History of India Under Queen Victoria from 1836 to 1880, Volum 2

W. H. Allen & Company, 1886

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Pàgina 390 - And be it enacted, that no native of the said territories, nor any natural born subject of His Majesty, resident therein, shall, by reason only of his religion, place of birth, descent, colour, or any of them, be disabled from holding any place, office, or employment under the said Company.
Pàgina 264 - Local interest, supervision, and care are necessary to success in the management of funds devoted to Education, Sanitation, Medical Charity, and Local Public Works.
Pàgina 112 - ... India, to promote works of public utility and improvement, and to administer its government for the benefit of all our subjects resident therein. In their prosperity will be our strength ; in their contentment our security ; and in their gratitude our best reward. And may the God of all power grant to us, and to those in authority under us, strength to carry out these our wishes for the good of our people.
Pàgina 391 - But the meaning of the enactment we take to be that there shall be no governing caste in British India ; that whatever other tests of qualification may be adopted, distinctions of race or religion shall not be of the number...
Pàgina 96 - ... and revise the past acts of the Indian government — to lay down principles and issue general instructions for their future guidance — and to give or refuse sanction to great political measures, -which are referred home for approval.
Pàgina 96 - The Executive Government of India is, and must be, seated in India itself.
Pàgina 164 - Holding the position we do in India, every view of duty and policy should induce us to leave as much as possible of the business of the country to be done by the people.

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