Imatges de pÓgina
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more responsible than he originally contemplated. The temptation was the greater, as there is really a want, or at any rate an absence of any book * professing to give a tolerably complete account of an island among the most favoured of the world, and which in so many points of view is peculiarly interesting to this country. Almost every traveller, indeed, that has crossed the tropics, opens his quarto with some short notice of Madeira in passing; but none of these will afford the reader any very distinct notion of the climate, or scenery, or manners of the place; nor could the invalid visitor from such gather much of that particular information which is so important both in determining his

* Mr. Bowdich's work is hardly an exception; its almost exclusive devotion to matters of scientific research, materially diminishes the interest of it with the general class either of readers or visitors.

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choice of an abode, and in guiding the steps proper to be taken in carrying his choice into effect. If the present volume should be found in some degree to supply this deficiency, it will chiefly be owing to the details and facts collected in the Appendices. These are exclusively the contribution of a friend, to whom the writer has been further indebted for the most useful assistance, both in the correction of the work itself and the superintendence of its publication.

Portugal has been often described—there is hardly therefore the same excuse for the appearance of the remarks on that kingdom; though, perhaps, “existing circumstances' may be thought to give an accidental interest to the latest accounts respecting it. The map of Madeira is founded upon that of Mr. Johnstone in 1792, but with numerous cor



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