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OBITUARY.–Clergy Deceased.

91 friends; by an almost excessive charity He was formerly Curate of Holyrood parish, in word and opinion; and by an activity Southampton, and was author of “ A Guide and efficiency in works of private bene- to Heaven, addressed to all who believe the ficence truly astonishing, wben the me- Gospel. 1905.” 8vo.; “ Sermon on the duty diocrity of bis circumstances and his re- of Humanity to the Irrational part of the tired and studious habits are considered. Creation, 1806." 8vo.


LONDON DEATHS. June 18. At Priors Marston, Warw.

LONDON AND ITS VICINITY. aged 74, the Rev. Uriel Harwood, for 28 April 30. lo Lower Connaught-place, years Curate of that parish and Lower aged 75, Sir Samuel Bentham, K. S.G. a Shuckburgh. He was of Trio. coll. Camb. Brigadier-General in the Russian service, B.A. 1783. He edited in 1913 two volumes late Inspector-general of Naval Works, and of Discourses from the works of eminent Civil Architect and Engineer of the Navy. English Divines and others, never before He was allowed to wear the insignia of the published ;" and a third volume entitled, Order of St. George of Russia, July 16, ir Twenty-four additional Select Discourses, 1789. from the works of eminent divines of the June 12. At Peckham, W. Webb, esq. Church of England, and from others, never July 7. Aged 78, Mr. R. Cater, of the before published, with explanatory notes." Stock Exchange.

June 19. At Brigliton, aged 72, the July 9. At Montagu-place, aged 66, A. Rev. Henry Lomar Walsh, LL.D., of Grim

E. Impey, esq. lesthorpe, co. Lincolo. He took the degree At Harley-place, Mary-le-bone, aged 74, of B.A. as a member of St. John's college,

W. Meredith, esq. Cambridge, in 1783. He was father of the July 10. In Charterhouse-square, aged Rev. Theobald W. of Bramdean, Hants. 18, Laura Maria, dau. of J. H. Spey, esq.

June 28. At Croxton, Lincolnshire, July 11. At Finsbury-circus, aged 72, aged 70, the Rev. Francis Jennings, Rector W. Dawes, esq. late chief accountant of the of that place, to which he was presented by Bank of England. Lord Chancellor Eldon in 1803.

July 12. At Kennington, aged 35, July 1. At Oxford, in his 86th year, Sarah, wife of E. Gibbs, esq. of Mark-lane, the Rev. John Gutch, M.A.F.S.A. Of this and the Island of Granada. venerable and highly-respected clergyman a In Great Queen-street, aged 66, Isaac memoir shall be given in our next.

Swan, esq. of the Army Pay-Office, many July 3. At Lewisham, in his 80th year, years Lieut. and Quarter-master of the the Rev. Hugh Jones, Rector of Lewisham Dorset Militia. and Talgarth, Breckoockshire. He was of Aged 80, E. Slaughter, esq. of Edmontoo. Queen's coll. Oxford, M.A. 1773; was pre- July 14. Io Montagu-st. Portman-sq. sented to Talgarth in 1806 by the Dean and in his 80th year, Kenneth Francis MacCanons of Windsor, and tó Lewisham in kenzie, esq. formerly Attorney-general for 1825 by the Earl of Dartmouth. This ve- the island of Granada. nerable clergyman was connected with Lew- Joho, eldest son of the Rev. Joho Savile isham, either as Curate or Rector, for above Ogle, of Kirkley, Northumberland. forty years, and was highly respected by his July 15.

At Wellclose-sq. aged 84, parishioners. He had been rector previ- David Richardson, esq. ously to his late appointment, but resigned July 16. Aged 27, Julia, widow of Capt. the living to Dr. Legge, Bp. of Oxford, on C. T. Smith, R.N. nephew of Sir Sidney whose death in 1825 he was again inducted. Smith. July 5.

At Seaton, Devonshire, aged 67, July 19. At Thorntop-heath, age 79, the Rev. Francis Joseph Horatio Festing,

R. Harrison, esq. Vicar of Wiosham, and a magistrate for In Fitzroy-sq. Caroline, second dau. of Somersetshire. He was presented to Win- Major A. Orme. sham in 1798 by the Dean of Wells.

