Imatges de pÓgina

They dream the blank of life along, Senfe to be right, and paffion to be wrong.* Some allowances must be made to those who are more animated and more employed, if in the buftle of great actions, and the exertion of great powers, they fall into fome little errors. The genius of Shakefpear is fo extenfive and profound, I have reafon to fear a greater number of excellencies have escaped my difcernment, than I have fuffered faults to pass without my animadverfion: but I hope this weak attempt to vindicate our great dramatic Poet, will excite fome critic able to do him more ample juftice. In that confidence I have left untouched many of his pieces, which deferve the protection of more judicious zeal, and fkilful care..

Dr. Young's Satires.


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