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“He began with subventions as

Smith, Author of niet Die anties, not a Socznisz
som hae se apology is neces- vorld.".-Idem, Sermon icei
sary for what I havenivanced respect. 388, vol

. IL Oxford edit toes
My Haileen He made himself a

Warharton, a Bentley, he must sentit Para and even the hope modernes

, what is to become Van Mident's edit. hould oad, that Mr. Raikes never Seeininaisa, de la reality car


The firet
silu' and silke,
silu' and silke, pri
powndes ; Item, to
Yarde and a half c
ninge the bodies at
Yarde, To eu'y of t.
and a quarter of baye
of theire Coates at tw

problemen And like other publie him lay the true and socios da
six pence the Yarde, 1

e A Swift, Johnson, Fox, a the Trinity, rejecting the Deity of for facinge half a Yard to eu'y of them two (

indeposed to the criticism of the Church Sacraments, p. 141, poyntes wth silu' tages, inge of eu’y of the same tene shillinges fower penc wee will and comaunde y

he Sunday School beyond in all resolving inte the Sixtenth day of Mai

the buis of this town How need the fundamental per a
the feaste of Easter, weh sl

be do whose inice, more deaying the Divine Se
Yeare of or Lord god 160-
We confied to the place of divinity of Christ. -1

So far of the
the same daie and feaste
in the Yeare of or Lord g

Se All he did was to make mitive Churches,
And so forth at eu'ry Like

this is all that gained let us hear Smi

feaste which hereafter shall
eu'y yeare, you delyu' or Cau
delyu'ed vnto the saide John A
Thomas Grove, John Haukin.
Eliot, Roger Morris, and 1
Tompson, to eu’y of them for
lyu'ies the like p'cells duringe 1
lives. And to eu'y one that shall
ceed them in that office in Like
as they have. And theis or L'res si
ed wh or owne hand, shalbe yor su
cient warrant dormant and dischal
in that behalf for the deliu’y of t
p'misses in forme aforesaide. Give
vnder or signet this Sixt day of April
Anno d'ni 1604. And in the yeares
of or raigne of England, Fraunce, and
Ireland, the second, And of Scotland
the Seaven and Thertith.

It may please yor Matie to renewe this
warrant for the lyueries of the six prin-
cipall Mrs of yor Highnes ships, the same
beinge drawne verbatim wth the warraunt
signed by the late Queeue, wch by reason of
her death is become voyde, and they denyed
the havinge of their lyveryes vntill it shall

to please yor Matie to renewe the former war

M M rante.



Mr. URBAN, Gloucester, Oct. 17.

YOUR Correspondent Cornelius shill
(p. 132) is, like others, egregiously Mr.
mistaken in stating that Sunday Stock
Schools were first instituted by Mr. mens
Robert Raikes of Gloucester, if he of eac
means to confine that honour to that were
gentleman alone. All the senior in-
habitants of Gloucester, of whom I ers of
am one, know the contrary to be the ling eat
fact, and I can produce to you several the sam
names of contemporary persons still same pa

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296 Smith, Author of Select Discourses, not a Socinian. (Oct.

I presume that no apology is neces. world.”—Idem, Sermon on 1 Cor. ii. 7, po sary for what I have advanced respect. 383, vol. II. Oxford edit. 1823. ing Mr. Raikes. He made himself a

“ He began with subverting (as far as in public man, and like other public him lay) the true and ancient doctrine of men, a Swift, a Johnson, a Fox, a

the Trinity, rejecting the Deity of the Se.

cond Person, and even the being of the Pitt, a Warburton, a Bentley, he must

Third."- Waterland's Doctrinal Use of the stand exposed to the criticism of the

Church Sacraments, p. 141, vol. VIII. ; Biographer ; else, what is to become

Van Mildert's edit. of the truth of History?

