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Happening into an artist's studio a short as she stood looking at his pictures, was 80 time since, we saw upon his wall, drawn with much offended with him that she left his crayon, the figure of a young lady, in what room in a miff, and had not spoken to him was then the costume of the day, from boots since, albeit he is a young man of handsome to chignon, and underneath was written, bearing, and of most excellent temper and “American or Chinese—which ?" It would, prospects. The fate of this worthy young indeed, have puzzled one to tell, and we were artist ought, perhaps, to have deterred us not surprised when he told us that the young from committing the offence which we are lady, whose portrait he had stealthily taken about to perpetrate; but we trust a lifelong service in support and defence of the sex may be admitted in mitigation of damages.

The fashion plate we present on the preceding page, is, perhaps, a slight exaggeration; but so is any picture, that is conmended for its fidelity to nature. A picture in color and drawing that only repeats nature, does not take a very high position with connoisseurs; it is the province of genius in art to make it evidently up to nature, therefore we justify our plate. The chignon is increased

present the figure in contrast with its Chinese counterpart, as proving the axiom that antipodes meet the celestial and the “angularSaxon," as a venerable friend of ours terms all white people. There is a decided similarity, only more so, and the Chinese alınoneyed damsel is evidently complimenting her antipodal sister on her near approach to the celestial standard of grace and elegance. By perseverance, by-and-by, such perfection may be attained, that the human semblance will be

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in order to meet a growing necessity of the lost to fashionable womanhood, and each time, which involves the necessity of reducing devotee will have to be labelled, in order to the bonnet, indeed, rendering that article as distinguish her. Of one thing we are sure; much a nonentity as possible, without reduc- if the tendency to chignon increases, there ing the expense. The short dress, minus the

will be an overweight atop, that will be dishoops, the circus-rider's jacket, and the astrous in case of accident, and if the wearer retinue of ribbons that curl about the form should stumble, gravitation would vindicate in snaky combination, are, it will be admitted, itself as though she were a corp-stalk witch. very becoming, while the taper ankle and Of quite another character is the fashion dainty gaiter complete a tout ensemble that plate upon this page, illustrating the aris the eye of taste can never tire of seeing. We tocracy of poverty. Herein fashion is carried to extremes, and the unwholesome examples of the same family to a certain fly, representsport their finery with the natural abandon ing his parlor as being very desirable. It is of those to the manner born. The hauteur to be half-suspected that the same sentiment, of the embodiment of the spirit of Queen in a more refined form, is advanced by the Elizabeth, with the ghost of the parasol, bears young lady herself in the sign thus hung out, the true aristocratic mark. What a regal while the diminutive fly, suspended from her dignity there is on that brow! what a grace ear, is significant of the kind of game she will in the folded hands! what a majestic pose be likely to attract. We are sorry to record in the romanesque feet! That dress is regal, this species of headdress as belonging to a with real point lace at the bottom; that train past regime. There was so much incentive is imperial, no mistake about it; that nose, in it to the study of natural history, and the retrousse, turns up at the approach of Mary quality of the mind could be so readily seen the Queen of Scots, the other party, who sues in the style of adornment, that tempers could for her attention. How the o'ertopping be read with as much precision as charplumes angrily vibrate at the audacity! There is a block on Tower Hill for the intrusion. Nothing less will satisfy offended majesty. The costume of Mary is less marked, because indelible ink would not show on it, inaybe, but the dress is queenly. The chignon is marvellous, but hairy; the bonnet recherche; the train voluminous. The low-neck dress reveals grace that offends her royal sister, who tends to scragginess. The rounded shoulder of Mary excites her envy. She looks as if she might bite it, if she had opportunity. The graceful foot and ankle are suggestive of beauties that Canova might have loved to study, the foot planting itselt upon the pave with the force of a kedge anchor. The two present a less harmonious picture than the foregoing, but they are as true to fashion as they can afford to be.

