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" See here, my friend! If you are about making a temperance lecture, you can adjourn to the Town Hall or the Methodist Chapel." The stranger moved aside a pace or two, so that the hand of Jenks might fall from his person, and then said, mildly, "There must... "
After A Shadow - PÓgina 111
per T. S. Arthur - 2004 - 184 pÓgines
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The Ladies' Repository, Volum 27

1867 - 912 pÓgines
...respect. Seeing this, Jenks could not restrain himself; so, advancing to his side, and laying his hand rudely on his shoulder, said, in a peremptory manner, "See here, my friend, if you are about to make a temperance lecture yon can adjourn to the town-hall or Methodist chapel." The stranger moved...
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Vision: A Magazine for Youth, Volum 7

1894 - 646 pÓgines
...Seeing this, Jenks could not restrain himself, so coming from behind the bar, he advanced to the man's side and, laying his hand quite rudely on his shoulder,...man may not speak in praise of water without giving offence." "I said you could adjourn your lecture!" replied Jenks. His face was now fiery red and he...
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