Aged 25, Frederick Johnston, M. B. of July 10. Aged 86, the Rev. Thomas Bur- Jesus College, Cambridge, youngest son of rough, Rector of Abbot's Anne, Hants. bro- W. Johnston, esq. of Muswell-hill. ther to Sir James Burrough, late Judge of At Blackheath-hill, Isabella, relict of S. the Court of Common Pleas. He was for- Maitland, esq. late Commander E I. C. merly Fellow of King's coll. Cambridge, At Croydon, aged 38, Lieut. S. Drewry, where he graduated B.A. 1767, M.A. 1770, R. N. and was presented to his living in 1774.

July 20. At Camberwell, aged 76, Tho. July 17. At Hackney, aged 50, the

Mounteney, esq. Rev. Charles Sleech Hawtrey, Vicar of Wilstoo, Moom. and Minister of the Episcopal Beds.July 24. At Biggleswade, aged Jews' Chapel, Bethoal Green. He was of 76, Sam. Wells, esq. banker. Oriel coll. Oxf. M.A. 1813, and was pre

BERKS.-- July 8.

At Windsor Castle, seated to Wilston in 1805 by Eton college. aged 86, Mr. Chas. Haynes, a Poor Knight Hill, esq.


(July, of Windsor. He was a native of that town, Dorset.—July 14. At Poole, aged 82, in which he possessed considerable property; Mrs. Judith Bowden, grand-dau. of Sir Wm. and has left a numerous fainily of descend- Phippard, Knt. formerly Mayor, and one of ants, to the third generation. Since the the Representatives in Parliament of that reformation of the institucion of the Poor Borough, and widow of Samuel Bowden, Knights, in 1810 (see our vol. Lxxx. ii. esq. also Mayor of Poole. 620), none but military men have been ap- Essex.—July 10. Anne-Rishton, eldest pointed ; and Mr. Haypes was the last sur- dau. of the Rev. Wm. Carpenter Ray, vicar vivor of the civilians.

of Bureham, and sister to Mr. Henry Ray,
July 7. At Clay Hall, Old Wiudsor, of Iron Acton, Glouc.
aged 86, Mrs. the widow of V. Green, esq. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.July 2. At Clifton,

July 13. At Windsor, aged 82, Mehe- Dorothea-Aon, youngest daughter—and on
tabel, widow of Stratford Canning, esq. and 15, Charlotte, wife-of Major.-Gen. Fitz-
mother of the Right Hon. Stratford Can- Gerald.
ning. She was dau. of Rt. Patrick of Som- July 3. At Gloucester, Edmund Blewitt,
merville, co. Dublin, esq. and was left a esq. of Gower-street, barrister-at-law, and
widow in 1787.

son of Edward Blewitt, esq. of Llantarnam At Reading, aged 80, David Fenton, esq. Abbey, Monmouthshire.

Bucks.-July 12. T. Saunders, esq. of July 7. At Charlton Kings, aged 69, Pitchcot, near Aylesbury.

Mrs. H. Williams, late of Park-crescent, CORNWALL.-July 2. At the Vicarage, Loudon, wife of H. T. Williams, esq. Davidstow, aged 70, Arminiel, wife of the July 10. At Clifton, aged 84, Mary, Rev. Lewis Marshall.

widow of John Anstie, esq. of Devizes. Devon. - June 3. Aged 35, Jane, wife July 13. At Bristol, aged 78, Jeremiah of the Rev. Edw. Beauchamp St. John, M.A. cousin to Lord St. Juhu. She was HANTS.—June 23. At Tichfield, aged the second dau. of James Slade, esq. of Ply- 35, Capt. Edw. Covey, R. Eng. mouth, was married July 25, 1820, and has June 24. At Porchester, Major Mark, left a numerous family.

formerly of 57th regiment. June 5. Lieut. J. A. Phillips, R.N. son Lately. In the Isle of Wight, aged 55, of Capt. P. of Torr House.