How often do we see this ridiculous initation, in rags, of fashion in silk. We meet it every day, with the poverty so painfully standing out, that we would pity if we dared; but the pride that conceived it would brook no pity,

THE INSECT HEADDRESS. and the poor imitation sports her bit of faded or cast-off finery, as if it were the acters are known at a mercantile agency. last from Madame Demorest. There are few There is much to study in fashion, whether more pitiable sights than this of poverty it come in the form of distorted and forstruggling against fate.

eignized dress, or milliner's bills, the latter The plate on this page reveals a specimen the most impressive. But, seriously, it is a of culture that affects natural history, and matter of more satisfaction to pay a bill for delights in bugs, in harmony with the other decent dress, however eiaborate and expenparties who range through the whole field sive, than the gross and outrageous discordof scientific research, showing here, as an ances that so often invest the human female ornament, a grapevine or a tomato-bed, there form withal. a bunch of onions and a half-hundred of Fashion is a strange infatuation, that leads cucumbers. The tarantula represented in its votaries to the commission of acts that our plate is a wonderful specimen, and is might, at times, provoke a question of sainty, suggestive of the pleasant song sung by one but it is submitted to because it is the fashion, LUCKNOW, THE CAPITAL OF OUDE.


We give on next page a picture of this city Nor maiden bower, nor border tower, of the East, made famous by the Sepoy war, Have heard your sweetest strain! which conveyed such terror to the hearts of

Dear to the Lowland reaper, those endangered, and awakened such sym

And plaided mountaineer,patlıy throughout the world. It is a fortified

To the cottage and the castle city of some two hundred thousand inhabi

The Scottish pipes are dear;tants, situated on the banks of the Goomtee, Sweet sounds the ancient pibroch a tributary of the Ganges. It has an imposing O'er mountain, loch and glade; external appearance, and is divided into sev- But the sweetest of all music eral quarters, some of which contain noble The pipes at Lucknow played. buildings, though others are close and mean.

Day by day the Indian tiger In some of its buildings Grecian architecture

Louder yelled, and nearer crept; has been imitated, and many of its private

Round and round the jungle-serpent palaces are filled with European furniture.

Near and nearer circles swept. The principal building is the Iman-barah, or

“Pray for rescue, wives and mothers,mausoleum of Asoph-ad-Dowlah, considered Pray to-day!" the soldier said; by Lord Valencia as the finest building in "To-morrow, death's between us India. This edifice was built by the occupant And the wrong and shame we dread." during his lifetime, and is remarkable for the

0, they listened, looked and waited, fineness of its marble, the elegance of its

Till their hope became despair; towers, and the beautiful proportion of its

And the sobs of low bewailing colonnades. The tomb, which is resplendent Filled the pauses of their prayer. with gold, silver and jewels, is placed in the

Then up spake a Scottish maiden, principal ball, which measures two hundred With her ear unto the ground: and eighty feet in height, its length being “Dinna ye hear it?-dinna ge hear it? fifty, its breadth forty feet. The hall also The pipes o' Havelock sound!" contains a model of Mahomet's tomb at

Hushed the wounded man his groaning; Mecca.

Hushed the wife her little ones; This city was beleaguered by the infuriated

Alone they heard the drum-roll Sepoys, and its inhabitants, defended by a

And the roar of Sepoy guns. mere handful of British troops, were expect- But to sounds of home and childhood ing a fate similar to that which had just been The Highland ear was true;visited upon Cawnpore. Despair had seized As her mother's cradle-crooning upon every one, and the last effort was being The mountain pipes she knew. made to repel the malignant foe, when Havelock arrived and saved the place. It

Like the march of soundless music

Through the vision of the seer, was at this critical moment that Jessie Brown,

More of feeling than of hearing, the clairaurant Scotch maiden, heard the

Of the heart than of the ear, sound of the approaching pipes playing the She knew the droning pibroch, slogan of the McGregors, above the roar of She knew the Campbell's call: the battle, though it was hidden from all "Hark! hear ye no' MacGregor's,other ears. Her inspiration gave new hope The grandest o' them all!" to the faltering, and new courage to the soldicrs. The incident is the theme for

O, they listened, dumb and breathless,

And they caught the sound at last; one of Whittier's sweetest poems:

Faint and far beyond the Goomteo

Rose and fell the piper's blast!

Then a burst of wild thanksgiving Pipes of the misty moorlands,

Mingled woman's voice and man's: Voice of the glens and hills; The droning of the torrents,

"God be praised !-the march of Havelook! The treble of the rills!

The piping of the clans!"
Not the braes of broom and heather,

Louder, nearer, fierce as vengeance,
Nor the mountains dark with rain,

Sharp and shrill as swords at strife,

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