Imatges de pÓgina



“ The dew, the blossom on the tree,

With charms inconstant shine;
Their charms were his, but woe to me!

Their constancy was mine.


« For still I tried each fickle art,

Importunate and vain ;
And while his passion touch'd my heart,

I triumph'd in his pain.


“ Till quite dejected with my scorn,

He left me to my pride ; (1) And sought a solitude forlorn,

In secret, where he dy'd.)

" And when a little rest I sought,

In Sleep's refreshing arms,
How have I mended what he taught,
And lent him fancied charms!

" Yet still (and woe betide the hour!)

I spurn'd him from my side,
And still with ill-dissembled power,

Repaid his love with pride."-First edit.)

(1) [" Till quite dejected with my scorn,

He left me to deplore ;
And sought a solitude forlorn,

And ne'er was heard of more.

" Then since he perish'd by my fault,

This pilgrimage I pay,” &c.— Ibid.)

(2) [Imit." And grew so coy and nice to please,

As women's looks are often soe,
He might not kisse, nor hand forsooth,

Unlesse I willed him soe to do.

“ Thus being wearyed with delayes,

To see I pittyed not his greefle, lle gott him to a secret place,

And there he dyed without releeffe."-Gentle Herdsman ] 43


But mine the sorrow, mine the fault,

And well my life shall pay; I'll seek the solitude he sought,

And stretch me where he lay. (1)


“ And there forlorn, despairing, hid,

I'll lay me down and die ; 'Twas so for me that Edwin did ;

And so for him will I.” (2)


“ Forbid it Heaven !" the Hermit cry'd,

And clasp'd her to his breast :
The wond'ring fair one turnd to chide,-

'Twas Edwin's self that prest.

(1) [Imit." And for his sake these weeds I weare,

And sacrifice my tender age;
And every day Ile beg my bread,

To undergoe this pilgrimage.
“ Thus every day I fast and pray,

And ever will doe till I dye;
And gett me to some secret place,

For so did he, and soe will 1."—Gentle Herdsman.) (2) [" And there in shelt'ring thickets hid,

I'll linger till I die :
'Twas thus for me my lover did,

And so for him will l.

" Thou shalt not thus, the Hermit cried,

And clasp'd her to his breast :
The astonish'd fair one turned to chide,

'Twas Edwin's self that prest.

"' For now no longer could he hide,

What first to hide he strove;
His looks resume their youthful pride,

And flush with honest love."-First edit. )



“ Turn, Angelina, ever dear,

My charmer, turn to see
Thy own, thy long-lost Edwin here,

Restor'd to love and thee.


- Thus let me hold thee to my heart,

And ev'ry care resign:
And shall we never, never part,

My life, my all that's mine?


“ No, never, from this hour to part,
We'll live and love so true;

The sigh that rends thy constant heart,

Shall break thy Edwin's too." (2)

(1) [“No, never, from this hour to part,

Our love shall still be new;
And the last sigh that rends the heart,

Shall break thy Edwin's too."-First edit.

(2) (Here followed in the original draught:

“ Here amidst sylvan bowers we'll rove,

From lawn to woodland stray ;
Blest as the songsters of the grove,

And innocent as they.

" To all that want, and all that wail,

Our pity shall be given,
And when this life of love shall fail,

We'll love again in heaven."]





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