Commander E. Roberts, R. N. June 15. At Plymouth, Capt. Thomas July 12. Jane-Rodney, youngest dau. of Innes, R.N. He received his first commis- the Rev. Sir H. Rivers, Bart. of Martyr sion in Nov. 1790, and was made a com- Worthy, dear Winchester. mander into the Primrose armed ship

July 16. At Fordingbridge, aged 36, North Sea Station, Dec. 26, 1799. On the Dr. Charles Pargeter, second son of P. H. 7th Aug. 1804, being them in the Rambler Pargeter, esq. brig, he attacked a French convoy near Isle KENT.-May 30. At Chatham, Major Dieu, captured two vessels, aud drove the W. H. Snowe, R.M. remainder on shore. He was afterwards Lately. At Hayes, aged 87, Abel Moysey, actively employed in the Childers brig and esq. late of Bloomsbury-square, father of Myrtle ship-sloop, until his advancement to the Archdeacon of Bath. post rank 1810.

He married a sister of At Margate, George Crookshank, esq. Capt. Geo. Sayer, C.B.

eldest son of the Rt. Hon. Judge CroukJune 24. Aged 73, Anna, widow of shank, of Newtown Park, Dublin. Robert (who but for the attainder would July 1. At Greenwich, Sophia, sister of have been the 12th) Lord Trimlestoun, of the Rev. Joshua Hird, Rector of Mouxton, Trimlestoun Castle, Dublin, cousin of the Hants, aged 68.

July 5. At Tunbridge Wells, John
Lately. At Tavistock, aged 65, Joho Sayer, esq. of Park crescent, Portland-pl.
Abraham, esq.

Portreeve of that borough. brother to the Rev. E. Poulter, Prebendary
July 6. At Torquay, aged 62, Emily of Winchester.
Dorothea, dau. of Jaines Blunt, esq. of Near Ramsgate, W. Paskinson, esq.
Lower Wallop, Hampshire.

July 7. At Eltham, J. Warner, esq.
July 7. At Plymouth, aged 86, Joho aged 79.
Tubby, esq.

July 9. Aged 65, Sarah, wife of W.
July 14. At Tavistock, aged 78, Lieut.- Stringer, esq. of Leaves-green, late of Cud-
Col. Wm. Bray, half-pay, 7th W. 1. Regt. lamu-lodge.
and Commandant of the 3d Devon Local July 20. At Ramsgate, Edward Ellis, of

St. John's-college, Oxford, eldest son of
At Sidmouth, aged 34, Lieut. Robert Edward Ellis, esq. of Hendon.
Hood Baker, of Wilton Cottage, Taunton. LINCOLNSHIRE. — July 8. At Thurlby
July 18.

At her son-in-law's, Vice-Ad- Vicarage, aged 22, Maria, second dau. of late
miral Barton, aged 88, Elizabeth, widow of Peter Acklamn, esq. of Beverley.
Henry Downe, esq. of Burrough House. June 23. Dr. William Crane, of Boston.

July 22. At Stonehouse, aged 68, Mr. MIDDLESEX. At Bromley, aged 80, George Mahon, many years Master Gunner Thos. Drane, esq. of Bexhill, Sussex; a of St. Nicholas' Island.

Deputy Lieutenant for Middle

on the

present Peer.



