Memoirs of a Trait in the Character of George III. of These United Kingdoms: Authenticated by Official Papers and Private Letters in Possession of the Author: with an Appendix of Illustrative Tracts, &c.; Abridged from the Original Work in Manuscript

W. Edwards, 1835 - 256 pàgines

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Pàgina 217 - A hateful tax levied upon commodities, and adjudged not by the common judges of property, but wretches hired by those to whom excise is paid.
Pàgina 125 - Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.
Pàgina 77 - it was composed for me by Dr. Johnson." " I thought so," answered the King; "it is excellent — and the better for being void of flattery, which I hate." When Johnson himself had an interview with the King in the royal library, his Majesty's acquaintance with English history appeared, in his observations upon Lord Lyttleton's Life of Henry the Second, which had been just published.
Pàgina 75 - Accustomed to the language of courtiers, you measure their affections by the vehemence of their expressions ; and, when they only praise you indirectly, you admire their sincerity. But this is not a time to trifle with your fortune. They deceive you, sir, who tell you that you have many friends whose affections are founded upon a principle of personal attachment. The first foundation of friendship is not the power of conferring...
Pàgina 58 - ... which he sometimes swallowed as he walked up and down, previous to getting into his Carriage, in order to return into the country. His understanding, solid and sedate, qualified him admirably for business, though it was* neither of a brilliant, lively, nor imposing description. But his manner did...
Pàgina 90 - Earth takes to perform her's; it is only required that it should invariably perform it iri some known time, and then the constant difference between the length of the one revolution and the other, will appear as so much daily gained or lost by the Watch, which constant gain or loss, is called the rate of its going, and which being added to or deducted from...
Pàgina 217 - DAUGHTER of JOVE, relentless Power, Thou Tamer of the human breast, Whose iron scourge and tort'ring hour, The Bad affright, afflict the Best! Bound in thy adamantine chain The Proud are taught to taste of pain, And purple Tyrants vainly groan With pangs unfelt before, unpitied and alone.
Pàgina 63 - When a rich man speaketh, every man holdeth his tongue, and look, what he saith, they extol it to the clouds : but if the poor man speak, they say, What fellow is this? and if he stumble, they will help to overthrow him.
Pàgina 236 - ... June, 1824, that a public meeting was held, at which the Earl of Liverpool presided, supported by such men as Brougham, Mackintosh, and Wilberforce, for the purpose of entering into a subscription to defray the expenses of the erection of a monument to the memory of the father of the steam-engine. The first words uttered by the prime minister of the British empire, surrounded by the most distinguished personages of the government and the country, either by their learning or their eloquence, were...

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