The Great Reflection

The Great Reflection, 12 d’oct. 2007 - 200 pàgines
Many faithful Christians go weekly to church, hear the word, and read it for themselves. Yet, few realize the truths that go unnoticed just below the surface. No, I am not speaking of Bible codes. The Bible has been described as a chest filled with treasures. Some are old and comfortable while others are new and challenging. Are you a seeker of truth? Then, dig into The Great Reflection.

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The Great Reflection 1 Introduction
God With
Patterns and Shadows
Fiery Serpents
The TwoSided Existence
Mirror Image
Facing the Mirror
Rhyme and Reason
The Spiritual Corporeal Handshake 1 Dualities
Following Suit
Actions Initiated From the Other Side
Does the Spiritual Require the Corporeal?
Ups and Downs
More Toward the Spirit
Working the Lines

Through the Interface
Elusive Reality
Universal Spiritual Mechanics Laws and Theories
Man Son of Man Part
The Upper Room 1 Man Son of Man Part

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Sobre l'autor (2007)

The author has studied canonized scripture for more than two decades. Born in Atlanta Georgia, he currently calls Sioux City Iowa home.

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