The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia, Volum 20

Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1825
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Pàgina 320 - There shall be left for every man who cultivates his lands as much as he requires for his own support till the next crop be reaped, and that of his family and for seed. This much shall be left to him, what remains is the land-tax and shall go to the public treasury.
Pàgina 513 - The soul itself is its own witness ; the soul itself is its own refuge ; offend not thy conscious soul, the supreme internal witness of men...
Pàgina 431 - Oriental Commerce; or the East India Trader's Complete Guide ; containing a Geographical and Nautical Description of the Maritime Parts of India, China, Japan and neighbouring countries, including the Eastern Islands, and the trading Stations on the Passage from Europe; With an Account of their respective commerce, productions, coins, weights, and measures; their port regulations, duties, rates, charges, &c.
Pàgina 114 - An Act for further regulating the Payment of the Salaries and Pensions to the Judges of His Majesty's Courts in India, and the Bishop of Calcutta...
Pàgina 560 - Siraf, embarked for India with his sole property, a cat : " There he fortunately arrived at a time when the palace was so infested by mice or rats, that they invaded the King's food, and persons were employed to drive them from the royal banquet.
Pàgina 75 - ... feet from a branch, with his head downwards, and allowed the blood to flow from his mouth. On receiving a wound, he always put his hand over the injured part, and the human-like agony of his expression had the natural effect of exciting painful feelings among his pursuers.
Pàgina 515 - Though oppressed by penury, in consequence of his righteous dealings, let him never give his mind to unrighteousness ; for he may observe the speedy overthrow of iniquitous and sinful men.
Pàgina 435 - Fallows observed several parhelia, viz. 4 on the left, and 3 on the right hand of the sun, and all cut by the horizon like the real sun. They had the same shape as the real sun, and were as high, but not so long. When the upper limb of the sun came in contact with the horizon, it and the mock suns appeared as bright points upon the water's edge, and then one of them instantaneously vanished. The barometer was at 30.2 inches, and the thermometer at 64°.
Pàgina 513 - A believer in scripture may receive pure knowledge even from a Sudra; a lesson of the highest virtue even from a Chandala; and a woman bright as a gem even from the basest family. Even from poison may nectar be taken ; even from a child, gentleness of speech ; even from a foe, prudent conduct ; and even from an impure substance, gold.
Pàgina 82 - NI, is guilty of conduct highly disgraceful to, and unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, in having, at the quarters of Lieut.

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