Foundations of Economics

Oxford University Press, 2007 - 481 pàgines
Assuming no prior knowledge of economics, this exciting new text focuses on the basic principles of micro and macroeconomics, giving the reader the tools to analyse any economic situation. The book is filled with topical examples that bring the subject to life, helping to show the relevance ofeconomics to real life situations such as why house prices are so high in the UK or the benefits of spending an extra hour on your assignment.This book will give the reader a solid foundation in order to understand the business environment or it can serve as the building blocks for further study in economics and business. The content is broken into short bite sized units and the theory is illustrated throughout with topical examples andshort case studies. There are a variety of pedagogical features throughout that allow readers to reflect on their learning and apply their understanding.ONLINE RESOURCE CENTREl For lecturers: PowerPoint slides, instructor/solutions manual and a multiple-choice test bank.For students: answers to review questions, self testing, web links and case study support.

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Sobre l'autor (2007)

Andrew Gillespie is Head of Business Studies and Accounts at d'Overbroeck's College, Oxford, and a visiting lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford.

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