93 June 15. Aged 59, a¢ Chelsea, W. Tebbs, NORTHUMBERLAND.-Lately. Francesesq. of Doctors' Commons.

Catherine, wife of the Rev. Rowland BateAt Chelsea, aged 111, Patrick Gibson. man, and daughter of the late Robert MitHe was a purser in the navy, superannuated ford, esq. of Mitford ; and Charles, her inafter he had passed his hundredth year. fant son. Gibson was an Irishman, and of a very Notts.- Lately. At Trowell, aged 100, strong sinewy frame. His hand was like Mr. John Bacon, a native of that village. whalebone, and his grip and shake, to the OXFORDSH -July 6. At Oxford, John very last, such as would have astonished, if Hickman, esq. a magistrate of that city. pot annihilated the perves of a modern ex- He was elected Common Councilman in quisite. Faithful to his old sea-customs, he 1796; Chamberlain in 1800; Bailiff iu 1804; Jived chiefly on salt junk, which he laid in Assistant in 1826; and Mayor in 1827. for the week. He was very cheerful, and SALOP.—July 20. Wm. Phillips, esq. of his conversation extremely entertaining. At Chelwynd House. the taking of Quebec, where he was a pur- SOMERSET.--June 7. AcWidcombe House, ser in 1759, he had, it seems, gone ashore Commander Matthew Wrench, R.N. (1797). to bathe, and was in a state of nudity when Lately. At Bath, aged 85, Jemima, widow he perceived boats from the fleet with the of Joseph Howgate, esq. of Melksham. immortal Wolfe, and the gallant Admiral Aged 70, Richard Searle, esq. 27 years who commanded the naval part of the expe- Collector of Customs at Minehead. dition, approaching the spot selected for his July 5. At Kingston, aged 33, Susan, ablutions. He had barely time to huddle fourth dau. of the late Henry Sweeting, esq. up his clothes, and take refuge in a hut SURREY.- June 26. At Carshalton, Thos. which stood by the sea-side. It happened Gregson, esq. of the Temple, London, and that the two commanders walked into the formerly of Sunderland, Solicitor. same cabin, and while the shivering purser At Roehampton, aged 30, Lord Arthur was in secret trying to get into his shirt and Augustus Edwin Hill, brother to the Martrowsers, he perforce overheard their con- quis of Downshire; fourth son of Arthur versation. Wolfe bluntly stated to the Ad- the second and late Marquis, and the Right miral, that he was determined to attack che Hon. Mary Baroness Sandys. heights the next morning; and asked him if July 4. Ac Richmond, aged 32, E.J. A. he would assist him with the marines from Newman, esq. of the Foreign office. the vessels. “ Not only with the marines, July 14. Ac Putney, in his 80th year, was the characteristic reply, “but with John Turner, esq. father of Captain Turner, every sailor who can he spared to bear a of Winchester. band." This, said old Gibson, was the only Sussex.May 27. At Coates, aged 22, court held on the memorable occasion-the Lieut. Thomas King, R.N. youngest son of brave officers shook hands upon it, and re

the late John K. esq. turned to their boats. The glorious result July 13. At Brighton, Elizabeth-Martha, of their union is a bright page in English wife of T. B. Westwood, esq of Bath. history:

July 21. At Hastings, Mary-Anne, eldest At Hillingdon, aged 81, Lady Katherine surviving dau. of the late Rev. Geo. Betts, Walpole, aunt to the Earl of Orford, dau. of Wortham. of Horatio the first Earl, by Lady Rachael

WesTMORLAND.—At Milesthorje, aged Cavendish, 3rd dau. of William, 3rd Duke of 71, James Burrow, esq. formerly a backer at Devonsbire.

Shaftesbury. July 1. At Chiswick, Lettice, widow of Wilts.—June 26. At Salisbury, Captain the Rev. J. Watson, of Bonishall, Dear Augustus Hupsinao, R.N. Macclesfield.

Lately. Martha, wife of Thos. Daris, esg. July 6. At Hampton-court, aged 76, of Portway House, Warminster. Frances-Xavier-Law, widow of Cha. Smith, WORCESTER.- Lately. At Kempsey, the esq. governor of Madras.

widow of the Rev. H. Southouse, Rector of NORFOLK.-At Yarmouth, Mr. Cooper, Castle Coombe. a penurious but benevolent man. Although July 18. At Worcester, aged 83, the possessed of a handsome property, he was widow of Thos. Wakeman, esq. elder brother uniformly clad in the poorest habiliments. of the late Sir H. Wakeman, Bart. Possessed of a coinmodious house, he made Yorkshire.June 26. At Harrowgate, a present of it to a friend, and resided at aged 68, Collingwood Forset Jackson, esq. Jodgings. He was exceediogly abstinent; a of Low Hall, Brompton, late of Newcastle. small piece of meat, and an equally small Lately. At Leeds, in her goth year, piece of bread, became his weekly fare. He Hannah, widow of Richard Middlebrook, was once met hy a seaman, who swore he

esq. of Thorne. would divide his last sixpence with him; July 6. Jo her 62d year, Mary, widow of the old gentleman took it, and in return the Rev. Isaac Grayson, of York. presented him with a piece of paper, which July 7. Aged 16, Lucy, second dau. of was found to be 51. His custom was to Mr. Thompson, of York, solicitor. enter the abodes of wretchedness, leave a July 12. At Scarborough, aged 59, Heury donation, and quit the house in silence. Cooke, esq. banker, of the firm of Woodai


OBITUARY.--Bill of Mortality.--Markets. [July, and Company, and Chief Magistrate of that He attained the brevet of Major 1809, and borough.

