A Faithful Sea: The Religious Cultures of the Mediterranean, 1200-1700

Adnan Ahmed Husain, Katherine Elizabeth Fleming
Oneworld, 2007 - 226 pàgines
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Contemporary academia relies upon categorization. One can study Africa or Europe; East or West; the Middle Ages or the Early Modern period. In this innovative collection of essays, the Mediterranean is taken as a whole. The birthplace of the three principal monotheistic religions, it is shown to be a distinct cultural space characterized by hybridity, diversity, and cultural dynamism. Distinctive both in scope and approach, A Faithful Sea is insistent that regional history is far more than a mere aggregate of various national histories. Addressing a wide array of Mediterranean religious tradition and identity in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods, the essays unite in highlighting the cross-fertilization of people and society within the region. With contributions from leading specialists on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, readers from all backgrounds will find the concept of "Mediterraneity" both original and powerful.

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Sobre l'autor (2007)

Adnan A. Husain is Associate Professor and a Queen's National Scholar at Queen's University, Kingston. K.E. Fleming is Director of the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies at New York University, and Associate Director of the Remarque Institute.

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