The History of King Lear: A Tragedy: as it is Now Acted at the King's Theatres. Revived, with Alterations, by N. Tate

J. Brindley, C. Hitch, J. Hodges, C. Corbett, J. and T. King, R. New, W. Reeve, and J. Cooper, 1749 - 69 pàgines

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Pàgina 56 - And, to deal plainly, I fear I am not in my perfect mind. Methinks I should know you, and know this man; Yet I am doubtful; for I am mainly ignorant What place this is; and all the skill I have Remembers not these garments; nor I know not Where I did lodge last night. Do not laugh at me; For (as I am a man) I think this lady To be my child Cordelia.
Pàgina 16 - Why this is not Lear : does Lear walk thus ? speak thus ? Where are his eyes? Either his notion weakens, or his discernings are lethargied. — Sleeping or waking ? — Ha ! sure 'tis not so. — Who is it that can tell me who I am...
Pàgina 52 - With a more riotous appetite. Down from the waist they are centaurs, though women all above : but to the girdle do the gods inherit, beneath is all the fiends' ; there's hell, there's darkness, there is the sulphurous pit, burning, scalding, stench, consumption.
Pàgina 28 - You see me here, you gods, a poor old man, As full of grief as age; wretched in both! If it be you that stir these daughters...
Pàgina 49 - tis, to cast one's eyes so low! The crows and choughs, that wing the midway air, Show scarce so gross as beetles : Half way down Hangs one that gathers samphire; dreadful trade! Methinks, he seems no bigger than his head: The fishermen, that walk upon the beach, Appear like mice; and yon...
Pàgina 17 - O Lear, Lear, Lear! Beat at this gate that let thy folly in, And thy dear judgment out.
Pàgina 51 - When the rain came to wet me once, and the wind to make me chatter; when the thunder would not peace at my bidding ; there I found 'em, there I fmelt 'em out. Go to, they are not men o' their words ; they told me I was every thing : 'tis a lie, I am not agueproof.
Pàgina 12 - Esteem, she's your's; take her, or leave her. Burg. Pardon me. Royal Lear, I but demand The Dow'r yourself propos'd, and here I take Cordelia by the Hand, Dutchess of Burgundy, Lear.
Pàgina 12 - And press'd between our sentence and our pow'r, (Which nor our nature, nor our place, can bear,) We banish thee for ever from our sight And kingdom : If, when three days are expired, Thy hated trunk be found in our dominions, That moment is thy death. — Away.
Pàgina 69 - Lear. Ingrateful as they were, my heart feels yet A pang of nature for their wretched fall. But, Edgar, I defer thy joys too long: Thou serv'dst distress'd Cordelia ; take her crown'd, Th...

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