Lieut.-Colonel 1814. July 13. At Bridlington, aged 76, Wil- At Derrynane, near Tralee, aged 106, liam Ombler, esq. formerly of Buckton Hall, Matthew Greany. last surviving member of the male branch, At Cork, aged 18, Cornet Thos. Holme who have been tenants to the St. Quintin Bankes, 6th Drag. Guards. family, of Scampston, for Dear 600 years. Ac Dublin, aged 71, Capt. Daniel Hull, His remains were taken to Folkton, where late of 12th R. Vet. Batt. his aucestors have been interred for near At Donaghadee, Major William Hull, 700 years.

formerly of the 62d Foot, in which he was July 16. Aged 78, Mary, wife of the appointed Ensigo 1795, Lieut. 1796, CapRev. Richard Sykes, of West Ella.

tain 1803, brevet Major 1814. He served SCOTLAND.—June 20. At Montrose, aged as Major of Brigade on the staff of Major90, Mrs. Margaret Rose, sister of late Right Gen. Bingham in 1813, and to Lord MontHon. Sir G. Rose, Treasurer of the Navy.

gomery in 1814. Ireland.-May 18. At Limerick, Capt. At Donaghadee, the residence of her A. C. Stanton, R.N.

sister Lady Charlotte Jocelyo, aged 76, the Lately. Aí Dublin, Lieut.-Col. William Right Hon. Harriett Countess of Massa1. Tucker, late of the Royal Irish Artillery.


relict of Chichester Earl of MassaHe was appointed First Lieutenant in that reene, and aunt to the Earl of Ruden. She corps in 1794, and served at the capture of was the eldest dau. of Robert first Earl of St. Lucie, and other parts of the West In- Roden, by Lady Anne Hamilton, eldest dies, uptil 1797, when he returned home, dau. of Jaines first Earl of Clanbrassil ; was in consequence of illness brought on by a married in 1780, and left a widow Feb. 25, coup-de-soleil. He was promoted to be 1816, with one daughter, Harriet, who then Captain-Lieut. June 4, that year, and con- succeeded to the Viscounty of Massareene, tinued to serve until the Union, when the and is the wife of Viscount Ferrard. Irish artillery was united to the English, ABROAD.May 29. At Barbadoes, aged and he retired from the service on full pay. 32, Francis Cobham, esq. M.D.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from June 22 to July 26, 1831.


2 and 5 200 50 and 60 139 Males 1098 Males 1041

5 and 10 86 60 and 70 190 2183

2010 Females 1085 Females - 979

10 and 20 74 70 and 80 164 Whereof have died under two years old


20 and 30 152 80 and 90 85

30 aud 40 197 90 and 100 8 Salt 5s. per bushel; 14d. per pound.

40 and 50 165 101



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PRICE OF HOPS, July 22. Kent Bags ............ 3i. Os. to 71. Os.

Farnham (seconds).

41. Os, to 91. 0. Sussex

51. Os. to 61. Os, Kent Pockets .... 61. 10s, to 8/. 8s. Essex ..... 51. 12s. to 6l. 12s. Sussex......................

51, 15s. to 6'. 12s. Farnham (fine) ...... 101. Os. to 141. Os. Essex

51. 12s. to 6. 12s.

PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, July 25. Smithfield, Hay 31. Os. to 4l. 45. Straw il. 10s, to il. 16s. Clover 41. Os. to 61. Os.

SMITHFIELD, July 25. To sink the Offal—per stone of 8lbs. Beef...

2s. 4d. to 3s.

8d. | Lamb .................... 3s. 10d. to 4s. 20. Mutton..

4d. to 3s. 10d. Head of Cattle at Market . July 25 : Veal 2d. to 4s. 8d. Beasts

2,483 Calves 242 Pork...................... 33. 2d. to 4s. 6d. Sheep and Lambs 26,550 Pigs 210

COAL MARKET, July 25, 24s. 9d. to 31s. 6d. TALLOW, per cwt.-Town Tallow, 19s. 6d. Yellow Russia, 49s. Od. SOAP.-Yellow, 76s. Mottled 82s. Curd, 845.60.--CANDLES,8s.6d. per doz. Moulds, 10s.