“Sabellianism, and Photinianism, and I should add, that Mr. Raikes never Socinianism, do in reality come at length established a Sunday School beyond into one-all resolving into Judaism ; for the limits of this town. How indeed the fundamental error of them all is, the could he do so, whose influence, more denying the Divine Sonship and personal or less, was confined to the place of divinity of Christ.”—Ibid. Judgment of Prihis residence. All he did was to make

mitive Churches, p. 231, vol. V. known the institution to those who

So far of the creed of Socinus. Now asked him ; this was all that gained let us hear Smith's. him the name, while the unobtrusive

“ When the Divinity united itself to huMr. Stock was left in the back-ground.

man nature in the person of our Saviour, Yours, &c. Arthur B. Evans, he then gave to mankind a pledge and earHead Master of the Cathedral School, best of what he would further do therein."

Disc. of Legal and Evangelical Righteous

ness, p. 368. Rivingtons, 1821. Mr. URBAN, Liverpool, Aug. 18.

“We are fully assured that God hath

this prementioned design upon lost men, IN Bowles's Life of Bp. Ken, vol. II. because here is one (viz. Christ) that paris an interesting paper, containing a takes every way of human nature, in whom list of the Non-juring Clergy and the Divinity magnifies itself, and carries Scholars. We cannot but read with through this world in human infirmities melancholy disposition the memorial and sufferings to eternal glory: a clear maof so much virtue. Amongst them I

nifestation to the world that God hath not found the name “Mr. John Worth

cast off human nature, but had a real mind ington, Fellow of Peterhouse." I was

to exalt and dignify it again." -Ibid. p. 372. anxious to know whether this person Upon the redemption Smith has was the author of the Preface to Smith's these remarks, Select Discourses, and of Select Dis- “Whereas every penitent sinner carries a courses, written by himself. This fact

sense of guilt upon his own conscience, is I have now ascertained. I referred apt to shrink with cold chill fears of offendfor information to Dyer's History of ed Majesty, and to dread the thoughts of Cambridge, which has some informa- violated justice; be is assured that Christ tion concerning the nonjurors; and, hath laid down his life, and thereby made amongst other observations, found the propitiation and atonement for sin ; that he

hath laid down his life for the redemption following (vol. II. p. 156),

of him; and so in Christ we have redemp“Smith's writings are not doctrinal ; but

tion through his blood, even the forgivehe appears to have been a Socinian, and

ness of sins.' Thus may the hearts of all very conversant and embued with the writ- penitents, troubled at first with a sense of ings of Plato."

their own guilt, be quieted, and fully estaThat he had read much of Plato, I blished in a living faith, and hope in an eteradmit; but the other part of the cri- nal goodness ; seeing how their sins are reticism is to be corrected. Smith cer

mitted through the blood of Jesus, who tainly was not a Socinian, at least

came to die for them and save them, and touching the articles of Christ's per

through his blood they may have free ac•

cess unto God."--ibid. pp. 372, 3. son and his death.

I doubt not but these words of the “ Socinus (says South) having denied Christ's divine nature, was resolved to cut

great, learned, and pious John Smith, him short both root and branch."-Serm.

will sufficiently clear his character on Rev. xxii. 16. vol. II. p. 419, Oxford

from the charge or suspicion of Sociedit. 1823.

nianism, so far as that doctrine con- The Socinians deny Christ to be pro

cerns itself with the person and na. perly a priest, or his death to have been a ture of our Lord, and the design and propitiatory oblation for the sins of the efficacy of his death and sufferings.


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, vol. VII.

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sture, iarba f, and ATC an intire

God hath si ad a real -Ibid. p. 22

Smith be

sinner carnes

ears of the
ne thought
ed that

or sin;
be redeemt
bare retea

the large
e hearts of
ith a serie
and fully
ope in an eiz
cir sins er
of Jesus, aby
are them, and
have free e

vords of the John Smith s character on of Soci octrine coson and 15 design and offerings. BSCRIBER.

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