth in the mountains of Northern China. All four of them have been introduced and are greatly prized as ornamental trees in Europe. So that, all round the...
Pāgina 50 - I thought myself more learned I proceeded farther, and by a steady application of several years I have acquired a pretty general knowledge of every plant and tree to be found in our continent.
Pāgina 123 - Report of a Committee of the Linnaean Society of New England relative to a large marine animal, supposed to be a serpent, seen near Cape Ann...
Pāgina 49 - What a shame, said my mind, or something that inspired my mind, that thee shouldst have employed so many years in tilling the earth and destroying so many flowers and plants, without being acquainted with their structures and their uses\ This seeming inspiration suddenly awakened my curiosity, for these were not thoughts to which I had been accustomed.
Pāgina 89 - Observations on some parts of Natural History, to which is prefixed an account of several remarkable vestiges of An ancient date, which have been discovered in different parts of North America.
Pāgina 68 - If seas and mountains can keep us asunder here, yet surely the Father of Wisdom and Science will take away that veil and these obstacles when this curtain of mortality drops; and probably I may find myself on the skirts of a meadow where Linnaeus is explaining the wonders of a new world to legions of white candid spirits glorifying their Maker for the amazing enlargement of their mental faculties.
Pāgina 192 - He was soon appointed professor of chemistry in the New York Free Academy, now the College of the City of New York.

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