2s. 3s.

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( 95 )

PRICES OF SHARES, July 18, 1831, At the Office of WOLFE, BROTHERS, Stock & Share Brokers, 23, Change Alley, Cornhill.

CANALS. Price. Div.pam. RAILWAYS. Price. Ashby-de-la-Zouch £.800 £. 4 0 Forest of Dean £.14 0 .2 10 Ashton and Oldham 91 0 5 0 Manchester & Liverp. 185 0 Barnsley

190 0 10 0 Stuckton & Darlington 210 0 5 Birmingh. (1-8th sh.) 240 0 12 10 WATER-WORKS. Breckpock & Abergav. 105 0 6 0

East London


0 5 0 Chelmer & Blackwater 100 0

0 Grand Junction

493 2 10 Coventry 750 0 50 O Kent

40 0

0 Cromford 17 0 Manchester & Salford 44 0

0 Croydon

South London

85 0 Derby 120 0 6 0 West Middlesex

68 0 3 Dudley

58 0 2 15 INSURANCES. Ellesmere and Chester

3 15 Albion


3 10 Forth and Clyde 625 0

0 Alliance

74 Glamorganshire 290 0 13 12 8 Atlas

0 10 Grand Junction 239 0 13 0 British Commercial

5{p.ct. Grand Surrey

County Fire

37 0 2 10 Grand Union


1 0

5 0 0 5 Grand Western

77 dis.

1362 7 0 Grantham

0 10 0 Guardian

24 0 1 0 Huddersfield


Hope Life


6s.61. Kennet and Avon.


Imperial Fire


5 5 Lancaster

1 0 Ditto Life


9 Leeds and Liverpool 395

Protector Fire.

1 8 6 1s.6d. Leicester

Provident Life


100 Leic, and North'n

4 0 Rock Life

3 1 0

3 Loughborough 2400

0 RI. Exchange (Stock) 186 0 Mersey and Irwell


Monmouthshire. 205 0


Anglo Mexican 19 N.Walsham & Dilham 10 0


150 0 Neath

Brazilian (iss. at 5 pm) 515

3 10 Oxford

500 o 32 o
British Iron

75 Peak Forest

58 0 3 0
Colomb. (iss. at 5 pm)

394 dis. Regent's

171 0 13 6

Hibernian Rochdale


4 0 Irish Mining Comp Severn and Wye 19

17 0

Real Del Monte . 27 0

11 0 United Mexican

7 0 Staff, and Wor. 550



10 0
Westminster Chartd. 50

3 0 Stratford-on-Avon 35

0 1 5
Ditto, New


012 Stroudwater

490 0 23 0

10 0 Swansea

205 0 15 0
Ditto, New

0 Thames & Severn, Red 29 0 1 10


1 Ditto, Black

25 0 1 10

3 dis. Trent & Mersey (4 sh.) 620 0 37 10

Warw. and Birming.

242 0 1 2 0


5 Warwick and Napton 215 0 11 5


0 Wilts and Berks

5 0 0 4

95 Worc. and Birming: 88 0 4 0


40 0 DOCKS.

Isle of Thanet.

2 dis. St. Katharine's


18 0 London (Stock) 59} 3 o do. Liverpool

380 0 10 0 West India (Stock) 121

8 o do.

Maidstone East India (Stock) 62 0 4 o do. Ratcliff Commercial (Stock) 75 0 4 o do. Rochdale

15 Bristol . . 127 10 5 3 Sheffield

60 0 10 p.ct. BRIDGES.


50 0 5 p.ct, Hammersmith


Australian (Agricult')

134 dis. Do. New 7 per cent. 24 0 1 15 Auction Mart

17 0

15 0 Vauxhall


Annuity, British

17 0 Waterloo

Bank, Írish Provincial 254 5 p.ct. Ann. of 81.

21 0 0 18 8 Carnat. Stock, 1st class Ann. of 71.

19 0 0 16 4 Ditto, 2d class

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10 p.ct. 5 p.ct. 4 p.ct.

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