Wanderings in the Highlands and Islands: With Sketches Taken on the Scottish Border, Being a Sequel to "Wild Sports of the West", Volum 1


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Pàgina 108 - Caledonia ! stern and wild, meet nurse for a poetic child, • land of brown heath and shaggy wood, land of the mountain and the flood, land of my sires!
Pàgina 171 - No STIR in the air, no stir in the sea: The ship was still as she could be; Her sails from heaven received no motion; Her keel was steady in the ocean. Without either sign or sound of their shock, The waves flowed over the Inchcape Rock; So little they rose, so little they fell, They did not move the Inchcape Bell.
Pàgina 136 - ... just as it was before, and removed the mould that remained, that none would have discerned the stone to have been raised at all; the sword, again, at the west end of the church, amongst some common seits that stand there, I digged down in the ground betwixt the two foremost of these seits, and layed it down within the case of it, and covered it up, as that removing the superfluous mould it could not be discerned by any body; and if it shall please God to call me by death before they be called...
Pàgina 171 - On a buoy in the storm it floated and swung, And over the waves its warning rung. When the rock was hid by the surge's swell, The mariners heard the warning bell; And then they knew the perilous rock And blessed the Abbot of Aberbrothok.
Pàgina 106 - Down on the lake in masses threw Crags, knolls, and mounds, confus'dly hurl'd, The fragments of an earlier world. A wildering forest feather'd o'er His ruin'd sides and summit hoar, While on the north, through middle air, Ben-an heaved high his forehead bare.
Pàgina 138 - ... of Dunnottar immediately before it wes rendered to the English usurpers, and that be the care of the same wes hid and preserved : Thairfore the King's Majestic, with advice of his Estates in Parliament, doe appoint two thousand merks Scots to be forthwith paid unto her be his Majestie's thesaurer, out of the readiest of his Majestie's rents, as a testimony of their sense of her service.
Pàgina 56 - Loch Lomond is unquestionably the pride of our lakes ; incomparable in its beauty as in its dimensions, exceeding all others in variety, as it does in extent and splendour, and uniting in itself every style of scenery which is found in the other lakes of the Highlands.
Pàgina 329 - I measured the recent bed from which a block had been carried away the preceding winter (1818), and found it to be seventeen feet and a half by seven feet, and the depth two feet eight inches. The removed mass had been borne to a distance of thirty feet, when it was shivered into thirteen or more lesser fragments, some of which were carried still farther — from thirty to one hundred and twenty feet.
Pàgina 134 - I trust you will, with all care and faithfulness, be answerable, according to the trust committed to you.
Pàgina 328 - ... them like a flowery meadow in May. The town is paved with feathers, the very dunghills are made of feathers, the ploughed land seems as if it had been sown with feathers, and the inhabitants look as if they had been all tarred and feathered, for their hair is full of feathers, and their clothes are covered with feathers.

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